2014 Basic Allowance for Subsistence

January 03, 2014 | Kate Horrell

Long at last, the 2014 Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) rates have been released.  The 2014 rates are 1.5%  higher than the 2013 rates, which means that the actual rates are:

Enlisted: $357.55 per month, a $5.28 increase over the 2013 rate of $352.27 a month.

Officers: $246.24, a $3.64 increase over the 2013 rate of $242.60 a month.

These higher rates are effective 1 January 2014 and will be reflected in the 15 January 2014 paycheck.  This BAS increase is smaller than most people expected and significantly lower than the 3.4% increase proposed by President Obama in the 2014 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal.

BAS is an allowance paid to every military service member to defray the cost of their meals.  It is not designed to pay for the meals of families.  Because BAS is paid, military members may be charged for their meals provided by the Department of Defense.

If you are reading this because you searched for the 2014 BAS rates, could you please leave a comment and tell me why you are searching.  BAS rates is one of the most frequently searched terms here at The Paycheck Chronicles, and it remains popular all year long.  While I understand wanting to look it up to learn it the first time, I do wonder about how many people are searching for it across the year.  If you can share the reason why you are searching, it will help me to better meet your needs.  Thanks!

And a great big thank you to Dan, who provided me with the link to find the rates.  If you click on the link it immediately opens in a PDF on your computer.  Don’t be waiting for it to open in your webpage like I did.


  1. Carly says:

    I search for it throughout the year because for some dumb reason it’s included in income for school lunch and for pell grant information. Don’t get it since it is only intended for the servicemembers and not the family. But I digress.

    • KateKashman says:

      Thank you, Carly. I appreciate your explanation.

    • Kyle says:

      Oh…its included in Child Support payment calculations as well. The amount of Child Support I pay takes into consideration BAS, Uniform Allowence, BAH, Sea Pay….literally every type of pay I get be it "pay" or "allowence"….kinda BS in my opinion but it is what it is…

      • Quayde says:

        Your child support should only include your base pay. They should have calculated your child support on the previous years W2, which only includes income from base pay. I would get a lawyer with knowledge on military laws and have it adjusted.

        • guest says:

          Nope, child support in most states takes into account BAH, BAS, uniform allowances, special pays, rental income, dividends and interest and so on. That's how my husband got nailed, his ex refused to get a job (kid was in school all day) and they took every dime of money that had his name on it, we ended up having to rotate all of our investment and savings accounts and rental houses out of his name to mitigate her greediness.

          • Sarah says:

            I worked in banking in Kansas. KS may be different than other states, but we considered all pay to include base, allowances, special stipends such as hazardous duty and flight pay to be your yearly income just like we consider all forms of pay for a civilian. It is not separate pay when you are getting a loan. Should it be different when paying for your child's well being? It could be possible that this is also the state's opinion. To add to this, I was a National Guardsman while in college and the state of Indiana deemed me to be too well off for my father to continue paying child support even though my income was only $800/mo with my GI Bill and monthly drill pay. It's all up to the judge!

  2. Nikki says:

    I look it up because I'm too lazy to look a mypay, since it's become the same hassle as all other military sites.

    • KateKashman says:

      Isn't that the truth! I haven't been able to get into MyPay since they changed the password requirements. It is driving me crazy!

  3. Ceci says:

    Looking up to see the increase for the new year.

  4. Jennyfer Martinez-Sanchez says:
  5. bri says:

    I know the BAS rate for the new year, but I was looking to see if the "meal deduction" they take back out for barracks galley eating was a posted number. For 2013 it was 310.00 at my barracks. I guess it's not published…I'll have to stop being impatient and wait to look at my LES in 5 days. :)

  6. Bethany says:

    bri – it did go up slightly to $10.15/day so it will be $314.65 for January. You can see the Discount Meal Rate at http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/faqmeal.cfm

  7. Wil says:

    I check the new rates at the beginning of the year, this just happened to be the site i selected from google.

    Throughout the year i check my LES to make sure its accurate, i may reference a site like this during these times as well to make sure im getting the proper amount in mypay.

  8. KateKashman says:

    Thank you for all the answers…I have always wondered why something so consistent would continue to be popular all year long. Now I know! Y'all are the best!

  9. David says:

    Just to see the new BAS rates, and I learned BAS is the same for everybody. Glad to see offices earn less in one category too.

  10. Laura N. says:

    Can BAS be back dated if the unit failed yo do the paperwork properly? If so how far back?

    • KateKashman says:

      Laura, you should always be getting BAS. If you are not, then your unit should be able to backdate it to the day that you checked in.

  11. msdevine says:

    is bas an extra income when you are married or does it still show as a deduction like when youre living in the barracks?

    • KateKashman says:

      If you do not have a meal card, which requires the deductions, then you use BAS to purchase your food. If you are not required to eat in DFAC/mess hall, you can choose where to spend your food money. That can include the DFAC, cooking your own food, going to restaurants, etc.

  12. Sarah says:

    I looked it up b/c we are PCSing and I was trying to remember all the entitlements for budgeting purposes. We're trying to save on this move since we're not buying!

  13. Darby says:

    I looked it up to try to figure out a monthly budget for after i get married to my fiance this summer. He didn't know as he currently eats at the DFAC.

    • Kate says:

      Congratulations on your marriage, Darby! I'm impressed that you are building a spending plan. I have no doubt you are going to be financially successful.

  14. Shannah says:

    Moving back stateside after being over seas for 8 years….I feel so out of touch with the US. Trying to figure out what exactly our pay will be once myself and kids get back stateside and Hubby is in Korea for a year. We are planning on purchasing a home since the rental market is absolutely outrageous where we are going. Do you know if we will still get BAS if he is in Korea? Not sure what all we are entitled to and if it is different with him being in Korea. Thank you for the post.

    • Kate says:

      Shannah, he should receive BAS but he will have to pay for his meals. Good luck with your move and the different changes in your life. Sounds like an interesting and challenging time!

  15. adam says:

    I looked it up to see what the rate is, and to get info on getting it transferred from the chow hall.

  16. LKT says:

    Looked it up for my airman son who just told me next month he will no longer get to eat free at the DFAC but will instead get about $300/month in BAS.

  17. Alicia says:

    Hubby just made officer, so curious what the new BAS would be!

  18. amanda says:

    looked up to see how much it was

  19. Queen Mary Tapic says:


  20. Ann says:

    I looked it up to understand what it means. It's listed as an entitlement, then deducted. There also a deduction for Meals. I'm confused how this work. It looks like I'm paying twice for meals.

  21. samantha says:

    is there anyway to get the BAS pay instead of DFAC?

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