15 October 2013 Pay Is Coming, Relatively For Sure

Update:  DFAS has finally updated their website!

A  Defense.gov news article clears up any confusion about whether the military will get paid on 15 October 2013.  In the article, the Department of Defense’s Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer Robert F. Hale said the act ensures the military will be paid on a timely basis “next payday, Oct. 15, and future ones.”  This will hopefully be the very last word on the 15 October 2013 military pay, and there should not be any more surprises such as the Friday announcement made by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).

The rest of the article discussed the recall of thousands of civilian employees, and the difficulty in making sure that the Pay Our Military Act was implemented as written.

The DFAS website has not been updated as of this writing, but I am sure they will catch up very quickly.  Update:  DFAS has STILL not updated their website.  I can not imagine what is the problem.

As far as I can tell, this announcement only applies to pay issues caused by the lack of budget, and resolved by the Pay Our Military Act.  It does not in any way affect the threat of delayed pay due to the debt ceiling.

Great news for active duty folks, and the un-furloughed civilians!

The entire transcript of the press conference can be found here:  Press Briefing on the Secretary of Defense’s Interpretation of the Pay Our Military Act.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • Ashley

    This is a lie I called dfas they said no pay for military till duds come through for them to pay us so I don’t know who said this or of ur guessing by its not true

    • KateKashman

      Ashley, did you read the article? The Comptroller for the Department of Defense made the statement. I’m pretty sure he’s telling the truth.

    • I am not sure how long you have been in the military but I can assure you I would not listen to everything you are told. Just because they are DFAs doesn’t mean they know what their talking about. Trust me when I say my husband and I have been doing this for 17 years and DFAS has screwed up more then once.

      • Jennifer

        I agree with you Gina. It’s DFAS. My husband once had to deal with DFAS because a base we lived at three years prior was trying to charge us for insurance in housing that we never signed for. Needless to say, we never signed it, they couldn’t provide documents saying we signed it, so they got no money. They have also messed up BAH more than a time or two. They are always behind. It is the nature of their job lol.

    • BrandeyG

      Exactly when did you call DFAS? The Comptroller stated this information was just updated. Please read the entire article before blasting on anything.

    • Tara

      Military members: Final guidance on making military pay under the Pay Our Military Act was received from the DoD late yesterday. Normal pay and allowances have been processed and you will receive them in you mid-month pay. The amount reflected in your mid-month statement will be deposited.

      This is off the DFAS website as of 10/9/13 @ 12:44 PM Central

    • sarah

      Pay is def. coming. Our pay for the 15th is already pending at Navy Federal to post tomorrow at midnight

  • Navy Wife K

    I think this is the same girl who is complaining on the DFAS FB site. everyone there also told her that the individual she spoke with most likely had out of date info. . .

  • marcus

    future pays? does that mean should a debt ceiling not happen we too would be paid?
    I am confused on the wording of future pay.

  • marcus

    because future pay is November 1st and I was under the impression if they don’t raise the debt ceiling on the 17th, that that pay would not happen.

    • KateKashman

      Marcus, I think you are right. I wonder about that, though. Here’s what I’m thinking: this article was only about the non-budget and the Pay Our Military Act. The debt ceiling is a whole different issue. It would be so nice if we just KNEW!

  • Sophi

    Ok, I do believe that the military will get paid on the 15th. If the military is not paid, then there is going to be a major riot. There are so many soldiers overseas risking their lives and for someone to take their money would be an outrage.

    • Navy Wife K

      I agree, however I’m not holding my breath on special pays, and that’s truly messed up. If a soldier or sailor is ENTITLED to those special pays and has carried out those specific duties that entitle him to said pay, it needs to be paid out, PERIOD.

      • Proud Navy Wife R

        I agree, it needs to be paid, the bonuses, and other pays along with the normal pay. By my understanding, it is a way of breaking their part of the contract. DFAS is just going to give the same statement until they are otherwise notified. Just keep checking reliable sources.

  • Della

    Until we know for sure I would advise not to spend money where it doesn’t need to be spent. Do basic stuff, bills, food, rent, gas. Put everything else on hold. That way you may have some extra cash if we don’t get paid. I know that most are already doing this and not by choice. We aren’t doing it by choice that is for sure. But just letting you know what our plan is.

    • Kris

      Extra cash HA HA, were you ever a Private???? I am retired and can tell you a majority of lower enlisted don’t have extra cash. But being thrifty is always smart.

      • cindi

        Kris is completely accurate. Being the wife (retired Sr.Master), daughter (father retired Chief Master) , sister and mother of Master Sergeant, served in Afghanistan, mother of soldier served in Iraq.(Medically discharged from wounds sustained) I speak from experience. Our young military families are called to duty, to yield to the battle call. They do not even receive above poverty level pay, qualifying in most cases for WIC. (which has been frozen due to closure) There is no savings for them. If they are VERY careful, they might have basic needs met from one paycheck to another. The general population seems to have a false image of what dedication these young men and women have for this country. Is not like TV drama such as “Army Wives”. No army wife in the enlisted ranks or young officers can afford that pretend lifestyle. Even if they squeezed Lincoln till he choked, he wouldn’t produce one more cent. As citizens, we have a responsibility to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country to contact our senators of each state and let them know, other countries are watching as we are killing what was a free nation.

        • WIC is still available in some states not all. It depends on if it is state funded or not. For example its still available in New York State.

        • Stuart

          Would you like a cookie for all you and your families accomplishments?

          People always complain about how litle pay military families get but fail to realize that PVT Snuffy isn’t supposed to be 35 years old with a wife and 3 kids. He’s supposed to be 19 years old out of high school. He’s supposed to live in the barracks and eat in the DFAC. The pay charts were available before they signed up at the recruiter’s office. Don’t act like its some surprise that lower enlisted don’t make any money.

    • KateKashman

      Great advice, Della. We all need to be tightening our belts, regardless of rank. Things are awfully uncertain.

    • nicky
    • nicky
  • Devonte

    I want to believe we will continue to get paid, but DFAS still hasnt updated their home page, this is a presents a problem in my opinion.

    • KateKashman

      Isn’t that ridiculous? It is making me very uncomfortable.

  • RAB

    Many Reserve Soldiers on Full-time National Guard Duty for Operational Support are NOT getting paid on the 15th of OCT.

  • AGo

    The fact that we (military families) have to worry about whether we are going to get paid or not is such a ridiculous and crazy thing to happen; just like the scare of 2 years ago!! I just wish there would be ways to solve this type of thing without punishing (willingly or not) those who work their butt off for this country’s freedom; those who risk everything and are away from their loved ones to comply with their promise to their country. After going through all that plus the deployments and so on having the risk of not getting paid is just appalling!! It just feels like the government is saying, “Look do your job, do it well even if it takes you to dangerous places and/or away from your family, but we may not be able to pay you and you still have to do your job as if you were!” Are you kidding me? Just writing about it makes me sick to my stomach!

  • Bek

    Their FB updated “Update to Oct 4 Military pay post: Although we are still awaiting final guidance, we believe all pay and allowances included in mid-month pay are covered by the Pay Our Military Act and pay will be received on time.

  • Kim

    Unfortunately for us… there is no tightening the belt… if we don’t get an october 15th paycheck, we will default on car and house.

  • rainboalien

    The military gets paid the 15th, but the un-furloughed (exempt) civilian employees next pay day is October 11th, this Friday. We are on a different pay schedule than the active duty military. I’ve been working for IOU’s as an un-furloughed civilian government employee. So all of the news about the furloughed employees getting paid means nothing to me. So they’ll get paid for not working, good for them. But I’ve been working! I’m sick of stressing about when I’ll get paid!

  • Amy

    What about retiree pay.Hubby got paid October 1st but what about November? is that at risk? I am concerned and confused!

    • KateKashman

      Yes, Amy, 1 November 2013 retiree pay is at risk. However, that is because of the debt ceiling issue, not because of the budget issue. It is very confusing and concerning. I would recommend that you do whatever you can do to prepare for the 1 November 2013 pay to be delayed. Then if it comes on time, that will be a pleasant surprise. Hope this helps!

    • Richard

      Retirement is from a different pot of money and is pre projected. From every thing I’ve read your husband’s check should not be affected.

  • Lisa

    I would like to know about if my husband will het his disability pay and gi bill money from the army in November. I am really confused.

    • KateKashman

      Lisa, we do not know if your husband receive his disability pay and GI Bill payments in November. If Congress doesn’t vote to accrue additional debt (“raise the debt ceiling”), then there won’t be any money to pay anyone on time. The Treasury will be paying bills as it has the money.

  • clu

    retirees and annuties will get paid. that money comes out of a different pot. DFAS sent out individual emails concerning that.

    • edna

      I don’t recall getting an email about what or where or when I could expect my annuity..You say DFAS is a different pot? I guess I am totally confused..My bank not received anything at all…Just don’t know what to do…As a recent widow this is all Greek to me…Seems it can’t be explained clear enough for me to understand…

      • KateKashman

        Edna, it sounds like you are receiving annuity benefits from a Survivor Benefit Plan that your husband paid into. These payments are not funded the same way that active duty military payments are funded. In a normal situation, the lack of budget or continuing resolution would not affect SBP annuity payments because they are not authorized and appropriated each year. However, we’re not in a normal situation. The Department of Treasury is about to run out of money, and they can’t borrow more because of the cap on their borrowing that is imposed by Congress. If Congress doesn’t vote to allow additional borrowing, the Treasury will be out of money soon, currently estimated to be 17 October 2013. I hope this helps to explain the situation. It is very confusing!

    • KateKashman

      clu, you are correct that retirement pay and SBP annuities are not paid out of annually appropriated funds. However, that pot of money isn’t full, either, and we are coming upon the debt ceiling. There is no guarantee that retirees and annuitants will get paid on 1 November 2013. I’m not trying to be alarmist, but these are the facts.

  • Johnny Appleseed

    Dfas is updated. New LES is showing for me (Active Army)

    • alex

      so does that mean they will pay us if it shows the LES?

      • KateKashman

        We’re assuming so, Alex. It’s quite a mess, isn’t it?

    • SSG Tim Walker

      Same here… Full Pay and Benifits for the 15th……

  • jennifer

    what about reenlistment bonuses? Mine has not come yet.

  • Guest

    Will DoD employees continue to work if a compromise isn’t reached in time to raise the debt ceiling? I know the POMA covers them for now, but will it still cover them after 17 October when the US defaults?

  • Keith

    So I will recieve my normal payment on the 15th even though im not active duty?

  • Steven

    I am receiving a living stipend through the Air Force due to receiving a scholarship from them. I can’t find out if I will still receive my living stiped, can anyone maybe help?

  • scaredwife

    Are the hazard duty and family separation allowances going to be paid? Back pay? Anything?

  • Ericka

    This is probably a very stupid question but what about November’s pay. I am buying a house and pcsing in November and I just want to triple check everything. I was told that after October 17 if things are not figure out we will not get paid

    • KateKashman

      Ericka, not a stupid question at all. It is a very good question. November’s pay is dependent upon Congress voting to raise the debt ceiling. The Treasury is projected to run out of money next week. After that, the Treasury will be trying to pay all its bills with not enough money. Until Congress votes to raise the debt ceiling, pay could be delayed.

  • Mary

    My son just got out of the airforce, he has vacation pay that they still havent paid him yet ,they siad that things are going slow due to the gov. shut down.
    Is this true?

  • DRITTER220

    This is all messed up. The military always has a risk to be paid or not. BUT it’s part of their contract to continue to work and do their duties to their country. So regardless of pay, the military still has to work and follow conduct.

  • LisaN

    My Son in law is currently deployed and only received 1/3 of his pay on the 1st they are telling him that if the rest is not in the check on the 15 to give them a call.. That’s great in the mean time my daughter and 2 year old grandson have no way to pay for the necessary things like food, utilities and rent..

    • KateKashman

      LisaN, first your son-in-law needs to check his Leave and Earnings Statement to see what it says. That would explain which pays and allowances were and were not paid, and help track what is happening. If your daughter is having financial difficulty, she should contact his branch’s aid society to see if they can give her assistance.

  • Apple

    This is ridiculous!

  • guest

    I dont know about everyone else… but we didnt get paid today!

  • Bibbie Balok