Retirement and Disability Pay In A Government Shutdown

September 26, 2013 | Kate Horrell

This information is from the 2013 government shutdown.  It remains accurate, even though experts are no longer predicting that the government is going to shutdown in October 2015.

Updated 4 October 2013:  Please see additional information at Military Pay Not Safe Forever (Nor Retired, nor Disability, nor…)

Updated 1 October 2013:  Please see additional information below about the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Obviously, it’s not just currently serving military folks who are concerned about the possibility of a government shutdown.  Thousands of others receive monthly payments as the result of their military service, or the military service of a spouse or parent.  Will these payments be affected if the government is shut down?

Unfortunately, there are two parts to every answer because our country is facing two separate crises:  The budget and the debt ceiling.  The two issues have different effects on everything.  The short answer is:  it depends on why the government has shut down.

Retirement Pay and SBP Payments

Military retirement pay and Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) annuity payments are considered an entitlement and is not funded by annual appropriations and authorizations.  Therefore, they would not be affected by the lack of budget or continuing resolution.  Should the country hit the debt ceiling, however, there is the possibility that retirement and SBP payments could be delayed or reduced.

In short, the October payments expected on 1 October 2013 will not be affected.  It is possible that the 1 November 2013 payments could be affected if the government hits the debt ceiling and does not come to an agreement about how to proceed.

Veterans Affairs Payments

Updated 1 October 2013:  First, I want to assure you that I am not trying to scare people.  I have been receiving a lot of comments that I am just trying to stir the pot, and that the things I’ve discussed will never happen.  While we all want our country to run smoothly, it doesn’t always work that way.  Knowing the situation is half the battle towards a solution.

Well, well… the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has changed its tune just a little bit.  The VA is now saying that if a government shutdown lasts more than a few weeks, it will run out of money to continue its payments for disability, Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, GI Bill and Dependent Educational Assistance payments.  And this is before we even get to  potential debt ceiling issues.

While it is unlikely that the government shutdown will last long enough to actually impact these payments, please don’t become complacent.  This is a potentially huge issue for a portion of our population that may have limited ability to cut costs or generate other income.

There are variety of payments that are administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), including disability , Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, GI Bill , and Dependents Educational Assistance.  These payments should not be affected by the lack of budget, but they are in the same boat if we hit the debt ceiling.  As the Treasury struggles to prioritize and pay the country’s expenses, Veterans Affairs Payments could be delayed or reduced.

In short, the October payments should not be affected.  However, future payments could be delayed if the government is unable to find a resolution to the debt crisis.

In general, these types of payments are safe in the event there is no budget or continuing resolution.  However, the debt ceiling issue is entirely different and unpredictable.  I will keep you up-to-date as more guidance is issued.



  1. mama2aidan says:

    I called USAA today & asked specifically about their policy. They told me that if the gov't shuts down & the military doesn't get paid, military members banking with USAA will get a notice. You have to respond to the notice which will activate the no-interest pay advance. To calculate the advance, they take an average of your last 2 DFAS direct deposits & advance you that much.

    • japrescott says:

      Thank you so much for posting this. We are retired military and have banked with USAA for 25 years. Did they say how the notice would be received? Email I would hope.

    • KateKashman says:

      mama2aiden, are you talking about active duty, retired or other?

      • mama2aidan says:

        I told the representative that my spouse is Active Duty. I don't know if the same will hold true for retired or Guard or otherwise. I'd call if you want specifics for your situation.

    • Nikki says:
      • USAA is an amazing bank. Created by service members for servicemembers.

      • Max says:

        You should. They are the best!

      • Danny says:

        If you decide to switch to USAA, you will not be disappointed. My wife and I have banked with them for over 7 years. We also have insurance policies with them and have bought vehicles via loans with them. If you have your finances in order and have good credit, you can get some seriously low interest loans. Just for an example, I currently have an auto loan with 1.9% APR. Insurance is super cheap, too, provided you don't have any infractions against you, even for full coverage. The best part about USAA is that you can call them at any time of the day and speak to a live representative. Even if you choose not to acquire a loan through them, they will help you through every step of a purchasing process, whether it is for a new car, home loan, investment services, etc. I have never been disappointed by USAA, and I recommend them to everyone I can. No, I am not a paid spokesperson. I am merely convinced that they have the best interest of the customer in mind. That's something I can't say about many businesses.

    • Sam Wolf says:

      Thank you for posting this I will check with BECU and see if there doing the same thing. I will post it on here if I find out anything.

    • Toni says:
    • Mcpousnrtd says:

      First of all, retirement and VA checks are dated the 30th of the month and were already in people's accts by October 1st. The republican speaker has already sold us to Obuma so the debt ceiling will be raised and our "deferred comp" will be there!

    • Retired US Army CSM says:

      USAA is a great company, run by folks that were once in the military. They understand what is going on and are going to take care of their troops (Their customers) I have been a USAA member since 1972 and only have positive things to say about them,

      BTW, Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union is also going to give interest free advances if you have your checks direct deposited with them. It is good to see businesses that take care of their customers..GS, Active, and Retired military.

    • Docsmom says:

      Tell it like it is sister!!!

  2. KateKashman says:

    Thanks for clarifying, mama! There are so many little nuances, everyone's situation is bound to be different.

  3. hmc/ usn/ret says:

    you better believe the president , congress and many in dc will get paid one way or another. they also are not worried about health care

    • Angela says:

      Oo they'll get paid that's why they could care less about a shut down cause they won't have to worry about anything! Everyone who will be affected will be in many different ways! I just pray we all get threw it!

    • DAV Elm says:
      • Dhop says:

        Sadly you are misguided, the money in the country is not appropriated by the president, it is done by congress. And the congress was run by democrats during the time you speak of. As well as democrats running congress during the current presidents first term. If you understand the way congress works, the house holds the power of the purse not the president. Blaming the president for all the fiscal problems is a cop out against someone you have a problem with. I don't blame Obama for all of our fiscal problems. He is an ideologue that actually believes what he says, I blame Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for the ACA "obamacare" which is going to cost three times more than the CBO initially calculated. Good luck paying for it.

    • phillip says:

      It is already a fact all people in congess and the white house will get paaid pay fools but can:t pay us or the counries bills

    • johnp37 says:

      until the government has to live by the laws they pass, they'll never be concerned with "we the people".

    • R. C. says:

      No one in congress has to worry about getting paid, most were rich to begin with.

  4. Stef says:

    Thank you for posting. I had no idea who to ask about my VA benefits and a budget or debt ceiling situation.

    • Stefanie Comes says:

      I've been 100% disabled since abt 1990. I've been told I cannot work, even in the future, by the VA and now I'm frightened that I won't see another check after Nov! How are we, Medical retirees supposed to make any ends meet, since our only income is our VA income? What the hell happened and I'm not the only one to lose out. To our gov't, you get paid in a month more than I make in a year. Why isn't your income also effected. I thought someone was there for us too? Keep voting for Obama everyone, so we can suffer together!

  5. jacob says:

    Navy Federal will also pay those who have them as a bank active or reservists and also vets.

    • Colleen says:

      No, they won't! Navy Federal does not have the same offer that USAA does. I checked their website and also called to confirm. NFCU is not offering a zero interest pay advance.

  6. Bob says:

    Military retirees will get paid on 1 Oct 2013 no matter what Congress does.

  7. Rick says:

    Thanks so much for the info. I have been wondering how it would affect me since I'm retired from the Army but also 100% disabled.

  8. vtxrider says:

    You choose this line of work …( there is no draft) you must deal with the pay problems as do teachers factory workers ect….if you dont like it go on strike..,,oh thats right you signed away that basic freedom….and im not uneducated, im a college grad.that now does cross country trucking to bring you and yours everything you have.

    • MadVet says:

      I spent 20+ years defending your right to say such idiotic things.

      • vet20 says:

        I also spent 20 years, but I also agree with vtxrider. We choose it so now we have to deal with it.

        • MadVet says:

          You obviously chose the military for different reasons than I did!

        • Golf 55 says:

          vet 20 you spent 20 years in what our military? If you don't want your retirement I'll take it!! Really?? I spent 21 and 2 combat tours I want my retirement!!!!

          • USAF85-08 says:

            I served 23 YEARS AD; 21 overseas!!! SIX separate COMBAT Deployments amasing nearly 9 years of my career!!! I think ALL who have served and WILLINGLY placed themselves in harms way have earned the right to maintain there retirement benefits — WITHOUT interuption!!! The US CONGRESS however needs to get a {ENTER EXPLICIT HERE} CLUE and pull their collective heads out of their {ENTER EXPLICIT HERE} ARSES!!!

      • Marie says:

        And your hostile attitude about it is not appreciated. Welcome to the real world…

    • mike says:

      bet you would not like it if your employer went bankrupt and you depended on your retirement pay,and it does sounds like you were a little to afraid to defend the good old USA,so keep on trucking across the country that so many fought for so you could have the feedom to do so,i got to truck all around the world on your tax dollar,hooooah.

      • Marie says:

        And a comment like that is the reason I am losing respect for military personnel…

        • Tam says:

          Really? Because the OP deserved respect after his post? Are you military Marie? Are you a military spouse? Do you know ANYTHING about the life of a military family? What we endure? What the military member does for you? "Losing the respect" of someone who obviously knows nothing about the military members, how they survive sometimes paycheck to paycheck, rarely having extra funds above meeting their families financial needs to invest in a "cushion" for their future…. they RELY on that benefit that was PROMISED TO THEM, IN THE CONTRACT WHERE THEY SIGNED 20+ YEARS OF THEIR LIFE OVER TO THE GOVERNMENT, one in which we have also lost the lifetime free healthcare, dental, etc….. How much can be held or taken away after filling their obligation for 20+ years of loyalty….. well… losing that "respect" is not life changing for anyone.

    • Lance Summers says:

      I joined in the 1973. There was NO hint that retirement could be changed if I spent 20 years. When I retired in 1993, the military retirement was being changed by congress for the worse. Even my Military Disability was changing as I entered the system.

      You say we CHOSE to enter service so we do not have the right to complain about the cuts! Bull-hockey. We served our country with it's promise of a steady retirement and medical care.

      When our Lawmakers (Congress & Senate) and their staff live by the same rules as the rest of the federal government, THEN we may have less to complain about but I do not think THAT is going to happen! They will not cut their own pay which means they are telling the Military that they are more important or that they are somehow better or worse, they consider themselves to be the ELITE of our country.

      Time to vote the incumbent out of office.

      • JPD says:

        I too spent 24 years in our nations Air Force and don't regret one minute. I too defended the right of people to bitch and complain about military people.

        When 9/11 happened, I sure bet they were not complaining then when the military was there doing what we do to protect these disillusioned people and our country.

        I think the whole damn lot of Congress and Senate should be held to the same standards by which ordinary Americans live daily. Then let's see how fast their "FAT CAT" attitudes change about getting shit done. I say we fire all those SOB's and be done with their lazy good for nothing a**e's!

      • Tam says:

        Exactly. Pretty much nothing that was promised when my husband went in is actually being delivered… and he went in in 1986. No signs then either that they were going to go back on pretty much everything the contract stood for.. except f course the part where they own you for 20 years.

        • Aaron Hare says:

          Since when has the government upheld thier end of ANY contract? NEVER! Not a single 1.

          Almost half my family is in or was in military service and none of them have anything to show for it. Its not just a here and there thing, the government is only out for it’s self. That’s why I never bothered to enlist. Unlike everyone else, I saw a pattern I did not want to be a part of.

          I fully support the troops that are of the people, by the people, and for the people. But a lot of the troops these days are not fighting for freedom, or defending the country. They are trained to blindly follow orders from a corrupt government and do what thier told. Nothing more, nothing less. The problem is the government is moving against us. All the gun grabbing, murderous police being militarized, criminals walking free while the homeless go to prison for simple tresspass for sleeping, and now the government shutdown that was nothing but a power struggle to get thier way in lue of the effects it has on we the people. The list of government attacks on we the people is virtually endless.

    • B. Metzler says:

      Hmmm…. What college? Guess it's a college that doesn't know there's an apostrophe and a capital letter in I'M or that ETC., not ECT, is the correct abbreviation for et cetera. — A retired Navy Chief Petty Officer

      • The guy is a product of the union school system.

      • Eddie says:

        I would not correct someone's grammar when you yourself can't differentiate between a complete and incomplete sentence. "Guess it's a college that…". Try again, Sailor.

      • Lewis Treman says:

        Shoot, I know that and I didn't graduate high school.

      • Aaron Hare says:

        Theres bigger things to worry about in this country than grammer and punctuation. Some of us don't have a real keyboard.

        But you are on the right track, as cynical as your path is. If we had better education more people would realize the constitution outlines the role of small government for the simple fact that opulence breeds greed. When government, or even a citizen, gets "too big for thier britches", they get greedy. And when you have the money to get that big, theres nothing left to strive for but POWER.

    • Jarhead2 says:
    • kdl1216 says:
      • Kim says:

        Ha…I think I love you!!!! My husband is also retired from the Navy and I praise what you told that little piece of shit!!!!

    • Andrew says:

      Perhaps then you missed the courses on American History and English. More directly the reason you could go to school and now drive a truck cross country. By the way we still have trains, planes and automobiles that do the same. Go find a new country with the same rights, oh you can't my bad. I spent twenty six years defending our country so morons like you have your precious 1st amendment!

    • Ike says:
    • Gi Jane says:

      Somebody sounds like he is still holding a grudge because he wasnt accepted to serve in the military HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAH….. What a loser…. Hey buddy, anybody can drive a damn truck…. go find a life

    • Lynn says:

      Don't listen to them. They didn't fight for your right to speak, the REVOLUTIONARIES DID and then the founding father's solidified it in the US Constitution Trust me, our military hasn't been defending the US Constitution for a very long time now—they defend political war hawks and racketeers (corporations) who get wealthy on these military charades. Sad the military doesn't respect the very People like you who work to PAY their paychecks—nope they prefer to groan and moan. Well I thank you for your service because without transportation our citizenry wouldn't have food, clothing, supplies, gas, etc. which is vital to our nation.

      • armymomoftwoboys says:
      • Vicki Morris says:

        My pay was taxed just like yours so you didn't pay my way… We paid our own way. Glad you are a history major, but please it takes volunteers to continue to defend this Nation. So go volunteer to step into war for one of us so maybe this year we can enjoy the holidays with our family! REALLY !!!!!!

        • Marie says:

          You left out a lot of the other benefits you receive that many don't in the civilian sector…
          But, I'm not surprised. My only surprise is reading these hate filled comments that has only served to decrease my respect for military personnel.
          How sad…

          • Retired LNC says:

            Wow, other benefits, like working fourteen hours a day six days a week for six months with the exact same pay, no overtime, hum, or was it working and eight hour shift , resting for a few hours then standing the mid watch. Not to mention the time away from my husband and kids. I was not forced to join but rather proud to have been allowed to serve my country. In my tewnty two and half years in the Navy I earned evey penny, paid my taxes, insured that you could live under the blanket of freedom that we in the military secure. You begrudge us our retirement, how sad you are.

      • James says:

        Another person that has not Served. If you had you would know that in the Military you HAVE TO ALSO pay Taxes and Social Security. I did my 20 and every year I worked for the first 4 to 5 month for free, that is how much tax was taken out of my pay. I did 7 deployments on different Ships during this time, that 4 years not being home. But let's not forget the 12 months or so before every deployment that the Ship was underway getting ready for the deployment. At one point the Ship I was on was away from homeport for 22 out of 24. I retired 10 years ago, and the thing that I am most proud of during my Tour was those 7 deployments. So don't tell me that I didn't work to earn my paycheck.

      • ArmyMom says:

        I am a Veteran and I'm proud to have had the privilege to serve my country. I am also the mother of an Iraq War Veteran, and I have to say that I am disgusted that you would even THINK about putting this kind of crap out here for the world to see. You and that "college educated" trucker need to get off your high-horses, and walk a mile (or ten) in a soldier's boots, and then tell me they don't defend the Constitution! I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to hack it! Better yet, be a parent, spouse or child of a deployed service member, and see how it feels to wonder if you will see your loved one again, and if they do come home alive, will they ever be the same. You have NO CLUE what has been sacrificed just so you can run your mouth. If you want respect, I suggest that you SHOW some respect to those who have sacrificed to preserve YOUR freedom. I dare you to visit a VA Medical Facility or Veteran Integration Center….volunteer, spend some time with those Veterans whose paychecks YOU have paid, and LISTEN to what they have to say. Otherwise, you might want to keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

      • Retired AF says:

        Wow, maybe we all should have driven trucks instead of lounging around in our uniforms and playing with bombs and other things like that! Really, we don't need anybody to join the military… other country would even think of trying to over run us since they know they would have to fight off 18 wheelers to take this country from us! You are free to believe whatever you want to believe but that does not change the fact that this country is still America because the Military is ready to knock down any country that thinks they can take us!

        • Marie says:

          bwahahahaha- bud, you completely underestimate the fact that we are going down, fast. It's great that a bunch of random guys can shoot stuff, but if we are an undereducated Nation, well then… it's over. And sir, it's over.
          Your rant was hilarious, though. Yes, you were 'playing' with bombs. That was mature.

      • Blaxjax says:

        Hum, so all those wars in the 19 and 20th century did not happen?
        Did you never hear of that little county German? They kind of only tried to take over the whole world.

      • Cutterman says:

        Another ignorant person heard from.
        So you are thanking the truck driver for delivering your goods. Interesting, so I will go down this road with you. Ready? Most of your goods come from China. So that means they transported to this country on ships. If we consider that then there are two branches of the military that enables such international commerce. Would you care to guess. First one would be the US Navy, for they ensure that international sea lanes are secure. Second is the US Coast Guard, for they ensure the aids to navigation systems in the United States are functioning. If your are confused about navigation systems, those are buoys, and day boards ok. One last point to discuss would be Hurricane Katrina, while I was there saving people's lives , I didn't see any trucks plucking victims from the water. Little known fact the US Military has its own truck drivers that are enlisted, so you really can,t spin that. Obviously I have no knowledge of the type of work you do, but I can imagine it is self serving. So Lynn when you put your buck roger pj,s on and lay your little head down to sleep. sleep well, for we have the watch, and no one will hurt you.

        • Marie says:

          Yes, you personally, will confirm my safety… OK, then, where were all you tough guys that protect America on 9-11?
          Bag on anyone you want, but it only stands to make you all look ignorant, hateful and frankly, close minded, with delusions of grandeur.

    • The Stain says:

      I guess you must not be much of college educated person. Fuck you, I served ths country for you to have freedom and I realize that I voluteered,but what about the draftees who are disabled from defending this coutry so you can drive your truck. Didn't you pay attention is school or are you one these punks who llive in their parents basement with a self entitlement attitude.

    • UH-1CDriver says:

      That is one ignorant comment. Luckily your attitude is, by far, in the minority. I don't know what kind of "education" you got, but you should ask for your money back.

    • Gina says:
    • Gina says:
    • Gina says:
    • Gina says:
    • Gina says:
    • Gina says:
    • Dennis says:

      Hey moron us Nam vets and those before us did have the draft and many of us did not have a "choice". One disabled Vietnam vet who relies on his pension to live. Let your pension stop or your company go bankrupt and we'll all hear you crying. Take your truck and stick it where the sun don't shine!!!!!!

    • Michelle says:

      Haha you better hope your company doesn't go bankrupt and leave you stranded 2000 miles from home with nothing, no support and no paycheck like Arrow did their drivers. After all you chose to be OTR and work for that company. What an idiotic statement you made. And maybe in college you should have paid attention when they were teaching Nam. Maybe that's why your a truck driver instead of using your college education…because it's not worth the money it's printed on…guess who you have to thank for that?

    • Chris says:

      You're right, we did choose that line of work but for those of us that are disabled and or retired, we expect the government to hold up their end of the deal as we held up ours. How would you like to put your time in and then find out oh well sorry, you're not getting paid. Or, say you have a massive accident in you rig and you're now disable and therefore can't work; how would you like it if the insurance company said sorry, we don't have the money so you're not getting paid. At least you can sue someone, what options do the military have; NONE. While I appreciate you driving a truck to bring "everything" to me and mine; you're welcome, from those of us who fought and continue to fight for your freedoms to do as you choose you smug POS!

    • proud vet says:

      College grad driving a truck does not make sense. Probably took the easiest courses available. Over twenty yeas in the military lived it, Vietnam vet proud of it. I would defend your right to say or do what you want, but I docan say what I want. If it was not for us Veterans, people like you would not have the freedom to drive that truck across country. Most truck drivers from years back were the ones who dropped out of school or running away, nice profession

    • edodaniel says:

      I did choose to re-enlist but I was drafted and got an early out then a couple years later came back in because I found I missed the lifestyle and challenges. The draft and 'Nam were still going on.

      For most of us a military career was certainly NOT about the money as we could have made much more as civilians BUT our retirements were EARNED as were our VA disability payments for injuries incurred in the line of duty.

      YOU sound like someone who likely voted for the liberals who have caused this shutdown through their unwillingness to constrain themselves to operating within a budget. People like OBAMA, REID, PELOSI, DOWD, and others who feel that the answer to everything is to throw other people's money at the problem.

      Hopefully it won't go on too long because thousands of illegal aliens and able bodied people on various WELFARE PROGRAMS are depending on our earnings and tax monies.

      Did you get your EIC welfare check?

    • Dooms says:

      Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Having a college degree does not necessarily make you educated, which is readily apparent by reading your post. Do you remember 9/11? It occurred during my senior year in college and when I graduated, I stepped up and signed my life payable to the government up to death. The freedoms that you and your family have enjoyed have obviously been taken for granted. Let me remind you, loud, clear, and slow…because I know you are a special kind of idiot…that FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE. It has been paid in blood by MY brothers and sisters. When was the last time you went to work and were fired upon, mortared, watched your friends die, and worried that an IED was going to blow up your truck? These are our problems and we do not expect others to understand; nor do we want any acknowledgement or sympathy…we are doing OUR job.

      • Bill says:

        Dooms….Loved that 2nd. sentence. I had a 12th. grade public education and had my own air freight business at 27 years of age….thanks to the G.I. Bill giving me an aviation education and my Vietnam service!

    • Combat Silver Star says:

      WOW– a college educated truck driver. What is your degree in- basket weaving? Basket weaver- truck driver= both sit on their asses all day, looking at other people. Yes the trucking industry provides a service but its the military that lets you be able to drive from city to city without "special documents at city border roadblocks from a dictator country"!! Idoits like you do not realize what freedoms you take for granted- are paid with blood. Hope you are paying off your well used college loans. SMUCK!!!

    • lynn says:

      From what college did you graduate?

    • 11z8 says:

      If you are a college grad what are you doing trucking? The degree you got must have been in pencil sharpening! Lastly how years have you spent in a place where your life is in danger 24/7/365? So next time you open your mouth make sure it is not to change replace your other foot! Keep on trucking college grad!

    • SSG Smith says:

      I spent 16 years in with three combat deployments fad injured three different times. What did I receive from the military? Nothing but more headaches. Now I'm having to jump through hoops in trying to get what the government should have given me when they put me out to begin with. But I would probably be better off going and taking up residence in some third world country. I would probably get better treatment and care than what our current government has to offer anybody. That is unless you want a I.O.U. from them.

    • Mike11C says:

      Well, "vtxrider", if you're so educated, why can't you compose a complete sentence in proper English? It really annoys me when someone boasts about their intellect in improper format. The "I" in I'm is always capitalized and there is an apostrophe. Now, get back to hauling my freight!

    • rwmorr says:

      Sorry but you don't type like a college grad and don't know how to use proper punctuation and grammar. Oh that's right you're a college grad! So what's your point? BTW my wife is also a long haul driver, so?

    • Harry says:

      Sounds to me like you love to cry a lot. Were you ever shot at, wounded, captured, bombed took forced marches into never, never land where folks were trying to kill you. If you were, you would be wanting your disability pay as well. Oh, are you a VET?

    • Vickie says:

      vtxrider! for your information my spouse was drafted in 1967 to defend and protect your ass and did it for 21 + years! did he have to retire from the military, no but he did because people like you belittled them when they came back from viet nam! that was not a choice they made. So before you start making judgement on the ones who were drafted and earned their military allotment it might be nice to think about who you are talking about and be thankful you are still alive and have your freedom so to speak!!!

    • ProudVet says:

      Yes, I did choose this line of work so that jerks like you have the right to your ignorant comments. Unlike teachers and factory workers we willingly put our lives on the line every day, without signing away any basic freedoms, to insure continuation of your basic freedoms to be nothing more than a truck driver who cannot spell worth a crap….Oh yes, there was a draft when many of us veterans enlisted. Truck you!

    • Lee says:

      From reading your reply, I am firmly convinced that you ARE a college grad. The Wanda Truxler's College of Beauty. And the reason that you are driving a truck, is because no one would hire you with your degree. However, for those of us that served, we felt that everyone in this country has to pay their fair share to make sure that this country does remain free. And as far as the guys that I served with in the Marines, some were college grads, with degrees as in electrical engineering. A few were drafted, but most of the ones I knew were four year enlistees. And some were millionaires. The World Heavyweight Boxing champ even enlisted. A guy by the name of Riddick Bowe. But he only lasted in the Marines for three days before he asked to get out. My bet is that you wouldn't even last through Receiving Barracks, for lack of sleep. And everyone of us in any branch has put their life on the line for trash like you 24/7/365. You don't deserve to live in this country.

    • Ann W says:

      Dear college grad, thank you for spitting in the faces of the brave men and women who have given life and limb to defend this country and to let you get your college education. What branch of the Military did you serve in???? Bet you didn't so keep on trucking.,

    • Vets4u says:

      vtrider, tell us the name of your trucking company, I guarantee we can do without your educated truck driving ass and your deliveries. "Truck Driver" Obviously your education didn't work for you, or your not as educated as you think you are. I also guarantee that you can't do without ours!

      Vietnam, Iraqi Vet

    • Marine Mom says:

      NICE ATTITUDE. Some of the best of the best have served the public as police officers and stepped up when necessary to serve our country. Some of them have been so severely wounded they can't even live alone but they don't have your lousy attitude and they have only their disability to live on and they EARNED that. How dare you.

    • vegasmilman says:

      Thanks for your trucker service. Way to use that college education. I guess college didn't teach you much. Oh, and by the way, you're welcome!

    • Lovette says:

      I can really tell you are a collage educated individual by how well you express yourself in writing . Your spelling and grammar are impeccable. God bless and thanks to those who served and those who continue to do so . I feel they earned everything they get and it should not be taken from them . Little girls in DC need to put on their big girl panties and fix this mess

    • Cuterman says:


      For a college educated person you lack common sense, for to believe that veterans should accept this abomination is ignorant. I would be interested in meeting you in person, and demonstrat the training that I received. I would enjoy seeing a draft, so people like you that never made a sacrifice for anything but themselves, can experience what it's like to be part of something bigger then yourself. But that requires courage, and honor which I feel you have neither.

    • Military Wife says:

      You are part of the problem that's wrong with this country.. So ignorant. College Grad. Big fucking deal. Common sense beats a degree any day. Veteran benefits are not welfare. Did you ever serve in the military? Did you have to give up your life for your country? That sacrifice comes with benefits, not welfare, you sick fuck.

    • Marie says:

      Wow, really? After reading these responses, I've never been more embarrassed of our country.

    • MR1 says:

      How disrespectful. You maybe a college grad, but I am not impressed with you ability to reason at a higher level of intellect. These are men and women who voluntarily made huge sacrifices for our country. What have you done for our country that is comparable? Have you risked your life? Have gone to dangerous places, spending long periods of time away from your family and everything that is familiar to you? It takes a lot of back bone to volunteer to service our country. It takes someone with weak character to disrespect them. Shame on you.

    • LtCRet says:

      I bet you're a Teamster, right? Long live Jimmie Hoffa! Sometimes I regret the time I spent defending your right to free speech.

    • jnavywife1 says:

      You sound bitter- I always thought driving a truck would be fun- You may want to use spell check next time you want to put out your grievances-
      Thanks for bringing us everything we have-

    • Marc Waters says:

      It is because of those that "signed" that right away that you get to drive that truck to provide for some. You don't provide ANYTHING for me mister, and I do not rely on you for anything. You can take that to the bank. Oh by the way I'm a college grad too and I don't drive trucks for a living. Didnt know you needed a degree to drive a truck!!

    • Steve says:

      Wow you are terrible,what a messed up thing to say to people who are defending your freedom, being in the military is the same as having a regular job idiot, unless you are a Marine and all you know how to do is fire a weapon. I was in the Navy for 20 years, ship duty and shore duty, you get up every morning and work just like a regular job, only thing is you are owned by Uncle Sam and you work your but off but it's almost the same. When you do shore duty it's almost the same as being a civilian, if you have your own House you get up in the morning go to the base work until 4 or 5 and go home. So when you retire you should get your pay no matter what, just like you should get your pay when you retire.

    • Danial says:

      try dodging bullets …………. ass hole!!!!!

  9. BigRed says:

    Here is our problem. Our country is not the only thing to which we owe our allegiance. It is also owed to justice and to humanity. Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong. Without controlling the borders, without controlling government handouts, and without controlling the dumbos that are ruining our country, we will be a country that bows to others. We are not far from that. I served my time and retired. I read, "go on Strike", do you think that is the only solution? Take one bad and turn it into two? I chose to continue with the government after I spent my time in the military. Yes, I chose but that doesn't mean that the people running this country can run it anyway they wish. There are supposed to be checks and balances in place to prevent these ridiciulous movements of Government. To Quote former President Reagan, "The Government is the Problem". We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home. Let's take care of us first!!

    • Yolo Love says:

      i just hope this doesnt get out of control this will fucc with people they have to think about them selfs they are just being assholes because obamacare they say it will cost to much money we are suppose to be the richest country in the world what the hell is going on

      • We are supposed to have the most Technologically Medically Advanced healthcare procedures too but what good is having all that technology when 98% of the country doesn't have access to it?

    • I grew up as a Military Brat but I’m an educated Military Brat and I can tell you right now that I don’t think you want to be quoting the likes of Ronald Reagan during a Govt Shutdown!

      This is the same moron who proclaimed that if the rich became richer then everybody earned more due to his OUTRIGHT LIE as he proclaimed that “trickle-down economics was a win-win for everybody because when the rich were richer they would pay more in wages and benefits.” It was a lie when he said it and he knew it, the rich knew it, and those of us with brains knew it but he convinced morons it was true when it wasn’t. BTW, the US citizens are still waiting and it hasn’t trickled down yet. In fact, the rich who became richer sent their jobs overseas to SWEATSHOPS so they didn’t have to pay AMERICAN WORKERS A DECENT SALARY TO SURVIVE ON!

      These businesses also proclaim that they cannot control what the employees in the SWEATSHOPS EARN when they know they can! The truth is they don’t want to interfere or pressure to pay more. They use their excuse in public to make themselves look better and in an attempt to convince the public they are the ones being wronged when the truth is they are trying as hard to convince the public as they are to convince themselves!

      FYI: President Obama actually voluntarily reduced his salary!

      These crooks who damn-near bankrupted this country should have all their assets taken from them and put back in the treasury and then take any and all future earnings and do the same thing. If the Repubs claim there is not enough money then let them start paying the full amount of taxes they owe without their precious loopholes in addition to discontinuing all payments for congresspersons for a job that the first congress and for many years afterward didn’t get paid to do. They should have to pay for their own health insurance too! McCain and his horrid health problems should be forced to return every dime spent on his healthcare from the premiums to what was paid out for his healthcare b/c it is not as if he needs taxpayer-paid healthcare. After all, he owns so many homes he can’t recall how many there are so if he can own more houses than he can remember, he for da*n sure doesn’t need a paycheck to be a congressman nor does he need taxpayer funded healthcare insurance! Every member of congress should lose their rights to a paycheck in addition to taxpayer-funded healthcare. They are so filthy rich to begin with that they don’t need it and there are a lot of other people out there who aren’t billionaires who need healthcare and pay raises a lot more than members of congress. Why else would they fight tooth and nail to reclaim their seats in congress? It’s for the free money they get and the free health insurance they don’t need to pay for because those who can’t afford healthcare insurance or are kicked off or ineligible due to pre-existing conditions deserve it and need it more than they do!


      • cont’d from above:

        The only money that’s circling the drain and down the tubes is the money these jerk-offs receive in kickbacks, salaries, gifts, and taxpayer-funded healthcare from those who can’t afford insurance for themselves or their families. Then there needs to be a limited on the number of terms ineffective congresspersons can serve as well as allowing voters to remove them from office if they are not doing their job by serving the people but rather lining their own pockets before they are too old to steal even more from the citizens of the United States, and especially from military soldiers, military families, and most importantly our veterans with special attention to our disabled veterans!

        But again, you picked the wrong guy to proclaim as your messiah because he was one of the biggest liars to sit in the White House and make it so the Repub congresspersons along with the rich business owners could continue to fleece the taxpayers while lying to the public with that line of ‘Trickle-down Economics,’ (what a joke!) and their using sweatshops to get even richer while they claim it saves money on the product yet the products produced in China, Thailand, and Hong Kong are just as expensive, if not more so, than they were before they were made using SWEATSHOPS in countries where there are no rights to protect the workers; rest assured if worker rights laws are passed in those countries you can bet they’ll move those businesses to other countries with no laws to protect employees faster than you can say, “Where’s the money?”

    • johnp37 says:

      you're right big red. i also wonder if all the other countries around the world, which receive money from the us, will miss those funds?

    • Guod Pohsib says:

      Sir, your words are filled with wisdom. Your quote from former President Reagan "Let's take of us first!!" should be the top mandate for the 2016 presidential election. Thank you for sharing your views.

  10. Angelia says:

    I am a disabled vet. my husband is also a retired Vet. We put our lives on hold for the better of all people. Yes by choice. However, we believe that if you enjoy the freedoms of this country you should support it the best way you can; if that is not the military so be it. But investing in your country means a better tomorrow for all. I am frustrated however, because of congress not coming to a better solution because it affects all of us.

    • Paula says:

      There is more to the story than Congress not passing a Budget. You need to look long and hard at the Senate. They are all a bunch of greedy pigs who only care about votes and their own pocket books. We are all expendable. My husband is also a disabled vet and life has been tough enough since he was disabled.

    • USArmyMPVet says:

      Explain why you think it lands on congress?? It's not congresses fault if we have a 4 year old for a president that stomps his feet and throws a tantrum when he doesn't get his "my way or the highway" stuff done. Obama doesn't care if The unaffordable health care act is good or not all he sees is his legacy. Well I got news for Obama he makes Nixon and GWB jr look awesome. When you have a senate and a president that won't give not one inch on an obvious train wreck, why are you blaming congress for trying to pull the brake???? Ronald Reagan worked with Democrat controlled congress and senate he walked them isles and was repected. Obama will go down in US history as the absolute most worthless president ever. Never seen a president play more golf, hobknob more with celebs(aka Clintons) and take more vacations at our expense, and yet we blame congress. I voted for teaparty folks in congress to stop the first 2 years of Obama railroading america to bankruptcy and yet we may still be too late. Govt. hits 20 trillion we can no longer pay the interest much less the debt. This all spells civil war if it continues. I'd advise you all to move to Texas. I say all states should cede from the union and go our happy ways.

      • Debra says:

        Only in your eyes. This is not about Obamcare as they call it. It is already in effect as of Oct. 1. It has gone all the way to the Supreme Court. GET OVER IT. Furthermore, the Republicans are just as stubborn, they are not accused of having tantrums.

    • snap says:

      Is the poltitions losing a payday?

  11. 1williamwillie says:

    as far as im concerned shutter down but make sure the folks in washington and any other politician receives no pay, benifits, free lunch, free laundry service, free limo rides and all that stuff.

    • Angela says:

      No Obama will still get 400,000 as will the people in the big house on capitol hill! They will still receive there pay! That's why they don't care cause it doesn't affect them!

    • hm1wil says:

      With 214 millionaires serving in Congress do you really think taking their pay and benefits would make them compromise for the good of the Nation vs for the good of their party. All this is about is gaining power for their party.

    • joseph says:

      how can anybody make GWB jr and Nixon look awesome:
      But really if the dem wants the rep supoort, they should let them cut taxes for the rich, that always gets rep support.

    • kathleen says:

      if we dont get payed neither should they we need our pay to so if we have to go with out so should they

  12. John N. says:

    I'm also retired. Had a great career, raised a fine family. Missed birthdays, funerals, aniversaries, and spent to much time away from those who meant the most to me. The military was and is a good way of life for a lot of people. We are not smarter than those that choose not to serve, we are just different. We tend to believe in a better country for our children and grandchildren. We want a strong country. I don't like being viewed as a soft nation. We need to stand behind our troop today as others stood behind us. They deserve no less than our best effort.

    • david says:

      Amen brother. I spent 28 years in the military and retired due to a disability. Now they tell us that to bad about your retirement pay and your disability pay. We politicians will continue to get our pay, we thank you for your service.

      • brooklyn15 says:

        They can take that "thank you for your service" and shove it where the sun don't shine. US NAVY 25yrs.

    • Corinne G says:

      I totally agree. My husband is a retiree from the Air Force and was proud to serve our country. Yes it was by his choice but he was one of the heros in the war zones putting his life on the line for all of us. I do not agree with "by your choice". Without the service people retired and active where do you think your freedoms would be. I am frustrated as are we all with our government right now. But until you put your life on the line for the nation maybe you should keep your mouth shut. I am praying for a quick resolve to the shut down.

  13. jec says:

    Does anyone know if retired pay and disability pay will continue during the govt shutdown? Retired and 100% disabled and wondering if I will get my checks that support my family.

    • Paula says:

      Military pay will not be affected. Congress passed that. Also, retirement pay will not be affected. However, they are talking later on about the debt ceiling and that will affect all Military pay (active, retired, disabled).

  14. Pete says:

    I regard military retirement as deferred compensation for the sacrifices of a military career rather than as an "entitlement" because it is not a handout, it is an earned reward for service. In the long term it'd be much better if the government treated military retirement pay similar to a contractual obligation rather than as an entitlement (after all, govt contracts are protected from a shut down too).

    • Ozzie says:

      Amen ti that…served 22 years.

    • seadog says:

      Damn!!!! I thought that I signed six "contracts" with the Navy.

    • Danial says:

      Indeed, a contract is a legal trust, a promise is a promise, and when the
      United States Government renigs on these things to someone having served
      the Country under threat of death doing so, then faith, hope, and belief are severed with this Nation, and we will go elsewhere to establish the founding father's dream for others. Perhaps that is the plan, to force us out and establish a foothold on foreign soil for future control. The face of dishonor and disgrace will be held upon the this nation by those who venture forth with self achieved honor, and positions held in other countries will forbade the U.S. from contact or consideration with truth and dignity of conviction.

  15. dinasue says:

    what about just Disabled person..not vet or retired vet.. just regular person on the street getting disability checks…? ? ? ?

  16. Karen says:

    Dinasue, if you are receiving social security disability, you would still receive your check. I am a 24 year retiree, and I am appalled that our leaders in DC cannot come to some kind of agreement on the budget. I listened to the President's speech a little while ago, and it seems that our leaders are behaving like children because they can't get their way. I would love some of them to leave their families and serve as most of us had, and see how they feel about their pay getting delayed. Of course, that won't happen because some of them have no clue or concept of what it means to serve their country. Of course, they think that they are serving now, but they have forgotten that they are there to serve the people who elected them, and not themselves.

    • Chicagobob says:

      Karen, It is not their way, it is OUR way, I just wanted to clear that up!

    • yea and lets not mention the goves checks only 865.00 lol they wouldnt degrade themselfvs i support my family from a brain surgery that left me 100% disabled its tough if i didnt have the blackouts i would work but i colapse and wake up in pools of blood

  17. USA Ret says:

    Many years ago a governor of a Pacific Northwest state had a legislature that would not pass a budget and decided to go home. It sent out the state police.and brought them back, put them in the capitol building, turned off the water, heat, and electricity. Would not let any food or water brought into them. They passed a budget that everyone in the state could live with in short time. The President should do a similar thing to our Congress. If they act like children, treat them like children. No food, no drink, no conveniences. Enough of them would pass a budget and funding that the country could live with.

    • FedEmp says:

      I like your attitude. Unfortuantely the President and Congress are exempt from the shut down. They and about 20% of their staff. It is sad when they hold themselves about the rest of those who work fo rthe governemt. They will continue to be paid while I won't. Insanity.

    • William says:

      The President is as much of the problem as the Congress! But I agree.
      They all should be locked in with no comforts until they resolve this mess.

    • Lets Do It Right says:

      Yes that would be a start. If they were military they would be imprisoned due to insubordination and dereliction of duty. Putting them in a room might do the job, but handcuffing them and bringing those charges will make sure the next representative of THE PEOPLE does his/her job right!

    • Debra says:

      Could not have said it better

    • Diabled Combat Vet says:

      The house sent a bubget plan for military, V.A., and a few others to keep them going while negotiating the rest of the national budget. This was shot down by the president. He was later caught on audio laughing and saying "we are winning." This is not only childish but down right wrong and in my opinion borderline treasonist. Any president who would shoot down a plan to keep the troops and the vets paid because he isn't getting his own way is not worthy of said position.

      • Aaron says:

        you seem to only hear and read what you want. there should be NO piece meal deals when GOP wants the black President to fail. i have retired twice and 100 % disabled. i will hurt just as hard as you.HOW DO CONGRESSMEN COME TO MY HOMETOWN AND STAY HERE ALMOST 20-30 YEARS AND CAN'T GET CHIT TO WORK?????????.

  18. Susan says:

    I'm retired from the UPS. Will my retirement benefits be effected by Govenment shutdown?

    • rick says:

      susan, i think you meant you retired from the postal service. No, your benefits will not be affected by the shut-down. but if there is a default i am sure all govt. pensions will be affected.

  19. Arlene Kreps says:

    My name is Arlene Kreps I was wondering if Civilian Retirement will be affected?

  20. John South Carolina says:

    I am as well a disabled vet! I bleed red, white, and blue! I am a true patriot! I can care less about my disability check. If it will help our country get back on track, in the right direction with the right people running it, by all means, keep it! We as Americans have a right to have our voice heard! What happened to the government is for the people, by people? Instead we have politicians trying to pad there pockets for the long haul! All of our representatives are behaving in an unspeakable manner and are not acting as if they give a whip whether or not our country is in a down spiral. Why can't we as people have a say in our government instead of all these Monkeys dressed in suits speaking for us Americans that truly care and love our country? It is just disgusting the way our country is being run the way it is!

    • John Wilkins says:

      We do get a say and it comes at the ballot box. Sadly, we keep voting in the same people year after year Republican or Democrat. We the people are responsible for this shutdown and nobody else. We can say it's the Senate's fault or the Congress' fault but in the end we put them in office to speak for us so we are the ones responsible for this mess…

    • Mighty American says:

      Its not just the Politicians, its the lobbyists, the special interest group and others that

      Buy political will like a HOOKER on the street corner.

      It makes me SICK that the government is no long representing THE PEOPLE but rather representing those who fill their pockets with the proverbial 13 pieces of gold. Traitors all.

    • Guestme says:

      So you can care less? I'm guessing you mean you COULDN'T care less.
      Makes a difference, ya know.

  21. hm1wil says:

    The problem with this Congress as compared to past Congress is in a nut shell this: You can count on 1 hand the number of veterans serving in Congress. These "johnny come latelys" don't understand the sacrifice our troops, past and present, have given to this country. They have no concept of what it means to be deployed from our family and friends. If I could I would send everyone to a three month rotation through every service (3 months on a forward deployed USN ship, 3 months with a forward deployed USMC unit, 3 months to a forward deployed AF wing, 3 months with forward deployed USA unit, 3 month deployment on a USCG cutter); then maybe they would understand the military man/woman.

    • shakey1965 says:

      send them to the middle east, on a regular deployment and then when it is time to rotate do it again this is what happens to our troops . but then again they they would most likely screw that up also . I say if they can't do the job then boot them out its as simple as that!!!god bless

    • Chuck W. says:

      If we had a mandatory military service policy, our detention centers wouldnt be half as full. Salute the Flag With Pride, Worship however you want
      , but raise your head, push out your chest and humbly and proudly, walk beside me, this is the United States of America. Believe you me, in the jungles of Vietnam, we were all like one force, each accountable, and were Brothers, no matter who you worshiped, what your ancestry was, or the color of your skin!!!! I wear a D.A.V. cap and hear, Welcome Home-Thanks for your Service, Good to see you Brother, all day. I paid my dues, like so many others, and were kicked in the face by several different administrations. Now who knows whats going to happen? I'm A 100 % Disabled Vietnam Veteran

  22. US NAVY Vet says:

    Personally – I think if you don't have the integrity to serve our country in uniform, you shouldn't be allowed to serve in Government.

    • AirAssualt Infantry says:


      • Flobow Trust says:

        Then you guys are going to be hurting for Veteran Nurses who were to old to join but still served our Veterans. I am one of those and gave my best to the Veterans which disabled my back. If I had to do it again, I would in a heartbeat. however, due to the amount of damage and the pain issues I live with, I can't work and am disabled. I think people who serve our military should be remembered as well herein! Just a word for all those who work hard to give our Veterans the Best!

    • Guy Slater says:

      Taking a page for Heinlein, I see. The only person who can become a citizen, is one who has served their country. (And the citizens make sure that everyone can serve who wants to.) The only way to run for or hold ANY public office is to first be a citizen. And the only people allowed to vote are citizens.

      My kind of world!

    • Stef Comes says:

      Hear, hear!

    • Aaron Hare says:


      Everyone should vote the 2 party system out of office and return to the roots of the cou try. We havn't had a president since george washington that wasn't part of this 2 party gang battle. This is not democracy, this is government flexing. A bunch of immature greedy bastards acting like hildren who pitch a fit in the grocery store because they can't have the entire toy isle.

      They get paid but we don't? And they don't even have to work for it like we did and do.

      We have to pay our taxes, but they don't have to process the follow up tax returns.

      I have a titanium neck and the government is even trying to cut my medicare and medicaid saying I'm not considered disabled anymore. TITANIUM DOES NOT HEAL!!!

      There is 1 thing gaurentteed. This will ONLY affect "we the people". The corperations and government have designed all the laws and regulation to protect themselves while chipping away at "we the people". Most of these laws they enact are direct violations of the US Constitution. The first and second amendments are a perfect example. They are absolute written in absolute form and language, but constantly being distorted and attacked to chip away at "we the people" and providing more power and control to the corperations and government branches. Thats why they get paid for nothing but we dont even have basic human rights. Whatever happened to self defense? More and more states do not support self defense.

  23. Jeff So Cal says:

    C'mon People, Please! Let us allow our Senate and House Children to make their fair share of mistakes. Now that we've done that, and they have not progressed beyond the stage of adolescence, maybe it is time for them to feel the "Power of The Vote". Lets put them in their place, or should I say, out of it. Try and remember which turds smelled the worst come next election time

    • Aaron Hare says:

      They've been making thier share of mistakes for the last 60-70 years! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  24. Jeff Reidel says:

    Just wondering…. how many senators and congressmen will loose a paycheck now that the government has apparently shut down? dumb question I know because NONE of them will loose a penny. even though 99.9%of them don't even need it. they like the power the position gives them. Because no one in their right mind spends millions of dollars to get a job that only pays at most a couple hundred thousand dollars a year. why not use that power the way it was intended. if you are in the federal government legislature you should be looking out for ALL AMERICAN people. do we want to be good humanitarians, of course we do, but when the people at home are in need why are we spending so much elsewhere??? If I cant buy food for my family I DON'T go out to dinner and pay to feed the neighbors. If I have extra I am more than willing to help out someone in need, but come on people take care of your AMERICAN family FIRST.
    Sorry for ranting but this budget thing has been going on way to long. when was the last time we had an approved budget before the new year?

    • travelingtweety says:

      Senator Mark Begich held a telephonic town hall meeting Tuesday night. One of the things that he has done is introduce legislation that will stop paychecks for elected officials until they get this mess fixed. Whether it will pass is another story but as an Alaskan (which has the highest rate per capita of disabled veterans and retirees), it gives me some hope that at least one official understands how pissed off Americans are, and the burden their inaction is placing on so many of us.

  25. lolo says:
  26. Madara Uchiha says:

    Nope. This is a crock of dung, myself and a buddy just checked our accounts. We are veterans using the GI Bill for housing and school. We both got paid the exact same, 229.20, which is 1800 less than what we get paid any other month. So this shutdown IS strangling the veterans. We have been lied to and told it wouldn't, but lo and behold, it is.

    • Ozzie says:

      Did you receive any warning or information that that would take place?…went to the bank to get my retirement money to pay rent today….it was 100.00 short…no one seems to know anything about it….you are right…we have been lied to.

    • KateKashman says:

      Madara, I'd love to hear updates as they come in. VA benefits are supposed to be fine, unless the shutdown continues for several weeks and the VA runs out of money. Please tell us if you learn anything. I'm sorry this is happening to you.

    • Sue says:

      My son has NOT received one single cent. He recently seperated from AirForce (started terminal leave Aug 15 and his actual date of seperation 9/23.) His GI Bill and TA payments have been sent to his school. however he has not received one single cent of his BAH. Will he be getting it? He desperately needs that money.

  27. KATH says:

    This is a terrible way to run congress or any country. I'm 65 plus and my husband
    is 70. He is a retired government employee who also served in the army. In all
    our years we have never gone out and actively campaigned for a party. But this
    shut down has motivated us to get out and do all we can to REPLACE THE DO
    I plan to travel, place calls, and go make sure people are registered. This will
    smack them in the face in 2014. WE ARE TIRED AND THIS IS UTTER

    • heartsignited says:

      Remember why the Republicans are doing this – because the American People are not being heard by the current prez – who has been unwilling to listen to anyone regarding the pitfalls of the health care plan. There are very few people now that agree with the forced health care plan. The people need a voice and this is how it is done at times. A true leader should be open minded, willing to listen, to negotiate, admit when he is wrong, and see his own shortcomings that have a negative impact on the country not being bratty, closed minded and controlling…

    • Potee says:

      Its the Dems. that are shutting it down they act like little kids that don't get there way. I served 27 years and will last untill things get righted. Just vote for the good of the nation not for who gives hand outs for the lazy.

    • USArmyMPVet says:

      stop blaming congress

    • kathleen cloutier says:

      I, too depend on my survivor's annuity as my late husband served 27 years in the military. We should replace all who sit on their hands in congress and are too scared to support the American public but think nothing of appeasing a small, radical group of idiots determined to enhance their political careers by this nonsense.

  28. Lisa says:

    Will 100% disabled vets get their check? As of now it's not in our bank. We need to pay bills due today.

  29. Retireandupset says:

    Just checked my bank and sure as nothing, no money in there my military retirement. Maybe later, but it not in there now. We will see

  30. christine says:

    My dad is retired vet, his check is not in his account. My sister who has severe Crohn's did not get her SSI check either…. How am I to help both!!??

  31. Joanna says:

    My question is, if the shutdown continues through November (I pray not), and we don't get our pension or disability, will we ever get that November payment? Or do we just lose that money? My husband is a proud 20 year Coast Guard vet and he has more than earned that money. We have 3 children active in the military service and a 4th daughter that is a retired Army vet. How much more does the government want from us????

    • Bob says:

      I am 100% service-connected and my direct deposit came as usual in the morning on the first of the month.

      It's my understanding that no missed payments will be lost.

      It is only government checks for government workers that won't be sent.

    • USArmyMPVet says:

      anything you missed as far as checks when govt comes back you will be back payed

    • KateKashman says:

      Joanna, I'm pretty sure that no one can give you a guaranteed answer to your question. If the shutdown continues, and/or we hit the debt ceiling, we are going into unprecedented territory. There is a lot of uncertainty right now.

  32. m w quimby says:

    All the more reasons for term limits. Knowing that the career legislators won't vote for term limits on themselves it's up to the voters to invoke term limits on election day.

  33. hmc/ usn/ret says:

    It is amazing how when we were needed they loved us. when we came home we were thrown to the people that hated us ,even tho they did not know us.The congress and the president made sure their butts were always taken care of, medical, retirement (less than 20 years) and not being treated as we were with cost of living wage increases. Now they are playing with our earned money and we can not do anything. BULL , we need to see who is the biggest problem makers and remove them in the next election. I am against obo care as i believe that we all need to be responsible for our selves. I was a navy brat and knew about the medical benefits. I stayed for my time to earn my benes as most of us did. SO RAISE HELL, VOTE TO REPEL OBO CARE reponsible people and leave us alone and do what you promised. friends of mine who are government assistance say " we have health care, its called er and medicad" we could insure those with out insurance due to pre exitising conditions so who needs obo care

    • moni57 says:

      what about the working class non military who cant afford health insurance and don't qualify for Medicaid because they make to much. stop thinking of only yourself.

  34. So retiree's should get paid on the first which is today and there is no money in our account? Is that later in the day? I know before we'd have it in our accounts the day before so whats up now?

  35. dscomic says:

    I'm concerned to know how this will impact my Dad who is a vet receiving a lot of these benefits. Going to be closely following how things unfold.

    Thanks everyone who served. You can't be thanked enough for your sacrifices.

  36. John Holt says:

    I am an 81 year old AF retiree. My wife is seriously ill and needs 24 hr 24/7 care. I was a two time voulunteer for Vietanm and shot down over Laos. I was heavily involved in the Cuban Crisis. I joined the AF during the Korean War. I need as many retired military do my retired pay to survive. I always looked upon retired pay as something that had been earned. In years past we always had a large contengent of ex military in Congress. Most nearly all Congressmen today have never served and do not understand the sacrifices our service people and families have gone through. My wife and family moved 23 times. My daughter went to around 8 different schools. I was gone from home for around 6 years flying all over the world and getting shot at. I would do it all over again. I do not know where this shutdown will lead me but it want be anyplace good.

  37. Prof. Paul says:

    Lets wait a few weeks and if nothing is done to sort out this mess, during the next election, do not vote for any currently elected national government official. Get rid of them all. See if they notice.

    • USArmyMPVet says:

      Not gonna happen….WHY? you ask simple. Democrats have imposed entitlements to federal rolls to the extent that they now can legally buy votes. Don't believe me? Look at Obamas numbers of last election see how that enlightens you..Socialism is a great idea till you run out of other peoples money.

  38. Deanna says:

    It’s 4:00 pm & I just called my bank & asked it my military pay is in my account and was told no !! I received my va . Pay this morning as usual but no military retirement check ?? Had anyone else not received theirs ?? Or know when and if we are getting it ?? Any info will be great cause I’m totally freaked out & need my money to pay rent just like the rest of you ?? Is there still a chance we can receive our military retirement checks today ??

    • KateKashman says:

      Deanna, I'm sorry that this stress is happening to you. Please keep us updated. I feel *pretty* confident that everyone's deposits will eventually be made, but I'm not absolutely sure. {hugs}

  39. Petra says:

    We did not receive our retirement pay either my husband served for 20 years and that's how they thank him !!!

    • I feel your pain hopefully maybe tomorrow morning we will wake up to retirement pay some got theirs some didn't and I for the life of me don't understand that at all!

    • KateKashman says:

      Petra, I'm so sorry! I hope that your husband's retirement pay was eventually deposited. Please keep us informed.

  40. retiredmil spouse says:

    For those of you who say, yes you chose that job and deal with it. Its folks who chose that job for an all volunteer force that made this military force the best ever. If they don't get paid after they retire or are disabled then they will have to bring back the draft. No one would vounteer to serve if they aren't offered entitlements as the call military retirement. So the draftees will do their job and get out with no dedication at all. My spouse served both in Vietnam and the Gulfwar, part of the time in the US Navy and the rest in the Army National Gurad.

  41. bayonet says:

    Hey truck driver if you can read this post thank a teacher…if you can read it in english thank a soldier

  42. SandyC says:

    In regard to:

    vtxrider · 1 day ago

    You choose this line of work …( there is no draft) you must deal with the pay problems as do teachers factory workers ect….if you dont like it go on strike..,,oh thats right you signed away that basic freedom….and im not uneducated, im a college grad.that now does cross country trucking to bring you and yours everything you have.

    Just because you have a degree does not exclude you from the protection of the Military in our United States. While you sit there and put down every man and woman who so chooses to stand behind our country in good and bad, you sit behind a desk and utilize your freedom of speech. However remember that you have put forth no personal effort to safeguard our country, help other countries in need or in crisis, nor have you actively participated in any Military action in combat or otherwise….. therefore your words are of personal "judgment" against others in your own country, who choose to do what they believe is right. You should hang your head in shame for acting superior to others!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Bratzdad says:

    Hooray for the folks with the guts to stand up to the man spending us into oblivion. We simply cannot take another hit to the deficit ceiling. This administration has sent the deficit from eight trillion to eighteen trillion in just five years. Sorry, I refuse to consider this any type of effective leadership. I am an Army retiree who lives in a state with abysmal employment prospects. I pretty much live off my wife's meager paycheck for lack of a job. The VA screwed up my compensation and disability pay computation for a second time, but I didn't come all this way to be whining about myself. WE NEED TO FIX OUR DISFUNCTIONAL NATIONAL SPENDING TRENDS! Period! If we keep spending it is game over! A few years ago the Federal budget was a stupid joke because of the overloaded bloat and pork. Why in the freaking hell are people cheerleading for the idiots who beat THAT stupid situation by simply adding a trillion dollars per year above and beyond that ridiculous amount? George Bush One caught living hell for being $250 billion over budget. These clowns have beat THAT by forty times over! Where is the outrage?

  44. richie says:

    Just checked with my Bank–18:57 pm -my retirement check NOT THERE.

  45. Okay 6:30PM no retirement pay for my husband, some got theirs today and some didn't I would love to know what is up with that. Why a few and not all? All should have been paid today they said October 1st no problem *smh* our government is corrupt and ruthless they do not care how this effects all of us because they still have their money and their cushy jobs! I want their pay and banking accounts frozen so they can see what it is like to stalk their bank accounts and pray something is in it! They all should not get another dime till they learn how to compromise with one another and come to a decision!

    • USArmyMPVet says:

      retirement pay is paid after disability checks. i would say it's coming but many were furloughed early so maybe day or 2 late

      • Thanks for the heads up! Still not there this morning but I'm not giving up hope yet.

        • KateKashman says:

          Lori, you might want to have your husband check his Retiree Account Statement on MyPay, and definitely call your bank. I'm not exactly sure was USArmyMPVet is talking about, but retirement pay and disability pay come from different places. I can't imagine any sane reason that your husband hasn't yet received his retirement pay. Keep us informed!

  46. Bob says:

    I am 100% service-connected and my direct deposit came as usual in the morning on the first of the month.

    It's my understanding that no missed payments will be lost.

    It is only government checks for government workers that won't be sent.

  47. Alex Hamiltion says:

    Folks need to get over their partisan politics and realize that the 2 parties are benefiting the most. They're not going to lose their paycheck, medical benefits and host of other perks afforded to their position in serving "the people". Congress has messed around too long with us. This is a disgrace! So go ahead, cut your nose to spite your face, blame it Obamacare! Obama, Boehner, Rubio, Cruz or whoever but in the end, you are getting screwed by the well entitled members of the Donkey and Elephant parties…God Bless America.

    • USArmyMPVet says:

      people have short memories. If Obama was doing so great why did we vote in a republican majority in congress after 2 years into his first term??? To stop Obama's and the democrats absolute failure to stop spending money like it was theirs. Does Doubling the national debt not comprehend to people?? is there Ideology of having a black president over ride the basic instinct that he was not cut out for this job to begin with??? They are printing money to the point that other countries like mexico don't want the dollar they want the peso!!!!!! really???? What everyone needs to do is email Obama and tell Him to stop being an unrelenting jackass and compromise.

      • AFwife says:

        Unfortunately it is not so cut and dry with the national debt. The dept increase is largely due to lower tax revenue due to recession. The wars in Iraq and Afganistan cost around 1.5 trillion and the Bush tax cuts cost another 1.6 trillion.

  48. 1371 mos says:

    Big Red, well said.

  49. lbsles says:

    The Government posts retired pay today the first of Oct. It depends on your financial institution as to when they post it to your account.

    Go here to see the real posting dates of pay for 2031.

    • Usually our financial institution posts it the day before so it would have posted Sept. 30th but nothing, then nothing again today..and here's hoping there is something in the morning when we wake up there are a few retirees who haven't got paid and for the life of me I don't have a clue why they haven't!

  50. Jerry Taxpayer says:

    Well someone brought up a very good point. When they talk about budget cuts why is it that all the political Bennies aren't mentioned. It's the politicians that have made this mess & are acting like spoiled children, so why not take there bennies & make them live by the same premise they have made for us. It doesn't make sense to punish the guy who is barely supporting his family, to take from him (or her), when they have nothing to do with the way the government has screwed everything up. Then to let the crooks & culprits in congress who "ARE" directly responsible for the mess, are still making (skimming) our money hand over fist & don't have to pick up any of the penalty. What is wrong with this picture?

    • linda says:

      It is us the people who keep electing these clowns it is up to us to know who we are voting for. I am sad to say we have exactly the government that we picked to change this we must all vote in off year elections and get these people out of office and demand better

  51. lbsles says:

    From the first para of this article!

    "Military retirement pay and Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) annuity payments are considered an entitlement and is not funded by annual appropriations and authorizations. Therefore, they would not be affected by the lack of budget or continuing resolution. Should the country hit the debt ceiling, however, there is the possibility that retirement and SBP payments could be delayed or reduced."

    • Ozzie says:

      Mine was 100.00 dollars short….no explanation….bank knows nothing….cannot pay all of our rent now.

  52. Jerry Taxpayer says:

    I mean I've been workin since I was 17, & I'm 63 now. Anytime on any job the more I made the more taxes were taken. Why do all these right wing idiots have such a hard time with that? & if you don't "DO YOUR JOB" you don't get paid? or better yet lose said job. & If anyone's bennies should be cut or completely taken away, let's start at the top, the largest incomes, then move on to the politicians bennies. I mean why should they get a salary if they're no longer an active part of congress. & considering the tax bracket they're in they can afford their own retirement briefcase. ( privately funded by themselves.) Hell once you reach a certain tax bracket you lose your V.A. bennies, same with Social Security. They are all way above all those threshold so Cut em off. They've made most of there money thru the blood sweat & tears of the people who paid for the Social Security. & cheating the taxpayer, so it's only right that they make up the difference, am I wrong?????

    • USArmyMPVet says:

      Your right and wrong. if I am wrong please say so Jerry but your part of the baby boomer generation? Your generation has had the majority vote in this country for 40 years+ and your generation has voted in these idiots that are now screwing us blind, yet you still want your check. Correct me if i am wrong but the babyboomers must take responsibility for a lot of what is happening now. It's a hard thing to swallow, but unfortunately it's a fact. But your right that even Congress and Senate should be shoved off the golden arches and into the unaffordable health care cesspool.

    • linda says:

      you are right not only should they not get paid they should be finded . we are paying them far to much they should get no retirement or bennefits they are public servants-this is not a career

  53. Y'all can requote the article all you want fact is my husband didn't get his retirement today and there are others who didn't either and I'd love to know why not when others got theirs?

    • Ozzie says:

      Amen to that….please pay attention to all of the comments from pepole who did not get their retirement money today…..we have been told lies…as I have said many times here….my money was 100.00 short today and as a result, cannot pay all of rent…not receiving any of course is far worse…so go ahead and quote the article all you want…fact is fact and they have withheld money from so many… embarrassing for our great nation….shameful.

  54. ron langiotti says:

    we as veterans need to rise up and march on washington to demand that our benefits not be tampered with. the sacrifices of the veterans especially during war are not to be taken lightly. we need to contact our lawmakers and protest to the fullest extent our displeasure with the thought of them taking our benefits from us!!!!!!!!!!

    • US Army Vet says:

      I completely agree! I am a disabled vet that served my country and was injured in combat in Iraq. I served 48 month in Iraq defending our freedoms. Our politicians need to understand that the honorable men and women serving this great nation do it because of the love of our country. They do not need to play aroud with the volunteer loyalties of our fellow countrymen.

    • USArmyMPVet says:

      I'd go with you but I am still fighting VA for past 2 1/2 years for my rightful disability % so I can't afford the plane ticket.

    • Freddy says:

      Yes we do and their are thousands of us that can. I feel that we need to start by Voting Out all senitors and congressman I'm talking about cleaning house completely. This should send a message to all future representatives that they work for us" We the People".

  55. Hugh Goetz says:

    If Boehner wasn't such a weak spineless weeny the feckless bastard would put the Senate Bill on the floor and it would pass. Then we all would our checks.

    • Hugh Goetz says:

      Should read: Then we all would get our checks.

    • USArmyMPVet says:

      Your worried just about 1 or maybe 2 checks??? I feel for you but, unfortunetly there's bigger fish to fry called the debt ceiling limit. Try no check then. Stop blaming congress they are trying to help you. we let Obama spend anymore you won't get another check, nor will I.

    • linda says:

      you are right

  56. Lawrence Crayton says:

    I bank with usaa, got my retirement pay, but not the va amount for disability, that amount is subtracted from my retirement pay, Anyone the same way??

    • KateKashman says:

      Lawrence, did you eventually get both deposits? Keep us updated, this is how I know what is actually happening. Good luck! This is pretty crazy.

  57. Les Manthe says:

    The greatest country is run by te rich, discrimination run rampid in the government, we do nothing, why ?, be cause we will be selected out of the group and punished or speaking out as was in the military. We The People need to take our country back , fire the rich government employees so us poor can get paid , so we can cloth and feed our family's. Why do we punsh the poor for the mistake the rich make ?…

  58. USArmyMPVet says:

    I'm Sorry but too many people here keep saying "Congress is to blame, or insinuating it". Short memories for all. After 2 years of Obama's first term we were up in arms about his and the Democratic controlled Senate and Congress spending like the piggy bank would never be dry. So we voted in a Republican controlled congress to have some sort of checks and balances to slow this horrendous spending. The Republican Congress had tried at times to be reasonable and let Obama have somethings. Problem is Obama has done no such thing in 6 years in office. he has taken a "My way or the Highway" attitude so he doesn't have to do his real job. Why? Cause he really has no idea what he is doing. We knew this before he got elected. All Obama has done for congress is spit out costly junk bills one after the other, and when he doesn't get his way, he goes on T.V. and throws a tantrum and points fingers. But in no way willing to negotiate on anything PERIOD. That way he gets more golf time and vacation time at our expense. Obamacare is a train wreck. it's gonna take money from people that can't afford to lose it and when it crashes you really think the govt will give you a refund???LOL don't make me laugh. You folks need to wake up to reality. The president is running off the rails. Since he has never had an original idea of his own, he willing to take us all down knowing it will fail. If that debt ceiling is raised, America is officially bankrupt. We cannot pay the interest much less the debt. That means things that happened in Greece, well we are next. Gonna be $10 gas $5 loaf of bread, 50% unemployment. No checks from the govt for anyone. These are not my predictions, these are from analysts that know way more then me. I will give my opinion on this. no matter what happens it's not going to be pretty and it is gonna hurt all of us. You know them preppers you laugh at? they might just have the last laugh.

    • linda says:

      wow remember congress spends the money I voted for our current president have not liked everything but for most part think he has done a good job take a look at what congress has done or should say what has not done that is where my finger is pointed. Please do your homework dont just fox or read people you agree with really look I think you will be surprised.

  59. BeachBoss says:

    To Lynn. Though you might not believe members of the military haven't protected this individuals freedom of speech since the Constitution was signed, but ask yourself this one question. Would I be able to continue to say or do the things I do if it wasn't for the men and women whom do serve? You thank him for driving a truck delivering goods but there are sailors, Marines, soldiers, and airmen that are deployed all over the world. You will never have to worry about some idiot across the water trying to invade this nation because of those men and women. During the attacks on 9/11 where was your truck driver? When the USS Cole was bombed in Yemen where was your truck driver? When the barracks in Saudi Arabia was bombed where was your truck driver. When several US Embassy's were bombed where was he. You thank him for delivering some goods across the country but will he put his life on the line for you? I don't think so. Who brags about going to college and now is a truck driver. He does that? The men and women who have served this country have a right to bitch and complain all they want. Unless you have STOOD THE WATCH, I recommend you just say THANK YOU and shut up!!

  60. nancy says:

    I receive DIC from my husband's death. Does anyone know if I will still get the payment in October. thank you for whoever can answer for me.

    • sue says:

      yes you will get your DIC payment I just got mine in BA so check your bank account by calling or go on computer ok your's should be there ok GODBLESS

    • KateKashman says:

      Nancy, I hope that you did eventually see your payment in your bank account. There is no sensible reason that it should not be there. Please let us know what is happening!

  61. Daniel Thaler says:

    I think it would be a real bad move for people to think that if they go into the military and go to very dangerous places, with a chance of getting hurt, sometimes catastrophically, that they won't be taken care of if that happens. Just left to fend for themselves like some much fodder. It's frightening enough to know you can get seriously injured or killed because you are seeing it happen, all the time. On top of that, to know that if you do get wounded you or your family will not be looked after would make a LOT say f— you, I'm not enlisting, ever. What then, bring back the draft? Compensation benefits make no distinctions between a quadrapalegic or someone who lost a finger in combat or some other combat related issues. It's disability compensation, period, and comes under that heading. There aren't other departments or government bogus agencies that can be cut so this department doesn't have to be? Do we need sex education in the schools, still? KIds STILL don't know what's up? Right. If people could see the list of all of these Federally funded , sometimes daft, programs and agencies they'd go ballistic. But the gov't can't take care of it's wounded veterans, or provide SSI TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE PAID INTO IT FOR YEARS. Where's Rousseau when you
    need him?

  62. bigbucks says:

    I too am a disabled Viet Nam vet and when I see all these patriots not receiving what they are do, i look at the millions of our dollars our president is wasting onall his vacations abroad. The millions he wasted just flying the Sandy Hook people to Washington to try to pass his gun Control agenda. The billions our government wastes bringing in Sommales, Mongs and millions of other immigrants. We the taxpayer pay for all these immigrants. Lets close our borders and take care of the people who have taken care of our country. Mr President quit acting like a child and blaming others. it's your spending that has put us where we are today. We just can't keep raising the debt ceiling because you want to open our borders and put all these immigrants on social security, food stamps and welfare. Take care of US first.

  63. Jeanette Eaton says:

    I just want to say that I am glad that we have this site to rely on for information about military issues. My husband passed away almost 14 years ago…he was a 100% service-connected disabled vet. I don't know how I would get along without my DIC payment every month, because I can no longer work. I am another person who doesn't like the word "entitlements" because they AREN'T. These benefits were EARNED with blood, sweat, and tears. Our Social Security checks ALSO are NOT "entitlements" because that's OUR MONEY TO BEGIN WITH!!! Maybe we didn't necessarily earn it with blood, sweat and tears, but we worked to furnish the necessities of life for our families, and from every paycheck, money was automatically taken out , supposedly, for us to use at a later date (retirement). None of us have "volunteered" a portion of our earnings…they just TAKE it, so I really wish that the people who liken these payments to "handouts" from the government would start to "re-educate" themselves on how this system is worked out.. As for the "shut-down" its anybody's guess as to how it will play out and how it will ultimately affect all of us and that's why I am glad that we can come to Military,gov for the information we need. Thank you.

  64. ron langiotti says:

    veterans who lost limbs or blinded should be protecred from this mess in congress. the highest form of service to your country is during war time and should be recognized as the ultimate sacrifice in fighting in war. the many vets who are disabled should not be denied their benefits from the va. if this happens we all need to march on washington and demand justice for our vets. god bless america

  65. ron langiotti says:

    the worst thing a country can do is ignore its veterans especially those who fought in war time. the members of congress should have been in vietnam and seen the horrors of battle and then come home to hostile antiwar protestors. that wasnt right!!! it is not right what congress is doing to our vets now by threats of taking their benefits away. i say lets mobilize and march on washington to demonstrate our frustration over this issue

  66. t Morris says:

    Its one am and still no 911 gi bill for the first time ever.

    • KateKashman says:

      t Morris, we're thinking of you and hope that the deposit is eventually posted. Let us know!

  67. ron langiotti says:

    the worst thing a country can do is ignore returning combat veterans with issues like ptsd and horrible wounds they have to live with for the rest of their lives. this is not right what is happening in washington by ignoring veterans rights and compensations. we who fought didnt go to canada or burn our draft cards. we responded to the call of duty and served with pride and dignity
    i have a bumper sticker on my car which says vietnam vet and damn proud of it

  68. Ronald says:

    Ludicrous/ludicrous chain of events, with the funny part removed. Ron, DAVPRM

  69. izjusme_2 says:

    I received my disability and retirement deposits yesterday. Not sure why others haven't gotten their's.

  70. H.J.Summerville says:

    I have read some great comments on here and most of the people have hit it right on the head. Serving in Congress was set up to be a privilege to serve the people for a term or two and get out and back to your regular life. You were never meant to collect a paycheck the rest of your life or to get a special health care plan for life. These arrogant politicians go into Congress as middle class people and all of them come out as millionares. This practice has to stop now or we will cease to exist as a nation. God Bless our Troops.

  71. Well we have solved the issue with my husbands retirement they "forgot" to pay him…yes "forgot" oh and they will get it in our account before the 1st of November really I have bills due now!!!!! I suppose I"ll be calling around to our people we owe money to and explain oopppss my husband busted his tail in the service for 20 years and oh they "forgot" to pay him! -_- Don't get me wrong I'm glad that they are going to fix this but it still puts us in a bind and no one seems to really care! I hope every last member of Congress get's voted out and I'm counting down till 2016 we need elected officials that can work TOGETHER for the greater good of our nation than immature, childish, agenda pushing jerks like we currently have! America please take note of what we have elected so we do not make this mistake ever again!

  72. jeff .parr says:

    The federal answer over the past 8 years has been to spend spend spend eventually this will stop and everybody will be directly affected not just government employees.

  73. MABEL says:

    I agree with the state above that the US NAVY Veteran just placed.

  74. Deanna says:

    Ok it’s 12:90 pm on OCR. 2 I still haven’t received my retirement deposit??? I received my va pay yesterday but nothing from my retirement . Anyone had any updates ?? Has anyone contacted defas on Thier missing checks ??

    • KateKashman says:

      Deanna, have you checked your Retiree Account Statement on MyPay? Also, have you asked your bank? If you get stuck, please know that your branch's Relief society is there for you. I hope you get it sorted out quickly!

  75. patty says:

    My husband is expecting severance pay this month( he reached his RCP) on, or around the 10th. I was wondering if anyone here has any knowledge on whether or not he would still receive his payment, should the shutdown last past the 10th of October.
    I understand my post is not related to retirement and/or disability pay.I am just hoping someone on here might be able to help.

  76. barbara says:

    my jusbamd spent 3 yrs in a veterans hospital with service connected disability i now have va compensation checks for me since he died will this be ther after all decisions are reached if so when

  77. people instead of trying to work around it or to that extent, this should NOT be happening, we must rise up and take this nation back, now id the time!! NOW or forever it be gone.

  78. @FiestyGal says:

    My husband received both military retirement pay and his disability pay yesterday. I wonder if he will get it come November 1st????

  79. vicki willis says:

    I served and am a 100% DAV….I am unable to work. My husband is not able to work, he's retired on SSI….He was a teacher . we do not have much money and if my VA dis. check does not come the end of Oct we will not have a place to live….My husband has been really sick and the cost has killed us. My question is why the Military has not stepped in and sent the crazies home. They are not doing their job….

  80. 20plus says:

    stop death bed marriages at veterans hospital….the people getting money that didn't do the 20 plus years hardship time….Bar friend is messing with my kids inheritance …How disgusting can a person be …serve him the poison that shut his liver down to begin with , then marries him for benefits and he dies couple hours after they gave him to much morphine in a remote location where he rented a room ….Greed…..sure congress approves of such acts….she didn't do hardship 20 plus years. His children did not some opportunist on someone's… death bed .

  81. Jenn says:
  82. Jim says:

    Clearly, Congress is puerile, sophomoric, egomaniacal, petty, greedy, apathetic, seemingly anencephalic, self-serving, feeling entitled, intractable, unable to agree on anything – even if it gravely harms the country they are sworn to protect, guilty of insider trading (is anyone out there so naive as to believe these "geniuses" really want to serve their country) and become obscenely wealthy; they are sanctimonious, supercilious, etc., etc., etc., etc. The approval rating of these public servants is, according to polls, ten percent. There is no way this can be true; not because it is so low, but because it is so high. I would like to know who is this ten percent of those polled believing Congress is doing a good job. One tenth of one percent would be a lot closer to the truth. If ten percent actually believe in this dysfunctional Congress, I have a question for them. How have you managed to keep your heads up your
    rear ends so long without suffocating????? And where have you been the past several years?

  83. Don says:

    Long story short……I am saddened by out governements state of affairs.

  84. Justajarhead says:

    My only wish is that we could increase our creidt when we need to pay bills. That will never happen. If you have a monthly budget, then you know what your spending power is, so why doesnt the government have a budget. And why don't they put it before the people to decide if we give money to other countries. It seems that all the elected officials that are in Washington have no clue what the need and want fo the people are. Don't claim to be educated, but have common sense. I say set a budget based on the annual income and stick with it. They keep borrowing and keep increasing what they make . Time to change the whole bunch in Washington, bot Democrats and republicans.

  85. cathy says:

    as everyone is aware by now, no Senator or Congressman is answering their phones or e-mails in D.C. or their home State, that's how much they care! So as John Q.Public we are left to swim upstream getting nowhere, How are we as citizen's going to pay Nov. bill's when our V.A. disability checks aren't available which is a strong likelyhood, buy food, pay our utility bills as well?

  86. GSR 9802 says:

    Why bother, government officials could care less about the general public,vets or whatever. Obviously, they are only concerned about their own personal situations. It really is a pitiful situation that we are in here in this country. I served twenty years in the service and never thought I would have to put up with anything like this. It's thoroughly disgusting, But like I said before, why even talk about it, nothing is going to change.

  87. Tee says:

    We as a people have NO POWER in what happens to us so sad.

    • linda says:

      but we do we keep electing these fools because we dont bother to vote in off year elections most of us only vote durring presidential elections off year election shape congress so vote find out about the person before you vote

  88. Frank pernau says:

    I came to the USA 50 years ago. As a green card holder I was drafted in the Army, so I proceed and reported to the draftees Hq. went to Vietnam an decided to reenlist and stay in, I was very proud to serve this great country and roll in for over 25 years. Now I see things that I never could imagine before that with have a Government that can't get along within the government, this make me sad, and I do not understand why some government officials are against our president and his medical care program.

    • linda says:

      because in this country many people feel like they can always have medical care and will never be sick or in need and some people in the government play to this unthinking crowd

  89. ben masters says:

    this is appauling it will probably happen do not be fooled and we again will suffer for the grred of wicked men wolves in sheep clothes

  90. S. Ellis says:

    Wake up and smell the coffee, sometimes the coffee is not the right brand. This may be the first wave? Let this open all are eyes to what may or can happen to what we thought was a sure thing! Your rights and benefits are not secure as you may have thought? If you depend on them, you may taste some bad coffee.

  91. Lewis Treman says:

    @ vtxrider,
    You should try working the hours that a soldier does. DOT restricts your hours but there is no restrictions on how many hours a soldier works.

  92. Angel says:

    what about survivor benefits? are we still going to be able to get those?

  93. linda says:

    well I would like to see the tea party gone I voted for pres Obama and am thrilled I can get insurance and to top it off you have the nerve to quote the bible

  94. Art says:

    Vote them out. All of them. If they can't work for the better of the country get them OUT!!!

  95. Alfredo says:

    Tell the politicians to stop paying their coffers also. Tell the politicians to stop funding overseas countries. They so quick to stop our funding, but slow to stop theirs. Also, what happened to the motto take care of your back yard first? these politicians care nothing more about the people that send them there to do a job, which they do the jobs of special interest groups. Yet they fast to put down the Tea Party Members as racist, yet it consists of all colors. And our media has become a joke and cowards.

  96. Kenneth says:

    I have a question concerning those that are working on my disability rating. Are they still working on that decision?

    • KateKashman says:

      Kenneth, you can expect some delays in the processing of your disability rating. In addition, appeals have been suspended during the shutdown. Sorry!

  97. Sue says:

    My son is recently seperated from AirForce and is receiving GI Bill BAH and GI Bill tuition assistance. He only just seperated mid September 2013 (took terminal leave Aug 15th and is now offically out Sept 23rd 2013). His GI BIll tuition payments for Oct have been paid……however he has not received his GI Bill BAH for Oct 1st. He was told when "out processing that he would be paid his BAH up to 3 years as long as he was a FULL TIME student using his GO Bill and TA (which he is). Is he not going to get this now……the kid needs this income for general living expenses such as food and shelter and gas and car insurance.

    • KateKashman says:

      Sue, delays in GI Bill payments are pretty common under the best of circumstances. In addition, BAH payments usually take up to 8-10 weeks to start. I would imagine that the delay is NOT caused by the government shutdown. Be aware, however, that the shutdown may make the delay longer. In addition, the shutdown and potential debt ceiling crisis could delay payments due to be made in November. Your son needs to be proactively looking for ways to alleviate the burden of a delay, including probably getting a job.

  98. USAF Vet says:

    What happens when you or I do NOT do our jobs to complete a critical function that could shut down our employers business…..right we get FIRED! We (the people) need to vote in a law that does just that for our congressmen, if they do not complete the budget ON TIME they ARE FIRED. After over 46 years of service to this country I have had enough of what THEY are doing to MY country to line their pockets and serve their own desires. Next election day I for one will NOT cast even ONE vote for ANY incumbent!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  99. sigint17 says:

    I am retired military. I also am classified as 100 percent disabled and receive[d] SSI disability and after 4 years of fighting the despicable scum at the VA, I finally was declared "Individual Unemployable" [I.U.]. I am completely hunched over [ankylosing spondylitis] and my neck vertebrae are fused so I can't move my head more than an inch vertically or horizontally.

    I served in Vietnam. I am 75 years old and under the terms dictated by the VA for being classified as I.U. I couldn't even take a job at Walmart greeting idiots like the college educated truck driver.

    The current situation is the result of both Republicans and Democrats foolish stubbornness and the fact that they know they have nothing to lose by screwing the public. The average income of a congressman is $966,000! If voted out of office they will get jobs as lobbyists. Yes, almost none of them are vets, which is also part of the problem. I could go on for pages in how we got to our present predicament, but why bother. I do know I will never vote for anybody that isn't a Libertarian. If there aren't any Libertarians running I won't vote at all.

    Anyway I earned my retirement and disability pay. By threatening my financial security, the thugs in the WH and congress merely show what despicable rats they are. As for the dumb truck driver, I learned how to drive a huge truck in two days when I was in the military. So truckdriver, when you hit the Eastern seaboard, just keep on trucking right into the Atlantic. The Coast Guard probably will have their fuel funds frozen and won't be able to save your dumb ass.

  100. Mike says:

    4PM 4 OCT and my bank says no EFT for my monthly Federal retirement EFT. It always comes 1st of every month unless sometimes it is delayed by a holiday or Sunday – but not very often.


  101. Will our veterans disabilitypay be retro to a later date if we dont get it on the 01 nov 2013 pay day. or do we lose it all

    • KateKashman says:

      Mr. Danna, the assumption is that you will get your retroactive pay eventually. I feel pretty confident that this will happen, but no one can say for absolutely sure. We're in new territory here.

  102. William Houle says:

    I'm retired Army and served 22 years in the military. I retired in 1996. I have seen a lot of benifits dissappear and now I'm no sure if I will get paid my retirement check on Nov.1st. How can I make my mortage or any other bills ?Please someone do something. Are we going to be paid or not? Its either yes or no. Don't leave us hanging.

    • KateKashman says:

      Mr. Houle, it is unfortunate but it is not a yes or no question. If the debt ceiling crisis results in delayed retirement payments for 1 November 2013, you will have to drag out your emergency plans: contacting creditors, cutting expenses, using savings, and working with relief organizations such as Army Emergency Relief. Let's hope it doesn't come to that!

  103. sigint17 says:

    I read in today's newspaper that more Republicans are trying to reinstate programs which are making them look like the selfish fools they are. One of them is funding the VA. Public relations wise, that makes sense. The Democrats are against measures that would fund certain political hand grenades like denying the disabled vets their $$. They want everything refunded or nothing. And that's the way it is. Just remember we [well not me since I only vote Libertarian] elected these political whores and don't make the same mistake twice.

  104. Zeke says:

    Govenors of each state should call every representative and senator that represents their state to the capital and tell them they no longer have the authority to speak on their citizens behalf and fire them. Our current election process is broke, big money wins. Now there are laws to protect the big contributors.

  105. Military Wife says:

    Congress, not to mention the RICH AS FUCK Republicans are really fucked up in the head.. No, not Obama.. Congress can't balance a fucking budget, so they are going to make Veterans suffer.. They wouldn't even know how to fucking survive in the military let alone on the SMALL paycheck I get biweekly. Veterans benefits are not WELFARE. You are what's wrong with this country, you selfish greedy FUCKS!

  106. Sal says:

    If we donot recieve check how are we going to pay bills

  107. vinnie says:

    i was wounded serving my country,i can not work,i have a family,now i will not get my medical retirement money so that poor excuse of a president can enjoy his time as a dictator,if i could do it all over again i'd put myself in harms way AGAIN in a second,but at what cost.All of my gunrights have been tooken by the veterans admin already now my money that i support my wife and kids with.

  108. WandaC says:
  109. Joann Kosciolek says:

    I get a benefit from my husband being in Viet Nam , he also passed away for results of him being there. Will my benefit stop with this shut down ???

    • KateKashman says:

      Joann, there are a few variables here. It sounds like you are probably receiving Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC). That money is safe from the government shutdown, but it is not necessarily safe from a debt ceiling crisis. If you end up in financial trouble because of a delay in your benefits, please ask for assistance from your husband's branch's relief society.

  110. L. R. Garcia says:

    I believe that all of this disagreements we are having is because we are being forced to use Obamacare or heard that Obamacare was going to be required by everyone or be charged like a criminal. Because of Obamacare, and now a disagreement between the children of the House and the children of the Senate who cannot play together and all agree to everything together. There is a very serious possibility that people could die if they are not able to have access to their medical care, to money to get food for their families to end hunger in their families and help people to get their lives back into a normal routine.

    We are all Americans who should be civil to one another and join together to accomplish the work necessary to unite America, We need to get into agreement and unite our country. There is no real knowledge of what could happen if this shutdown does not stop. This should never have happend.

  111. L.R. Garcia says:

    Continued Part 2

    Come on people. We are all Americans. We should be united in our choices for one United America and not divided by disagreement.

    Be thankful that no one enemy has tried to take advantage of this controversy to try to overthrow our government. I love America and I pray everyday for our United States. Can we please stop this recess and now get back to work. Our country's independence depends on it.

    I need to see our country settle down, get back to normal, and back to getting all these Americans back to work and our country standing up on our own two feet and keep our country financially stable and free.

  112. 1 dissgruntaled vet says:

    if we have had enough then lets fire every politician and start over limit them to 2 year terms and quit giving them 100% retirement benefits . everyone else has to work 20 years just to get 50 %. notice how obamacare isn't good enough for them they passed a law to exempt themselves just like the one they passed so they can't have their pay and benefits cut . notice how the congressional gym and dry cleaners are still mission essential and payed for with your tax dollars

  113. Helen Pitts says:

    I am a disabled veteran and am concerned and saddened by our state of events. I appreciate the show of love and concern on this site. Although I am struggling and cannot afford to drive, I cannot help but wonder if there might be something I could do to help a neighboring vet at this time.

  114. michelle says:

    I haven't received child support payment until ex husband his retired did not get paid yet.even my portion his retirement i haven't received yet. i did not pay the rent this month.did the government give us the extra money?because if we late pay rent we pay extra late fee right?

  115. 1 dissgruntaled vet says:

    just watched todays news seems the pres and his cronies still think the republicans should be the ones to give up everything so obama can raise the debt and he can keep on giving away all our tax money to every country that wants to erase us off the planet . notice how the cost of living raises for the vets and social security will only be 1.5 % if we're lucky bet you congress will get at least anouther7.5 % like last year . personally i think it's bull squirt that politicians get one at all . if there was no raise in the cost of living for us normal citizens then how is it that it's increased for the politicians so much !!! vote all of them out of office next election !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Patrick K says:

    I think that it should be UNCHANGEABLE LAW that if Congress doesn't pass a budget or Deal with the national debt BEFORE the deadlines set, then they don't get paid, neither does the President and his wife! You'd see a different cloud of cooperation descend on Washington DC and business would be taken care of PROMPTLY. Why is it that the President shut down the government entities that take care of the people who pay for the handouts to those who don't work for them. Military,Social Security (threatened), Parks (Military monuments and places not manned by personnel) This was intentional to direct anger at one side of the political arena. REMEMBER it takes two to tango! All politicians in Wash DC are to blame. It is sad that even when the sequester was put in place Foreign aide didn't reduce by one dime! Not even with the shut down did foreign aide reduce by a penny. We take care of many people throughout the world who hate us yet who do the politicians hurt when they play their political games? US Citizens that's who!
    Retired military and totally disgusted with the drivel that is in Washington DC

  117. Thomas W. Wicker says:

    I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but even I know that when you take $7 BILLON and give it to another country, that debt should be Paid-In-Full.
    Now my major concern is this: How did we get into so much debt to other countries when we are fighting their WARS and sending our Troops over just to PATROL and POLICE their country? Shouldn't they be Paying us for those services instead of U.S. doing all the work AND paying them a SO CALLED DEBT?
    We need more money? How about we start taking 10 cents out of every TOM, DICK, and HARRY'S profits. Ten Cents out of every Dollar earned as PAY, INTEREST on SAVINGS, EVERYTHING. NO MORE TAX BREAKS FOR THE RICH. FAMOUS, OR INDIFFERENT. I get disability, but, if IRS would TAX
    EVERBODY $0.10 on every dollar they received, not only would the GOVERNMENT have enough money to run the Country, Pay its debts, and even have enough left over to start a savings for the Country. That would be equality in TAXATION for all. I'm sick of hearing the RICH gripping and complaining about too much tax. ALL WOULD BE EQUAL.

  118. r0bert vann wilson says:

    wevietnam vets live on the poverty line where is are the people of this nation to allow thi shappen to the ones that suffered/bled/died/endured the hardship of war never coming home

  119. I have always wondered after I spent 7 1/2 years in the Army reserve what if any benifits there are or was this just a way to get guys into srmy for in cse ments
    and after 3 year + it was katie bar the door !!
    any way I can find out but by know the timre has passed for using the $3.00 a year education bill right

    1955 to 191962 time servred andy directions but please don't wsay Washington ! T


  120. linda says:

    make sure to vote in off year elections