Banks And Credit Unions Release Government Shutdown Information

This information is from the 2013 government shutdown.  While it seems unlikely that the government is going to shutdown in October 2015, banks and credit unions seem to be solidifying similar plans, just in case.

Many military-oriented banks and credit unions have organized policies regarding delay of military pay due to government shutdown.  If your bank or credit union is not listed here, mention it in the comments and I’ll see what I can find.


Updated 26 September 2013: Roger Wildermuth from USAA has confirmed the following information:

USAA is once again prepared to offer a zero-interest payroll advance loan to affected military members with existing direct deposit at USAA if military pay is interrupted by a government shutdown. We also have a number of other solutions, such as special payment arrangements, to help USAA members who receive government payments and find themselves in financial distress due to a shutdown.

Navy Federal Credit Union

In the event that 15 October 2013 active duty military pay is delayed, Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) will advance the amount of a usual pay deposit.

In addition, NFCU has an ongoing program for government employees affected by sequestration.  Offers include:

  • Special 3.00% APR Overdraft Line of Credit* If you are a federal government civilian employee, have direct deposit with Navy Federal, and are subject to furlough, you’re eligible for a special rate on our Checking Overdraft Line of Credit.
  • Loan Assistance: We are prepared to work with you on any Navy Federal loan payments.
  • Credit Cards: Expedited approvals for line increases for your existing Navy Federal credit card.
  • Personal Loans: Share Savings and Certificate pledged loans can provide instant funds without dipping into savings accounts. Rates are set at the share or certificate rate plus 2.00% APR. Personal expense loans with no collateral are also available.
  • Penalty-free Early Withdrawal on Certificates: If you need to redeem a Navy Federal Certificate prior to its maturity, we’ll waive any early withdrawal penalties.

Pacific Marine Credit Union

Effective 26 September 2013, Pacific Marine Credit Union has made the following announcement:

In the case of a government shutdown Pacific Marine Credit Union will post the October 15th government employee payrolls for members with direct deposit. This includes active duty and retired military, Department of Defense appropriated and non-appropriated, social security, and disability. For affected members without direct deposit, PMCU will work on an individual basis to provide assistance in the best manner possible. For additional information please watch our website.

Marine Federal Credit Union

Marine FCU has announced that “Marine FCU will post government employee payrolls for members with direct deposit. This includes active duty and retired military, Department of Defense appropriated and non-appropriated, social security, and disability.”  Details are to be forthcoming on the website.

Service Credit Union

Updated 26 September 2013:  Service Credit Union has announced that they will be crediting deposits for military and Department of Defense (DOD) GS pay:

Service CU 2013 Shutdown InfoIf you do not get paid, we will automatically deposit the amount of your military or DOD GS pay into your account, based upon the amount of your last received direct deposit to Service Credit Union at no cost to you.

In addition, Service Credit Union is offering a $1,000 loan at 4.9% interest for existing customers, and customers who switch to Service Credit Union and set up a direct deposit.

Service Credit Union also several ongoing offers for members affected by sequestration.  These include:

  • 0% loan, up to $6,000, for member who use Service Credit Union for direct deposit of their government pay
  • penalty-free withdrawal of funds in Certificates of Deposit

While Service Credit Union has not yet announced their plans in the event of a government shutdown in 2013, their plans in 2011 included the crediting of direct deposit pay and allotments to military service members and their families.

Belvoir Credit Union

Belvoir Credit Union has announced the following offers to help any member affected by a government shutdown:

  • Emergency Loans: Borrow up to $5,000 at a fixed-rate of 4.99% APR* (0% APR for the first 60 days), maximum term is 12 months, 1st payment may be deferred for 60 days.
  • Loan Workouts: Members may work with a loan officer to determine if a loan workout program can be created to help ease your financial hardship.
  • Skip-A-Pay: Skip a regular consumer loan payment at no charge.
  • Penalty Free Share Certificate Withdrawal: Take out money in your certificate to help you now without the associated fee.

Air Force Credit Union

Air Force Credit Union has published the following statement:

Air Force Federal Credit Union remains hopeful the ongoing legislative impasse will be resolved and a suspension of federal government payments will be averted on Tuesday, October 1, 2013. If there is no resolution to debate on the debt ceiling, the federal government may opt to defer making payments. This could impact government pensions of retired federal employees, social security recipients, and the military and/or other federal employees.

We are keenly aware of the significant economic hardship such an event would impose on our military and DoD civilian members and their families. Air Force FCU is prepared to make accommodations for affected members.

Air Force FCU is indebted to its military members and we are extremely grateful for their dedication and the sacrifices they make to preserve our Nation’s freedoms. We are honored that they have entrusted us with their financial affairs and their financial well-being is our top priority. We will endeavor to accommodate every affected member’s needs during this difficult period.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at 210.673.5610 or 800.227.5328, through online live chat or by visiting one of our nine branch locations. Our Member Contact Center is open 24|7|365, including holidays, to take your calls.

Honestly, this doesn’t actually say anything.  I’d love to hear if someone calls them!

Keesler Federal Credit Union

Keesler Federal Credit Union has announced that it will provide a one-time pay advance if a government shutdown delays 15 October 2013 military pay.  In addition, they are offering penalty-free withdrawals from Certificates of Deposits, loan assistance, and financial counseling.

That’s all I have for now.  Please include any questions or additional information in the comments, and I’ll keep this post updated as more information becomes available.

About the Author

Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • ABNB Credit Union is our bank. in the event of a government shutdown well they still give us our regular pay deposit?

    • KateKashman

      No announcements yet from ABNB. I’ll keep my eyes open!

      • De’Vonte Riley

        Navy federal credit union?

        • KateKashman

          De’Vonte, it is in the post above.

          • Michelle
    • nacome
  • drs

    what about MTB?

    • KateKashman

      MTB hasn’t issued any plans for a government shutdown.

  • Bank Of America… EEKK!!!!

    • KateKashman

      Christina, I can not find any information about Bank of America responding to a potential pay delay. I’ll keep looking.

      • M_Davis

        Just spoke with Bank of America. They do not have anything in place and will not guarantee payment of bills drafted against your account.

        • Cari

          And I was told the opposite. I was told they would guarentee payment and would go ahead with the direct deposit.

        • Cari

          Just spoke to BOA again, they said that there are talks about how they will assist, but until the government actually shuts down, there will not be any further information.

          • KateKashman

            Thanks for the updates, everyone!

          • Stormy7

            I never received my direct deposit with Bofa & now all my bills are gone out. This is insane.

          • KateKashman

            Stormy, this does not sound like a government shutdown problem. You may find some suggestions in the article: Why Hasn\’t My Pay Been Deposited?

    • Barney

      Good luck

    • vonna

      I just got off the phone with them and they said at this time they r doing NOTHING to help military out!!!!!!!!!!

  • Connie

    What about Wells Fargo?

  • Armyjundt

    Vystar Credit Union is a military based. One to check out.

  • marcus

    people are getting up in arms about USAA offering a zero interest payroll loan.
    well, navy fed isn’t going to give you money and not want it back once you get backpay..all banks who are doing this are LOANING you the money and WILL expect payback once the shutdown (if we shutdown) is over.
    Instead of depending on banks to feed you, maybe learn the lesson this time and prepare for this. you’d think we all would have after the fiascos of 2011 and 2012. how quickly we all forget…

    • Jason
      • marcus

        you’re right. we should be paid..but this is the new face of our government. they don’t care about you, me or the military family. Plan like you won’t get paid tomorrow.

    • JRT

      Easy to say. Harder to do as a Junior Enlisted member who has not even been in a year…

      • marcus

        there’s always a way to save. it is called making it a priority and not something that is a second thought.

    • Michelle
      • marcus

        why are you telling me how military families live? I am a servicemember and if you drive through any base housing neighborhood you will find new vehicles and toys.
        seems to me, it isn’t about how they’re paid it is how they are spending it.
        and lower enlisted isn’t being paid below the poverty line. the lowest ranking solider makes 20K and the lowest ranking solider shouldn’t have a family in the first place. that lowest ranking solider is typically living in barracks and being fed 3 square meals.
        I am entitled to my opinion. People need to quit being greedy. It isn’t nobody’s job but your own to feed your family. Should the government pay us? yes..but if people were smart and save instead of buying new F150s or allowing their wifey to spend the paycheck on scentsy maybe they wouldn’t be on facebook whining to USAA about how its not fair navy fed is just giving the money!!

        • eric

          “and the lowest ranking solider shouldn’t have a family in the first place”

          Wow. Some opinion you have.

        • ELMR

          You do realize that single soldiers dont get free meals. they deduct money from their paycheck every month for the chow hall. 2 soldiers dont get paid enough. 3 people come in the military late in life and already have families.

        • Hannah

          Wow what an opinion. My husband will make lance corporal next month and we’ve been married since march. He’s I’m Afghanistan, and we do have money issues. But not because we buy lavish things. Because every payday we still have bills. Know what put us in the hole? Extra shit for deployment that POGs like you don’t have to buy, and my books for college. Now with all this shit I’m just hoping we’ll have enough for me to go visit my family for thanksgiving this year. Whom I haven’t seen since I moved to base with him. And no his 3 meals weren’t free. They deducted 300 dollars a month from his pay for chow hall while he was in the barracks, and extra while they were in the field for the deployment training. We have one car and it’s a 2002 that I bought with my own money. We MIGHT be able to afford something that’s not falling apart when he gets back from deployment. And no, wifey doesn’t spend money on scentsy. She spends it on groceries, pays the bills while husband is gone, and buys dog food for the only living thing that is with her when her husband is not. Rethink others perspectives before you decide to run your mouth.

        • liacarr
        • GPause66
    • boered1

      Easy to say unless you are trying to raise family of three children on an E-5 paycheck…. not so easy to doo

    • Mike

      You said it, Marcus. I have enough cash for over a year’s worth of living expenses. My wife and I keep seperate accounts and she has over 2 years saved up. We both own our cars (mine being a high-end sports car (Nismo)) and hers is a mid-level car. We own one house and building another.
      We’re both military and we live a fun-filled life with lots of weekend get-a-ways. She is in a Master’s program and is paying her own way. I paid cash for school to be a commercial helicopter pilot and used the GI Bill for the commercial airplane school.
      What have we done so different than any other soldier???? We haven’t complained, we haven’t wasted, and we make no excuses…we make a living. Simple.

      • Anita B
  • Alyssa

    Anything for BECU? It’s in Washington. Used to just be for Boeing workers.

    • KateKashman

      Alyssa, I can not find any news from BECU. I’m sending them an email. Thanks for asking.

  • Bec

    Anything for BFCU? In Barksdale AFB, Shreveport, LA

    • KateKashman

      Bec, there isn’t any information available on the BFCU website. I’m shooting them a note – I’ll let you know if I get a response. Thanks! Kate

      • Witty
      • Witty
  • What about Tinker Federal Credit Union & Pentagon Federal Credit Union?

    • KateKashman

      Alison, I can not find anything from Tinker. Reader Ken reports below that they don’t have any specific plans.

      I don’t have anything from PenFed, but I expect *something* soon. Can’t even begin to guess what that might be, though.

  • Dcharls

    Dover Federal CU?

    • KateKashman

      No news from them yet, Dcharles.

  • Jody

    Any information for Pioneer FCU in Idaho?

    • KateKashman

      Jody, I haven’t found anything from Pioneer FCU. Let me know if you do.

  • Emily

    What about global credit union?

    • KateKashman

      Nothing yet from Global, Emily.

  • Stephanie

    Chase Bank?

    • Hope

      Chase military representatives (877-469-0110) say that Chase is closely monitoring the situation with the Government and that while nothing has OFFICIALLY been decided at present, they will continue to monitor the situation and will make an official decision and announcement if and when a government shut down occurs.

      • Military Man
  • Jorge Martinez

    How about BBVA Compass Bank? I am a retiree and have direct deposit from the Department of Defense (Air Force) and the Department of Justice (Immigration Service).

    • KateKashman

      No word from BBVA Compass. Let me know if you call to ask. Thanks!

      • Michelle
  • Ken

    I contacted Tinker Federal Credit Union. They are totally “feet flat”. Can’t even get up-channeled to ask this quistion.
    I was trying to get answers on Retirement Pay.

    • KateKashman

      Thanks for the info, Ken!

    • Kathryn

      I don’t know what feet flat means or, for that matter, up-channeled. I’m just a spouse of retired Naval officer who is in hospital and would like to know if he will get any pension or VA pay.

  • Des

    Pacific marine ??

    • KateKashman

      They’ve released their plans. I’ve updated the post.

  • drew

    chase bank???

    • Hope

      Chase military representatives (877-469-0110) say that Chase is closely monitoring the situation with the Government and that while nothing has OFFICIALLY been decided at present, they will continue to monitor the situation and will make an official decision and announcement if and when a government shut down occurs.

      • KateKashman

        Thanks for the update, Hope.

  • Dm

    What about pacific marine credit union

    • KateKashman

      Updated above, Dm!

  • Destiney


    • KateKashman

      News updated above!

  • Ann

    How about Air Force federal CU?

    • guest

      It was in the original article above.

  • D.J. Neuberger

    How about Alaska USA FCU and Central National Bank out of Kansas. Those are the 2 I Deal with.

    • KateKashman

      No information from either of these financial institutions. I’d be surprised if they have plans as they do not cater to the military population.

      • Christina Gunderman

        Alaska USA FCU is a Federal Credit Union with two branches on JBER, Anchorage Alaska. I plan on contacting them Monday and asking questions as well. My AF retirement, VA Disability and my husband’s Civil Service retirement all get direct deposited there.

  • Carol Olson

    Armed forces bank

    • KateKashman

      No news from Armed Forces Bank, Carol. Sorry.

  • D. Burchfield

    How about Pentagon Federal Credit Union?

    • KateKashman

      D. Burchfield, PenFed has surprised me. They have the following announcement on their website: We value our PenFed members and their families. We want to hear from you if you are affected by the possible government shutdown. Please contact us at 1-800-247-5626. Who knows what that means?

      • Brandy

        I called them. They are doing a “furlough loan” to consolidate if needed and also a Skip payment if you have any type of loan with them. No pay advancements or no interest pay loans similar to USAA.

  • Brandy

    First Command Bank

  • Natasha

    Elgin Federal Credit Union

    • KateKashman

      Eglin FCU has not announced any specific plans for a potential government shutdown. They do have special offers for members affected by sequestration.

  • Robert McChesney

    What about Northwest Federal Credit Union?

    • KateKashman

      Northwest Federal Credit Union is offering to “help” members who are struggling, but they don’t offer specific programs.

  • Stephanie

    Fort Sill National Bank?

  • Ashley

    US Bank??

  • Marie

    How about NavyArmy Community Credit Union

    • Richard Lee Parker.

      I have the same question too!

  • Erica

    US Bank?

  • Lily Traf

    How about Travis Credit Union?

  • erika
  • AF Credit Union should not have wasted so many words to say so little or nothing. CMSgt Canterbury

  • kat

    armed forces?

  • dave

    armed forces bank of california?

  • R Welenc

    Tower Federal Credit Union, military retired pay and civil service retired pay?

  • jumper

    Keesler Federal credit union

  • Patti

    Wondering about 1st Advantage C U, that is where my Army survivor $ come in. My mentally challenged dau’s $ comes in NWS CU, and my SS comes in Wells Fargo Bank. I am very worried for both of us. Thank you for reading this. I am 77 yrs as of Oct. God bless all reading this

  • nharmywife

    We use Triangle Credit Union

  • pj Boikoff
  • Meg

    Anything from security service fcu or hanscom fcu??

    • Hello Meg,

      Thank you for your question. Security Service Federal Credit Union has a strong tradition supporting our military service personnel and the sequestration is no different. To discuss all of the available options for you and your family, please call our representatives at 1-888-415-7878 or by email at They will be able to assist you. Thank you for being a member!

      – Elizabeth R., Social Media Coordinator

  • Reba

    America First Credit Union?

  • Diana P

    Keesler Federal Credit Union? I believe their main bank is in Biloxi, MS. They have a location at RAF Lakenheath in England and several around Kessler AB

  • Meri
  • Mike

    Broadway Bank will do as many others are doing if there is a shutdown. Check out

  • Desiree Kelley

    Maine savings credit union is where our pay is deposited. In the event of a shut down will they be depositing pay for us?

  • Christy
  • Cory Brown
  • Glenda

    Fort Leavenworth Community credit union

  • Richard Carrillo

    SECU of NM

  • James

    Army Aviation Center Fed CU (AACFCU)

  • Joseph

    what about Bank of America

  • Korena

    Armed Forces Bank??

  • Josh

    What about Suntrust bank??

  • Yvaniy


  • Kyle

    Minnco Credit Union?

  • What about the Associated Credit Union…? It was once government only, now Public. Are there plans for them… Formally known as Federal Employees Credit Union

    • KateKashman

      Ms. Fancher, Associated Credit Union has not published any plans for a government shutdown. Sorry!

  • ruthann Crowley

    What about the Fort Stewart, GA Credit Union. Will they be open and give us our money if needed.

    • KateKashman

      Ms. Crowley, I don\’t know of a Fort Stewart Credit Union. Does it perhaps have another name?

  • Tonya

    Keesler Federal Credit Union is taking care of its members!

    • KateKashman

      Thanks for letting me know, Tonya! I\’ve updated it in the post.

  • S Francis

    Sorry, it was renamed to First Light Federal Credit Union in El Paso, TX. It there a policy regarding paying members due to shutdown?

  • debbikelly

    Any news from Eglin Federal Credit Union (EFCU)located in Shalimar/Fort Walton Beach FL regarding USAF retired pay

  • Michael

    Grow Financial Federal Credit Union in Tampa Florida.

  • Miltiary Pension

    Olympia Credit Union has no policy to issue payroll or military pension advances if gov shuts down. Yikes…

  • sergei

    what about northern tier credit union?

  • Josie
  • Dawn

    What about Tyndall Federal Credit union in reference to civil service pay and ret pay

  • Dianna

    What about Armed forces bank?

  • Kenneth Pont

    Anything on SUNTRUST Banks yet?

  • is there anything on Redstone Federal credit union?

  • Jennifer H
  • Mark

    I know I’m just a retiree, so you know, we aren’t important anymore (uh, we earned it – past tense, active duty are earning it – present tense…), but since there hasn’t been mention we WILL be paid, and the fact I don’t trust our government anymore (how many years have they been consistently doing this??), I don’t know for certain if we will or will not be paid.

    Can anyone answer that?

  • tanya p.torres
  • Jim Luker

    What about American First Credit Union, Hill Air Force Base and and many branches throughout Utah.

  • Destiny

    Are non military banks affected by this shutdown

    • Elizabeth Hardy
  • Dave
  • Mark
  • Jesus Sanchez


  • Bill

    Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union

  • Stephanie
  • Joan

    Will Arizona federal credit union be affected by government shutdown?

  • Jeremy Green

    Robins Federal Credit Union?

  • Tim

    National Exchange Bank and Trust, Fond du Lac, WI

  • Arnold D
  • Becky Lane
  • Lee Lawley

    What about Andrews Federal Credit Union? Any news from them?

  • James

    How about First National Bank of Omaha?

  • Glenn Powell

    Our people in Washington are like little .kids all they do is fight each other. Its a shame that they are all on the ground instead of hanging on a tree like all the rest of the nuts. Glenn

  • Cassie

    Scott Credit Union?

  • JayTee

    What about Commerce Banks in Illinoise,Missouri,Kansas Areas?
    My Military, and Civil Service Retirements Checks are Direct Deposit to this Bank?

  • A. Enzenauer

    What about Union Bank of California?

  • Sheri

    What about San Diego County Credit Union

  • P Anderson
  • Jane

    What about Regions Bank?

  • norma gordon

    Do you know anything about TD bank?

  • Katherine

    Altana Federal Credit Union In Montana Billings

  • tcat60

    no deposit of mil retirement pay or Va comp as of 3am edt.

  • Childs

    Any word from Barksdale Federal Credit Union in Northwest Louisiana?

  • Jack

    SunTrust? We’re in Simpsonville, SC.

    • KateKashman

      Jack, as I am sure you know by now, Suntrust had some system issues yesterday. I believe that everything was eventually resolved and deposits were posted.

  • TJ

    No active duty pay from Armed Forces Bank as of 0430 est

    • KateKashman

      TJ, was your pay eventually deposited?

  • John Clemens

    How about Wells Fargo Bank Systems?

  • CHarvey

    My question is more to the point of the backpay itself. As of today we are “shutdown”. While military members will “earn” their pay, potentially it will be in the form of an IOU until the budget issues have been amicably resolved. To that end, what happens with regard to the taxation of military pay IF say for example the shutdown affects more than (1) impending pay period …Example: October 15th and November 1st?? Soooo using November 15th as example, should the shutdown continue through November 1st, when regular pay resumes as of November 15th military members would theoretically be paid in one lump sum and thus taxed on that lump sum….meaning that they WON’T get all of the pay they are actually due. OR, is the government going to pay military members with a taxation ‘add-on’ such that once the lump sum pay is taxed the military member would get ALL of the actual money they were due as if they’d never missed any paychecks over the period of the shut down??

    • KateKashman

      CHarvey, you bring up an interesting question. Thankfully, our tax system is a little more thoughtful than you’re thinking. While taxes are withheld from pay throughout the year, the final accounting is done a yearly basis. That is why we file income tax returns at the end of the year, to tally up income and calculate our yearly tax liability, then figure out if our withholding was too much or too little. If your scenario occurs, and military members have taxes withheld at a higher rate due to a lump sum payment, they would receive those funds back as a tax refund after filing their yearly tax return. Yes, it would move the timing around a bit, but they would never lose any actual money. Servicemembers who are concerned about such a possibility can change their rate of withholding through the MyPay system.

  • A.C

    Langley Federal Credit Union?

  • James

    Just got my disability pay as of 6:09 a.m. cst.

  • Linda Means

    What about Suntrust Bank

  • Lisa

    My husband didn’t get his direct deposit from SUNTRUST. As of 7:47 am.

    • Colette

      I cannot access Suntrust online banking this morn, it’s down, and I had a debit transaction decline, quite concerned that my retirement pay deposit has not processed.

      • Colette
        “multiple systems down” – “can’t guarantee any payments”

        • Colette

          SunTrust is up and running finally, and my pay is a pending deposit. There should be an apology on their home page, but instead there is no explanation at all. I opened a checking account online through USAA and next month’s DFAS pay will go there! I’m all done with entrusting my money and my access to it to SunTrust Bank!

  • raymond williams

    what about chartway FCU members

  • Miki

    what about Security Service Credit Union?

    • Hello Miki,

      Thank you for your question. Security Service Federal Credit Union has a strong tradition supporting our military service personnel and the sequestration is no different. To discuss all of the available options for you and your family, please visit your local branch, call our representatives at 1-888-415-7878 or by email at They will be able to assist you. Thank you for being a member!

      – Elizabeth R., Social Media Coordinator

  • Jodie

    What about SIU Credit Union?

  • John

    Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union

  • Paty

    What about firstlight federal credit union??

  • Kathryn

    You know what’s really ridiculous about this whole mess? Obviously, the vast majority of those in the military or retired military have been completely left out of the loop when hideous changes take place with regard to their pay. Gee whiz, I thought we hired congressmen to be our advocates and work for us and our wellbeing. Was I wrong on that one! The present congress (the right half of it) is on some sort of power high in that they believe they can just wave their magic wands and destroy the welfare of the U.S. populace. Can’t wait for them to be flushed down the loo next year.

  • Rod Bowles

    Are you able to explain what to expect – was receiving 80% disability and now (Oct 1, 2013) 100% effective Dec 10, 2013 – know it is a real struggle for many – so sorry that so few in Congress understand! Rod Bowles

    • KateKashman

      Mr. Bowles, you should have seen your expected 80% deposited yesterday. Future months deposits could be jeopardized if the shutdown continues for more than a few weeks. I hope that helps, and good luck to you?

  • David Robbins

    What info do you have on Vantage West credit union

    • KateKashman

      Mr. Robbins, Vantage West has not made any announcements regarding the shutdown. You should have had your regular deposits deposited yesterday. Hope that helps!

  • Karen

    What about Fort Gordon Credit Union?

  • Melanie

    How about Johnson City Federal Credit Union, Eastman Credit Union, or Greater Eastern Credit Union out of Johnson City, TN?

  • Erica
  • Suzanne

    What about Cinfed Federal Credit Union?

  • Larry

    Wright Patt Federal Credit Union

  • Military Man
  • Judy

    Eastman Credit Union in Tn.