From The Mailbag: VA Disability and Retirement

May 19, 2013 | Kate Horrell

I regularly receiving letters from family members who are worried about their current or former servicemember.  The military is confusing enough if you are in it, and it is more confusing for people who don’t have experience.

Today’s letter is fairly typical:

Perhaps you can help me. My son spent 6 years in the military with 2 overseas missions. He is now retired and keeps telling me he hasn’t been paid. He has been back home now since Nov. 2012. Does it take THAT long to get paperwork collected and checks to be distributed for his pay? He is collecting unemployment but he tells me that when he speaks to anyone that they just say you need to write to your congress. What kind of answer is that? I can’t believe it and I’m wondering if the Military has his WRONG address. He was down in Ft. Campbell, KY and he moved up to Minnesota to live. Who can help him find some answers? The Vet’s Hospital in Mpls? I just don’t think he is seeking the right answers. Please help. R

Here’s my reply:

Dear R,


  1. Shannon says:
  2. Fatty8 says:

    How is he retired after just 6 years?? If he wasn't medically than your son is blowing warm smoke up everyone's butt..

  3. Edward Yandall says:

    My debit card was compromised
    and was cancelled. Now that I have a new card, do I need to notify VA.

    • michael says:

      no cause the new card still uses the same account number

    • Kate says:

      Mr. Yandall, is this a debit card tied to your bank checking account? If so, and the bank account remained open, then you do not need to do anything, as the deposit is deposited based upon your bank account number. If you closed the account as a result of the debit card issue, then you need to notify the VA of your new bank account number.

      If the compromised debit card was one issued by the VA in lieu of depositing your payments into a bank account, then you should probably double check with the VA to ensure that they have the new information.

  4. Shannon Ketchersid says: