Navy Federal Member Appreciation Week – Great Deals!

In celebration of Member Appreciation Week, Navy Federal Credit Union is offering three amazing deals.  They’ve been going on since Monday – I don’t know how I missed them.  I think that I try to keep up on every great offer available.  At least they are still valid through Sunday, 23 September 2012.

Dealio Number One:  $40 X 2 New Member Bonus

This week only, every new Navy Federal Member that you refer gets a $40 bonus, and you’ll get a $40 bonus just for referring them.  It only costs $5 to join Navy Federal Credit Union.  If someone is eligible, they’d be silly not to join this week!  This might also be a great time to open accounts for those nieces and nephews that are eligible to join.  If you pitch in $10 toward a membership, they’ll end up with $50 in their account and you’ll be $30 richer, too.  Looking to join, but don’t have a referring friend?  Ask around, or email me.  I’ll hook you up!

Dealio Number Two:  A Super Certificate of Deposit

This week only, Navy Federal Credit Union is offering a 4.0% APY Certificate of Deposit for a 12 month term.  That is amazing interest!   You can invest up to $4,000 per eligible member in your family.

Dealio Number Three:  Refinance Your Car and Get A $400 Bonus

This week only, you can refinance your car to Navy Federal Credit Union’s great rates, and get a $400 bonus for refinancing!  Once again, if you’ve been meaning to refinance your car from another lender, now is the right time.  Rates are great and that bonus is fantastic, especially if you roll it back into your loan to pay off your car sooner.

Now I’m busy scrambling to find family who have somehow escaped Navy Federal membership so far, and see how much cash I can scrounge up to put into CDs.  I’m actually a little sad that I don’t have a car loan to refinance, but my sister does!

Take advantage of these great deals because they end this Sunday, 23 September 2012.


About the Author

Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • drew

    nfcu …not a good bank…trust

    • nathan

      you’re dumb as shit man. It’s probably you, not the bank.

  • Bill DuVal

    I’ve been a loyal, long time member of NFCU. As an LPO I heard horror stories from my junior enlisteds about the screwing they took from the BIG Banks like Bof A and others. When the direct deposit of my wifes allotment was late form the Navy the two checks that were NSF’s was fixed. When I needed a car loan I got the check in just a few days. When I refi’d I got a great interest rate and just this year they bumped me down to the lower going interest rate on a two signiture piece of paper. If you have specifics take it to their managers They “Will” fix what is wrong.

  • Tess

    NFCU is a great credit union, not a bank! I love the personal customer service!!! Especially the treatment I get when I go in the Snellville, GA location! Great people! They also ensure that it is you when you purchase any “out of the ordinary” purchases, or any “out of state” purchases! They so rock! I haven’t had a negative experience yet!

  • Ash

    This is an excellent credit union and definitely not a bank. I have never had a problem that was not corrected and the problems were usually my fault to begin with. I have been a member since 1996.

  • guest

    Reps may be polite but you get different information from each different rep. Also Navy’s business practices are in the dark ages.

  • V Moore

    I love NFCU been a member for a few decades and probably will never go anywhere else. Always great service and support!