Home Depot/Lowe’s Military and Veterans Discounts

Day in and day out, people come to The Paycheck Chronicles for information about military and veterans discounts, particularly those offered by Home Depot and Lowes.  I’m not sure why those two particular stores are such hot topics, instead of all the other types of stores, but that is what the charts and numbers tell me.  There is perpetual confusion and hurt feelings from various former military folks who feel that they have been slighted or are angry that they can not get the discount.  Compounding the problem is the fact that while both corporate stores have virtually identical national policies, individual stores choose to implement the policies in various ways.  It has ended up with negativity all around.

Several recent comments bring up the same mistaken point, saying that the stores have changed their policies.  The policies have not changed, but individual stores are certainly changing their behavior.  The implementation of the policy at the store level has been lax since the discount program began. It has always been a “military” discount all year round, and a “veterans” discount several weekends a year. The companies have choosen to define “military” roughly in line with the qualifications for a DoD issued military ID: active duty, National Guard or reserve or dependents, retired military and dependents, and disabled veterans. If you meet the eligibility as “military,” then you qualify all year round. If you meet the eligibility as “veteran,” then you qualify for the discount on the designated weekends.

Many stores have been generously giving the “military” discount to “veterans” for several years. They have been gradually trying to return to the clearly stated policy. I actually feel badly for these stores who are trying to do something nice and are getting bashed for it.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • Norman White

    I want to thank Lowes & Home Depo ty for extending me a 10% discount in the past, recently I have found out that as aa korean vetran I was not qualitified for this discount. I have no idea how much I have saved using this discount so I can’t repay,but again thanks for your consideration. Norman White

  • Linda Schrum

    Shame on you Lowes and Home Depot! A Korean veteran deserves perks like any other veteran. He risked his life just like the others. I WILL NOT SHOP AT ANY STORE WITH SUCH A DISRESPECTFUL ATTITUDE.

    Linda Schrum

    • Sam

      Shame on you, you are not intitled to a discount, it is a generous offer. Learn to be grateful for what you have.

      • Mike

        Expecting a company to honor an advertised discount is not the same as an “entitlement”.

    • Gratefull

      Linda : This is simply not true. Sounds like the Korean Vet didnt do his part and get the right iD or just may not be entitlled …..

    • Chris

      Can you name me any other national retailers that offer ANY type of a military discount at all?( Weather on holidays or all year around.) I didn’t think so, so why then would you not go after the other THOUSANDS of retailers that offer nothing instead of bashing the 2 that do offer discounts. It’s too bad for you Linda that common sense isn’t contagoius. You must fall down alot.

      • Mike

        HH Gregg, Applebee’s, California Pizza Kitchen, Chili’s, Denny’s, Golden Corral, Krispy Kreme, Hooter’s, Johnny Carino’s, Little Caesars Pizza, LongHorn Steakhouse, O’Charley’s, Outback, Red Lobster, Red Robin, Subway, Olive Garden, Texas Road house, Tony Roma’s, 7-11, Anheuser-Busch Parks, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Big Lot’s, Amazon, Dollar General, Food Lion, Banana Republic, Harris Teeter, Gamefly, Jos A Bank, Meneike Car Care, Sports Clips, Sports Authority, Walgreens, Jiffy Lube…just to name a few. Now, what were you saying about common sense? I guess you were too busy being an internet bully.

        • Joe
          • David

            Most of them I know are vets included but some of them are only on Veteran’s Day. Kinda sucks that it is only for a certain day but I guess it’s better than nothing to be at, least, recognized by some organizations.

    • jack

      years ago I was able to get the discount year round. I am a honorably discharged veteran, not active duty or retired. I served uss guam and went to behruit and grenada. discount for me is no longer year round, only certain days but don’t know which ones other thann veterans day.

      • Sil

        Jack, I am a vet also and was not given a discount at Home Depot because I am not retired, active or disabled. If I did fall into one of those categories, I would have received a 10% discount. Don’t know Brother! Once in a while I get a free beer at my local watering hole when I wear my Veterans’ hat! Lol

        • Gary

          I am a Vietnam Vet and was denied a discount at Home Depot with my Red White and Blue Card because under my photo it doesn’t say Service Connected. Go to Lowe’s they will honor it.


      it seem to me serving in the army from 1959 to 1965 .three year active &three years reserve.this means nothing to lowes&home depot.they changed there policy because of CORPORATION GREED&PROFIT..THESE STORE SHOULD BE BOY GOTTED BY ALL VETERANS

    • den

      I served my Country for reasons other than discounts. Lowes and Home Depot don’t owe me anything. Just a thanks is sufficient.

  • Grace Woods

    I am so disappointed and ashamed that when we went into home depot to buy my husband a BBQ for fathers day they would not recognize his veterans 10% discount. He served during the Vietnam war on the DMZ and risked his life for our country everyday for 2 yrs. But he isn’t eligible for the discount, how wrong is that??? When we bought his new garage door at lowes they appreciated his service and gave him the 10% discount. Way to go lowes you have our business every time now. In fact we will be by Sunday to buy that BBQ from you discount or not.

    • Bob Swickard

      I am a vietnam veteran and also a contractor who spends well over $60,000 + on material on an average year and when I made a purchase this morning at my Pleasanton Home Depot Store here in Northern California, I was told that they no longer honor military discounts and are only going to do seasonal discounts – WHAT, maybe on Veterans Day??
      You better believe that I will start buying my material at Lowe’s even though they are several miles further than the Home Depot Store. I depended on this 10% discount so that I could be competitive with other contactors in my area.

      • KateKashman

        Bob, your behavior is exactly the reason that Home Depot and Lowes are curtailing their discounts. It is meant to be a discount for PERSONAL purchases. If you are using it for business purposes, you are abusing the system and ruining it for everyone. We don’t appreciate it.

        • guest

          And as a note Lowes policy specifically says that it’s for personal use ONLY so if you try to use it there you are violating their discount policy as well

  • How will they know that you’re a veteran if you can’t produce any proof?

    • Eddie

      The DD 214 is proof. Some states (like Virginia) will issue a Veteran ID card. Stores that claime the DD 214 is not proof do not know the corporate policy.

      • al

        D D. 214 is not accepted at Lowes they only take disabled veterans. That is a slap in the face to other veterans. my brother is not a disabled veteran but he has a Veterans ID card that they except. you’re either a veteran or you’re not.

    • jaack65

      You are SOL(stuff out of luck). I am a Vietnam era wounded warrior, my VA Disability treatment card isn’t recognized by the stores because it isn’t the “most current” but I still can go to the VA and get medical treatment, who decides who gets the discount & who is DENIED?

      • Sil

        First of all…WELCOME HOME BROTHER!!! Funny thing, a week ago I went to Home Depot wearing my Veteran hat and the cashier gave me a 10% discount without asking for any military ID. Go figure! Semper Fi!

    • E. Bowen

      That’s an easy one. If you are a veteran, you rec’ved a separation certificate from the military in the form of a DD214 which will prove it. If you’ve lost it over the years, you can easily get it replaced by the military. If you do not have one, and can’t get one, then that’s your proof that YOU AIN’T A VET!

    • Debbie

      I am going to be nice in my reply. If you are a VET you have ID to show. Obviously you are not.

      • charles conrad

        im a vet & proud of it !serve in the army from 1959ill 1965. you dont know to much but of course i understand your problem


    Why is something relatively simple made so complicated? At Home Depot the cashier makes the determination on the discount, at Lowe’s you stand there and wait while the cashier calls a store manager to verify the discount. Besides, these types of discounts are rarely advertised. Finding out which stores offer them is usually a matter of luck.

  • A7echo

    Home Depot in Pocatello, Idah has been selected as a pilot store to not give active duty and retirees an automatic 10% discount but you must sign up with the store and will receive coupons for discounts. This goes into effect on July 16, 2012. If it works in this pilot program it will be phased in throughout the entire Home Depot system. I was just informed about this by the lady at the service desk. Please write to Home Depot and inquire about this pilot program. I will now shop only at Lowes.

    • wthPOL

      They are testing this in all of Idaho. Basically, they are taking away the military discount, because the coupons aren’t worth it. $5 off any purchase over $50, and $10 off over $100. I will no longer be shopping at Home Depot because of it.

  • wthPOL

    Home Depot is experimenting in Idaho by taking away the military discount and instituting a coupon system. I got my first coupon today (after registering 2 weeks ago) – $5 off a $50 or more purchase. So I get no discount if I go in and buy $40 worth of materials. If I go in and buy $300, I can use my $10 for over $100 coupon. The rest of the country still gets their 10%. I am offended, and will no longer shop at Home Depot. I am calling on other people who think this is unfair to let Home Depot know about it.

    • nunya246

      I’m from Boise/Meridian. Horrible service at HD on this “military discount”. To many exemptions, etc….

      I go down to road to Lowes, show my ID, get the discount and walk out. HD will never get my money again.

    • marine vet

      10% is 10% not a coupon or a mail in rebate. get with the program or go do your business with those that chose to go to canada dodge being a veteran. love it or leave it.

    • james

      right with you home depot sucks Dawsonville ga

  • Diego

    I am actually amazed that these stores still offer the discount. I know they are very competitive with each other and their margin on commodity items (lumber, nails,etc) is actually very tight. I did not actually expect it to last as long as it has.

  • Gratefull

    Never had a probelm at Home Depot Madison East. If you have your ID you get he discount. Sometimes I think vets protest to much

    • Tom Holm

      The Home Depot turned down my card and I’m 60% disabled. Shame on Home Depot for advertising military and veterans discounts and then failing to honor what they say. Protest too much (you misspelled “too”), huh? Vietnam vets took it in the neck.

    • james

      your wrong do you like being lie to

  • george

    I too received a discount at home depot a week age……………..but same store
    not today. They use the word veteran but do not mean it. a veteran is anyone
    who was honorably discharged after serving in the armed forces. however only
    a select group of veterans is entitled to their discounts. i get a sick feeling lowes will follow suit. its their business to run as they please………but, don’t
    lure us in with “veterans discounts” and then tell us we are not the right kind
    of veterans to deserve the discount.

    • Rose

      I agree. My husband is a Vietnam war veteran, yet he was denied a discount by Lowes. This is the worst form of discrimination I have seen in a while. it makes me sick to think they do not value the service of our past veterans.

  • Dan

    My Home Depot store in Houston, TX has apparently adopted the same policy as the one described in Idaho. Is this nationwide now? Where can I actually find a link to the policy?

  • Catlo 68-70

    I have problems with some of the veterans / military discount policies, especially at Home Depot. Last summer, some stores grudgingly gave me a discount when I showed my DD-214 that also indicated that I had been in Vietnam. Other HD’s refused; I was supposed to possess a retiree ID card, or a VA disability card. I am eligible for the VA care, but I have not applied for the card. I was informed that retired military, their spouses and their children could receive the discount year round. This includes some National Guard retired members that have not been called up, but worked as civilians for their units during the week for 20 years. They remarried after they retired and the new wife gets the benefits. Their children do also. Why are combat veterans that didn’t stay in to retirement considered second class veterans?
    Please note: I realize that National Guard and Reservists now are being activated and perform along side the Regulars and in many cases, are not treated fairly by the Regulars; however, during Vietnam, many that joined the Guards and Reserves did so to stay out of harms way. If they stayed in to retirement, they did so without real risk.

    • KateKashman

      Catlo, I understand your point, but I think your complain is directed at the wrong organization. Home Depot and Lowes are basically using the Department of Defense criteria for possession of a Department of Defense military ID. Store level workers are not really in a position to be making determinations about relative any relative “class” of veteran (your choice of words, not mine.) The stores chose to use a criteria designed by the people who specialize in the military and veterans: the DoD. The DoD has determined that retirees and their family members are eligible for DoD issued military IDs and eligibility to health care, commissaries, and exchanges. Lowes and the Home Depot are just using the criteria designed by DoD.

      I do not believe that I heard either store calling it a “Veterans’ discount, except during the designed weekends each year. They are pretty careful to call them “military” discounts, to correlate with the fact that you have to have a DoD issued military ID to access them.

      I know this is not a satisfactory answer, but it is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

  • Clark,Sam

    Thank you for you appreciation for us soldiers.

  • Ed from Salem

    Another fine example how veterans are getting crapped on. Whenever we came home from Viet Nam we were greeted at the airport and called child killers are were hit with thrown rocks, if it weren’t for our veterans, we would all be speaking a different language noe. Shame on you Home Depot & Lowes for forgetting about us.

    • Currehee

      Ed, they haven’t forgotten us, really, they are doing something others don’t do. One maybe more than the other, but still it’s a show of respect you don’t see at other hardware stores as far as I know.

    • Steve

      Excuse me… If you served at all then you get a discount at Home Depot 4 weeks of the year for the rest of your life. HOW CAN YOU CALL THAT GETTING CRAPPED ON? I have worked for Home Depot for over 15 years and I get nothing! There is no employee discount.

      You should be thankful that you get any cind of a discount. The real heroes are the ones who expect nothing in return for doing what they’ve done in the service of others.

  • tony cameron

    screw home depot/lowes I started shopping at my local stores ace,mom and pop stores they need our support.. winston salem,nc

  • Jim

    I have just left Lowes and their policies have been slightly altered. According to the manager, they now have a GSA contract and GSA has dictated to them what ID cards they accept. I retired in 1990 and still have the ID card that was issued to me back then. I have never had a problem until now. Lowes says that I have to update my ID card in order to get a discount. I turn 65 next year and have to update it at that time so I really was not planning on doing this but once. I have no issue at Home Depot. I do appreciate the discounts but if they are changing the policy they really need to let you know before you have bought all your stuff and then tell you that the government issued ID is no longer valid.

    • Don

      Your store manager was confusing the military 10% dicount with a government (GSA) price list. They are not related.
      I like the clarification given above. I have had several different interpretations from Home Depots here in PA. It is a shame there was confusion, as this took a good program and added bad publicity over the confusion. In general, Home Depot provides me the discount based on my VA card. Lowes always gives the discount, but there all discounts require the manager’s approval, so there is that extra step.

  • Julietta

    Two years ago when I was remodeling my condo to become a rental Home Depot gave me a Military discount. The reason the cleark gave the discount, was because I couldn’t find my coupon that I had. She asked me if I was in the military or had a family member. I told her no, however my son will be going into the Marines after he graduates from H.S. (a year from that visit) The clerk gave me the dicount. :)

    • John

      They gave you a military discount because your son was (in theory) going in the Marines in a year, but those of us that served (I deployed five times) …but didn’t put in 20 yearsare ineligible, LOL.

  • MLB

    We got a 15% discount at the Wal Greens in Va. on Wednesday but no other ones as we travel around. My husband is retired Air Force. We really were surprised at this and happy with it. We were told it was up to each store if they give it or not.

  • Gary

    I am a disabled Vietnam vet and I shop at Lowe’s and Home Depot in Bridgeport,WV. I appreciate the discount that they offer and take advantage of it when I can. I have found that if you provide the required proof of service and remember that some sale items are not covered, the process is pretty painless. Thanks to both stores for remembering what makes free enterprise possible and lending a helping hand. Another project looming on the horizon.

    • marine vet

      free enterprise wouldn’t be free if it weren’t for ALL vets.

  • Ranger65

    I am a Vet…..And I am disappointed at some of the above post. We all raised our hands and took an oath. We alone accepted the responsibility (Drafted or Volunteered) good and bad we deal with public opinion. NO ONE OWES US anything. And for a National Chain to offer a discount discount for service men and women is a nice gesture of support. But don’t discredit stores/company if they don’t jump up and cater to your every demand. Vets are not a welfare case. Stop demanding a handout or discount. So put your big boy pants on and join a normal society and be thankful to be an American and free. There are no medals or accolades when your a civilian. Rangers lead the WAY!!

    • J. Cole

      Thank you. You stated your point and mine very clear, Hey ksa716 read this one two. Tighten up put your big boy pants on .

    • jim

      Don’t know when you served, but I for one did not want to go to viet nam. But I had to go. All most lost my life, my wife, and house I had before I had to go in the Army. My life was turn upside down. And you say we are not owed anything. I for one say you are wrong. I still have proplems coming from being in Viet Nam.

      • NevadaSmith

        You may have problems but why should any retailer be responsible for those problems? The government should compensate you which if you have a service connected disability, they probably do.

        Tlak about Mamby Pamby. bottom line is you went and you took an aoth. At least you came back.

    • james

      the problem is they lie use us for P R

    • Thomas

      Total with you, however I was at the store and the manger told me ” let me see your ID I am not given you a discount unless I have to.” So I backed up my wheelchair power up my lift looked him right in the eyes should him my new VA ID which my little purple heart. And than I said to him, I understand you asking to see my ID and I am only showing you because you walk over here to help me out as a customer. However the manger tone and body was say , I was asking for a freebee. I told him this time i am going to pay full price , I don’t want a discount. And I will never buy from his store again. Ranger lead the way (class 4-89 ) but a Jarhead check out Home Depot they not only give discount but like coustomer, Eveven give me a hard time about being a jarhead in a wheelchair at a home improvement store. Asking me if I like a hard hat , funny guys

  • ksa716

    I get the “veteran discount” but couldn’t that be discrimination? What about our firemen and police officers that serve their communities? they place their lives on the line everyday yet they get o discounts.

    • J . cole

      are you kidding me, dont use the discount then, Take it be thankful and move out

      • ksa716

        Obviously you didn’t get it as I totally AGREE with ranger65. Also I am afraid I can’t “put on my big boy pant’s” as I am a WOMAN. Not everyone who has served in the military is a MAN.

    • Sam


  • packerbacker

    I have always understood the program. I am a “veteran” and I was wearing a veteran hat in Home Depot located in Red Bluff, CA on the recent Veteran’s Day. When I went to check out, the clerk asked if I was a veteran and I informed him I was. He gave me the 10% discount.. Didn’t even have to ask for it. I’ll be back!! Thank you Home Depot

  • thom cochran

    I am a Korea Veteran and I will no longer shop at Home Depot. They started to give me a discount and now it’s only on certain days. No way to run a business. Thanks you Lowes for helping us Veterans.

    • Steve

      So they gave you a discount and stopped. Talk about appreciating what you got… They never should have given yuou a discount in the first place.

  • JOHN M.

    In Palm Springs both HD & Lowe’s denied me a veterans discount because my VA disability card wasn’t the most current that the store recognized. The store has a book with a copy of acceptable ID but mine wasn’t in their book. This book was issued by ‘corporate” and not on a store by store basis. I have a service connected disability. I felt humiliated that I was singled out because my VA card isn’t t current enough.
    I started in June 2012 to get an updated card and I am STILL waiting for it. I can spend my VA disability pension else where without the treatment by both HD & Lowe’s cashiers & management

  • Robert F. Noll

    I have shopped both Lowes and Home Depot in Longmont, CO and have never had a question of elegability, I always wear my USS Boxer CV 21 cap with the scrambled eggs on the bill.

  • Jeff

    I never knew of this discount until last summer when I paid over $5K for a privacy fence. The Lowes employee that came to my house and measured for the cost ask my wife if I was a ” military veteran “. My wife replied that I was and he knocked off 10%.
    I went to Lowes this evening to buy Christmas lights and wanted the ” veterans discount” and only then did I learn the real policy.
    I guess I need to thank that Lowes employee for giving me that discount when I really never qualified for it.

  • KTR

    The only objection I have is calling it a “Veteran” discount when it really isn’t. The Military discount is a more appropriate name for it. I think they stepped in it by first calling the discount a “Veteran’s” discount then trying to manipulate the definition of veteran… I’m a Veteran and if it’s a Veteran’s discount, for me to be excluded just feels wrong!

    • Ann Palmer

      I was with my husband and he brought his purchase to the register and my husband showed his V.A. card and she said it had to be service related. We didn’t know what she was talking about. I thought all you had to do was retire from the service, but I guess not. I won’t be shopping at Home Depot in Salem, Ohio anymore….We were embarresed. My husband served 4 years in the Air Force, and that is how they treat their Veterans!!

  • jim

    I went Home Depot on 2/22/2013 and was told that you now had to on active duty and not just a veteran. I didn’t find out about the 10% discount until about 3 years ago. But now I am told that I can only get it on certain holidays. I feal that all veterans should get a discount. The older vets. did not have a choise if we wanted to go in service or not. We are getting old so who cares about us any how.

    • Steve

      So what do you do for a living? Do you give discounts?

  • george peters

    i am a veteran in ga and most of the time they will give me a discount at Lowes. In Ga veterans get their drivers license free and it is designated as a veterans license. The clerks have been told not to honor the drivers license, but most of the time they do. Do other states have a drivers license designated as a veteran. Why does lowes not want to honor a state issued drivers license?

  • Ralph Thomas

    Lowes in McDonough, Georgia refused to give me the military discount today. Previously, I was required to only show my Georgia-issued drivers license that clearly shows “vet” on the bottom of the license. Those of us who served during the Korean conflict were issued free (forever) drivers licenses and the license was so noted. Now Lowes will not accept it. I know a store doesn’t have to offer a discount. But, to offer it to only certain veterans is repugnant. How does Lowes decide who’s service was the most valuable?

    • charles

      Ralph-you need to get your VA ID card. That is what they use for determining your eligibility for a discount. Remember this is a national chain store and what they need for proof is the same in all their stores.

  • rodney

    YOU are NOT a veteran unless you “retire” from the service…. I put in a total of 9 years and I’m just a schmuck in Home Depot. Why should I buy their products made in China and Mexico……Wish they would offer American made products…. I find most of my American goods from the internet.

    • James

      You couldn’t be more wrong and that definition of veteran makes no sense. With your definition of veteran, the hundreds of thousands of servicemembers who recently served in Iraq and Afghanistan are not “veterans” unless they also serve 20+ years. That is nonsensical.

    • Gary

      @Rodney, you are absolutely wrong Sir. ALL former members of the Military are Veterans. Not all Veteran’s are Military Retiress. I am both a Verteran and a Military Retiree; my wife is a disable Veteran, but not a retiree.

    • charles

      If you served and you are a veteran. There is no retirement involved in that.

    • ken

      Rodney, You obviously missed the explanation of the difference between Military discount and veterans discount. and regardless, you ARE classified as a veteran.

  • Frank J

    I ran into the problem with Lowes in Florida not honoring their military discount. I’m a disabled Viet Nam veteran and I’m in the process of building a new home. My intention was to buy lots from Lowes using their 10% discount. I was told that I must have a military ID or a VA card. I told them I did not have either, but I did have my DD214, my VA letter stating my disability and my Bronze star letter for Viet Nam service. They would not even look at my letters and just stated that I must have a VA card. I told them that I have not used the VA in over 25 years and I have no need to, so why would I have a VA card? They refused my discount, Lowes does not care about veterans at all.

    • Steve

      How dqare you say ”
      Lowes does not care about veterans at all.”? just because you don’t have the required ID. Maybe you’re the one who doesn’t care enough to get the proper ID?

    • charles

      Frank you are so wrong. Why don’t you just go and get a VA ID card. There is not harm in doing that and it will save you the hassle of the 214 and a letter for a bronze star. Most of the workers there have no idea what that is. They are trained to ask for the VA ID card or a military ID card only. I for one will shop at Lowe’s any day over Home Depot for big items. Never had a problem with either one honoring a veterans service. They have a policy and you need to stick to it.

  • Fred

    Home Depot has changed their policy on discounts to military personnel. (I am a member of the retired military and showed my ID). I had expected a 10% discount on my order up to a $500.00 maximum but only received a $50.00 discount. I had not heard of this change and after the sale called the customer assistance department to complain.
    I had to call several times because no one seemed to be able to explain Home Depot policy. When I asked to talk with a supervisor that may be more informed I was told they don’t allow that. The first customer rep said that I was not even eligible for the $50.00 discount because it was only good for items bought in the store or special order. My order was, in fact, special order and I ask her to look it up on the receipt but she refused.

  • Fred

    On my next call I got nowhere and they were supposed to call me back but I never received a call from them and called again. This time they acknowledged that I was entitled to the $50.00 discount but not the larger discount. They said the policy changed around July of 2012 to the smaller discount. I had purchased a vinyl fence from Home Depot in the fall of 2012 and received the larger discount then. So, I think they either were very poorly trained or worse trying to shortchange me.
    I sent a letter to the CEO of Home Depot several weeks ago with my complaint and he never got back to me. Lowes does have a 10% discount on orders up to $5000.00. Thank you Lowes, I will never shop at Home Depot again

  • james vanhoosier

    just signed up for my veterans id card thru the state ,went to lowes to buy my kitchen cabinets. after having served 8 year,2 tours in a war zone Vietnam Service Medal with a bronze star. Waiting for medal conformation for Korean Conflict . did not even get a letter for being on cuba during the blockade . i did not accept the 10% a lot of people got in the late 60’s just as a going way present. can’t get a discount because i did not want to beat the system ,

  • Stephen

    I, too, was in the military decades ago. The “popularity” of honoring veterans goes with the mood of the country based on active or recent conflict. If you were in the military during peacetime (as I was), you’re a notch above dog-catcher (no offense to dog-catchers). There should be thanks and gratitude to those who serve andthose who have served, but no selective discounts. Why should a veteran that served in active duty for years without serious injuries be honored less that one that was injured after a few months of duty. Honor all vets or no vets. Quit being selective. We worked as a team and should be treated as such.

  • Steve

    The cashier did not do his job and broke company rules.

  • USArmyMPVet

    I have never had a problem with lowes giving me a discount, but I am also a disabled veteran with a VA card stating service connection. Always 10% off. Home depot prices just don’t match those of lowe’s so to me home depot could give 10% all day your still losing money. But that said there are occasions that Lowes just doesn’t have what I need and home depot does, so in that situation 10% is 10%. If you have a VA card, just show at register get 10% off at either retailer.

  • W cook
  • Bob

    I think H.D. & Lowes built a monster with this program. Creating a “2nd class Vet” category is wrong. Many of these “‘2nd class Vets” were treated as ‘” 1st class” Vets for years and then were demoted because of this mucked up corporate policy. If they want the publicity without all the turmoil, either promote the “2nd class vets” or give the discount to everyone only on select holidays.The PX will still be open all year long.
    Many businesses with lower profit margins than HD and Lowes give all Vets discounts , so stop making a big deal out of their generosity. It’s good publicity and they are trying to thrift it.
    I was at Lone Star on a Monday recently and asked if they had a Vet discount. 20% off of total bill. They didn’t require me to be disabled, have a certain type of ID or anything else. They give a “Vets” discount – period. They and many other low margin businesses do the same without all the fanfare that HD and Lowes musters up.
    I’m a “do it yourselfer” and have stopped shopping at these 2 stores as a matter of principle. I’m paying a bit more, supporting some local businesses and feeling a lot better staying away from businesses that have a “2nd class Vet”
    policy. I’ve been able to negotiate some fair discounts on volume purchases.
    I’m doing fine without the big box stores.


    • ruth

      You shoud be ashamed for writing this…we all owe so much to our Military which keeps us safe. Do you have any idea how hard they work and how many hours they spend away from the families, sleeping in the dirt or on a tank?

  • duke

    I just send a message to an on-line chat person asking what Home Depot’s VETERANS discount policy was and he/she couldn’t answer. They now treat VETERANS as someone who really didn’t do all that much. If it weren’t for VETERANS, Home Depot might be owned by a foreign country!!

  • duke

    Lowes and Home Depot really don’t care whether or not your identification of serving to protect them amounts to anything!

  • Bob

    i stopped to get air filters at Pep Boys in Delaware. They have a sign on the door stating that a 10% military discount is available everyday. I showed them my Vets Motor Vehicle card and got the discount.
    Pep Boys not only doesn’t punish cashiers for telling customers about their discount, they let everyone know about it on the way in to the store.They didn’t ask if i was disabled, or how long I served or any of the other Hd/Lowes gauntlet items.
    The Coast Guard station in Delaware allowed Vets to fish inside the station before 9/11. They had a sign up sheet. It was great fishing from the back wall.
    A wife of a retired military man tried to get me removed when she found out I served only 2 years as a draftee and it stuck in my craw ever since.
    I had the same lousy feeling the first time Hd & Lowes rejected me after getting the discount for 3 years. The people that created a program that gives so many people that lousy feeling should be fired.
    Either do away with the program or treat all veterans the same way.

  • Old vet

    Actually, I’m a service connected disabled veteran collecting a big tax free monthly benefit. Since my disability had absolutely nothing to do with the performance of my military duty I feel fortunate for all that compensation; so, I don’t bother with these discounts as I’m already ahead of the game.

  • Steve

    Home Depot has changed their “Military Discount” policy recently in the Omaha, NE stores. It excludes all veterans unless they are retired or have a current ID indicating a service connected disability. The policy was further changed to limit the discount to a maximum of $20.00. Spouses and minor dependents, with valid ID, of retired veterans continue to be included. This means the vast majority of the Living Veterans (War & Peacetime).23,976,000 Do not get any don’t get any discount (except 3 days per year)

  • ken

    I thought the Article did an excellent job differentiating between the year round Military Discount and the discount afforded to Veterans on selected days of the year. To my knowledge in Lowe’s and Home Depot this policy has been in effect and appreciated for many years. Based on some of the comments above, It’s apparent that y’all either didn’t read and understand the store policies or you’re just on here to whine. I thank all Veterans for their service and these stores do as well but the elect to express this thanks overtly only select days of the year. Just say thanks.

  • ken

    I thought the Article did an excellent job differentiating between the year round Military Discount and the discount afforded to Veterans on selected days of the year. To my knowledge in Lowe’s and Home Depot this policy has been in effect and appreciated for many years. Based on some of the comments above, It’s apparent that y’all either didn’t read and understand the store policies or you’re just on here to whine. I thank all Veterans for their service and these stores do as well but the elect to express this thanks overtly only select days of the year. Just say thanks.

  • At my local lowes, they accept my VA medical card. I always get the discount. I had forgotten about it til an associate noticed my card and gave me the discount.

  • Mike

    Lowes does NOT honor Bucks County Veterans ID program anymore.
    They use to, but have recently dropped out of the program.
    In short, you must be active duty ONLY.
    Apparently veterans don’t count anymore.
    Help me and other veterans boycott Lowes.

  • stephen gaito

    IS there a time frame for getting a veterans discount, last year I purchased $4000 worth of products at Home Depot , not knowing that they had a policy for veterans and of course no one even asked me about it, I was told if I had even proof of purchase they would honor the discount , I stopped in today and asked about it , not only were they rude but they said not all items were able to use a discount nor were they interested in something I got last year, not good Home Depot

  • R Davis

    I was an enlisted vet from the Vietnam era. Fortunately I was not injured or impaired. Life has been good to me and I am not in need of benefits from Home Depot or Lowes. My disagreement with their policies is that they discriminate between the vet that was wounded or impaired and the vet that was not. I have a friend that receives medical benefits for partial loss of hearing, drawing SS retirement, and fairly high income as a overseer of an estate. Another friend that wasn’t injured or impaired serving in the same theater and he just has his SS retirement.

  • S P

    Very angry. My husband was a green beret combat duty in Viet Nam. On a $4300.00 order we could not get the discount as it was not a holiday. Mothers day is not honored. Home depot quote was $300 higher than Lowes plus losing the $400 discount represented over $700 to us. We needed this work done before the next qualifying holiday and was going with Home Depot but this changed it all. The rules are to restrictive and biased to men who have served their country. Its and INSULT! SHAME ON YOU.