Free Theme Park Admission for 2012

For many years, Anheuser-Busch has generously offered free admission to its theme parks to military members and their immediate family members, and they have extended the offer through 2012.  My family has enjoyed a free trip to Water Country USA several times and my children talk about it all the time.  It certainly is a nice family memory!

The offer includes SeaWorld San Diego, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, SeaWorld Orlando, Sesame Place, SeaWorld San Antonio and Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  SeaWorld San Diego, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and SeaWorld Orlando are open all year round.  Sesame Place, SeaWorld San Antonio and Busch Gardens Williamsburg are seasonal operations with opening schedules that vary throughout the year.  The offer is not available for Discovery Cove, Aquatica, or any of the special Christmas programs.

Each active duty, National Guardsman, or actively serving Reservist is entitled to free admission for themselves and up to three dependents.  Dependents may take advantage of the offer without their sponsor but will require appropriate identification.  In my family’s experience, the cashiers somehow wangled free admission for all six of us with just my husband as the sponsor.

More information on the program can be found at the Anheuser-Busch Here’s to the Heros information website.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • We love it. Living in San Antonio, we’ve used the “Here’s to the Heroes” promotion for the past 3 years to get into Sea World Texas. It’s an awesome program.

  • Is there any free admissions for Veterans or DAV Veterans?

  • DC. Caponpon

    PLease do not forget the retired military personnel, please~ We are not getting much like the Active duty personnel. We have served harder. They got it made.

    • mama2aidan

      Not to denigrate our Veterans but, aside from WWII, no other group of servicemembers has had the battle rhythm that this group has.

      • Guest

        You also have to remember that there are many retirees/DAVs who have served during this time. I served in Desert Shield/Storm and also OEF/OIF and retireed in 2005. I am included in your assessment of having “had the battle rhythm”, yet I have seen very little in the way of a thank you. I am a retiree and a DAV and it would be nice for these parks to include veterans such as me.

    • active duty & proud

      that is not true. my husband has been shot, stabbed, in fire fights, his helicopter crashed with him in it, and lost all hearing in one ear due to a truck blowing up near him that was trying to come into his fob. retired military and active duty do the same amount of work. don’t you dare try to put your self higher than the active duty. yall are equal and should respect each other. if you are retired you should know better than to make a comment such as you have. i am disappointed in vets like your self.

    • Connie

      Not allowing Veteran’s and thier families in the parks on a Heroes voucher is unheard of! It’s an absolute slap in the face! It;s saying that we do not matter or we are not worthy! It’s CRAZY in short! Busch needs to seriously rethink thier show of gratitude! I’d really like to see a vet whose been seriously injured or somehow disabled, to show up at the gate with a voucher and see what happens! I challenge anyone out there to do so! I I DARE them to turn you away! Who’s with me on this?

  • retired-tav

    why can’t they just say ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL… we were active before retirement.

  • Daniel

    I have been on BOTH side of the fence of this ISSUE ! It is VERY KIND of them, to make this OFFER !!!

    YET, while I was “ACTIVE DUTY ” I never once had ” A SINGLE CHANCE” to use…….. these ” FREE OFFERS” !!! After YEARS of OVEREAS Services then, Deployments , 100 hours Work Weeks, ETC & ETC ( Not ONE, Free COKE) :o) !!!

    Now, I am 100% Disable and go YEARS without a raise ( LIKE MANY OTHERS!) .

    NOW…..I have the TIME but , there are FEW ….” FREE OFFERS” for the who have …..” PAID the PRICE ” ?

  • lynn

    Totally agree with Daniel. My husband is about to retire and we never really had the time to go anywhere. Because he was deployed, we were pcs’ing, he had to go on remote tours, etc, etc. Now we are about to have the TIME to be able to do stuff and will have to pay.

  • Mark Hall

    What a shame that you sound so bitter about this great offer for our active duty soldiers. Yes you “deserve” everything, but this company is a business that has been very generous to our active duty men and women. Thank you all for your service and I am happy for those who can enjoy these great parks.

  • just my thoughts

    its true…vets should be free, actives should get a discount.

    we are active but just seems right

    maybe vet administration should speak up

    • eddie

      Look obviously those complaining dont understand now its 2013. Times have changed. Things are not as hard due to technology and progress the world has made in just the past 20 years. Hooyah for those whom have done their time! But the military isn’t any easier mentally and for our families than it ever was. Maybe work is easier but thats due to technology and education! If I was an honor of a business I would have same policy as the said company! Everyone cant be free! Signed Active Duty Navy!

  • candace

    I am having the same issue. My father was in the military for many years and received medals. He is now retired and unable to take his two grandiose to Busch gardens because they don’t offer the same free admission to veterans. This system is really backwards. Can somewhere help the

  • Medic Nam 66-67

    Cry,cry,cry. I’m just happy for what I get…Get the s.o.b’s in DC to pay DAV’s right, then pay your way in. Be happy for the kids getting something we didn’t get.

    • spaniard

      Amen Brother

      • Frank

        Everyone today wants, we just served and never asked.

  • winnie

    Can you go visit multiple parks like seaworld and magic mountain on a different date? Can anyone say something about this?
    Or you can only visit one theme park per year?

  • Christina

    Please remember, not all disabled veterans are at retirement age. My husband is disabled from the Iraq war at the age of 28. We have 2 small children, and it would be wonderful for them to be able to get into SeaWorld.

    • spaniard

      If your disable i know for a fact your getting a lot of money for the rest of your life…. I dont see why you would need more money….not to mention if you both still have dependant IDs i am sure theyll let you in regardless….Sry he got disabled hopefully it works out in the future but we all pay the price one doesnt know their future when it comes…That includes me and every other service member

      • Jason Reiger


  • leahy_wi

    So is there a Veterans discount? Yes or no?

    • KateKashman

      leahy_wi, I am not aware of a veteran’s discount from the Anheuser-Busch companies.

      Thank you for your service.

    • hoowah

      you still have military I.d’s i’m sure sense youre husband was disabled while serving… take your i.d up there and get the military discount. i don’t know why people have to specifically say vet or active or anything else… as long as you have a military i.d it works!!!! hints… military discount

    • aob

      @Spaniard…you must be a civilian! Do you really think that disabled veterans are set for life?! Tell that to the homeless disabled veterans of the Vietnam War! Tell that to my cousin that got brain damage serving in the Army during Desert Storm! Tell that to my stepdad who was in the Navy and had multiple tours in Desert Storm and Afghanistan! Wow…can’t believe you would actually think that.

      • GUEST

        He’s an idiot troller. He has not a clue.

  • Cos Martinez

    I registered on the Here’s to the Hero’s link. I am a retiree, printed the vouchers sent to me electronically via e-mail, and used them at Seaworld. I told them I was retired Marine and they said, “No problem Sir, Enjoy”! My wife and two kids had a blast.

    • Spaniard

      Not Every Person has common Sense like you Sir. People are not up to date with modern technology and the human sense of patriotism…. Umm if people would stop crying and start doing… Get a round to it people Cmon!!!!

  • Steven Kan

    Vets and Actives,

    Please, print the voucher, bring your ID, and come to the park with your kids.

    Go to Shamu Stadium. They start every show with a video tribute, then call you and your family to stand up so we can all thank you properly. It’s all very classy and non-partisan, and wonderfully done.

    Feel the love :)

    I wish more parks would do the same.

  • Steven Kan

    Vets and Actives,

    Please, print the voucher, bring your ID, and come to the park with your kids.

    Go to Shamu Stadium. They start every show with a video tribute, then call you and your family to stand up so we can all thank you properly. It’s all very classy and non-partisan, and wonderfully done.

    Feel the love!

    I wish more parks would do the same.

  • Matt

    Pfftttt, I seriously doubt that you “retired” people have not had one single day available during your career to take part in something like this so stop crying that you never took advantage. Before you gripe, I’m an 18 year Gunny that has been on recruiting twice along with 6 deployments and have never been stationed anywhere near any of these parks. Yet, I’ve still taken my family. Everyone has priorities, what are yours?

  • bikerski

    Right on Medic Nam 66-67 !!

    Just be glad the Belgium-Brazilian owned AB Inbev has continued this program to honor our Heroes & their Families. My family & I used the discounted/free admission a several times in the late ’90s when it was a US owned company. Bravo Zulu to the original Anheuser-Busch for starting this tradition and AB Inbev for its continuance.

    Now that I’m retired from the military and the kids have moved out, our priorities of fun have changed; theme parks are out and since been replaced by motorcycling. We get more bang for the buck and the shared experiences & memories cannot match that of a theme park.

    Some words of advice to both camps:
    Retirees: Quit your complaining, no one cares about the claims that “we” served harder and deserve “the same”; besides, complaining in an open forum makes us look bad. Let our replacements have the honor now.
    AD folk: Enjoy the free admission !!

  • McGinty

    Well I am a DAV from the Navy. I wish all of you the very best in life and would like to think all Active, Retired, and Veterans all do the same for each other.