2011 W-2 Release Schedule Announced


Looking for the 2012 W-2 and 1099R dates?  Find it here:  2012 Tax Statement Release Schedule

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) has released the schedule of dates on which various W-2s will be available for the 2011 tax year.  W-2s are available online or by regular mail, but online access is available earlier than they will come via mail.  You can access your W-2 via your MyPay account on or after the stated date.  Don’t have a MyPay account?  Sign up for online access with these easy steps.

UPDATE:  Individual dates may have changed since this release was published.  DFAS is still publishing this as the official release dates, but some individuals may find that their W-2 or 1099 is available earlier than the official date.

Retiree 1099R:  MyPay 15 December 2011, mail date 19 December 2011 to 10 January 2012

Reserve Air Force, Army and Navy:  MyPay 6 January 2012, mail date 6-9 January 2012

Active Duty and Reserve Marine Corps:  MyPay 16 January 2012, mail date 19-21 January 2012

Active Duty Air Force, Army and Navy:  MyPay 24 January 2012, mail date 24-29 January 2012

Travel PCS:  MyPay 31 January 2012, mail date 20-25 January 2012

 If you PCSed last year, be sure to note that W-2s for taxable income from PCSing will not be available until 31 January 2012.  This usually only applies if you did a Personally Procured Move (PPM), formerly known as a DITY move.

Also, remember that technically, you should not file your taxes until you have your actual W-2.  Many people want to file with their last Leave and Earnings Statement.  I don’t recommend this because there are often corrections made to final numbers at the end of the year, and because the law says that you should not file until you have a W-2.  I know that it works for many people without incident, but filing a few days early doesn’t seem worth the potential hassle to me.  My life is complicated enough without asking the IRS to start digging around in my stuff.

Don’t see your date listed here?  Check out the complete list at the DFAS website.

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  1. With today's technology, why does it take 24 days to produce a W-2?

  2. Dan-skee K. Doodle | January 4, 2012 at 8:18 am |

    If I got out of the Army in May last year, and I'm still on IRR status, does this mean I will get my W-2 with the Reserve Soldiers? Or should I be expecting mine in the mail around April 1st?

  3. I retired in July, my 2011 w-2 should be available when the active duty personnel's are available?

  4. Is there a chance that the w2 for active navy could be out sooner than the 24thk

  5. Where does the Coast Guard fall on this schedule? I haven't seen them posted to Direct Access yet.

  6. Thanks for your reply, then I’m just curious on why marine corp got there w2 today, 7 days earlier than expect date. What’s diff there active as well thanks so much

  7. I agree with MIchelle..why are we always the last to get the w-2? Active should come first before reserve and retired and civilians if they arent going to release them all at the same date…

  8. Corey not sure who your replying to? Because if your refering to me the no not all active w2 are up yet

  9. What about Coast Guard? Don't see that anywhere on here

  10. I got kicked out and wondering when my w 2 is gonna be available

  11. So i'm air force and when i log into mypay it says that my w-2 will be available no later than 21jan. so why is this saying 24?

  12. What about Air force NAF DoD civilians using MyMoney when should our W2s be ready? All I’m seeing is dates for MyPay

  13. i got discharged from military on november 2011, how will i recieve my w-2 by mail or will it show up on my mypay?


    W-2 data will be available in Direct Access Self-Service for most active duty and reserve personnel by 25 January 2011. The W-2 data is loaded in two "batches". The first batch, scheduled for 24/25 January, will include data for the majority of our active and reserve members, possible exceptions include:

    Members whose accounts were newly established in late 2011
    Members who separated or retired in 2011
    Members who received special, "off-line", payments in December 2011.

    If your W-2 data isn't available on 25 January, please check back on or after 02 February after the second batch is loaded.

  15. My husband got out of the army in feb 2011. He does not have a my pay anymore. Any idea when or how he will get his w-2???

  16. My husband got out of the army in feb 2011. He does not have a my pay anymore. Any idea when or how he will get his w-2??? Any help would be appreciated!!!

  17. I was medically separated from the Air Force during basic. Will my W-2 be mailed to my home on record or do I have to call them to get it?

  18. i got out of the navy in march 2011 and have since moved out of state. how do i get my w2?

  19. my son entered the air force in october 2011. Will his W-2 be sent to our home address? He has not been able to sign up for anything to even view his pay stubs. He graduated from lackland on Dec 9th and is finishing his training at Dover AFB. We need to file his taxes for his job he had before he left so any info would be greatly appreciated.

  20. hooaharmywife | February 4, 2012 at 12:16 pm |

    Anyone know who to contact to fix an army reserve w-2?? I know I've heard you just go to your local finance office, but we drill out of a reserve center and aren't on base. They listed that I had no federal taxes withheld, and of course, i've had them taken out every paycheck all year.

  21. My son still hasn't received a W2 either. We went on line to print it off of there also but it will not allow him to do that. This is so very frustrating! Why can't they just mail them out like everyone else does? We tried to create a password for him and it refused to let him. We tried to put in a login ID but it rejects it. Everything we try isn't working. And yes, we went to the MYPAY information pay which says what we need to use for each step but it isn't allowing anything to be done on there! If anyone has a phone # or contact person please post it. My son has a W2 from a summer job also so we need to find a way to get both W2's to his accountant before March 6th when he has to return to base. HELP!!!!

  22. I retired on January 4th from the Marine Corps. it said to go to Mypay.com but I no longer have my military I.D. card? Should I wait and receive my W-2 in the mail or… what?

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