15 November 2011 Pay Day

Ah, another holiday weekend approaches and I’m getting tons of mail asking “When will we get paid?”   Folks, payday is Tuesday, 15 November 2011.  You’ll get paid on Tuesday, or on Monday if your bank releases direct deposit pay funds early.*

“But it is a four day weekend!”  I can hear the cries already.  I know, I know, some military units are fortunate enough to get Monday off, too.  However, Monday is not a federal holiday nor a banking holiday.  Therefore, Monday is the business day before payday and that is when you should see your deposit posted.

However, if you have an Active Duty checking account with Navy Federal Credit Union, your deposit will be processed overnight on Thursday, 10 November 2011 and be available for use on the morning of Friday, 11 November 2011.  For you folks, please budget carefully.  This means it will be 19 days until your next pay is available.  That can be a really long time!

Hope this helps!

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • chanda harris

    wat about usaa

    • KateKashman

      Chanda, USAA banking customers will see their deposits posted on Monday, 14 November 2011.

  • othello walker

    how do you know all this?

  • Eric

    Everone if you want to know when active duty checking account gets paid with navy fed here is the link to the pay chart.

  • Devon

    Why is Navy Federal doing the deposit on the Thursday November 10 and since I have usaa I have wait until the 15th that’s bull!

    • Tiffsta

      I agree, Im totally switching from USAA to Navy Fed asap!

      • rick

        Nah, dont worry about switching….I just checked my NavyFed and it says that my check wont post until the 14th and be available next day.

        • KateKashman

          Rick, if you switch to an Active Duty Checking account, you can get early direct deposit of your pay. Check out the options here: https://www.navyfederal.org/products-services/che… The tabs at the top of the chart describe the benefits of each type of account. If you are on active duty, the Active Duty account is probably the best option for you.

      • JJT

        Because Navy Federal has absolutely no problem with screwing over young Sailors. That’s also why you’ll qualify for a loan with them that you probably can’t actually afford.

  • guest

    Why would you WANT to get it on the 10th…based on the next payday that means you will have almost 3 weeks until your next one. If you are that desperate for money now how do you think you will be come next payday?

  • money

    Maybe they had an unexpected bill come up, like a car repair or something. We can’t all be the best financial planners….maybe they just needed the money!

    • guest

      Yea but if they need the money this badly 9 days after payday there is another problem there that is not going to be solved by switching to a bank that pays you earlier. If there is zero money 9 days after payday there will be sub zero money 3 weeks later. It sounds like they should contact the Finance office on post and arrange to take some of the wonder budgeting and income classes they offer.

      • 0-o

        How mighty some of you act….any one person is always one paycheck away from being homeless I don’t care what your savings look like especially if a major heart-ship takes place. You go take a class on being humble and stop judging before you actually know what the situation is.

  • guest

    I am new to the military and my husband is in basic training……I understand when paydays are, but can someone tell when I can expect my husband to get his first paycheck, if he left BCT on October 25th?

  • Jeffery

    Not all at USAA do. If you are a great customer always have a surplus and no NSF charges you get paid early if not wait till Monday.

  • Jeffery

    That was as per a teller I talked too about four months ago. He told me some get the money early.

  • Josh

    has anyone got their LES yet for the 15th?

    • JJT

      LES’s for the 15th post on the 8th. It’s always one week prior to the actual pay date. Mine’s been up.

  • April

    I keep checking and dont see it

  • Michelle

    USAA always pays a day early. If payday falls on a Monday, we will get it on the Friday before.

  • Stefanie

    No LES here either. Glad it appears to be Military wide and not just me!

    • del

      ok so no mid month les right i just checked and its still not out

  • Carlos Pineda

    If my EAOS is November 17. When is my last pay day? and would I get pay on Nobember 15th?

  • k.anderson

    My husband left for Ft Sill BCT on November 1. does anyone know when he will gwt his first paycheck

    • k.anderson


      • Pay usually takes about 6 weeks to start, so Probably December 15th or January 1st.