1 October 2011 Military Pay

Payday is coming, and I can tell because my email is filled with people asking me when they’ll get paid.  Because 1 October 2011 is on a Saturday, the next payday is Friday, 30 September 2011.  So when should you expect to see your deposit posted to your account?  That depends on your bank and sometimes even what kind of account you have.

If you have a regular bank account and have no reason to believe that your pay will be deposited early, then you should expect to see your deposit sometime on Friday, 30 September 2011.  You can check your previous deposits if you are not sure when your bank usually releases funds.  It can be anytime on Friday, depending on system capabilities and other variables.

If your bank is one that offers early release of funds for military direct deposit, like USAA or PMCU, then you will see your deposit on Thursday, 29 September 2011.  Again, it can be any time that day.

A note about this Navy Federal prediction:  This is not official information.  This is my estimate based upon Navy Federal’s stated policies and my readers past experiences.  I could be totally wrong.

If your pay is deposited to Navy Federal Credit Union, you will need to know what kind of account you have.  Navy Federal offers a variety of different checking accounts, including Active Duty checking, Everyday checking, Flagship checking, and e-Checking.  Early direct deposit is only available for customers who have an Active Duty checking account.  Active Duty checking account customers should see their deposit posted overnight on Wednesday, 28 September and be available for use on Thursday, 29 September.  Customers with any other kind of checking account should see their deposit posted overnight on Thursday, 29 September and be available for use on Friday, 30 September.  Not sure what kind of account you have?  Check your online account access page, call NFCU, or stop by your branch and ask!

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.

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  1. I am 100% military disabled,is their a tax on a car that I buy for transportation.

  2. anyone know if disable va. going to get a increas this year

  3. Mypay is showing no pay for next pay period.

  4. In Colorado, DV vehicle plates are free on any one vehicle. Must be at least 60% VA disabled

  5. I haven't received my LES for Sept 30th . And I thought I should have already.

  6. Somehow, this looks like a "smoke and mirrors" accounting trick. It puts the October payroll expense into FY 2011 instead of FY 2012. Nice trick, but it can only be done once.

  7. I haven't received an LES for Sept. 30th. I am on R&R so not sure if this is the reason but it is making me nervous

  8. Just called DFAS they are saying that Guard/Reserve is having issues posting LES's for them. When I asked is the pay going to be sent to the banks on Sep 30th they said I dont know. Great feeling for the upcoming pay check

  9. hey Kate would love to see you do something on the possible goverment shutdown on friday. Because truth is if they dont do something fast and pass a CR then we may not have a payday on the 15th of october and that could be really devastating to lower ranking service members with kids as far as bills and christmas is concerned. Thanks!

  10. I was told the LES will post the 1st and money should be available the 5th. I’m hoping its true. I am counting on this for bills.

  11. My husband is deployed and his whole company has yet to recieve a LES. I am on hold wih DFAS as we speak, so I can update. If anyone hears anything, please post!

  12. By the way, I'm up to 15 minutes on hold.

  13. Are you ready for this? Hold on to your seats and if you don't have one, you better get one.

    No one is getting paid until the government passed the budget for the new fical year. As of now, DOD has no approval for payments. Once that approval is given, they will MANUALLY begin payouts.

    Until then…I suppose our troops work for free.

    Don't you flippin' love it? If it wasn't for our support as individual families, who would take of them (you)?

    Also, if they give the ok by tonight or tomorrow, we may still receive payment by the first.

    If we hear anything else, I'll post.

  14. Turn on C-Span. Right now 60 votes are waiting for the new spending budget to be approved. It's live…also c-span.org gives updates if you dont get the channel.

  15. Man what kinda bullshit is this I thought we were past all this and here we go again got to love our fat ass republicans and dems they are a waste of space!!!!!

  16. 33 yay
    25 nay

  17. So now that it’s approves we get paid on the 1st?

  18. It's passed but the house now needs to approve it.

  19. Dude, got Kate? Where's her imput?

  20. House won't vote until "later this week". My guess is they are all still getting paid.

  21. are you serrious! I love being in Iraq for free, sad thing is if they cant afford to pay us I guess they cant afford to send us home either. taking donations for my mortgage payment

  22. kate – woudl love your input ! Can you give us a clear sense of what is going on and when we shoud expect to see $$. This is really disgusting

  23. DH's LES has been up since the 23rd and it's showing all the correct pay.

  24. For those of us who had no LES; it has since been updated after the approval. Check your LES. Remember, these are admendments that were past. We are only funded until Nov. 18 and they have to vote again October 4th to finalize the new budget for the fiscal year. The approval bought us time, no a steady income.

  25. I got a les dated for the 9th. Is this going be like last time where we get payed on time or am I really getting payed on the 9th?

  26. Your really going to get paid on the 9th. My husbands is dated September 30 but he has no SDAP. Also, some members in his company have 3 les…already waiting for mid month. It’s a mess. A lot of guys didn’t get paid SDAP.

  27. Still no LES for us! Certainly hope it is because they are busy inputting pay instead taking time now inputting LES info.

  28. My husband is active guard in Michigan. Do know anything definitive about them?

  29. I have a question about SRB installments. They are paid on October 1, but because october 1 is on a saturday when will it post? I have usaa. I am just curious if it will post on thursday just like the pay or if it will post on friday? thank you.

  30. It appears first filtered down as in active members first, then reservist, then guard members as they get the funds made avaliable by DOD.

  31. flatwoodsflyer | September 30, 2011 at 12:03 pm |

    remember this on election day, gettem outta there, I `m so fed up with the dems and rep, I`m thinking about not even voting, unless they get some better runners , we need to get someone to run thats never been in politics, there are plenty of business people that would really do good if we could get them to run, I am just sick and tired of this daily crap with the "INS" get the " INS" OUT

  32. Heather, everyone should have been paid on 30 September. If your husband did not receive his paycheck, he needs to check with his finance people. If you have a power of attorney for pay issues, you might be able to check with the rear detachment of his unit.

    This is the third time this year that there has been a legitimate scare regarding delayed military paychecks. All military families need to be prepared for the possibility that their pay could be delayed due to federal budget issues.

  33. Did anybody get a paycut?? My retirement check deposit was $2.67 less than last months. Does anybgody know why???

  34. Still waiting on SRB payments. Is it just me or is there a delay in all SRB payments?

  35. DragonHammer | October 8, 2011 at 7:16 am |

    Congress and Senate need to remember they work for us not the other way around!!!

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