Could The Government Debt Ceiling Affect Military Families?

July 06, 2011 | Kate Horrell

It is a question that has been lingering around for weeks, since even before the government shutdown worries:  If the federal government reaches the debt ceiling, will it impact military families?  As usual, you can find individual “experts” who will argue any side of the situation, and I am not a specialist in the most detailed workings of the government budget.  However, I can read and research.

Obviously, the biggest concern for most military families is pay.  Will military members be paid if the government reaches the debt ceiling?  Well, technically, the military should not get paid.  In it’s document Debt Limit:  Myth vs. Fact, The Department of Treasury specifically mentions military pay (three times) as something that would be affected by the federal government does not extend the debt ceiling.  Legislation has been proposed in Congress to ensure military pay if a debt ceiling emergency occurs, but honestly, how would that work?  I can’t imagine such legislation ever passing into law, because how can Congress ensure military pay in a situation where they don’t have access to any money?  Are they going to write us all bad checks?  A debt ceiling situation is very different from a budget impasse, so you can’t just guarantee military pay in the same way.

Just as the debt ceiling crisis and the budget crisis were different, there are different ways how the debt ceiling could impact the United States.  For our purposes, there are two basic parts:  the debt part, and the spending part.  Long term, big picture, the debt part  impacts our world creditworthiness and the economic future of our country, in ways that I can only begin to understand.  Short term, small picture, the spending part is the part that could have an immediate impact on our day-to-day lives.  The spending part is where military pay, benefits and services could be affected.

Without money, the country has limited options for paying salaries, supporting military benefits, and providing services.

I do not want to make it seem as if all is negative.  I can find plenty of sources who seem sure that the military will get paid.  More importantly, I can find plenty of sources who say that Congress will act to forestall the crises, and even if they don’t, the Treasury Department has lots of ways to make sure that the government doesn’t default, even if the debt ceiling isn’t raised.  There are even some who argue that the President has the authority, in the 14th Amendment, to go around Congress to prevent default.

For now, unfortunately, we are in the usual situation:  we just don’t know.  I’m encouraging readers to keep their eyes and ears open as more information becomes available, and as always, Prepare for the Worst, and Hope for the Best.  I’ll keep reading and researching, until the situation passes.


  1. JQP says:

    There is nothing to Fear but Fear itself. Not raising the debt ceiling would be like cutting up the credit card when you are spending more than you make and purchasing stuff you do not need. The first thing to do is create a budget, 'note there has been no budget', "Jerks", live within your means, stop stop spending on wasteful projects and luxury items. Sell off assets that are no longer used.
    Cut – Cap – Balance

    • Jim Cook says:

      Is this A-Hole telling military families to “cut up their credit cards” and just suck it up?!

    • Mister know the truth says:

      You ppl are so stupid figure it out and do research illuminati rule the world
      They are making us into dept on purpose so they make the new world order

    • Linda says:

      Well put. Thank you very much!

    • Fred says:

      What have you been smoking. Obviously you have never served and are one of those youngsters that decry "old school" and think that on the low pay of active duty, disabled, and retired military people make enough to invest in stocks, bonds and other savings plan. I am one of those retired and disbled veterans and I'll tell you when all you can afford is food. Mainly fatback, beans, and vegatable we grow ourselves. If your under 45 and can hack boot camp the recruiter is waiting for you and you can live like you think what we do!

    • Olderman says:

      There *is* money coming into the federal general funds all the time. To the tune of at least a couple of billion dollars a month if not more. Time to get rid of money hogs like DOE.

      • Lisa says:

        The problem is that it is NOT enough money to pay everything. Therefore something has to be cut. And right now, it ain't looking good for pensions and disability benefits.

    • JohnDave says:

      The Traitor/Liar-in-Chief, aka 'Obonzo', is trying to ruin the United States as fast as he can. The only solution is to get rid of him by any means. He is a giant piece of sh#t.

  2. MeToo says:

    Wasting 1 trillion dollars didn't work. Why NOT try cut, cap and balance?

    • Rob says:

      Because revenues are too low to balance…basically a massive cut in govt. salary. Corporate salad days of free ride taxes must end or we are sunk (we = middle class).

    • Gene says:

      No revenues to pay our present bills in Cut,Cap,Balance.

      How could it be that the top tax rate is the lowest in 80 years while middle class taxes are about the same and middle class wages are stagnant and still the working class repubilcans still support all cuts and no taxes?

  3. @jhorak101 says:

    How about VA Disability Compensation and CSRC ? Combat Special Compensation Pay ? I am a chapter 61 disability retiree that is rated 90% service connected and did not serve 20 years on active duty ? I pay my VA home loan mortgage with my disability check each month.

    • Dennis Habern says:

      Contact your VA representative.

    • Paul Meyn says:

      To be honest I am 100% DAV and I find it intresting, if I don't get paid and I default, being that US Government is at fault, I believe and hope they become responcible for my debt. What's the worst that can happen, I go into default and become homeless (at the hands of the US Government) this could be fun.

    • Old Salt says:

      And let the public know how the disability allowance really works…not in additional to retired pay, and an tax exemption from our pay….great deal….check out the Congressional disability allowances, folks.

      • Gene says:

        Check out their retirement, their medical, their pay, their benefits.

        1. A cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) increase takes effect annually unless Congress votes to not accept it.
        Members of Congress have the only job in the country whose occupants can set their own salary without regard to performance, profit, or economic climate.

        2. Members of Congress only have to serve 5 years to receive a pension.


    • michael belt says:

      I am a military retiree too; and I thank you for your service and I'm sorry for the cost. That said, I served my twenty 20 years and never did I default on my time in the service. I've been laid off and those politicians who can't get their act together and most probably have no military experience on their records are exempt from any shutdown. I will make it a point to make sure that I vote against any politician I feel caused and/or aided this situation in the next election

    • Mary Ann says:

      My husband and I are both 100% disabled veterans having served a total of 46 years of active military service between us. He also gets SS disability. We rely on our entitlement checks to pay our mortgage and all our other bills. If the government defaults, we default. We stand to lose everything we worked for. Isn't this a slap in the face?

      • Lisa says:

        A HUGE ONE. The way I figure it, if we default on our VA backed mortgage because the government defaults on us, we shouldn't have to pay the mortgage. It's the government's problem then.

  4. JJag says:

    If they don't raise the debt ceiling the results of one week without pay from all government employment would b catastrophic. I'm with JQP. It's fear mongering and the powers that be should be dong their job and not playing out Armageddon theories. If only the elected officials lost pay, I'm positive they would come up with a solution very quickly. Kind of a performance pay. As long as the debt goes down they get paid. It goed up they don't get paid.
    Just saying.

    • Dennis Habern says:

      If the military does NOT get paid, then I do not want to hear that our

      beloved Congressmen ARE getting paid, if you follow. It is bad enough

      with all the benefits that they receive, and in addition, they are exempt

      from participating in Obamacare. "WHY?"

      • Paul Meyn says:

        If the military doesn't get paid, not body in the Government will get paid. To inculde contractors.

  5. Sdan says:

    If they don't raise the debt ceiling, and our military members get a pay freeze, then I am sending my bills to the nearest congress member so that they can pay my bills! How do they expect us military families to survive if our only income is military pay???

    • Dennis Habern says:

      Do you really think that any congressmen cares about what happens

      to you, because if they did, the U.S. economy would not be in the sad state

      that it is in. Congress only cares what goes into their pockets, but little

      do they realize that if it was not for our military, these lousy congressional

      morons would not be where they are today, if you follow. Personally,

      I am waiting for a velvet march on Washington, D.C. so that we,

      "JOE THE PLUMBER," can take back America.

      • Lorraine says:

        Let’s get to it! Would a march work? How about showing up on election day?! Vote these morons OUT of office! We need to insist that the participate in Social Security and Medicare! And they don’t get retirement after only one term in office. We put our lives on the line for 20 years before we can retire. So should they!

    • Chief Cherokee says:

      Good luck with that. I wouldn't even think of sending anything iess than a block of C-4 to my Democrat Congressman.
      He has to be the most stupid guy in Virginia by the way he votes.
      I too gave them 37 years of my life and what is left isn't anything to bragg about. We will perish if my pay and disability is gone.
      Thank you for the change OBUMMER, son of Kenya.

    • W H Riley says:

      I retired from the military in 1981. At that time there was a public law that only required that the active duty military be paid every 3 months. Of course that law was never used and we, like you were always paid twice a month. When I first went into service, we were paid monthly. My guess is that the title 10 law is still in effect which means that the government could legally withhold payment for active military for 3 months. However, the only constitutional mandates for pay that I know of pertain to the president and the congress (neither of whose pay can be changed prior to the next election). All other government agencies are not required to be paid as part of our constitution.

      • W H Riley says:

        Once the debt limit is reached, the government will have to wait until tax revenues arrive to pay anything and the priorities will be. 1) prwasidential pay, 2) Congressional pay, 3) interest on debt, and 4) whatever remains on defending our nation fron our shores, and any other government program (such as Departments of Education,Commerce, State, Defense, Homeland Security, etc. But this either happens now, or if we don't balance our budget, it definately happens with worse consequences some time in the future when all of our revenue (even with 100% taxation) will have to be spent on the interest paid on the national debt.

    • Lisa says:

      Yeah, but it isn't a bad idea, Sdan. If word got out and ALL military members and Social Security recipients sent copies of their bills to their representatives, I think the point WOULD be made. Great idea!

    • r. e says:

      I agree with you – the president and other congressional members have money, get money and are not worried about us – I am retired military and need my pension just like the next person to survive. I will send my bills to the president – let him pay them – that would be funny if the whole country did that – these elected officals forget who put them there and have protected them. will they take a pay cut or no raise – social security hasn't had a raise in 2 years which means my military pension didn't get a raise in 2 years either. keep up

    • EDward says:

      90% OF R CONGRESS R NON MILITARY PEOPLE ,I believe, THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT R TROOPS,& what there doing.Congress can,t decide on simple laws set forth in congress,they can,t agree on anything,but they get paid big bucks. one thing, over spending is a big problem,I,m sure, thats why green span, step down from the treasury dept.He saw it comming, the deficit getting out of hand.

  6. dano says:

    Sdan, no kidding right? When i was working private sector, there was one time i didn't get paid. after three business days of not receiving a check, i left that company and got a new job. in the military, if you don't get paid and you go get a new job, you go to jail. or we stick around and continue doing our work, don't pay our bills, wreck our credit, and then not get promoted for not paying our bills! only in america man

    • Dennis Habern says:

      I do not think that is going to happen, because you will do the right

      thing and call your creditors and explain the situation to them, if they

      are already not aware, if you follow. It will not affect your promotion.

      Don't be such a pessimist, you sound like one of Obama's followers,

      and personally, I would hate to admit to that.

    • Texas 9078 says:

      I think that if just a 1/2 dozen set up urban warfare maneuver "drills" in Washington DC, just to show them what could be done to "protect our country's capitol". You'd see a whole new attitude out of the Washington DC crowd. And yes it is really time to give them a reality check. If we aren't going to get paid anyhow we might as well do it right. This country could run just fine without politicians and just implement military regulations across the board. At least we get fairer treatment and so would the civilians.
      Dano's got it right Only In America!

    • Cobra says:

      I think you finally got the message. It was in the fine print when you took the oath! Tie another knot at the end of your rope and hang in there. The entire country is in trouble, not just the military.

  7. kittykat says:

    some choice quotes from the 2nd linked article:

    …"HR 1297, the Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act, was introduced back on March 31 by Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), with whom we've had our fun in the past. "If Congress cannot pass a budget, it’s not right for these valiant warriors and their families to suffer through a late paycheck. This is about paying those who protect us and defend our freedom," Gohmert said in a much-ballyhooed rollout for the bill, which was covered by Fox News. Cosponsoring the bill are 106 members of Congress, mostly conservative Republicans, and it has no amendments, no riders, no pork: It simply mandates that troop pay continue as it normally would, through the end of the year, even if the federal government faces a funding gap and shutdown.

    • JWH61 says:

      Let's see. No ammendments, no riders, no pork. It doesn't stand a chance in #ell!
      Fewer politicians, please.
      More statesmen.

    • TONI says:


  8. kittykat says:

    Yet it hasn't been brought to the House floor for a vote. Gohmert hasn't mentioned his own bill publicly since April Fool's Day.
    A GOP-led Congress ought to be able to pass a stripped-down, GOP-sponsored bill to fund troop salaries pretty easily.

    • Rob says:

      GOP has a very shabby record of troop support. Bachman voted to reduce Tricare benefits. Bush vetoed a number of VA improvement bills. You people are championing a demographic which has nothing to do with your lives, aside from empty rhetoric.

  9. kittykat says:

    …"So why can't Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) get together with the committee chairman and pass that bill? That's exactly what I hope to ask members of Congress (who'll still be getting paid) on Friday. But trying to paint Democrats as anti-troops would be a lot harder if the troops were actually getting paid, wouldn't it?

    At least one GOP freshman congressman thinks that's the case. Rep. Allen West of Florida called his own party out on Thursday for toying with military salaries. "The House majority has now placed the funding for the Department of Defense and the funding for the troops down as a bargaining chip," he said Wednesday. "I am disgusted at the perception that the leaders in my own party who did not move a defense bill earlier…are now using the men and women in uniform."

    • Dennis Habern says:

      Neither party cares what happens to our active and retired military. All

      they care about is what goes into their own pockets, because 99.9%

      of our beloved Congressmen, never wore the Uniform. That is why I

      maintain that ALL Americans, male and female, should be made by

      law, to serve their country in uniform, but not in the Red Cross or some

      other excuse of servitude, if you follow. Had the DRAFT has been

      re-implemented earlier in the game, then Obama would not have

      ever been considered as a candidate for the office that he pretends to

      hold. I say pretends, because Obama is not running our country, rather,

      George Soros and his billionaire henchmen are pulling Obama's

      strings. Obama is just another puppet that not only looks the part

      of "HOWDY DOODY," he plays the part when Soros pulls his string.

      It is a sad state that our government is putting our troops through,

      when all they ask that if they serve honorably, they should be honorably


      • joe mom says:

        Forcing women to serve is not only barbaric and stupid only a wimp could seriously hide behind a skirt. So called women lib is a very large portion of what is wrong with this country. A hen can’t crow, leave the women at home.

        • militaryspouse09 says:

          this is a very bogus reply! leave the women at home?!?! REALLY there are women serving your country right now that are a better shot then some of your ment, that know their job an do it damn well compared to some of your men!! There are men out there that make three times a better parent then some women!! Times have changed a lot from the womans place being in the kitchen, like it or not most women are out of the kitchen for good!! I agree that all men an women should serve for at least a year, then maybe just maybe our government will know just what these military men an women do everyday, and what they do during their deployments!! 99% of our government would piss theirself if faced with the smallest things our soldiers are faced with daily!!!! just sayin

    • michael belt says:

      because his pay and other members of Congress are exempt from pay freezes. They're playing 'chicken' with your money

    • GKFL says:

      That's easy. They have no intention of voting on that bill. They wrote it so that they can look like they care, while they ensure it never leaves committee.

      • Lisa says:

        GKFL is right. I read an article or two on it today. It is dead on arrival. If they default, you don't get paid and neither do we.

  10. GFFoodStorage says:

    Makes me wonder. If there is a shut down Welfare still gets funded, yet active duty military WHO WORK do not get paid. If the debt ceiling doesn't get passed and military doesn't get paid do people on welfare still get their "benefits"? If so I say that is really messed up!

    • guest says:

      In a word: NO!

    • Old Salt says:

      Welfare types put him in office, so why threaten those with free or subsidized housing where you cannot rent…even in areas where rental property is scarce or expensive…they have cell phones, Acuras or Lexus cars…..and have the time to dress up their hair in styles that no real native in the homeland wears today….but cannot find the time to study and make the grades to get into the professions that anyone can do so under their own sweat and steam without a quota system long past its usefulness.

    • Rob says:

      Entitlements are used by America's entire middle class – working people. Perhaps those that don't work also use it. But without entitlements, there would be no middle class in America.

  11. Brian Pararescue says:

    Let's have those Lazy Bastards in D.C. not get a paycheck as well, or have them go overseas for months/year at time away from their families. Our families sacrifice daily while we're deployed and they haven't given up anything for the cause…except lots of whining about the Liberals. All parties need to get off their Asses and get some work accomplished. Quit acting like teenagers. Brian, MSgt, USAF, Ret

    • Old Salt says:

      Oh…they get it and automatically, along with back pay for our civil service counterparts….and you get to bite the bullet….not to mention the retirees, the disabled vets, and the contractors who actually do the heavy lifting, planning and engineering of our weapons or support systems while the civil servants just blow money on a sea of acquisition paperwork that builds absolutely nothing but a bad case of the piles.
      We need a third party, and who better than us Brother-At-Arms to do so especially when we stand to lose a nation?

      • Disabled Vet says:

        They do go for months at a time and its on our tax dollars. Most of they time they go it for there pleasure….. just watch the news they will tell your business. We pay them to go and fly around, have parties, sleep with other women and post things on Facebook inappropriately and then they have the audacity to take away the pay of those who are sent away from their families to sacrifice their lives for their dumb A**!!! Give me a break what a bunch of BS!!!

    • MrsMKPowell says:

      My husband is deployed and I can't agree more. If you are not going to pay the military send them home! I'd like to see the politicians take a cut, it's only fair!

  12. Dan says:

    Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and homes as well as have their credit destroyed over the past 3-4 fours. Not paying the military would only add to these totals. I have seen some comments so far that civilians, if they are not paid can quit their jobs and find work elsewhere. What a joke. There are not jobs to be found. So the answer is we keep borrowing money to fund a bloated government and entitlements and eventually we lose everything to a total collapse of the economy? Everyone wants the military to be paid and I sure do since I'm living on my retired pay. I suggest the military start being like most sensible minded individuals and start obtaining a long term food supply and do it ASAP.

    • Lisa says:

      The problem with that lovely scenario is that as the wife of a 100% disabled (by reason of IU) vet, the SAME GOVERNMENT who says my husband can never have gainful employment of any type again and face losing his benefits is the one which is about to NOT pay those benefits. How insane is that?

  13. Bill Hall says:

    As a retiree, I have already done the work and (23 years Army 11B 31 months Viet Nam). I have earned my retired pay. I demand payment or I'll consider the government of the US to have broken my contract amd I will seek renumiration in any way I can.

    • MARINE56 says:

      Bill Hall,
      sir,as a retired veteran myself,i will be there with you if i dont get my check too! if they renig on paying us it will be another promise broken too us(health and dental for life).

      • sgmmal says:

        Health and dental for life my ass. 75% yes – I pay the other 25% through a supplemental health plan at $66.33 a month. The government doesn't reimburse me for that!

    • ktnavy says:

      Good luck with that.

    • Scott Schuler says:

      Yes siryee. I fullfilled my part and I expect the government to hold up their end of the bargain. If they don't pay the active troops they should all walk away. They can't put all of them in jail. It would would send a big message.

  14. CHUCK says:


    • MARINE56 says:


      • RussB says:

        You can pass all the bills you want, but if there is no money in the bank, there is no way your paycheck will ever get written.
        There are enough Veterans and Active duty alone to make a difference in the next election, be sure you vote as though your pocketbook depended on it, because it does!

    • Old Salt says:

      Better read the bill….where is the military pay in that bill…the appropriation I saw had us "blacklisted"….there is no one bill where all of our money comes out of….if they protected our pay, give me the section and sub-section as I must have missed it!

    • mike says:

      because, he is as sick as I am of a Congress that causes problems and solves almost none and gets paid while we live out the consequences… If the government shuts down, we are no less entitled to take to the streets like the people of the middle east did to fight for themselves

  15. Bob says:

    Well if we dont get paid, Congress does not get paid. No one gets paid. It would behoove Congress to get there act together and do something constructive. I cannot imagine how many people will default because the government defaults on its promiss pay. Not a good situation at all.

  16. Dr Bob says:

    The Obama administration is playing politics with military pay, retired pay & SS just like they do with everything. They want to scare the American people into further burdening our future with an ever increasing debt. If we are to face a crisis, let's do it now. I am a retired US Army Colonel & my income is primarily Social Security & my military pension. I would definitely be hurt if the checks stopped, but I am sure I could make it for the relatively short time required to get back to sanity. The administration needs a dose of reality rather than trying to see how bad they can make Republicans look in this situation.
    If we don't change our profligate spending the economy will collapse just as it has in Greece. YOU CAN NEVER BORROW YOUR WAY OUT OF DEBT, which is what we are trying to do. If we keep on China will own THE WHOLE country and we will be history, without a shot being fired.

    • guest says:

      Where do you get your information?? Last time I looked it was the Republicans who was demanding cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and said they was willing to defauld on our debts and shut down the government, to get their way. The government can't operate without money. So, in a way they are against the military getting payed too, no money no pay!

      • "Playboy336" says:

        Dear Guest: Republicans are not "demainding" cuts in Social Security, they are simply asking that the program be modified to avoid going broke. There is no such thing as a "LOCK BOX", as Liberals would have you believe! President Lyndon B. Johnson (a Liberal) said we can have "Guns and Butter" during the Vietnam War, and took money out of the Social Securty Program to finance the War. (I was there!).
        Congress did not reverse this actiontion after the war, so we now have a "shortfall" in the Social Security, That was never the plan for Social Security. At the outset of Social Securty, we had 17 workers supporting the "retired" folks. Very shortly, we will have 3 workers supporting the "retired" folks. Do the math! This will simply not work! I am one of those "retired" folks. 30-Year Veteran.

        • terry says:

          The repulicans have held everything captive, you fail to look at all the people that have paid into ss and have passed away, there is 2.7 suplus in ss that has been borrowed by the government, repulicans, to play the market that put us in this situation to start with. The republicans are only out for the rich, they get thier contributions and forget about the working class. The debt ceiling has been raised so many times without bebate because that is the right thing to do for the people. The wars and all the other bull that were not put on the books for the public to know about has put this country in the position we are in, as for the ss it is stable for anothter 27 years, raise the contribution from the cap at 107,000 and have everybody pay on all the earnings made and it will take care of its self. Retirement checks should be paid for they are drawn on the previos months money, if you remember years back when wew were going thru this before the time of month changed from the 31st to the 1st of the month

    • guest says:

      Its the idiot republicans in congress that are playing games with the entire population of this country. The conservatives in this country dont need any help making themselves look bad, they have been doing just fine with that all by themselves. Borrowing may not get us out of debt but ending tax breaks for the super rich and large corporations is a good start.

    • David says:

      Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you Bob thats it's your rep buddies who are helping to send our jobs to China! They are giving favorable tax breaks to corporations who manufacture over there and then bring the goods back here to sell with no Tariffs. This is the republican policy of give to the rich and screw everyone else! They'll get you too buddy, unless you are rich.

    • TLH says:

      I am an active duty senior officer and when I see those that target the President w/out targeting corporate wellfare (those that don't need tax breaks or corporate give aways) I know not to take them serious. The President is still Commander and Chief and I for one as an officer will respect that.

    • D for democracy says:

      What you are leaving out is that our government took a voluntary pay cut to the tune of $4 trillion in tax cuts to the rich (I'm assuming you benefited from that) and fighting two unfunded wars. At the same time Wall St decided to screw over the American public. Your arguments are totally phoney.

      Answer me this people–what is wrong with raising taxes on the rich and corporations? The Repugs say they are the job creators. I say they haven't created a job in a decade (except in China).

  17. nightcaller says:

    Saying the military will not get paid is fear mongering. As Senator DeMint says, Obama is trying to create panic and the idea of "Default" by US on our obligations. The only way the Officials get away with it is because people do not understand how all this works. HAVE NO FEAR, the military will get paid. ALL bond obligations of US debt will be paid. What will happen is much of the "unnecessary" government may not and that is a good thing. Government NEEDS to SHRINK and quit buying votes by promising benefits it KNOWS it can not deliver. My retired pay will come as usual.

    • Dennis Habern says:

      It is a pity that a naive American public marched to the polls in 2008, and

      elected this moron, whom has no experience in anything, therefore, I

      would like to question the other moron that is supporting him, namely,

      George Soros, if you follow. How did THEY determine that Obama was

      the ONE. Whom were the other candidates, and I am sure that

      Soros and his henchmen are the beauties that advised Obama, the

      man without any ideas of his own, to not reveal his records because it

      might prove embarrassing to the entire Democratic machine, if you


    • guest says:

      And I have one million acres of prime real estate, just outside San Francisco, in the Pacific Ocean that I will let you have for $1.00 an acre. If this ceiling is not met, the government, entire government, will cease to operate. You can believe it!

    • cali_co says:

      It is Boehner that hold everybody hostage. He gives a poo if this country is going down or not.

    • D for democracy says:

      What you don't seem to understand is that the bond holders will be paid first at the expense of military, retirees, and the elderly. I almost hope they let the country default. When chaos erupts I already have my target list.

  18. my 2 cents says:

    This is all ridiculous!

    Actually, the debt ceiling is somewhat indendent of the government's ability to pay the military. The government has money coming in all the time. The problem is it doesn't have enough to pay for everything it wants to pay for. Even when the debt ceiling is reached, it can pay some of its bills with the withholdings and taxes that will continue to come in. At that point, the decision is simply which "bills" will get paid and which "bills" won't. (Much like someone whose bills exceed their bank account; this doesn't mean that no bills get paid. It simply means that some will get paid and others will get pushed off to next month or never.)

    The gov't should have more than enough to pay interest on bonds so there will not be a default to creditors. They can then look at what's left over and use it to pay social security, veterans and military. It won't be able to pay for every last item on the agenda, but it will help us see what the administration sees as priorities.

    • Old Salt says:

      Almost correct…they have increased the intake by a factor of 20 while their spending has increased by a factor of 40 to date…social security pays for itself….the thieves stole money from the public trust to fund their little pet projects to get campaign contributions from those same funded "friends", and the Democratically biased Supreme Court gave them a pass saying that was not a Conflict of Interest – what a lie.
      We should make them take a 50% cut in retirement (that makes them over the 1 million a year that they are targeting in this session), and investigate what they have done with the money, and jail them for not incompetence, but outright misappropriation of the taxpayers monies….why give them a pass when they give no quarter to the civil service or military personnel?

  19. Kenneth Maloney Sr says:

    during the presidents news conference why dont anyone ask about military pay?

    • Old Salt says:

      Get real….who is behind the mystique and propaganda but these same types…we have no free press…..and those behind the remaining news organizations are who and who do they affiliate with???

      And I do not think the President gives one fly in the buttermilk about us…or have you all forgotten his first proposal that first few months in office concerning our medical benefits?
      Take off the pink glasses and see the man for what he truly is and what is intends to do with our nation….Congress is too busy saving their own interests to really face the facts that they are directly responsible for spending out of control…and they still what to preserve how much more spending….time to throw these bums out and now.

  20. CAPPhd says:

    We all need to stop whining and focus on the problem – Congress. Send the following to you're elected idiot and see the response:
    Law: When the deficit exceeds 3% of the GDP all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.

  21. CAPPhd says:

    In addition, send your idiot the following for an integrity check:
    Congressional Reform
    1. Term Limits.
    12 years only, one of the possible options below..
    A. Two Six-year Senate terms
    B. Six Two-year House terms
    C. One Six-year Senate term and three Two-Year House terms
    2. No Tenure / No Pension.
    A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office.
    3. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people.

    • retiree says:

      Your item 3 means it will be ignored. Hint: Congress has been under Social Security since 1984. Their pension system is FERS, same as our federal civil service brethren. Since they pay for their retirement, I am certain they know the facts.

      When you send a letter to a congressman with a known error, you can expect it to be ignored.

      • Jerry says:

        Difference between Congressional retirement and most of the rest of Civil Service is Congressional retirement is based on the highest retirement rate, is as if they have been in a hazardous or stressful profession such as US Marshal, Air Traffic Controller, Fire Fighter, Prison Guard which accrue retirement at higher rate than normal civil service of 1%/year.

    • Scott says:

      Couldn't agree more. Everything you put here is how I feel. Time to get rid of of criminal/lying/cheating/stealing politician we currently have and keep all the past crooks out too. Time to take our country back…

  22. CAPPhd says:

    To finish:
    4. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.
    5. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.
    6. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.
    7. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.
    8. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective 1/1/12. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen. Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work

    • retiree says:

      Regarding health care – they are under FEHBP, same as our federal civil service brethren. Again, you show your own ignorance of the system when you propose “reforms” that have been in place since 1984.

  23. BravoPckles says:

    To: Dr. Bob
    I don't want to get into a finger pointing exercise, but I'd like to remind you that it was the Republicans and Tea Party members of Congress, not the Obama Administration, that linked the deficit issue to the raising of the debt limit. If it wanted to, Congress could have raised the limit weeks ago without addressing the deficit.
    In case you are wondering, no I am not a Democrat, but I am a very liberal Progressive and served for 23-years (US Army tanker) …and damn proud of both!!

    • Rob says:

      Don't make excuses about your political affiliations. The Republicans are the newsmakers in this issue. They are attempting to restructure the definition of America by squeezing revenues and blaming everything on spending. That is BS – and you can see it clearly when you check the raw data.

  24. anonymous says:

    this is rediculous…goverments talking about military pay freezing… but take alook at golfers or basketball players ect ect … making millions on what? entertainment? while military risk their lives to keep united states save… but lets cut military pay??? seriously.. i dont get this nation… hmm lets cut back on president pay spend a little less make a little more…

  25. Sue says:

    let the government file for bankruptcy like people do when you cAN'T PAY THE BILLS. THEN IT CAN DECIDE WHICH BILLS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT TO PAY

    • Rob says:

      Whatever the government does in that regard – trust me – they'll be ok. It is us who will suffer from a govt bankruptcy.

  26. OS1 retired says:

    I would like too know just when the US Military became The Goverment?
    I was lead to believe the Goverment was the ones that made the laws,not the Military they just enforce the laws,,Now with that said why n the hell are they messing around with the Military pay and Benifits when they should be messing with just there pay and allowances Its a Goverment problem not a Military problem just thought I would throw that out there!!!!

    • Rob says:

      "Government" is defined by where your pay comes from. Military IS the government and always has been

  27. Rick. Etheridge says:

    The only pay that should be cut is for Senators and Congress Persons. They suck at their jobs anyway, so make them suffer !!!

  28. Joseph says:

    We have a goverment that is in place to only help those that will not help themself…….

  29. Eagledave says:

    If this doesn't frighten you and tick you off nothing will. Watch this and then forward it to you representatives in Washington and tell them to answer to it.

    • Rob says:

      May tick you off, but highly inaccurate. Crunch the numbers and see country (America) that is about as far from Marxism than any other nation in the world. Our corporate taxes are the lowest, corporations write our government's legislation, and they run this country.

  30. T5G says:

    Fact: Feed and Forage Act provides for the military whether congress has enacted or not. Back pay will be provided in the event that this occurs.
    Opinion: Although the above referenced act is in place, it still provides little for the low level Soldier, Sailor, Marine and Airman. This being said, they chose this job and with it the encumbrances thereto. The worst, or best thing, that could happen is CNN posting pictures of our military families that go hungry. The military member won't go hungry because he can get food at the base chow hall; kinda, he has to pay a little bit since he may be on separate rations. But, because he can't pay some debt he owes; and to maintain a security clearance you can't be in default on a debt; he loses his job like everyone else. Just adding to the problem. Hmm.

    • Becca says:

      The act doesnt help the military member who is already struggling because his wife lost her job 18mos ago and still cant find anything It also doesnt pay for the gas to and from the base Our savings is running dry and our stock of food is getting low We barely get by month to month If we dont get paid for 2 wks we will be suffering

  31. T5G says:

    The pundits who believe that we should stay within our means are right. However, we should target those costs associated with our government that are extravagant or unnecessary. Should we fund those within the government that are providing to the few and unworthy? Or better yet, cut programs for those that we ourselves do don't garner? Or yet, cut funding for all those other countries to buy their friendship? Is that countries friendship important enough to us that we can maintain some modicum of our economy?

    This is in itself a complex problem that needs some serious help. There are so many differing opinions on how to solve it that I don't know that any answer will garner a positive opinion in our history. "Yet to the victories are histories written."

  32. Travis Bach says:

    I am saddened to see that the government has NO discipline with money… Although they enforce our service members to live by a standard of very little money, and expect them to live and abide by substandard living. God bless all of us who lived up to our end of the deal… BUT wow, here you go kettle, my name is pot, hope you like black!… What about us wounded warriors who rely on our V.A benefits, just like the active service members, we rely on our pay and we paid our price, you kicked us to the side even when we said no, "we want to stay in the fight"… Shame on you Congress, and SHAME on you Obama, you have been a thorn in my side along with many others. Get off your liberal agenda and Congress, dont worry, your not helping your re-election… You will get yours at the poll.

  33. OS1 retired says:

    no they won't even if they do not serve another day after today they get 100% of thier pay and allowances for the rest of there life,if the military did there job the way congress does theres we would be sent to captians mast reduced in rank or kick out with no pay or benifits

  34. rebas says:

    As long as Congress is first to concede THEIR PAY, it won't last one day.

  35. jen says:

    1. stop giving money to other counties
    2. stop letting foreiners live tax free for 7 years when they come to america
    and see how much money can be saved those are the 2 biggest problems

    • retiree says:

      1. Total federal aid to other countries amounts to less than 1% of the Federal Budget. Cutting it won’t even touch the deficit issue.

      2. Where did you get the idea foreigners can work in this country tax free? Everyone who works here legally is under the Tax System, and most (a few exceptions for local & state government employees) are under Social Security.

    • Rob says:

      Look. Just raise taxes back to government sustainable levels. Let's quit this Norquist plan to restructure America and just put revenues back at sustainable levels.

  36. Terrein says:

    Again, I'll ask the same question I've ask three times, before. How many of you, who are bitching here, have also copied your complaints to your representatives in the government? Virtually, none, I'd venture. I have contacted mine and I've copied (to them) the more realistic concerns of the posters to this site. Stop complaining here, if you're not going to copy your elected officials. Find out their addresses (in Washington) and flood them with your; ideas, complaints and concerns. Either that, or just, quit your bithin' here.

    • Becca R says:

      I've contacted my representatives and let them know exactly how it will affect my family as an already struggling military family.

  37. Tom says:

    All you guys are piss & moning I bet that over 1/2 of you have never voted .I am a retited AF msgt started to work soon as I retired with 22 years I also retired from the rail road I don`t worry about not geting a check for I have managed my money and I can live the same way I am doing for a year or more.And if you don`t like this country hit the road jack. Tom of Ca.

    • Becca R says:

      Ive voted 2x (for president). I'm sure you think that isn't enough, but I was not old enough before then.

  38. militaryspouse09 says:

    honestly, i think it all needs to fall, let the congress not get paid, hell let everyone not get paid. Take us back to farming, and no cars and what not, then maybe Americans these day will not what its like to go without and relize the finer things in life! Im sorry, im only 26 an i have four kids, an im a wife of a deploy soldier.. Yeah no pay for the military would hurt, and would deffently leave a huge mark, but at the same time i know how to go without, i know how to make something from nothing when i have to. the problem is you have those in power if you will that know nothing but money, an how to buy their way through everything! take their power away an make them get their hands dirty to survive and maybe, just maybe America can stand on it feet again!!! All i honestly as for thru all this, it isnt a paycheck, it isnt a roof over mine an my kids head, it the safe return of my sodlier, if they can just give me that one thing, i will someway somehow, figure everything else out! yeah we might be living on veggies and fruits casue thats what we can grow in our back yard, but My kids have their father and i have my husband and that all i ask for from the government right now!!

  39. Jeremy says:

    @Tom I haven't been on here moning, jkust becuase I know it will get me nowhere. But I do vote. Voting isn't going to stop a century of wrong chouices by our goverment. It really doesn't matter who's in office. It would be in this perdicament no matter what.

  40. Guest911 says:

    Something people are simply not understanding and it seems no one in the government has mentioned publicly with any degree of attention is that the debt limit doesn't stop the government from spending money, only incurring additional debt. Sounds like a great, duh moment, but people don't seem to grasp that the government doesn't "have" to incur debt when it spends, politicians choose to do so. How that works is simple, if you only have $10 dollars to spend and you contractually owe $5, then you have to figure out what you spend the remaining $5 on without needing additional credit. People do it all the time, especially anyone whose maxed out their credit cards. Simply put, you pay your obligations first then you prioritize and spend the rest without going over.

    The second thing you don't hear people mention is that the debt limit exists for a reason. Businesses and citizens don't just choose to increase their credit limits when they get close to busting it unless it is approved by the people extending the credit. The government has just pushed it up so often it is as though it doesn't exist and is pointless if they continue to do so. Provided the government pays it's interest notes first, provides for the common defense, as it is constitutionally obligated to do, and prioritizes the rest to manage properly it will not default.

    Many of the "cutesie" pet programs and porkulous spending will be forced to end. It can actually be a tremendous positive if it forces programs that are bad for the country to end and allows more private sector freedoms to reemerge. The idea to squeeze the last ounce of blood out of the private sector just because politicians don't want to do the hard work they were hired to do and prioritize and spend within limits is ludicrous.

  41. mike says:

    1st of all there are already laws on the books that say the military gets paid. These laws go back to the beginning of the 1900s. So this article is clearly a fear mongers bull crap article. This was also the case during the budget debate as well. Any stoppage of pay will violate those laws. Now what we all need to be worried about is the propensity of our government to violate the law. That is second nature to them.

  42. mike says:

    2ndly, Once again. This whole debt ceiling is a scam. We went thru this in the early 90s, it just wasn't publicized like this one. There are mechanism that pay the necessary debts off. Already in law and covered. This whole scam is to put fear into the people so they can push there socialistic agenda. When the debt ceiling was not raised in the early 90s all the bills still got paid. The government had to prioritize, and they did not go over the ceiling until it was raised. Lastly, the military is one of the few constitutional responsibilities of the congress. All that other crap is either unconstitutional or well just bullcrap. The congress has a DUTY to take care of the military. But whether they do or not, in violation of the constitution (after all how long has it been since they have passed a constitutionally mandated budget), is the big question???

  43. Slay says:

    Would you work for a boss that won't pay you?

  44. Navigator30 says:

    It is true that the Government needs more revenue, but that needn't come from Tax increases. In truth, that could have the opposite effect. What we need are more tax payers. That comes from economic activity. There are Trillions in private capital sitting on the sidelines because of uncertainty created by this administration which is trying to accomplish through regulation what it can't accomplish by legislation.

    • Rob says:

      Untrue…and so says history and current economics.
      1. Deficit has never been significantly reduced in history without revenue increases.
      2. Revenues are the lowest in 60 years. It is no coincidence that deficits are surging and the government has significantly less money.
      3. Grover Norquist convinced ALL Republicans to sign a promise to never agree to any legislation that results in a single penny of additional revenue. His goal: "wash government down the drain like a bathtub". Military = government.
      4. With taxes the lowest in 60 years, how come unemployment is the highest in 60 years?? Where is that stimulated "economic activity"? At what point do we acknowledge that this principle is extremely flawed? Is real data now unacceptable?

  45. Patty says:

    My son in Afghanistan already doesn't have socks. What a way to show we care!

    • Patrick says:

      Patty, Get your Son's address on line. I am positive that there are plenty of us out there who have been there ourselves, who will correct that situation immediately.

  46. tomlawone says:

    It is completely untrue that failure to raise the debt limit would result in the government having "no money." The same amount of money that comes into the Treasury each month would continue. The government would simply be short money to cover all the bills from years of wasteful spending. We would pay those who bought our debt like bondholders first. That maintains our credit rating. Then pay the military and then entitlements like SS, Medicare, and disabilities. Whatever is left is parceled out parks, welfare, whatever. There is absolutely no reason the military would not get paid unless this Administration chose to cut off pay for political advantage. It now looks like the Republicans would agree to smaller spending cuts for a three-month extension of the debt ceiling, but this President says he would veto that. This is all political manipulation to gain political advantage for this Administration.

  47. Richard Fuhrman says:

    Tom Clancy……….eat your heart out.

  48. Rob says:

    1. Deficit has never been significantly reduced in history without revenue increases.
    2. Cuts to government spending will have a larger impact to increase unemployment than will revenue increases. The government is the nation's largest employer.
    3. Revenues are the lowest in 60 years. It is no coincidence that deficits are surging and the government has significantly less money.
    4. Grover Norquist convinced ALL Republicans to sign a promise to never agree to any legislation that results in a single penny of additional revenue. His goal: "to shrink government to the size where we can drown it in a bathtub". Military = government.
    5. Middle class cannot exist without entitlements. Whether you think it is good or bad, programs like Tricare are entitlements. Also – Social Security had nothing to do with the deficit.
    6. With taxes the lowest in 60 years, how come unemployment is the highest in 60 years?? Where is that stimulated "economic activity"? At what point do we acknowledge that this principle of lowering taxes more to decrease unemployment is extremely flawed? Is real data now unacceptable? All this does is exacerbate the deficit, due to having less money to pay for the America we had as long ago as 30 years.

  49. Donny B says:

    Kate…..your article is completely irresponsible. The administration administers the governments finances and when their is NO CASH (yes we are talking about that side of the budget….EXECUTION), then they (TREASURY) has to decide which bills to pay (Just like you do in your personal budget). Any agency head and their fiduciaries (like comptrollers) are subject to the anti-deficiency act and criminal penalties for knowingly incurring obligations for the US GOVT when their is no money to pay for it. SOOOOOH, there then comes PRIORITIES. You pay your obligations first, incur no new ones (since you are already out of balance) . Interest on the debt, entitlements, contract obligations, would obviously come before holding a conference, hearing, training, naval cruises, flight operations, etc..
    Please take the time to educate yourself before letting fly with such an amateur and unnecessary alarmist piece of journalism.

  50. Gorilla Thumbs says:

    Someone needs to re-read the 14th amendment. There is nothing in the language permitting the president to go around congress to prevent default.

    • Rob says:

      Sure wish there were…Whacky GOP is sending the America we knew – "down a bathtub drain"…as Republican Grover Norquist put it so clearly.

  51. Disgruntled Vet says:

    As usual, I am commenting on the comments. It does not take using profanity or degrading yourself to get something done??? I am a retired disabled veteran, and I live only on my disability and SSDI, which truly is ot enough. I make it by the "skin of my teeth". The VA owes me money, but right now I am not in a fighting mood. I prefer to sit and be quiet. THIS TO SHALL PASS! Do not keep saying it's Obama's fault, he came into office with a big job to conquer. Those of you that are "bitching" need to sit down and think before you write because what you are doing is making yourselves look like complete a–h—–. We made the decision to vote all these people into office, so, I believe and you believe that there was something about these individuals that you trusted in. My belief in the individuals that I voted for, I know they will do their best to support their constiuents.

  52. Bryan says:

    Socialism is on it’s way!

    Here is the indicators.

    Gov. Buying (bail outs) of big businesses ( auto, & financial instatutations)

    Gov. Mandated health care.

    Increase in helping the “less fortunate” with higher taxes.

    Here is a big one.. Increased gun laws. Why?.. To strip the public of it’s means to fight the gov. Take over!

    Just look at how Cuba was taken over buy Castro.

    Read you history!!!!! Do not repeat it!!!!

    • Rob says:

      Bailouts paid and government owns and controls nothing new. In fact, they control less. US is the least socialized country in the world. Perhaps there should be more. Conservatives are making an excellent case for the need of more social programs. The military is one, for example. Gun laws in America are the loosest in the world. Any looser and we'd be an African nation. You never had the means to fight this government. Guns is the best way to destroy your entire civilian region is your planning a govt revolt with guns. Don't kid yourself. Read history – do not repeat it. No population has ever successfully revolted against such a government due to freedom of arms…never. Cuba was a corrupt puppet government (like Venezuela is to Cuba) before castro. It became communist because the "other" (us) superpower wouldn't protect Castro's government – because he kicked out foreign companies. Read your history.

    • Rob says:

      The very farthest form of government from America is socialism. Your comment could not be farther from the truth even if you invented another government system to be scared of. Even Tea Party founder Ron Paul recognized Obama as a corporatist. Even Obamacare props up the private industry (by forcing you to use it). Couldn't be further off the mark. What you are not liking is the control corporations have over this country not the reverse….we've never seen the reverse.

  53. Donny B says:

    Kate…..your article is completely irresponsible. The administration administers the governments finances and when their is NO CASH (yes we are talking about that side of the budget….EXECUTION), then they (TREASURY) has to decide which bills to pay (Just like you do in your personal budget). Any agency head and their fiduciaries (like comptrollers) are subject to the anti-deficiency act and criminal penalties for knowingly incurring obligations for the US GOVT when their is no money to pay for it. SOOOOOH, there then comes PRIORITIES. You pay your obligations first, incur no new ones (since you are already out of balance) . Interest on the debt, entitlements, contract obligations, would obviously come before holding a conference, hearing, training, naval cruises, flight operations, etc..

  54. Denise says:

    Most of those who get a retiree account statement from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service should have noticed on their last statement that on 1 March 2011 your FITW went up. Mine went up $31 a month. Reason why was a certain tax cut was allowed to expire. So the big question is, were some of the tax cuts for those in higher tax brackets also allowed to expire? My gross retirement pay is $31000. If I am paying more taxes, nothing wrong with others paying more taxes. I have sent a letter (twice) to my freshman Republican representative who has not responded with anything other than sending me junk mail.

    • Rob says:

      If you're making 30K a year, the GOP has NOTHING to offer you. They need your money to pay for their expensive corporate lobbyists. Keep voting for them. Keep on paying them.

  55. N. R. Selke says:

    Why dont we just give billions more away to foreign countries till we all starve in America? What in the hell is wrong with our so called government officials? Who is minding the store?

  56. Chris says:

    "They" never fail to amaze me. I would not let "Them" run a snowball stand much less a country. Why is everyone so surprised by this?

  57. T. Jones says:

    Republicans and Democrats appear to fight over raising the debt ceiling. This is a political ruse and ploy to pump fear into the voting public! Just so the american public will not protest when benefits get cut and taxes get raised.
    They have us fighting wars (which were not paid for), writing huge checks to bail out the banks, AIG, auto companies, etc.

    Yet when it comes to guaranteeing payment to american taxpayers, the President said if the debt ceiling is not raised we will have no money to send out social security checks, veterans checks and disability checks.

    At the end of the day the debt ceiling will be raised and the average american will feel like a catastrophe has been averted. We'll all breathe a sigh of relief, bills will get paid, checks will go out and another crisis averted.

    Republicans/Democrats use this ruse to scare americans into thinking a huge crisis has been averted just so when it is time to cut benefits and raise taxes the american public will not protest as vehemently.

    The economic stability of this nation lies squarely on the shoulders of you the voter.

  58. Douglas says:

    The federal government has tax receipts coming in every month. Unfortunately, they have more going out every month than they collect. If no compromise is reached on the debt limit, the government will have to prioritize the money that they spend. They will have to choose between paying the interest owed on the debt, social security payments, medicare / medicaid payments, military payrolls, etc.

    Therefore, they may choose to pay the military (and fore go making other payments) or they could choose to not pay the military.

  59. toney says:

    if the military dont get paid there will be alot of awol people at the hands of the government and they dont want that

  60. GOP says:

    The old saying…" to make moneyyou have to spend money" and that is the case for this economy. If look at the history of our economy, gov't has to spend money to recover from an unfavorable economy. So, do you research before you just say cut spending.
    Congress are not trying to save Military families pay they are trying to not lose money. Part of the Defense spending is contract work which is done oversea. Those contractors are owned by Congressmen>

  61. Mark Goldstein says:

    I suggest every military member and their dependents cram their congressman's and senator's phone lines and crash their computers with messages telling them to get off the pot and this goes for retirees and those on social security as well, enough is enough we have earned this money and we have bills to pay. I told my senators i will send them my bills to pay and will tell bill collectors to send it to my senators and congressman as they are holding my money hostage.

  62. John says:

    As a combat vet, retired with over 20 years service, the best decision I ever made was to encourage my son to steer clear of military service and all the empty promises. At least now if they default on my hard earned entitlements, I can turn to my son for help.

  63. Proud to serve says:

    We can continue to be soldiers and sacrifice for our country, or let it all blow up in the faces of our children.

  64. dwain says:

    we get paid august 1st..there is money until the 2nd.
    the odds of them still doing this crap on the 15th are very slim. once everything starts heading south, and it will if thousands of ss receipents do not get their checks, they will try to fix it.
    the odds of the military not getting a august 15th paycheck are very had this occured a day or a week before a military payperiod then why yes freak..but i really don't see it going on into the 15th timeframe.

  65. Mitch says:

    The Federal Government collects over 200 billion dollars per month from tax revenues. The 14th Amendment of our Constitution requires our Federal Government to pay its debts and pension requirements first (Sect 4). The interest on our debt is approximately 20 billion dollars. There would be sufficient money available to pay Government pensions including military requirements. I believe that Social Security payments, although not a pension, is still an obligation of the Federal Government because the Federal Government appropriated the money out of the Social Security Trust Fund and is therefore part of our Government’s dept.

  66. Hank says:

    If they idiots in DC do not send out the SS/MIL/retirement pay we should have the largest protest march on Washington !!—10 million strong or better .

  67. BRANDON says:

    I'm sick of the notion that we need some large standing army. That's obsurd. Our nuclear arsenal is all the deterrent we need against aggression that might undermine our sovereignty. The goverment should disband the active military, and maintain only a reserve force, in addition to immediately withdrawing troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • shelley says:

      Seriously, what planet are you from??? You make noooooo sense at all. Why should we get rid of the military, there the ones that make sure your ass can sleep safely at night…Its not the nuclear arsenals that you speak of. All thats going to do is blow everyone to kingdom come!!! You are one sick puppy and I feel sorry for you…you must be a democrat..and what good is it to only have a reserve force, they have other jobs and etc…they don't have all of the special training like the active military does. That you be like you performing heart surgery on someone when you are only a PA….com'mon seriously dude think about it.

  68. Diana Clarkson says:

    Salary of the US President… $400,000. Salary of retired US Presidents… $180,000. Salary of House/Senate… $174,000. Salary of Speaker of house… $223,500…. Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders… $193,400……….Plus all the elected officials monetary benefits they've provided for themselves once they have been voted out of office. Then there is $700 BILLION given to other countries each year! What is our elected critters thinking? I think we found where the cuts should be made so our military, senior and disabled citizens are NOT held political hostage!

  69. Marissa says:

    Im worried about the military getting paid. Im also worried about the people serving who have done numerous deployments and are now facing a discharge because they need to "downsize" the military. Isnt there SOMETHING that could be done that wont effect the military in that kind of way?

  70. madashell says:

    Military pensions are protected in the 14th amendment as a legal dept the U.S government must pay. The Civil War was the only conflict at the time so items in the amendment reference paying the pensions of the armed forces as a public dept. The dept is there already and is not a new dept (which is what raising the dept ceiling is all about). Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare, Welfare are not constitutional depts and are subject to the whims of Congress and the President.

  71. MEE says:

    Why not just stop te tax breaks for the wealthy? Why not treat them like the middle class and poverty level citizens when it comes to taxes?

  72. Rhonda Gross says:

    The problem is that most people who work IN the government do not know what it means to "struggle" financially. They are still making a fat check, so it is a little easier to say, we can cut the pay just temporarily. They need to stop sending money to foreign countries, before we become a third world country ourselves. Look, no one is sending US relief, so we need to stop trying to be everyones best friend and realize that if we want to continue being number one in the country, we HAVE to start working on OUR economy and, as much as I don't like to say it, say "screw everyone else, we have our own issues to deal with". Military families are people too, they have children, they have mouths to feed. They are already at the bottom of the income food chain, so taking away, or garnishing pay is not right, no matter what anyone says, the fact is that they are people, they have families, there are children involved here. What some people don't know is that the military is ALREADY having signs of pay cuts. They are getting paychecks that have less money then they should, and when they ask the financial office about it, they (coincidentally) say that particular family was over paid at some time or another so they have to garnish their pay. It is awful that they have to deal with this, because the government can figure out how to properly budget!

  73. XIOMARA C says:


  74. XIOMARA C says:


  75. xiomarac says:


  76. xiomara c says:


  77. xiomara c says:

    stop the money that goes out to the world !!! check how much it is… on line, search for TEDPOECONGRESSMAN MONEY FROM USA TO THE WORLD In youtube, you can see the chart and it is crazy !! we give money even to Fidel CAstro!! millions!!! and also, of course, we sent 600 millions to the mosks of the world to be refurbushed!!!! and we are broke, and we owe trillionss and trillions !!!??? tell me, am i nuts? or something is extremely wrong in this country??? is it that we do not pay attention to these things? stop dreaming !! get to it !!!! soon !!!!

  78. xiomara c says:

    we give money to Russia, to Iran! go and check that i said!!!! please, we , citizens must be alerted and take control of these things by participating! letting them know …. do not be so indiferent about what they do !! USA IS GONE !!! do you get it ???? Santa Clause is not going to fix this !!!! wake up !!!!

  79. kittykat says:

    I agree wholeheartedly the military should get paid…I was just linking to an article that seems to say that some politicos use the military pay thing as a ploy, a bargaining chip.

  80. Dennis Habern says:

    Get tough, Mr. What we need is a velvet march on Washington, D.C.

    to take back our country. Are you with me????

  81. Old Salt says:

    Almost correct…they have increased the intake by a factor of 20 while their spending has increased by a factor of 40 to date…social security pays for itself….the thieves stole money from the public trust to fund their little pet projects to get campaign contributions from those same funded "friends", and the Democratically biased Supreme Court gave them a pass saying that was not a Conflict of Interest – what a lie.

  82. MrsMKPowell says:

    My husband is deployed and I can't agree more. If you are not going to pay the military send them home!

  83. nightcaller says:

    We do not need any tax increases. Government takes from you money by force to pay the interest on the debt it creates to fund government. Government needs to quit buying votes for services it can not pay for. Government needs to get rid of unconstitutional offices like Depts. of Education, Energy, Commerce, and so one. It Must stop giving away foreign aid to countries that do not share our Constitutional philosophies, and so on. There are SO MANY places to stop spening it is mind boggling! Not raising the DEBT LIMIT automatically forces government to live within a budget and does not allow for NOT PAYING it Constitutionally required military and DEBT to bond holders.

  84. Dennis Habern says:

    Obama and Congress get away with their financial manipulations

    because there is not a monitoring system in place to stop these morons

    in their tracks. There is not even a valid telephone number or an

    e-mail address that we citizens can write to and receive a reply.

    Everything that has to do with Washington, D.C. is secretive, but Obama

    promised us transparency, hope and change, but for 3 years, I have not

    observed anything that pertains to his platform, but Americans are tired

    of his verbal tirade, and will take revenge in 2012. Obama and his

    motley crew, are the perfect example of Socialism at work and a further

    deterioration of our economy. In reality, we the people of the United

    States have no recourse but to obey the rules by which Congress does

    not abide by. This is catch-22 of representative democracy where we

    rely on elected officials to maintain our interests, but in reality, the only

    interest that Congress maintains, is their own greedy and corrupt


  85. Cornelia Jude says:

    Amen to that !!! We are stationed in Norway…and I doubt our landlord will be pleased if we tell him….hey you are not receiving any rent cause the government didn't pay us

  86. Bob says:

    How about we go back to the 2008 budget instead? Did you know, or really care for that matter, that the lowest deficit we've had in the past 4 years was only approximately 160 billion? Then we decided to go on a spending spree to save the free markets by abandoning them. The deficit this year is now 10 times that! How about we cut spending and shrink the government for a change. And just as a by the way, why is it that all these draconian cuts that are being discussed will only slow the growth, not reduce government spending. Guess a cut isn't really a reduction in Washington-speak!

  87. C Grondin says:

    I totally agree with you. We should vote every one of the members of congress out!!WE pay them to work on our behalf and all they do is bullshit us.They get paid and have their medical( which isn't the medical they want to give to us) they go to the best hospitals and doctors and recieve the best care available, while the regular man has to do what we can just to survive.Its all of us who take care of them!! We need to wake up and let them know that we are no longer gonna stand for their crap! If they can't or don't fight for us we are gonna get their asses out and find someone who will and they will not get a retirement check.They need to quit looking out for the rich and start looking out for the poor folks.WE VOTE AND WILL VOTE THEM OUT!!!

  88. Jeannie says:

    AMEN BROTHER AMEN!!!!!!!!!

  89. R. Lynn says:

    I don't agree. No tax increases are needed if spending is decreased. My education is primarily in business and economics and inceasing taxes solves nothing. All areas of government could cut back and spending on social programs – like planned parenthood – should be stopped (or let the people vote on it). Programs like this should be privately funded – not the responsibility of taxpayers. Planned parenthood is just one – there are thousands of others. I have 3 friends who are closing businesses because of Obama Care. That is over 100 people out of work for those 3 in a small community. Also, corporate taxes need to be lowered to bring jobs back to the U.S. If taxes are raised – it will hurt the middle class. Remember – the democrats think that if a family makes more than $150,000 a year – they are wealthy. Well, reality is – they are not. And families making $150,000 and above pay most of the taxes in this country. The rest of us pay nothing but sales tax and get refunds each year from the government. Stop spending & lower taxes is the answer.

  90. Dennis Habern says:

    I have great faith in our government to do the right thing in this case,

    of ensuring that there is enough money to pay at least our active and

    retired military. It would be a travesty if the government went broke

    and permitted our military to suffer, considering that the Military is the

    ONLY backbone in the United States where the military attempts to

    follow the rules because the consequences are too great, not to, but

    not in the civilian world.

  91. Dennis Habern says:

    I understand what you are saying, but do you think that anything that

    you write will have any bearing on Congress? It won't, even if you are

    fortunate to receive a reply. Congress does not care about you or I,

    therefore, if writing does no good, then we need a velvet march on

    Washington, D.C. to take our country back.

  92. Old Salt says:

    The President is a grand charlatan and pretender….that is all we need….authorize what we do not have….it almost seems intentional that his policies and actions weaken our nation while sucking up to the enemies we face on the battlefield. We need to trash the entire political parties and leadership now, and start again….there must be some out there who understand…duty…honor…country….Hey … that is us…and what are we doing….nothing but whining and making excuses for the narcissist community activist at the helm of a sinking ship….but do not worry as Acorn's subsidiaries still got their millions to support the President despite the final public will to cut them off…at least Nero had the sense to stay out of Rome as it burned while he fiddled…ours plays golf while running up the greatest travel entourage and expenses in history of the once sacred office….when not campaigning…never mind how the extra money was authorized during his tenure and most never spent or unaccounted for…how is that…or better yet, they could not prepare a budget for last year…..we should have fired the lot then and there…remember that the next time you vote.
    The novelty has worn office…time to vote for the man or woman, and not a great speaker who says and does nothing but speak. And if one must select a minority out of conviction or conscious, then at least one who has done something professional with their life instead of a big fat "zero"…a book he never wrote….and a lawsuit on racial grounds against CitiBank…some international or constitutional lawyer….not!!!

  93. Dennis Habern says:

    No type of written correspondence or voice contact to One's Senator

    or Congressmen, is useless, therefore, the U.S. needs to march on

    Washington, D.C. and take back America in a velvet display of our

    discontent, in the same fashion as what is transpiring in the

    MIddle East, omitting the violence, if you follow.

  94. David says:

    You're right ! I do just that. How about Weiner the one term congressman who gets retirement, health care and benefits for showing his junk! I wrote to my congressman in protest of this, I doubt my one opinion will matter much. But it's a start.

  95. guest says:

    You will trust almost anyone or anything. There is no way that the military or retirees will get paid if the debt ceiling is reached. If it is not raised, there is no more money period!

    Aside note: Someone said a couple of statements back that they would be ashamed to admit that they were an Obama supporter. I find this strange since they are [robably a supporter of the bunch that don'f give a rat's about the military getting paid. Some people, it would seem, will cut their own throats just to get a slap at the president. Now I know the definition of insanity.

  96. Old Salt says:

    Roger that….while we are moaning about our lot in life, they are wrecking America. Time to save her from the Senate…sounds like Rome…well we are a Republic and not a Democracy (try telling that to the ignorant general public more worried about the NFL than us or their nation). And bring back the draft….you do not serve, no problem; you simply do not vote !!! That will fix this entire mess with the liberals back home and in our universities pandering the youth and attacking those conservatives with any notion of duty, honor, country or God.

  97. Jerry says:

    Interesting comments. Is Old Salt talking about the Republicans or Democrats? As for the "Great One", if this is Regan, he is one of the biggest adders to the debt – also didn't serve in the military. President Clinton was the last president to have balanced budget, which Bush II quickly gave away to the top 3% income earners. Also started 2 wars, one unnecessary, and made no attempt to pay for either one – first time in US history the country has gone to war and not ask its citizen's to pay for them or make some sacrifice. If congress doesn't extend the debt ceiling, we as the citizens of this country should make sure they and their staffs are the last ones paid.

  98. retiree says:

    1. They pay SS.

    2. They are under FERS and FEHBP, same as our federal civil servant brethren.

    For all who liken this to a credit card, you’re right and wrong. The issue is the commitments the Government has made – income is less than outgo. For those who say cut spending – what are you willing to do without? Remember, every program is there because some constituancy wants/demands it.

  99. retiree says:

    Weiner served for 12 years, and, when he turns 62, will receive a pension of approximately 20% of his final 3 years salary. Until then, he gets nothing, to include no health care.

  100. D for democracy says:

    Salt–you need to lay of the Fox propaganda dude! "charlatan and pretender" really??? It is people like you of so little thinking and real information that is destroying this country. Get a grip!!!

  101. Rudy says:

    Jerry – you got it wrong. First, there was never a balanced budget under Clinton – that has been a constant false claim – all you have to do to understand that is check the national debt year-to-year status. National debt increased every year under Clinton. So – if there was a balanced budget – did Clinton steal the extra money? And second – there has never been a war “paid for.” National debt significantly increased throughout every war – WWI – national debt increased 300% – WWII – national debt increased 550% – Vietnam – national debt increased 100% (about the same as it has during the current two wars).

  102. Rob says:

    Can't spend without a budget. = defaulting on debt obligations. For a picture of what this will look like, see Minnesota. Payments to anything other than debt will simply STOP.

  103. Rob says:

    Debt ceiling raised 7 times under last Administration. Only has to do with paying existing obligations. No way out of that – except to turn the US dollar into a "junk" currency. Spending isn't the problem when taxes are the lowest they've been in 60 years and major US companies (BofA, GE, Exxon) pay little to no taxes anyway – as well as the US having the lowest corporate tax rate (if you include loopholes) in the world. So basically – you are arguing ONLY for the rich. We middle class CANNOT exist without entitlements…as hard working as we are – we NEED them. Let's start posting comments for OUR interests now.

  104. Rob says:

    He obviously hasn't heard about all the wonderful things Fox is connected to (Murdoch's wonderful reputation in the UK write now and the fact that Fox is partially owned by a Arab Saudi Prince)….great stuff. And this station promoting a party which has taken revenues to the lowest in 60 years, thus running the deficit to the highest ever…and trying to pay it off on OUR backs.

  105. Rob says:

    WE NEED TAX INCREASES – if we care about the deficit and this country and the middle class. Taxes are the lowest in 60 years. Taxes are the lowest for corporations in the world. Deficits in US history have NEVER been addressed successfully without revenue increases. Free ride is over.

  106. Rob says:

    …Thanks to payments to AIG and company. That deficit money was stolen from us by corporate America which caused the 2008 crash (see "Inside Job"). Now we take the brunt of cuts to pay for that. Raise their taxes!!

  107. Rob says:

    It may not have technically been a balanced budget due to what was and was not counted. But it WAS by using the current and previous metrics for deficit. See the fed page on deficit history. Also, we did not have to raise the debt ceiling under THAT budget. However, under Bush II we had to raise it 7 times. We are not talking about the debt, we are talking about the deficit, remember. If you compare the debt…then let's look at other Administration's "debt" as well, which you neglect to mention.

  108. Jerry says:

    Rudy, I went back and checked the deficit chart and Clinton had surpluses in 1998, 1999 & 2000. Projections were that if these surpluses had continued, the US would have been debt free by 2010. There was a surplus in 2001 which Bush II gave away and we've been in deficit spending ever since. I did not say that we didn't run up debt during wars, but the US Citizens did pay additional taxes (telephone tax one example during Vietnam war, plus others) to fund these wars, something that has not happened with the Iraq and Afghan wars. So Rudy, what sacrifices have the average citizens of this great nation made for these two wars? NONE!! Only sacrifice has been by our service members and their families.

  109. Rudy says:

    Sorry Jerry – but here are the offical statistics during the Clinton time in office – and this is from the official US Treasury website:

    Year Year
    Ending National Debt Deficit
    FY1993 09/30/1993 $4.411488 trillion
    FY1994 09/30/1994 $4.692749 trillion $281.26 billion
    FY1995 09/29/1995 $4.973982 trillion $281.23 billion
    FY1996 09/30/1996 $5.224810 trillion $250.83 billion
    FY1997 09/30/1997 $5.413146 trillion $188.34 billion
    FY1998 09/30/1998 $5.526193 trillion $113.05 billion
    FY1999 09/30/1999 $5.656270 trillion $130.08 billion
    FY2000 09/29/2000 $5.674178 trillion $17.91 billion
    FY2001 09/28/2001 $5.807463 trillion $133.29 billion

    Clinton supporters have claimed there was a surplus even though they ignored the fact that they used intra-government holdings to make that claim. The annual deficits did drop significantly – but there was never a surplus.

    Also – one thing I forgot to mention earlier – was that you were also wrong about Reagan. He was in the Army – he enlisted in the Army reserve in 1937 – and was then promoted to 2ndLt. He was not in combat – but because he was a popular actor – he was used to sell war bonds and support the troops.

  110. Rudy says:

    And Rob – there were four debt ceiling increases under Clinton – in April ’93 – August ’93 – March ’96 – and August ’96.

    That is based on White House and congressional data.

  111. Rob says:

    All those solutions are meaningless pennies when you have revenues at your disposal which are the lowest in 60 years. 1% of GDP tax increase itself is $250 billion….and no one gets hurt….and ALL share the sacrifice. The problem and the deviation from the historical success in these situations – is the GOP which want to hurt YOU – the middle class. You need everything they are proposing to cut. The "liberals" are trying to close loopholes on the rich and cut subsidies to programs like ethanol. Why would you defend that? Are you a millionaire/billionaire? You think coddling these people will create jobs? Why has it not yet??????

  112. Lisa says:

    I hate to break it to you Leonard, but it ain't the liberals this time. It's the ridiculous tea party fanatical dangerous idiots doing it. They are the most dangerous thing to ever happen to this country. We DO need to do something about the deficit and do it now, but linking it to raising the debt ceiling is the most fiscally irresponsible thing I have ever seen anyone in government do. We are at risk of losing at LEAST another 1 million jobs just because of the 100 basis points it is estimated our borrowing rate will increase by. That translates by all accounts into 1 million jobs. Not to mention, the REPUBLICANS, not the democrats here, are holding hostage millions more American families, INCLUDING VETERANS, who are waiting to see if their pay will be deposited. Obama had a 4 trillion dollar deal on the table, INCLUDING THE SACRED DEMOCRATIC COWS – ENTITLMENTS, and the REPUBLICANS passed it up in favor of a 400 million dollar tax savings. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY CRAZY and they will bear all the blame for what is about to befall this country if this happens. I am completely disgusted that what used to be the Republican party does not have the BALLS to stand up to the fringe lunatic tea party and tell them to go get run over. It is awful.

  113. Winning says:

    Why stop there. I say "service for citzenship". And, only citizens get to run for political office, vote or get social benefits. Service is voluntary, but you have to serve to get the priviledges. That will square things up just right.

  114. Tamara Mason says:

    PLEASE STOP separating us into these idiotic, self-serving labels of "liberals/conservatives". I've got 16+ years of service in and still counting. I'm been labeled a "liberal"…my family is "liberal" (to include my active duty husband, his active duty brother and his brother's active duty wife, and my active duty sister). We ALL serve our country just as proudly and are just as patriotic as any other dedicated American. STOP THE BS! Supporting any particular ideologic view DOES NOT make one a patriot…caring for your family, friends, your neighbors (which we all are as fellow countrymen) and yourself with honor and respect DOES. BTW…there are also plenty of ATHEISTS IN FOXHOLES who also serve this country with great honor. I'm posting as one.

  115. Rob says:

    Face it. You won't get paid so that America's corporations don't have any new taxes…period.

  116. Lisa says:

    You giving up your pension for the cause?

  117. Playboy336 says:

    Dear David, Please tell the world how many "specific" cuts President Obama has either "suggested or recommended" to correct "these economic problems" ! He has already told the Republicans to "Not call my bluff!" How "Presidental" is that?