1 June 2011 Pay/Memorial Day Weekend




Update 26 May 2011:  Hey, y’all!    NFCU and USAA have confirmed that they will be releasing deposits on the schedule I predicted.

UPDATE 25 May 2011:  According to their Facebook page, Navy Federal Credit Union has changed their position on the deposit this weekend.  A post from 20 May states that members who have an Active Duty Checking Account will see their pay posted overnight on Thursday and have it available for use on Friday.  The most recent statement says:

We understand that having correct information regarding your direct deposits is very important. Please allow us to offer clarification regarding the early pay feature for Active Duty account holders during the Memorial Day weekend. Instead of receiving your pay on Wednesday, June 1st, our information tells us that early pay for Active Duty will be available Saturday, May 28th.

In the comments of this post, NFCU reiterates that members who do not have an Active Duty Checking Account will have their pay deposited on Wednesday, 1 June, as usual.

As always, I’m getting lots of questions about whether people will get paid before the Memorial Day weekend holiday.  The short (but not necessarily correct for  your particular situation) answer is no.  Payday is on Wednesday, 1 June.  Some banks and credit unions, including USAA, release military direct deposit funds one business day early, so those funds would be available on Tuesday, 31 May.

It gets more complicated with banks and credit unions that sometimes release pay funds more than one business day early.  Navy Federal Credit Union, for example, has recently instituted a policy of releasing direct deposit active duty military pay early for members who have an Active Duty Checking Account.  Sometimes it is two days early, which would bring us back to Friday, 27 May.  Navy Federal processes their deposits overnight, so it would be available on Saturday, 28 May.  However, the early direct deposit is directly tied to when Navy Federal receives the information from DFAS, so we can’t be sure that the money will be available before the weekend.

All this explanation brings us back around to the original short but complicated answer.  Payday is not until after the weekend.  You might, possibly, be paid before the weekend if you have an account with a bank or credit union that typically releases funds two or more days before payday.  I just wouldn’t count on it, and you can be pleasantly surprised if it does happen.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • wesly

    wat about usaa when will they be paid i heard on june 28th

  • wesly

    srry may 28haha

  • KateKashman

    Chris, I’ve got mixed feelings on this one. The “be smart, prepare for the worst” side of my brain says that I should assume that pay will come either on Tuesday or Wednesday. The “well, what’s happened before” side of my brain says that I think that Navy Federal members who have Active Duty checking accounts will mostly likely see their pay post overnight Friday to be available on Saturday. This same side of my brain says that USAA and other banks who post one day early will probably stick to their policy and release those funds on Tuesday, 31 May.

    Thanks for the good questions, and the kind words are always nice, too!

  • Nikki

    Well since the Monday is a holiday and usaa will be closed will it still be the 31st tuesday? How will they release the funds on Monday if they are closed?

  • Steve

    Anybody know when if you bank with Chase?

    • KateKashman

      Steve, does Chase have a history of depositing early? Unless they do, I would figure on being paid on payday, Wednesday, 1 June.

      Anyone else use Chase?

  • Dray

    So is usaa getting paid on May 27 or 28?

    • melissa

      On USAA’s facebook page, someone said the called a customer service rep at USAA and they said we will get paid friday….based on my experience with USAA, we will most likely get paid sooner than the 31st, but you never know

      • Ashley

        I just got off the phone with usaa and the rep said that dfas wasnt releasing funds until monday…yea ok…

  • clayton brown

    Fund will be available on sat for navy fcu users

    • Nannya

      What is your source, did you call or something?

    • Cassandra

      Ok navy fcu got paid thursday (yesterday) or at least for those in hawaii

  • Pres

    I contacted NAVYFCU and they stated that funds will be available for Active Duty friday morning. I then contacted USAA which stated that they release DFAS payments upon reciept. If NAVYFCU gets paid on friday so do USAA members but as previously stated, I would just plan for tuesday to be on the safe side. If it arrives friday, a pleasant weekend treat if not, atleast you didn’t plan on something that could possibly end up not being there. ;)

  • scotth

    Ultimately, hope it’s later than sooner. I always found that sooner is better for the checkbook, but sooner always makes the next month even longer…… does that make sense?

    • KateKashman

      In my mind, that makes complete sense. I wonder what everyone else thinks?

    • Jessica

      that makes excellent sense, lol! it’s great to get paid early, but after all the bills are paid, it makes the next payday seem further away, lol!

  • Elizabeth C.

    I called USAA and they told me that there not sure but count on it being on Tuesday.

  • clayton brown

    I called my bank (navy fcu) and they said ” since the first falls on a weds and they pay one day early which would be Tuesday morning ( really early if u know what I mean) and who do u THINK will be at work to push the big red button to let the money fall out of ***** hand and into the holely pocket that u got looking for that dime( why are dimes smaller then nickles?).

    • Pres

      This is for non active duty only. AD will recieve pay fri. ;)

      • KateKashman

        Pres, this is only true if the Active Duty service member has an Active Duty checking account. All other kinds of checking accounts will have their deposits posted as usual.

        Not sure what sort of checking account you have? Check your online access or give them a call.

  • T INT

    Called both banks multiple times to confirm with different representatives, it WILL be friday.

  • momof3

    We have Armed forces bank. They told me it would be Wednesday when we got paid. I know we got paid early last year. Oh well

  • Jess

    Steve did you find anything out about chase? If not anybody know new to chase only been banking with them for a few months do they usally release funds the day before how does it work for memorial or does it?….. Thanks

  • Joshua H

    RE: USAA… Friday or Tuesday

    • Joshua H

      called but they could not confirm.

    • KateKashman

      Barring some sort of remarkable incident, Tuesday. That is their policy and is what they are posting on FB. I don’t know what individual customer service reps are telling people, but the bosses are saying that pay will be distributed as usual, one day before the actual payday.

  • kyle

    Just checked my NFCU account, pending deposit for 5/31. I primarily bank with USAA but have an allotment for my carloan, USAA is paying tuesday is what this means basically. Bummer, anyway back to facebook to watch them get flamed some more for this.

  • cali

    One word, one reason; budget! so you don’t sound like you have drug problem………………you need to put away 20% of you pay every month for just incase,,,,,I’ve usaa and I felt the same way few months back and that is when I decided to budget and save.

  • wesly

    well when i talked to usaa last night they told me we would recieve our pay today. And then i i asked are you sure because of the days . i even explained about nfcu and the said that if they already have the pay pending then we should already be getting access to it

  • It is now 8:23 EST, and no USAA funds yet. That should give you your answer…

  • Jordana Watts

    I just talked to USAA. Tuesday. I made sure to mention NFCU one upped them this time. Ahhh this sucks.

  • defriend

    Thanks jambarlo, I would imagine that’s at midnight tonight?

  • Defriend

    My hubby just retired, so this is new to us. Thanks!

  • concern soldier

    i need my money. it would be nice to enjoy time off by getting paid. I’d rather go to work and get time off after i am paid than sit here in this little town for four days. ugghh.

  • concerned solider

    just a little fish in the bowl.

  • g’s wife

    we bank with nfcu and ours is pending now and will be available5/28 so thats saturday.

  • Eddie

    Well it’s officially Saturday may 28th and nothing from Chase.. this memorial weekend is going to suck :/

  • Mac

    Wachovia isn’t showing either. Guess it will be next week.

  • jordan

    well today is saturday and nothing from usaa this is going to suck this weekend

  • Mvict

    USAA….no funds yet …they really need to step up there game if supposley they are there to help military members

  • momof3

    Armed forces bank didn’t release funds either. But they where nice enough to take out they loan payment today. That is not supposed to come out until the first

  • Any one paid yet. We bank with Chase.

  • It’s Saturday and we’re with USAA and we didn’t get paid either. We won’t get paid until Tuesday. Stupid me, took hubby’s word for it that we were getting paid and didn’t check until now.

  • Steve

    You have to have a Active Duty checking account with NFCU, otherwise its not going in till Tuesday. They have everyday checking, and active duty checking. Go online and see what yours is.

  • CMKH

    I do appreciate all the military does as I am a wife of a military vet,but why is it that many of you seem to think you should get paid/been paid by the 28th? When others who get paid on the first of the month will not get paid early. yes those in the civilian world have to wait. All banks do things differently & many will deposit paychecks a day before your actual payday. BUDGET that is what it is all about,if you learn to budget you would have money for the holiday week-end rather than get upset at your bank because you will have t o wait til Tue at the earliest to get your pay. As for those with Navy Federal Credit Union,seems the only ones who get/got their money early are those who have active duty checking.

    • jose

      Must people know how to budget we just like to have our money earlier since we are used to to many dependents coe one this forum and always have to say nonsense unless you are in the military keep you coment to yoursel military spouses

  • Well some of us leave on deployment in just a few days and have last minute expenses we need to take care. I hate militarty spouses, most of you dont even work and you want to tell us how to live our life.

    • Nikki

      Don’t hate on all military spouses it’s just rude and makes you look dumb. The world would not run without us.

  • Chad

    Anyone know if the post 911 gi bill will be paid on june 1st?

  • Matthew

    so it’s Tuesday, may 31, 2:00 EST. is the money in yet? no one seems to have actually have stated one way or the other…

  • Chris

    USAA was closed over the holiday. And if you go to the mypay website, there’s a notice that DFAS was also closed from the 27th to the 29th of May, so you’ll be getting paid on June 1. It’s 09:00 here in Hawaii, and we’re broke too.

  • bud

    i am with armed forces and it is not 0130 CST Jun 1 2011 and i still have yet to get paid…the money has been pending since last Thursday and the date on it is Jun, 1. does anyone else have this problem?

  • Wesley

    I havent got paid yet

  • Foreman

    Yeah Me too, its was thursday and all through last week it was pending and now its like its not even on my account i tried to stay on the phone with Armed Forces bank for awhile but i didn’t have the time ti wait i am going to wait until 900… to see if they are just behined

  • Chelsea

    my husband is active duty navy…we still have not got paid yet either and it’s the 1st…what is going on? Glad we aren’t the only ones not paid yet…but come on! We have rent and bills due! I’m praying it’s because of the holiday weekend….

    • KateKashman

      Chelsea, is this late for your bank? I would not be concerned unless this is at least several hours later than your husband usually gets paid. I feel pretty confident that it will be deposited soon – banks aren’t even open yet in the States :)

  • benvincentent

    Saturday May 28 doesn’t exist. Fyi

    • KateKashman

      benvincentent, this is a 2011 article and it refers to Saturday, 28 May, 2011. Thanks!