1 April 2011 Pay: No Worries!

With all the confusion and rumors regarding the federal budget, the Defense Appropriations Act, the continuing resolutions, and military pay, I’ve been hearing the same question a lot lately:  Will we get paid on Friday, 1 April 2011?  The short answer is yes.  There is no reason that this military pay day should be affected by the current legislative situation.  Banks and credit unions that typically release pay funds early should be able to follow their usual pay release schedule.  For now, we are at situation normal.

Please do know that IF another continuing resolution is not passed, and IF a federal budget is not passed, and IF the Defense Appropriations Act is not passed, and IF there is no other legislation that would permit troop payment without any of the other things happening, it is POSSIBLE that the 15 April 2011 pay could be delayed until one of those things does occur.  I am not trying to panic people, or play Chicken Little (as I have been accused), but rather to make people think about the possibilities and how their family can best prepare for whatever might happen.

I know you are sick of hearing me say it, but the only sensible thing to do is plan for the worst, and be pleasantly surprised if it doesn’t happen.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.

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  1. I know there's other military families in the same boat as me. I'm a stay at home mom and my husband is a CPL in the USMC, we live on base and are living paycheck to paycheck. We have bills to pay and they have also recently gone up in price. After bills and groceries we don't have much money left over to save. Gas is expensive and we're feeding four people off a CPL's pay. We're okay for now but if this pay freeze is approved I don't know what to do until I find a job. What does congress expect us to do for money? How do they expect us to live and feed our children?

  2. i agree i have the same questions. and if we do not get paid then does the government plan on calling our bill collectors and telling them to not ruin our credit?

  3. Well you guys do know that a gov official at least congressmen and women and so on make about three times our husbands monthly pay a month right? So I think if they cant do their jobs they should forfeit their pay so we can feed our children. Lets face it our husbands do their jobs…and might not get paid for it. Just food for thought.

  4. Now's, actually before now, is the time to evaluate the spending habits of the family. There are great programs offered by every branch of service to help educate military families about their finances.
    Are there habits that can be cut back or eliminated from the family budget? The biggest complaint I heard from other military spouses over the last 20 years has always been "there's not enough money". But, there was always enough money for beer, cigarettes, cable designer clothes and a fancy car.
    Not to say this is the case in every situation, I'm am saying these are lessons to be learned and there are resources for each of us to use.
    It took our family over 12 years with the Marines to have an actual savings. It was all our own fault for not taking care of our future before our present. If you can take the lessons you see in other families and build upon them.

  5. This is the exact reason why my wife and I decided to never have kids. I am an 18 year E7 and living on my pay alone. Without children, we have our own home, 3 car payments, plenty of food, and still have enough for savings. It is all about choices in life.

  6. I know for us the recent pcs move emptyied our savings and moving to a new place means having to re do a budget bc of diff prices for food, gas and other things and bills like electic and water change too. We do a zero based budget before every. I’m more worried about how we pay the car bill, had to recently replace or van with a used vehicle bc it died finally, the rent, since on post didn’t have housing avaible, the electricty and water, and buy groceries, yes we have cable and internet but I don’t have a prblm cutting those off if they let us, but its the ones u don’t have an option on plus food. We are trying to build our savings back up after the move but its not easy on a speciialists pay. So my main concern is IF a shutdown happens what do we do for main neccesities and main bills. And will our spouses with clearences have their clearences in jepordy bc debt that will be aquired from not being able to pay bills bc they arnt paying our spouses.

  7. RPB_AF_WIFE | March 29, 2011 at 5:42 pm |

    My husband just got his 1 April paycheck. My husband doesn't make much and I don't work, though I'm looking. As a low ranking Airman, after all the bills are paid, groceries bought, and cars fueled, we have less than $50. I appreciate KSBS's comments on revamping a budget and cutting out senseless spending. Problem is, like most low ranking military families, we don't even have the money for the "senseless spending" much less saving. We don't hardly eat out, and if we do, it's off the $1 menu. We don't smoke, don't buy beer, I haven't bought a new anything clothing wise other than the obligatory Hanes underwear in an extremely long time… Forget the 2 months of expenses we are "supposed" to have saved back! So in short, a delay in pay would wreck a lot of lives. Not just by not having enough money for food or gas, but if we can't pay our bills, it ruins our credit which ruins our futures. Unfortunately, Congress doesn't seem to understand and won't worry about it at all as they are sitting in their nice warm homes, eating an extremely expensive meal, with all their bills paid.

    Btw, just because someone lives on base, doesn't mean it is "free". Our housing in privatized so we pay rent. It is just automatically deducted from my husband's paycheck after he gets his BAH.

  8. The bottom line is the military is at risk of not getting paid. We are all in that situation and we need to figure out what to do next. A lot of us live paycheck to paycheck while others are lucky enough they don’t have to. So there is no reason to fight or make ridiculous remarks on here. Help eachother out by asking or answering questions from eachother.

  9. Marissa1980rota | March 30, 2011 at 2:53 am |

    Alright!!! Please people *just think one second* do not frick out like i did when my husband told me about it, * is not going to happen*
    …and im sure if that happen………
    will be a day or two delate….just save up a few hundreds on the side
    for back up, and bad credit?? it takes more than a month or two of not paying
    to get reported..so lets get real…we will be OK

  10. Has anyone thought about the part of BAD CREDIT because we don't have any money to pay our billes? Think about it??? The government can DESTROY OUR CREDIT in one day after spending YEARS TO BUILD IT. This is my main concern.

  11. There is help out there if the military doesn't get paid. Every branch of service has an emergency fund. I know for the Army it is the Army Emergency Relief fund. It stinks to have to use it. In my husband's case he has to report to his unit if he's going to. Some units have a "slush fund" so to speak. Your husband probably paid dues into it so sometimes there is help there. I know for the AER fund they will cover rent, utilities, and food. They won't cover car payments which if you contact your financing company they may let you skip a payment by tacking it on the end of your loan. As far as credit cards, they can't legally report to the credit bureau until you are a full 30 days late. The situation stinks but it is what it is.

  12. i told them
    there was a report in the military times papers that should the government shutdown military would not be paid until a budget was agreed upon that military would continue to work without pay.
    I was told not true. It was just a rumor. The military will be paid on time and it only affects non essential government agencies. I called Inhoff, Cole and Dennis Kucinich who's office staff connected me to a gentleman in his office who deals with military affairs who also told me that the military will not be affected in anyway financially by a government shutdown. I told them all about the blogs, the forums, the worried sick families..and their staff assured me that nothing would happen to the military families.
    Call up your congressman and ask. Call different ones and verify. I called 3 , two which are of different party lines.

  13. Mr Brad think about your statement!!! I 'm a E-8/17 years in the Marine, and have 3 cars, and 2 home in FL. I can't live without the blessing from my SON Lil Danny. God Bless and enjoy life Big Bro!

  14. Well, well,. well…
    To all as of this morning 0500 Texas time, I SGT Phelps received HALF of my mid month pay. I say again HALF!!! By the way I am on leave from deployment and cant tell you how frustrating this is. Maybe the other half will come by Friday, but for those who trust government officials, I laugh at you for being gullible. For those that actually work in the Service I hope your pay issues are resolved soon. And yes I do keep an emergency fund for such issues, however I never suspected I would need to worry about getting paid from Uncle Sam. God Knows he takes all he wants from me, and then some.

  15. I say that President Obama should not get paid and include all the 'other' goverment people, senators, legislators, congressmen, etc and see how much money this country could save. Why do they get a paycheck anyway? I cannot see that they are doing much to get this country back on track.

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