2011 BAS Rates

Update 18 December 2010:  It’s official:  enlisted $325.04, officer $223.84.

Alright folks, I am totally confused.  I got an email today saying that the 2011 Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) rates were out and that they were 0.36% higher than last year, then quoting the 2010 rates.  First, I’m confused about the fact that there isn’t a change between last year’s rates and the rates published for 2011.  Second, do they really mean 36/100 of a percent increase?  That would be $1.16 for enlisted folks and around 80 cents for officers.

Anyone out there have better info?

For more information, see Understand How Basic Allowance for Subsistence Works.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • E

    Slight raise…just over a buck.

  • A

    1.17 to be exact….
    really?? the 2011 pay increases will give our family an extra 10.58 a pay day not even enough to even out the now $3.00 a gallon of gas, or the fact that our county taxes (for owning a home) went up….

  • Joe

    Also, they decide to cut down on BAH rates, my rate went down 170.00 in the Norfolk area, instead of getting a pay raise, I get a pay decrease, thanks!

    • Jenn

      If you were already stationed there.. you should not be getting a decrease in your BAH! I would check into that.

  • SSGT H

    In Norfolk your BAH will saty the same. You will be grandfathered from last year. As long as you don’t move.

  • Amanda

    Yeah but what are the odds of being in the military and not moving??? Matter of fact we already have orders to PCS and my husband is still deployed! Our new duty station’s BAH is going down $66 a month… I would have rather them not give a pay raise and keep the BAH the same than this. It is a pay decrease as far as I’m concerned!

  • Joe

    What a joke! More troops overseas and less money in our pockets. Thanks!

  • Frank

    Congress needs to get the head out thier a** and cut their own pay and give us something to work with… We get deployed and some give there life. We Bail out all these companys and when its are time to get paid we get played with 1.4 pay increase. What a joke… What country are they living in the economy is down but the price of every thing is high… We should have them live off are salary and they would see what we deal with. Remember
    ELECTIONS 2012

    • nick

      OBAMA 2012 !

    • 316 Reject

      I agree 100% they don’t know what’s like to struggle been at the top to long.

  • gimmeabrekplez

    To both A and Frank…BAS is a benefit and not designed to be food stamps or welfare for your families. It was never intended to feed your family. It was intended to feed you! You family is your own responsibility. If you eating $325.04 a month, then sounds like you not sharing!
    What is BAS?

    BAS is an allowance designed to partially offset the cost of meals for a military member. BAS is not designed to have any impact on the cost of food for family members.

  • Sam

    To gimmeabrekplez,
    I think you have missed the point, when we get our paychecks in our hands after all this is settled we will have taken a pay cut due to the BAH dropping and as far as being grandfathered goes that was taken off the table this year. So the people that bought their houses based on their pay will get less even though everything has gone up.

    • KateKashman

      Sam, I have not heard that BAH rate protection has been eliminated. Please let me know where you learned this so I can give all the readers correct information! Thanks for your help.

  • camliyes

    Basic Allowance for Housing rates are set to drop an average of .6 percent in 2011, the DoD revealed yesterday.

    Thanks to rate protection, however, most of us won’t see our allowance change at all. Under that rule your rate can go up if your area’s BAH climbs, but it will never fall when the rate goes down. Most of us should see our rates stay the same.

    The pain is for those who are planning a PCS in the new year. Since you’ll be entering your new area under the 2011 rate, that is what you should expect to receive. This is a real bummer for my family, for example, since we use on base housing right now in an area that is going to receive more BAH, but are PCSing (and planning to live off-post) in 2011 to an area that will be receiving less

    Read more: http://spousebuzz.com/blog/2010/12/overall-2011-b

  • caleb

    im with larry on this one,,, ya it sucks our (BENEFITS) key word there not a mandatory is cut down a bit which ya it sucks but adapt and work around it, im thankful to have a job right now,, sure not the best paying but still im able to walk down the street with my head held high and say im a seabee of the navy and proud to serve my country,,,, go work at burger king and lets see how much more your bitching,,,,, suck it up and adapt,, when u put your signature on your enlisted papers you knew exactly what you were getting into so shut up unless your gonna do something about it. we are the backbone of america, we are meant to get the beating to support the red white and blue, and it just pisses me off to show up to muster everyday and all i hear is this is stupid this sucks,, lets see how fast i can skate out,, lol try that shit in the real world and still have the JOB SECURITY you do now, have a steady pay check and not living in the dam streets putting clothes on our kids back,, quite your bitching and just be happy!!!!

  • John

    I am happy that we got a raise at all. considering there was no cost of living raise for others. Instead of griping about it. how about being thankful. there are plenty of people worse off than you.

  • Lex

    I thank GOD everyday for the stability and security that HE provides by enabling me to serve in the great American Military. We service members are all fortunate indeed to have such a stable foundation in such a rocky economic era. We should not gripe and bitch, but we should also not lose sight of the fact that we must voice our concerns and continue to fight for our benefits and stable income to remain as good as they are or continue to improve. If we are not aware of what’s happening to our benefit and pay system, and we suck it up and keep our mouths shut, eventually we’ll watch our stability dwindle down until we’re as unsecure as our civilian counterparts. We can be grateful and appreciative but still not settle for less than what we’re all worth, because we all put extreme amounts of time, labor, effort, thought, pride, sweat, and patriotism into our service each day.

  • Yup

    BAH is based on the census so i’m not sure the election in 2012 will help. I am in reserves and when I am on active orders my pay is much better than my civilian job so i’m not complaining. If you want to put Palin in charge i’m sure you will get a nice raise but you will definitely work for it.

  • Cassi

    Well, I’m glad Larry broke that down. As I was reading I was saying to myself, these people have got to be crazy. My husband is active and before he was receiving BAH, his check would not have carried us over. I lost my job and we are doing more than surviving. Those perks definitely don’t go unnoticed. Civilian jobs are not only hard to come by but there are college graduates out there with no job and barely any hope for one. I would surely count my BAH and BAS a blessing. I mean how many jobs part you a’s then pyasi for your basic living expenses? Only the really goods ones right….? The army IS a good one. My husband loves his job!!

  • Cassi

    And FYI…. BAH is designed to accommodate your cost of living where you are based. If you move then its adjusted obviously because its cheaper to live there. So they expect that you would not spend as much. I mean are we really gonna cry about a few bucks….we waste more than that on eating out!!