1. Sharon says:

    I have not been able to find an answer to this question anywhere. My husband is in basic training right now and his first paycheck will be deposited tomorrow (I see a direct deposit pending note right now). However I am unclear on if I can access MyPay while he is still in basic to see what the breakdown is of what is included in this paycheck. Is a MyPay account something he would have set up there, or will he not do that until he is done? If I request a new PIN, would there be an address already set up from his end (such as a military email that I don't already have access too), although I know he doesn't get internet access there.

    Also, the amount I saw was much, much higher than expected- is it possible they would have paid BAH for the entire month of December? He arrived at basic on the 13th.

  2. Retired Alle Ceruti says:

    what post is your husban at?

  3. Sharon says:

    He is in basic training at Great Lakes, IL.

  4. Larry G. Jarrett says:

    On my retiree account statement, on back of statement under beneficiaries on record, it has my wife's name and under share 100%. Does this mean
    she gets a check after I pass on?

    • guest says:

      It means she will get 100% of what is due her..My wife will get 55% of my present monthly retired pay when I go to DZ in sky..

  5. GARY BIELSKI says:

    I have tried to access mypay several times. I would like to be able to get a copy of my pay statement. None of the information given is helpful. We got notice that after the 8th of Oct. DFAS will not be mailing out hard coppies of our pay statment. Thank You,

  6. cliff piazza says:

    Am I a member ? If so why am i un able to bring up ads that are posted. Have I been asigned a pass word? I am pleased to find this wed site, it has a wealth fi info. Thanks for it.

  7. Gerald Smalls says:

    I have tried to sign on to this site several times with my email address as well as the pasword that I remember; but to no avail.. There should be an option added just in case you forget both your password and log in ID if need be, email addresses change on a regular basis as well, but the system here only have the one you put in from day one, there should be a way where you can change that on the screen. I understand security is an issue, but there can be a way to use your SSN to verify who you are. The only options that are given are if you forgot your password, or your log in ID, some of us old timers tend to forget things..

    • CMAD says:

      I'm an 'old timer' also and for the LIFE of me can't remember the email address I originally signed on with so I keep getting rejected. I have changed email addresses a dozen times……and also have NO IDEA what pin-number I could have used way back whenever I signed up. What the heck am I to do if I forgot everything except my SSN and my name?

      • KateKashman says:

        CMAD, according to the MyPay website, "If you do not have enough information to complete this request, you should click Forgot your Password on the Home Page and request a temporary Password. When you get your temporary Password, come back to this screen to retrieve your Login ID using your SSN and the temporary Password." This requires only your social security number. However, as I understand it, it will be mailed to the mailing address that is on file with DFAS. If your mailing address is wrong, and you don't know your user name or email address, you will have to get through to them by phone. Hope that helps!

        • Jerry says:

          And the problem with THAT is every time you call, you get the "we are experiencing high call volumes at this time and cannot take your call" and the system automatically hangs up on you. So it's this viscious circle of incompetence.

  8. Rayborn Dunnam says:

    I need a pin number for my pay. I have never requested one.

  9. Rayborn Dunnam says:

    send pin number to my Email..

    • victoria says:

      what if we aren't in the military anymore but they took my CAC card i have no military email to send a pin to? and i can't login to DFAS anymore?

  10. Kayla says:

    i was honorably discharge from the army last year in june…i dont know how im suppose to get my w-2 and it wasnt mailed to my house. i need help…i tried mypay but i still couldnt get anything to come up.

  11. Robert L. Wilkerson. says:

    Feb 14 is here. Still no W-2 form. Can you help track in down for me. Robert L. Wilkerson USAF RETIRED.

    • KateKashman says:

      Dear Mr. Wilkerson, you need to contact Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) to obtain your 1099R. You can do it via the MyPay online account access system, or you can call the DFAS Retiree Customer Service number at 800-321-1080. You can find more information and more specific directions in Still Need Your Tax Statement?… If you have not yet received your tax statement, it is unlikely to appear without you calling or retrieving it online.

  12. Sue Smith says:

    I have been trying to access my MyPay acct and can't remember my password. When I click on "can't remember password" I get to a place where I am told I don't have a MyPay account. I have not accessed it in a long time but I did not cancel it. I tried to set up a new account and I get a message that the info doesn't match. How can it now match if I don't have an account to match it with? I need an monthly income statement for obtaining an apt.

    • william Leland says:

      Join the club. MyPay must have been set up by Snoden on his way to Moscow. I have been trying to get a 1099 so I can file income tax. No reply.
      If anyone out there knows how to send a message to these people at MYPAY send this message. “MYPAY SUCKS”

      Sincerely (hopelessly?) Ret. O-4 William A Leland

      • Judy says:

        You can get a 1099 from OPM. I don't know the number, but I called asking them for a W2 and they said they only provide 1099 (for retired civilians). Go to their web site for phone numbers. Good Luck. I'm still trying to find a way to be my W2. My Pay will not let me in so far.

  13. Brandon says:


    • Malaki Logotaeao says:

      Sorry, I just got on to this part of facebook In case you are still awaiting to get your W2, log in to and go to My Pay website, after you log in it'll give you listing of options including W2's, pay statement, etc…. I hope this helps

  14. Louis says:

    I'm trying to get a December 20011 RAS.The only option listed is April 24,2011.Attempting to get through on 1800 321 1080 has been to put it politely difficult.

    • KateKashman says:

      Louis, if you can not access your statements online, you will have to continue to contact DFAS via telephone. I suppose you could try to write or email, but I'm unsure if that would be successful.

      Good luck to you!

  15. Louis says:

    I meant April 2010 noot2011

  16. Kenneth E.Watts says:

    Iam an 82year old tech-no phobic when it comes to computers. (2) plus I suspect some rug-rats were”playing” with my system over the holidays
    (3)I erroneously changedmy selection from CDrpP to CRSC during the “OPEN SEASON” resulting in my ex-wife not receving her monly $1600.00 allotment I have made out to her. I assume the other deductions I had made such as insurance and SBP also were not deducted. FROM 002/013 PAY. Is this so?
    I was trying to get a new PSWD to get into my DFAS account, but screwed that up too. HELP! !help! help! !> call me if necessary iF nOT, TELL ME WHERE i CAN CALL YOU TO GET MY PAY STRAIGHTENEAD OUT..

  17. dong nguyen says:

    how can i get my pay statement with new pin and password

  18. Don says:

    I can't access the website anymore. Is it down or what? All is get is "Firefox can't find the server at" same thing on internet explorer.

  19. dale johnson says:

    my wife has been on social security and medicare since april .she is ontricare for life since april i am satill paying for tricare prime for her .that should have stopped in april,.there was no need to pay afterapril 1 st why am i still being charged for it please answer that question thanks dale johnson

  20. marcelino s. santos says:

    i have not received my disability compensation since october2013 until january2014, I applied a direct deposit but theres no result i need your help.

    • KateKashman says:

      Mr. Santos, you need to contact the Department of Veterans Affairs right now. The toll free number to call is 1-800-827-1000. Be prepared with any necessary information and also be prepared to wait. I hope you can get this resolved quickly. Good luck!

  21. Caitlyn says:

    My husband is at basic and I have no idea what the password is or the email and customer service won’t help me even though I am his wife. How can I check his my pay account?

    • Kate says:

      Caitlyn, you will need to wait until your husband is able to add you as an authorized user on his account. Until then, there is no way for you to check his MyPay account. What sort of information are you seeking?

  22. Shigeto Murayama says:

    do not remember receit of a TIM. please send or tell me how to get one. thankyou.

  23. Jeep says:

    I live in Thailand, am retired military. I have been accessing for many years on line. Yesterday and today I tried to access in IE, Firefox and Chrome. None of the 3 browsers can access the website. Do you have an email address for mypay? Thanks and please email me your reply.

  24. SublifeVet says:

    Hello, Im trying to get help from anyone really that might have some insight. I was medically discharged in October and I set up my new login with MyPay. My problem is that I need to print copies of my allotment history for a custody hearing for my son. The option for allotments and the history of it seems to not be in the list anymore now that I am discharged. Is there any way to get the paperwork that I need or someone that I can call to fax it to me? Please help, I am in desperate need of this paperwork. Thank you

  25. Judy says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get a W2 if you can access MY PAY as a civilian. DFAS provides a way to request on DFAS but not MY PAY or anywhere else that I can find. I am now retired and can't access my email anymore. Didn't set any of this up before retirement. HELP!

    • Kate says:

      Judy, for quick help, you can use the "request a W-2" feature at the DFAS website. For longer term help, you can reset your MyPay information to your new email address. It will take a few weeks because it will have to be done via the regular mail.

      I hope that helps!

  26. Beverly says:

    I am retired military and am trying to find out what my deductions are on my military pay. I have a DFAS-CL 7220/148 which shows my federal income tax withholding but where do I find the withholding for tricare medical and dental?

  27. spouse says:

    Well i'm not sure if this will help anybody but some information is better than none. I found this website
    where you fill in your information and their able to send you your old L.E.S's all the way back to 1993. Hope i was able to help someone.