1 June Pay/Memorial Day Holiday

Update 2011:  This post is referring to 2010.   Here is the 2011 information, or I will be posting more information about 2011 soon.  For now, you can read Long Pay Period Warning.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about when people will get paid over the Memorial Day weekend.  The official pay day is Tuesday, 1 June, but lots of banks, including USAA and Navy Federal, try to get those deposits released a day early as a courtesy to their customer.  Since the day before 1 June is Memorial Day, a federal and bank holiday, folks are guessing that they will get their deposit on Friday, 28 May.

I emailed my friends at USAA and they replied that they are thinking that they will be able to post the deposits on Friday, but it really depends on when DFAS releases the funds to them.  I’m not sure if this clears it up or makes it less clear.  It still seems that we will have to wait and see what happens.

Please keep in mind that the next pay day is Tuesday, 15 June.  If the deposit does come on Friday, 28 May, there will be 17-18 days before the next pay.  That’s a long time!  Be sure to plan ahead for that longer stretch.

UPDATE 26 May 2010:  We use Navy Federal, and the deposit is showing pending with a date of 28 May.  I hope that helps.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • Shayla

    Thanks for the info. and the advice!

  • Derrian

    Do you know if wachovia/wells fargo does this?

  • Joe Markowski

    Thanks! I’ve been wondering this for about a month now (i like to plan out my finances). I, as you pointed out, have resigned myself to the wait and see approach. I have USAA so i hope they help us out. I’d rather have the money for memorial day and have the extra days before payday.

  • When will the decision be made about friday payday?

  • When will the decision be made to pay on friday?

  • Lindsey

    We’ve been with USAA for years. We’ll be paid Friday, I’d bet money on it.

    • Chuck Weitzel

      No money in my USAA ACCOUNT yet and it’s Monday Morning. Looks like you lose your bet!

    • 68WWwife

      We’ve been with USAA for years too and I was sure we’d get paid Friday but no. It’s Tuesday the 31st and there is still no deposit from DFAS in our account.

  • Lindsey

    (That is, if we don’t get paid Thursday. I’ve seen that happen.)

  • YN3 H

    Navy Fed members will receive their deposit on May 28th @ 0000. This is confirmed.

  • Kim T

    Is this just for navy fed and usaa, or will dfas just do this for those banks only? or will banks lke suntrust get paid fridat too??? deperate to know this…I have no money to make it thru the weekend cuz i assumed that we would be paid friday cause of the memorial day holiday???please someone advise?

  • Kim, it really depends on your bank. They are obligated to release the funds on Tuesday, 1 June. The banks that release the funds earlier are doing it as a courtesy to their customers. Does your bank usually post the pay deposits earlier? They may or may not be able to tell you if you call. Good luck.

  • Ashley

    I just got off the phone with USAA, the lady told me that our paychecks will post (DFAS) on the 28th which is Friday. You can call them and ask for yourself at 1-800-531-8722

  • Derrian

    and still nobody has Wachovia or Wells Fargo?

  • Lisa O

    I read your update about NavyFed showing your deposit pending with a post date of 28 May. I just signed on to NavyFed and my account is not showing a pending deposit. Could it be since I’m on west coast? I usually don’t really pay attention to pay dates but we really need the money ASAP so I hope you are right!! Thanks for the update.

  • ShellyBlack

    I called Wachovia and the customer service lady said it all depends on what DFAS says as the release date of the funds. I also searched on the internet the DOD has a payday calendar you can look at it tells you the alternate pay days but it was so confusing to me it didnt help. If you google military payday calendar its under 2010 pay dates. Hopefully someone can figure it out. Until then I’m going to do the HURRY UP AND WAIT game!

  • Derrian

    DFAS says the 1st on my LES but usually it comes on the first…but thelady told me that it may deposit saturday morning

  • charla

    Well I checked our account (Usaa) and we didnt get paid today. but a few people we know that use usaa did so I guess it all depends.

  • Tracey

    shelly….what is the link that you found that pay calender on?

  • Tracey

    Shelly what is the link you found the pay chart on?

  • Kristin

    Just went to our NFCU branch since still doesnt show pending deposit on line. The teller said they still aren’t sure when the deposits will be in. They are hoping for Saturday morning.

  • Christie

    Just logged into NFCU & see that our deposit will be made on the 28th, and the funds will be available the 29th. I’m really thankful to Navy Federal for the courtesy! I just took a look at August’s pay schedule and am REALLY worried about it. Both of my in-laws’ birthdays are in August, as well as both of my teenage boys. (not to mention back to school stuff!!) I wish there were a limit to how many days go between paychecks…..

  • Gina W

    I just went on DFAS facebook and it says that we won’t be getting paid until Tuesday. But we use USAA and we ALWAYS get paid the day before and when its a holiday its the business day before.. I called USAA and they said it could be tomorrow or Tuesday but couldn’t tell me anything other than that. . I really hope it is tomorrow so we’ll have the money for the long weekend!

  • Jeffrey

    My LES says 31 May. Does that mean tonight at midnight or tomorrow at midnight. I bank with BB&T.

  • Derrian

    Well I am getting another bank because this is bullcrap!!! Wachovia sucks because they will only rlease the funds to my account on the day that DFAS says so…..which is the 1st…..now DFAS says it’s up the the bank…but neither are willing to talk to each other to see if the funds can be released Friday or Saturday Morning….Im changing banks asap

  • Robert

    I bank with Bank of The West and it has been my experience that in this situation the VA will pay on the 28th and DFAS will be available on the 29th. A very good bank.

  • Isha

    I bank with Wachovia also, I called the cust serv reps and they told me it all depends on different factors, but the only thing that is puzzling is when you make transaction on the weekend they are on hold and do not post until that Monday, So since monday is a holiday how will they do the nightly processing? So I tink we would get paid early but I don’t want to get my hopes up

  • Sarah

    I agree with the poster’s decision to ditch Wachovia/Wells Fargo. I suggest USAA. We’ve had them for years.

  • Connie

    Hi, I bank with Wachovia. I am on the west coast and I have always received the funds on the day DFAS releases the funds. I am positive that the funds will be available by Saturday. If the DFAS releases them tomorrow, then the money is in my account by 7am tomorrow morning.

  • Kathy

    From my experience if the 1st or 15th falls on a Monday, payday is on Saturday (Fridays with USAA). Since Monday is a Holiday, following 2 non-working days the funds usually post on the 1st prior working day…in other words for USAA it will post on Friday morning. For Navy Fed and North Island it will post late Friday night (usually around 2200 or 2300) or Saturday morning. I’ve banked with all 3 banks I mentioned and still bank with NFCU and NIFCU. Hope this helps and hope you all get paid at least at the start of the weekend. Have a safe Memorial Day y’all!

  • Jessica

    Ugh. I just looked at USAA and it’s 5:50 am and it hasn’t posted. I REALLY hope it goes in today.

  • Kitty

    We back with USAA as well.. Still no paycheck for us. :(

  • adrian

    Usaa doesnt update till 7 or 8 in the morning….

  • sami

    we bank with becu and no paycheck so far, really wish we could get paid today

  • blondnessss

    We use USAA and our pay JUST posted…it’s 5:40am where we live, 6:40am DFAS time. THANK GOODNESS!

  • Tammy

    I bank with Wachovia and there weren’t any funds released from DFAS today. Hopefully it will be on Saturday.

  • DDen

    Bank with USAA still waiting…

  • blondnessss

    I sure pray y’all get paid. I know I said a little prayer before I checked my account, and thank goodness it was there! I know how frustrating it is to “wait and see”, especially now, when it’s the start of a holiday weekend!

  • Kate

    Just looked at our account with USAA and nothing either. It’s 649am Est Time. UGH!!!

  • Jessica

    Thank god! It just posted!! Hope everyones posts soon!!

  • Amber

    I still havent gotten anything with either of my banks we are in the middle of switching from navyfed to USAA so i dont know still nothing on usaa and then navy fed there is no pend deposit… keeping my figures crossed!

  • blondnessss

    Yay! Another one! :) Think positive, think positive guys!!!

  • Amber

    Still noting just checked USAA.. about to check navyfed

  • James

    It is 0658 now

    I checked and it posted. I hope some of you who have not gotten it yet get it soon. I woke up at 4am. Epic wait.

  • melissa

    we have usaa and we just got paid. so i hope everyone else did too. have a good weekend.

  • sheena

    Does anyone know about armed forces bank?

  • Sean

    Does anyone know how this payday is going to work with wells fargo and also how it works if im stationed over in South Korea

  • Jake

    I’ve been with Wachovia since i joined and if the payday falls on the day after a weekend we usually get the money in the account Saturday morning hope it helps

  • Kristin

    My husband and I have a USAA account and NFCU account. The USAA account has the money in it. The NFCU does not have the money, nor does it say pending. However, the branch manager and a telephone representitive told me it would be available Saturday. Heres hoping.

  • Rebekah

    We have Military Bank of America and it hasnt posted yet :( . Does anyone know about them??

  • sue

    rebekah, bank of america posts a day later than usaa…so it should be there saturday a.m. :)

  • Rebekah

    Thanks Sue!I knew they where a day later but just wasnt sure about it being there on Sat :).Im crossing my fingers!

  • sue

    oh, me too rebekah…..got my fingers crossed too…the people at the bank are no help either…..all i know is that our bank posts a day later than usaa ALL THE TIME so i just hoping it is the same this time:)

  • Kels

    Wondering if BOA will actually post on Saturday since they are not working on Monday…….fingers are definately crossed, for I am in Europe and would love the travel money!!!

  • Saundra

    Any idea if retiree pay will post early?

  • Rebekah

    yea Im never really sure with BOA..I cant remember if its ever posted on a sat before..hmm..

    im really thinking about changing to USAA!

  • sue

    rebekah…i can tell ya, whenever the 1st is on a monday, bank of america will ALWAYS post on saturday. and if usaa got paid already, and nfcu is pending tomorrow (they pay the same as boa), we SHOULD be getting paid tomorrow also.

  • Rebekah

    GOOD!! Thanks so much Sue!!

  • Corey

    I bank with M&I anyone else with them know when they are posting funds fri sat or ugh tues

  • Luc

    I’m with Wells Fargo/Wac. Hopefully we get paid on sat

  • ash.

    BOA is the worst bank ever. i am not sure if the deposit is going to go through on tues or saturday and whe you call they have no idea! and online it doesnt even show a pending deposit. this is very frustrating!!

  • Kristi

    sheena…armed forces will post laaate tonight/ early sat morning…….that who i bank with for years. if it falls on a monday or a situation like this it will be there saturday morning!!!

  • Isha

    Wachovia really sucks, all tehy keep saying is it will be there no later than the 1st duh.. I know that. the 1st is the oeiginal pay date so y would it be in any later ugh…

  • fran

    Do anyone know about Allsouth??? We usually get paid the same day as USAA but at around 4:30.

  • Does anyone know anything about SunTrust bank. Was advised that deposit would be made on Tuesday the 1st of June. Really does not make any sense to me. (Who’s going to make the transaction on May 31st?) since all Federal/Bank employees are not working due to the Federal Holiday. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Brandon

    Anyone have chase and know what’s up with them?

  • Trish

    I’ve just hung up with Wachovia they stated they see the pending deposit but it’s not set to release until the first. I pray to God that’s not true cause man are we broke. We been paid on Saturday before so I hope that’s the case this time. If anyone has any further information please share.

  • when will retirees be paid

  • Nicole

    I’ve worked in banks in the past and usually the funds post the last business night before payday. Since payday is SUPPOSED to be June 1, then money should become available tonight-so it will hard post on Tuesday night..since FED will be closed on Monday. This has just been my experience in the past…good luck!

  • Renee’

    @Ronn I called suntrust and she said that she was 99.9% sure it would be there tomorrow. No one will be there to post anything on monday for it to release on tuesday morning. They have no choice but to deposit saturday morning. They can pay us early but definitely not late! Systems will update between 12AM-6AM so I would check after 6AM. Hope this helps.

    We’ve had many banks including USAA, NFCU, BOA, WAMU and now suntrust and with my experience of 5 years of getting paid from the Navy, i’m sure we will get paid tomorrow. We are ALWAYS without delay the day after USAA.

  • PAM


  • david

    I don’t think anyone should have to wait for a pay check before starting a 96 or “holiday weekend”. I thought this the entire time I was active duty. But, I also believed they should get rid of the 1st and 15th crap and pay you every two weeks.

    Where did the saying “a days pay for a days work” come from? These days you do a days work for days without getting paid. :) Something to ponder.

  • Fitz

    if you have allsouth federal credit union . you will get paid today. i just got paid

  • steve

    so…chase just told me my deposit isnt due till monday, so since mondays the holiday do i get paid tomorrow? any help will be very very appreciated!

  • yes I have chase too can someone please tell me if we will be receiving our pay on sat or do we have to wait till tuesday??



  • jonny

    Just checked with wells fargo. They say they have not recieved a pending payment. The VA says they sent it. Should i be worried?

  • Hey Renee,

    Sure hope you’re right. What you stated made plenty of sense… Thanks!

  • tammy

    I asked a Wachovia customer service rep about when our pay will be available and didnt get a straight answer. I was told we will get paid the morning that our employer has authorized for us to get paid (which would be June 1.) However, it was a general statement, and I dont think they took the fact that memorial day is monday into consideration. Basically, we need to hope and wait that saturday morning we can see it posted :)

  • Victor

    I have NFCU and I always get paid early, a day earlier than even mypay says.

  • Victor

    To be precise I get the deposit at 9:00 on the post date because of the time difference of being on the west coast.

  • Sean

    I bank with wells fargo and im currently in south korea so nothing for me yet. has anyone got paid on their wells fargo account yet?

  • Isha

    Okay Wachovia Bankers, I just called again and this time I got a woman rep and she told me the funds will be in the account saturday morning. I am so glad that I finally got a straight answer from them, also I am glad because my funds were running really low. :-)

  • Victoria conley

    We have usaa and got our paycheck like three am here for them seven am. Love usaa :) hope everyone gets their paycheck before the long weekend.

  • Golian

    I have nfcu and I don’t think we got paid I’m getting pretty angry

  • Alveta

    ugh……just checked online banking with SUNTRUST and NOOOOOOOO deposit yet hoping it comes before the looooong weekend. my neighbor has NFCU and got paid at midnight gosh!!!! this is frustrating seriously

  • Drea

    ANY 1 HAVE BANK OF AMERICA? We haven’t recieved ours yet and its 2am here on the east coast. Has any one recieved their pay that nanks with Bank Of America? Thanks

  • dee

    Drea, I’m BoA to. nothing yet. I think we may see something after 6am sat morning. let keep fingers cross.

  • Thomas

    I’ve checked with Wachovia online, but no luck yet. Has anyone gotten paid yet through Wachovia? I am SERIOUSLY considering going to USAA.

  • Drea

    Dee, I have my fingers, eyes, and toes crossed lol. I really do hope so.

  • Steel

    BoA sucks! I’m in Japan and I’ve been waiting since yesterday. Dee, do you think it will be 6 a.m. East Coast time? If so, that’s 7 pm here.

  • chase bank

    I have chase and been worried I wouldn’t get paid but finally around 3am and my check has hit so good luck to the rest of you !!!

  • Steel

    Still nothing from BoA! :(

  • Brian

    Just got paid through Wachovia. Hope everyone else gets theirs soon!

  • Steel

    I heard Navy Federal is still in a pending status. Is this true?

  • dee

    Drea, just check BOA and I’m paid :) check yours you shuld be to on east coast

  • dee

    Steel, pay came in at 3am 29th

  • dee

    Look like we will all get paid by 29th, sometime before 10:00am. things look good for everyone I hope.

  • dee

    if not online. do the phone call ot try ATM some times the online site is slowt update but the ATM is available> just a thought guys.

  • Steel

    Wow, I guess I still have some more time to wait. Still nothing for me yet. This is not good.

  • Joe

    Well 5 am on east coast and still no check

  • Steel

    Same here…still nothing and still waiting. I have a big night tonight that’s looking like is going to get watered down a little.

  • Joe

    Finally. My check posted. Have a good weekend.

  • SunTrust just posted(5:45 am EST) which leads me to believe that everyone should get paid today. You guy’s enjoy your weekend… and Thanks,

  • Steel

    I can’t believe this…my bank still hasn’t posted yet!

  • cris

    i thought wellsfargo/wachovia customers get the pay this sat. morning?

  • tammy

    I have wachovia, just checked my bank online and I got paid. Hope all the other wellsfargo/wachovia and other banks did also. :) Have a great weekend!

  • Bank of America/ 0600 / 29May10. Paycheck is in.

  • Sonia

    Does anyone bank with dod overseas community bank!? They’re part of BOA. I just wanted to know if anyone has gotten paid from community bank yet. I’m in South Korea and hasn’t gotten paid. The bank said Monday but I don’t see how if they always pay out a day early?

  • BJackson

    does anybody bank with eagle federal….i have checked multiple times today and still a no go…central pacific time…

  • ak

    fort stewart credit union says tuesday ugh!!!!

  • linda

    Do anyone know when we will recieve our post 911 housing allowance for June. Thought I would recieve it today, but nothing posted.

  • Brandon

    I have chase and got paid this morning. YAY

  • Jared

    Still waiting for DOD community bank to pay us too. Looks like I’m pulling out of the savings for this weekend. What a shame

  • Erik

    Well it’s 15:04 here central time and nothing for me, not even showing as pending. I bank with Capitol Finance. Yesterday I created a USAA membership. Looks like that bank will be the better choice.

  • Sonia

    Jared, community bank says monday so I won’t get paid till Monday night! Were switching over to USAA. idk why bank of America people got paid and we didnt they’re practically the same bank

  • Jared

    Community Bank hasn’t been bad until lately. None of the operators or tellers know anything about when checks clear. Looks like USAA forbme too.

  • Steel

    Community Bank is going to get an ear full from me on Tuesday. I spoke with a representative at the bank on Friday and I was told, “Sir, it will post Friday at midnight.” Now, it’s Sunday morning and nothing. I’m done with them and not for just this reason. Luckly, I don’t live paycheck to paycheck. Also, how can they pay Monday night when everything is processed from the U.S. Will it be Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday?

  • Sonia

    Steel, I asked the same question to the man who told me Monday! It’s a federal holiday so how the heck is it gonna get deposited on Monday If no one is open then! I have never had a problem with community bank because usually they pay early. They also say their system updates regardless if the bank is open or not so Sunday night I hope there’s a pending transaction or they’ll hear from me too

  • Eric

    Im under the post 0/11 g.i. bill and i want to know when they will receive our housing allowance… anybody got any answers?

  • Eric

    post 9/11

    im under the post 9/11 g.i. bill and i was wondering when we will receive our housing allowance with memorial day falling on the 31st?

  • Erik

    14:00 hrs Sunday and still nothing showing pending so yup looks like Tuesday for me. Turns out to be a long week end. It bites but I guess I will survive. Just sucks though.

  • Christie

    I can’t stand the 1st & the 15th pay schedule, either. I don’t think anyone should have to wait 17, 18, 19 days between paychecks. Especially in todays economic climate….

  • Erik

    Well for those of us that have not been paid…look up there is a positive spin to this. It’s officially Monday now so we get paid tomorrow. At least I should hope so but then I will liquidate my account into the new USAA account. My bank won’t know what hit them, I’ll do it so fast. Tired of having to wait till the evening on the day the pay is due.

  • I bank @ TIC federal credit union. and I am in korea. it’s monday night and still I have nothing in my account. this is so terrible. they told me it’s going in sunday. Then sunday passed and now it’s monday night. I think I am going over to USAA for now on.

  • I would love to see TIC go bankrupt because of this. Eveyone should leave them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel


    I am the same way (under post 9-11 GI bill) and waiting on my BAH to post so I can pay rent, its a holiday but rent is still due tomorrow… however, I have USAA and nothing has posted yet. I checked my previous statements and have always had the money posted between the 29th and 31st – never had one as late as the 1st. I’m kind of getting worried because I’ve heard horror stories about not getting payments on time for the GI bills! Fingers crossed and praying right now! Oh and no one is any offices to answer phones right now – jeeesh, holidays!

  • Sonia

    Dod community bank got paid at 2230 Korea time

  • Eric


    O ok… thanks for the info! I thought i was the only one in the dark… i hope they get things right… because they put people in a tight position… and some cant afford it!

  • Julie

    I’m with DOD Community Bank also – In the UK. No paycheck as of 1225am UK time- nothing showing pending either. Hopefully by morning it will be there, if not – I’ll be calling. Good thing we transfer to the US at the end of the month! I’ll start putting full paycheck back in NFCU and all will be well.

  • Rachel

    Yeah, hopefully it’ll come in tomorrow! I’m was counting on it as well!

    What bank do you have Eric?

  • Eric

    I have Navy Federal.

  • Eric


    you have any numbers where i can try to get in contact with them?

  • Rachel

    Oh, I have USAA… both should be really good at getting the payments in. I’m wondering if it has somthing to do with going into summer sessions. I was reading you have to be enrolled full time even in the summer to receive benefits (which I am)but I’m wondering if my school officer reported it or not???

    The best bet I would say would be to contact the VA officer at your school. You could probably call the GI Bill hotline as well: 1-888-442-4551. I think since you have navy federal they should also know. If I don’t get mine by tomorrow am I will def be making some calls!

    Good Luck!

  • Erik

    Called the VA earlier today and the automated phone service told me my check was already deposited but bank said no. There was actually someone there to answer the phone!!!They told me it won’t post till tomorrow. And Happy Memorial day to all of you and Thanks for your Service!

  • Eric


    Can i get the number you used for the automated service???

  • Rachel

    Well… I just talked to my school’s VA lady as well as the VA lady (1-888-442-4551 : push ‘0’ till you get someone, be advised LOOONG wait times)

    Apparently my problem is that my school did not file summer paper work on time saying I was a full time student over the summer, so there will be a delay in payments. Even though the paperwork was filed last week. It takes 2 -4 weeks after filing that you are taking summer classes to get paid (tuition, books and BAH).

    So now its just a waiting game for me. Hope you have better luck!

  • Eric


    Thanks for the info!

    When did you enroll in school? because i think we are in the same boat… its always somethin with that VA office…. smh… and thanks for the number.

  • Rachel

    I’ve been receiving benefits since Feb of this year…. it was a long process getting the benefits even started but then was working fine until summer came along!

  • hailey

    If we did get paid on May 28th for the June 1st paycheck, will we have to wait until June 15th for our next paycheck?

    • KateKashman

      hailey, the next payday is 15 June. When your bank decides to release the funds is completely up to them. If they typically pay early, then they will probably pay early for the 15 June payday. What does your bank usually do?