Lowe’s Military Discount Now Available All Year Long

Reader Feedback Requested:  Lowe’s and Home Depot Military Discount and Veterans Discount

Update 5 May 2011:  Home Depot has reconfirmed that they still offer their military and veteran’s discounts.

Update 14 July 2010:  Lowe’s has reiterated their policy about the military discount here:  Lowe’s Official Answer on Military Discounts

Home improvement retailer Lowe’s has been great about offering a 10% military discount for major holiday weekends of Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veteran’s Day.  Now they are expanding their discount to be available every day for active-duty, National Guard and reserve, retiree and disabled service members, and their families.  Other veterans will still be able to take advantage of the discount on the promotional holiday weekends.  The complete press release can be found here.

This is a great gift from Lowe’s to the military community.  As we all know, our home improvement schedules don’t always fall in line with the calendar.  Now we will be able to take advantage of this generous discount whenever our schedules permit.

Also, don’t forget to ask for military discounts whenever you are shopping.  In the last week, I’ve gotten a discount at Home Depot and also at our optician.  Those dollars saved can really add up!

Update 07/14/2010:  Lowe’s Official Answer on Military Discounts

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Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.

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  1. FRANK MILOTTE | February 17, 2010 at 2:29 am |


  2. Where I live Lowe's has been giving the military discount for over a year now. You get the dicount in addition to any sale prices. This has made us get off the stick and do several improvements to our house. Thank you Lowes!

  3. Peter Ehlenberger | February 17, 2010 at 5:25 am |

    Lowes honors veterans of all categories. As for The Home Depot, they honor active duty only! Their honor is limited.

  4. Home Depot in my region has ALWAYS honored all vets (all types and never asks for proof). Lowes has just recently offered, and limits it to a specific list. People like me who are Iraqi vets, but not active / current reserve / retired / disabled get nothing. So obviously, I prefer Home Depot… I think it varies greatly by region and the store manager. Nevertheless, kudos to my local Home Depot for ALWAYS offering it to vets of all types. Thanks.

  5. Lowe's was taking my discharge, now they want a picture id I can't seem to find out how to get a military id

  6. I love Lowe's for giving a discount. It sure helps out alot. I just wish more places would honor the vets the way lowe's does. None of them would be in business if the vet were not keeping them safe.

  7. I'm glad that Lowe's recognizes the military. However, they do not let it be known to those who have served in a public manner. Why ? It is, as if, to me… they're offering it, but really don't wat people to use it. I could be wrong. That is what it comes across to me. Make it publicaly/nationally known and be proud of it !!! I bet they'd see a sales increase. Iraq Veteran/21 yr USA Retired

  8. Bob Friedland | March 27, 2010 at 12:56 pm |

    Lowe's ads offer a 10% discount for a variety of military-related people, including veterans. But it turns out that only a certain class of veteran is included. Home Depot andwered my inquiry thus: Starting on March 10, 2010, The Home Depot offers a 10% discount year round to all active duty personnel, reservists, retired service members, veterans and their immediate families. I've been unable to reach Lowe's for a written policy statement. But I researched the ID that they want, and found it to be a card that you get when you go to a VA hospital or clinic. It was not issued routinely to Viet Nam era veterans or others. It includes your photo, so you probably have to request it in person. And it seems that not all veterans qualify. Although the DOD always boasts about services for veterans (health included), now you have to pass a means test first. Veterans who sought VA health care before sometime early in this decade are automatically covered for life. Other veterans may not have promised VA health care when they need it most. (By the way, some Lowe's stores accept a DD214 for the every day discount. If they don't, you can try having them accept it to match Home Depot. Their price policy is to match their competitors.)

  9. I have seen the corporate policy that Lowe's issued requiring an ID from the VA for the discount. It was shown to me by the manager of my local store, who was quite upset that they cannot give the discount to veterans. The new ID required policy is a cost cutting measure by Lowes and it essentially cuts out most veterans, even disabled veterans, such as myself since I do not go to the VA for medical treatment. I have made a call to their "customer care" line and they are investigating the policy. The first time I called Lowes customer care line, the supervisor gave the the regional VA number and said they would give me an ID. I called the VA number and was told that they don't appreciate Lowes giving out their number as a place to get an ID since they don't give out ID's unless you were receiving active medical treatment. All you veterans out there need to complain to Lowes office corporate. They are trying to boost their public relations status by stating that they give the discount to veterans and yet they are requiring a stipulation (ID card) that veterans and even most disabled veterans don't have. This is a new policy. Previously, they would accept my letter from the VA indicating that I'm receiving compensation for my "service related disability" now they don't.

  10. Thomas L. Wood | May 28, 2010 at 10:05 am |

    I think the 10% discount Lowe's offers to veterans is great, however their meaning of a vet. has mixed feelings. I know some retired vets that never left the US during their military career, and they get the discount. I know some veterans that put their life on the line every day in Korea an Viet Nam, and cannot get a discount. On some of the holidays, Lowe's offers a discount to vets if they have a copy of DD214, I can't get a copy as all my records, along with thousands of others, was destroyed in the July 12,1973 St.Louis fire. I do have a copy of my honorable discharge, also a billfold size proof of service, but that doesn't count. I hope Lowe's will have the heart to change their policy to help all us other vets. Thanks

  11. I saw a copy of the corporate policy and it shows the "acceptable forms of ID" required to get the discount. For the veterans, it's the identification card for the medical plan (VIC card I believe it's called). So according to Lowes, only those veterans signed up for medical coverage through the VA count as veterans. Please contact Lowes corporate office to let them know how wrong this policy is. Hope Depot gives veterans the 10% discount with DD214 or documentation of disability from the VA. Lowes is supposed to honor other store discounts so I'm also going to bring a bunch of Home Depot receipts showing the "military discount" and asking them to match the discount until they fix their unfair policy.

  12. UPDATE: I have been in contact with a guy named Brian from Lowes Executive support. His phone number is 866-284-8989. I had also contacted the 2 people listed on the press release but Brian is the one who got back to me. He's trying to say that the Dept. of Defense gives disabled veterans an id, rather than a DD214 if they have 5 or more years of service (meaning they re-upped?), i.e., those who only were in 4 years or less only get a DD214, those in longer and disabled get an id. I never heard of that!!! In fact the DoD does not determine a veteran's extent of disability, the VA does. Brian said that the Dept of Defense considers disabled veterans who did not serve 5 years differently so that is Lowes justification for not giving the majority of disabled veterans the 10% discount. I told him, that's just great that Lowes doesn't consider those of us who are disabled during our first tour of duty but don't sign up for the VA health plan "disabled." Other disabled veterans out there are well aware that Lowes is not honest when they say they give the discount to disabled veterans year round…they put the ID requirement in the new policy to specifically cut out most disabled veterans. I told him I'd travel the extra 4 miles to go to Home Depot instead and I spend lots of money at home improvement stores (go there at least twice a week while renovating)…more than $7000 over the last 2 months. I will not patronize their stores until they change their policy.

  13. ALSO-the VIC card is only available to those who meet an income requirement, less than $35,000 for a family of 2. Lowes should have done some research before coming out with their policy…or maybe they did it intentionally (as at least one Lowes store manager suggested) to cut costs. I'm sure all you disabled veterans out there will let Lowes know you don't appreciate that they really don't have respect for your service. It's fine to say they give the discount to disabled veterans and their families year round but in actuality, by requiring a VA ID which doesn't exist, they aren't giving the discount to those who paid a very dear price for their service.

  14. Further UPDATE: The woman at the VA gave me incorrect information about the Veteran Health Program this morning. I went to the website and read the form directions. Those veterans who are compensibly disabled, DO NOT have to meet an income criteria. I will be applying for the health program. I hope this update is helpful to others. Go to the VA website and fill out form 1010EZ to apply. I will probably still patronize Home Depot as they didn't give me the run around that Lowes did for the discount.

  15. I feel that Lowes should offer their own I.D. card for Veterans, disabled or not , if they show Lowes proof of their service (DD214) and or their disability. Getting the VA ID card they require is not possible for me as I am not getting VA health care benefits at this time.

    MAYBE…..next time I'm going to Home Depot or Menards.

  16. As I have other good insurance, I'm not going to go apply for the VA Health Program. My husband who works for the health insurance company says it will just make matters more complicated in getting my claims filed when they have to deal with a secondary health plan. So I also will not be getting the VA health plan id. Lowes is really making it easy for them to exclude most disabled veterans. I am going to Home Depot from now on.

  17. Lowe's is offering this discount voluntarily, so they do not have to change their policies. Most places that offer a military discount only include active duty. Instead of complaining that Lowe's is not including everyone, be grateful for what they are doing.

    OIF 05-07 U.S. Army veteran

  18. I work at the VA and in the Eligibility/Enrollment Department. VICs are only issued to Veterans who meet a certain service requirement and financial threshold. If these Vets are over a certain threshold (based off number of dependents) they are not eligible for free VA health care and do not get an ID card. Vets who are disabled or Service connected fall into different categories where they may not have to provide their income. These Vets should have ID cards. So there are two different statuses: Service connected and Nonservice connected…being Nonservice connected and exceeding the financial threshold does not mean they are not Veterans! It just means they are ineligible for free Healthcare…there's a major difference. Not all Vets are required to seek VA healthcare, so would not have a VIC. This is a ridiculous policy and very unfair to those Vets who deserve these benefits because of their Service time…it has nothing to do with being disabled or finances (that dosesn't change the fact they're still a Vet).

  19. I live in Wareham Massachusetts and the Lowes store will not accept a DD214. They also want a picture i.d. I showed them my vehicle registration which substantiates that I am a veteran, and they still refused. I called the VA and they stated that picture i.d's are only issued to veterans that receive medical benefits. The VA said that they get complaints every day about Lowes and that we should go to Home Depot. H.D has more respect for veterans. I explained to their corporate office that a widow with a picture i.d. gets the discount but an actual veteran doesn't. I asked their corporate public relations person, Katie, for the name of a board member that is a Vet and she never got back to me. I just purchased $5,000 worth of doors and othe rbuilding material from H.D. and they thanked me for my service. Hope all Vets go to where they are respected for their service and Lowes isn't the place to go.

  20. As far as I know, Lowes in Conyers GA still offers the discount. I hope it stays that way.

    Our business has been withdrawn from Home Depot. My husband is in the Middle East and we just bought a house that requires LOTS of work. I am taking care of it all on my own like many military spouses out there do.

    Even one of their credit card selling points with me was that I would ALWAYS get 10% off. The last time I was there the cashier (Debbie) gave me tons of needless attitude (like she was proud of the fact) and said that they would only give my husband a discount. As long as he is active duty. As long as he also has a valid driver's license. I am not qualified. Shame on them. My card is being paid off. I will not buy from Home Depot!

    I understand that businesses are cutting back and saving money with the state of our economy being what it is and all. But penalizing military families just doesn't seem justifiable to me.

    The thousands of dollars that will be spent for my husband to come back to a nice home will be given to LOWES.

  21. I think it is very deceiving on Lowes part to make people think they are going to get the veterans discount when they only have the DD214 card. I will be shopping at home depot from now on.

  22. Steve Fleming | August 19, 2010 at 6:48 am |

    I am a verteran but not active duty. I have been enjoying (and telling others) that Lowes and Home Depot offer veterans a 10% discount but now Lowes is basically identifying a subset of veterans and require a photo ID (something you apparently get if your receiving health care, which I am not). Home Depot on the otherhand provides the benefit to all veterans and accepts any ID card that shows you are a veteran along with Drivers ID (which they noramlly don't ask for). So I am saving money at Home Depot now for all my purchases. Unfortunate because I actually favor Lowes in many cases and locations.

  23. On Aug 24, I purchased some items at the Lowe's store in Lexington, Va. A manager who checked me out informed me that I would have to have photo ID in the future rather than the DD Form 217A I have been using in order to get a military discount. He was not very nice about it either. I had never had a problem before. I believe Lowe's is trying to renege on their previous policy. Why don't they make a uniform policy and publish it? Their employees have in the past been super co-operative about accepting Form 217A.

  24. 9/22/10 I purchased $3800 in Cabinets from Lowe's. Because the Cabinet Company was offering a promotional 10% discount, Lowe's denied giving me the 10% military discount. They claim that you have to choose one or the other. When I called the corperate office the told me the same thing "you can not get the military discount on items that are already discounted". This was the first time I have ever been denied the military discount from Lowe's, sale item or not!

  25. Lowe's also changed policy with their discount. You can no longer get a 10% discount and charge your purchase on the Lowe's card. You can only get the 10% if you pay cash.

    TO THE HEAD BEAN COUNTER. As a retired veteran, I appreciate what you have done for us. In the past two years, I have flipped two homes and charged about $19,000.00 from your company. That has changed. I will now go to Home Depot, as they still honor the 10% discount for veterans, regardless if I pay cash or not.

  26. if lowes dosent cooperate with vets,…shop in home depot…..support the stores that support you….they dont have a good attitude towrds vets,,,,lowes sucks big time shop home depot

  27. Thanks Lowe's for the 10% discount I receive yesterday.

    And all I have to do was showed them my VA ID card. By the way, I was told is the only form of id that they would acepted.

    Thanks lowe's!!!!!!!!!

  28. I shopped at Lowes in Murphy, NC and received the same treatment as many others. A poor attitude even implying that my DD214 could easily be a forgery. Lowes is minimizing its exposure to Vet discounts with the current policy (their option). I maximize my purchasing power by shopping at Home Depot (consumer's option).

  29. Well, scratch Home Depot off the list.

    Was denied the discount today as I did not have a "veterans photo ID". They had been giving it to me for a while now using my American Legion card for ID. I was told that the reason for the crackdown is that the discount was being abused, with non-veterans using the discount.

    It is their belief that one can join the VFW without being a vet! So basically, someone posing as a vet appears to have spoiled it for us!

    Happy Veterans Day!

  30. How can one join the VFW if not a veteran in a war zone? My husband was in the Navy years ago but has never been able to join any VFW in several states because he did not set foot in a war zone (he sailed by the Bay of Pigs but did not land in Cuba during that crisis thus does not qualify as a veteran of a foreign war).

  31. Thanks Loews for honoring our veterans.
    Happy Veterans Day.

  32. I personally spent over $5200.00 at lowe's while completing my backyard. It got to the point I was shopping there so much, that the cashiers new me by name & had memorized the last 4 digits of 2 of myakor credit cards! I have never been denied a military discount! I have been to Iraq 4 times and Afghanistan 2 times in my 11 years in the service! My family and I very grateful to those companies that support the military!! It's like I tell everyone here stateside, "I don't hear bombs going off in your backyard!" But, I'm afraid that will not always be the case in this lifetime… We should all be grateful to whoever supports us as military members & families!! Quit complaining and be more appreciative!

  33. Lowe’s is NOT supporting run of the mill veterans. This is what I just took off the LOWE’s website:

    Current and former military personnel and their immediate families get 10% off this Veterans Day weekend. Offer ends 11/15/2010.

    Offer available for all active, reserve, retired and medically discharged military personnel and their immediate families.

    Must show valid military ID or VIC card at the time of purchase. Offer is good for the purchase of any in-stock or Special Order merchandise only up to $5000 (maximum discount $500).

  34. Just went to Lowe's today for Veteran immediate family discount. My situation is my father served 3 tours of active duty all in war time. 1945-1949, 1950-1954 active Navy. 1968-1969 was in U. S. Navy Seabee's and was recalled at age 43 to spend 11 months in Da Nang Vietnam. He recently passed away from a long bout with Alzheimer's. But in Lowe's ad it said immediate family. I had all three of his separation papers with me. The woman just asked if he was with me I said no. She said if he was with me she would have no problem giving me the discount. If he could be with me I wouldn't need the immediate family clause stated in their ad. I had just come from his grave site and was not too happy. She never even made eye contact with me. My beef is it says immediate family, if the veteran was there where would the family part come in. It just makes me mad that so many men and women serve this country and it is just as hard on family members and there is no support or caring it seems. I did it just to test Lowe's I would have saved $15 that I could care less about. But I do expect people and companies to value the service of our men and women. Also I'm mad at myself because I was too selfish to serve our country. I couldn't see being separated from family for $20,000 a year or whatever the tiny amount of the salary paid to those folks back in 1975 when I was 18 years old. Sorry I just had to vent. The Veteran's Administration is such a lousy organization to deal with. God bless all you veterans and your families. Thank You for your service.

  35. Check out this blog about home depot and the 10% discount I suggest from now on go to small improvement stores. Lowe's or Home depot will not get my money the policies are a joke and a slap in the face! I was fortunate enough to not get hurt during my assignments and therefore I am a 2nd CLASS veteran.

  36. Home Depot will honor all vets with any form of ID that you have served in the military.. American Legion Membership card, VVA , VFW , Vet medical card.. DD214 or discharge. Picture IDs are only given to retired and active duty.

    Time to step up to the Plate , 24/7 Lowes

  37. Home Depot never has even asked me to prove it that I was a 10year veteran. they thanked me for my service and promptly gave me the 10%. They gave it to me not on a holiday either. (HD new milford ct)

    I am going to Lowe's tonight only because my wife has a leftover gift card to use up…(danbury ct)

  38. I am posting a follow-up to the Dec 3rd post I did…
    We went to Lowes last night with the intent to get a cheap freezer. All Energy-Star appliances were 10% off…so there was the first discount (last time I was there, the cashier said it was not additive, discount on-top-of discount). I asked the salesman,,he said "Hey always give it a try up there at the front register".
    So, I looked for an "un-seasoned" not-so-rough person, looked for the young, hard-working cashier, who looked like she would appreciate a veterans service…then I made small talk,,you know,,,"how's it going..? "been busy tonight?" did you have to work Black friday?" you know the usual banter to get someone "on your side".
    AND I did not have any retiree card,,,only some cards like Naval Academy Alumni Association. picture of me in uniform… I forgot to bring in my DD-214.

    Anyway,,(sorry for being long-winded). She gave us the discount…

    599 -10% for energy star…-10% veteran…


    it is all in who you get…and maybe if you are nice.

  39. I left LOWE's than an hour ago. Store MGR said only Active, Reserve, or Retired verterans qualify. I spent $10K over the past year on my Kitchen upgrade and they always honored the 10% Veteran discount(That's ANY Veteran with an old ID of course). Thought this was great, now I have to wait until the 4th of July 2011 to go back.

  40. Home Depot at East Palo Alto doesn't honor the 10% discount on sale items in the appliances department. But other manager at the checkout counter may offer the discount depending on who you talk with. You have to show your idendificatin though.

  41. If you are a disabled vet you will have a pic id and the new ones say service related.Quit crying and go get a pic id if you are registered with the va and are indeed retired,active or disabled.Quit complaining about a store that offers a discount and wants you to show an id,you can't get a discount at a store unless you have the coupon.That's all I got to say about this.

  42. ben terwellen | December 30, 2010 at 2:36 pm |

    Lowes an Home Depot you are doing a great thing by giving the 10% discount throughout the year, you may not hear from the silent majority believe me we all appreciate it, any complaints is from the same group of people that if you were giving it away would complain that they had to wait in line and does it come in another color. You just can't please all the people. I definetly shop at your stores and tell others what great companies that you both are in supporting the military. Thank you….

  43. Just left Lowes and even though I got the 10% off in the end it was really more of a slap in the face than anything. While checking out, we asked about the discount and thy asked for military id. I explained that i was a veteran and we dont get military ids after discharge. There was then discussion between my friend, the cashier and the next cashier over about whether or not I was disabled. THAT was extremely embarr***ing and I felt inappropriate. The people checking out at the next register all stopped and looked at me. So now either theyre probably wondering what’s wron with me or thinking I’m trying to scam 10% off. I had to return with my VIC because i don’t carry it everywhere (old one with SSN on it) and all the cashier wanted to do was say he was covering his *** and wouldn’t even look at me. It may be “nice” of them to give a discount but it seems it’s only in response to home depots policy. Lowes seems to be giving the discounts begrudgingly and only because they would have to match the competitors discount anyways. The initial refusal to give the 10% was one thing but the shameful way it was handled after will make me think twice before I purchase from them again. Home depot is just as close and will get my $ from now on.

  44. It seems that a majority of the complaints here isn't about the everyday discount ( HD and Lowes give the discount 365 now!!). It appears the bitching is about Identification. Folks, call up the VA hospital in your area. The operator will ask for your social and qualify you or not qualify you. If you qualify go see your doctor and get a picture id. Trust me it's worth it for the years to come. The health care is excellent ( my doctors visits cost me nothing; prescriptons are $8) and you will always save %10 at Lowes and HD. I just show my VA card and I'm done. I got out of the Army in 95' after 4 years of service with no disability or anything like that. . Just a Honorable Discharge. If anything go to VA and you will be set for life. My Dad got out of the Navy in 55' and has been going to the VA for over 30 years. He's the one who told me about the discounts a few years ago. Sorry so long of a post. Just FYI…….. Jeff

  45. Contrary to popular belief Lowe's does NOT give a 10% discount to all veterans. In order to receive the Military10% Discount a customer must present a military photo ID or a VA photo ID. So if you're not currently on active duty, or a reservist, or a 20+ year retiree, or on a VA disability, you're out of luck. Wrongly, this allows an 18-year old national guard reservist who's never been out of his own state a discount and disallows Medal Of Honor recipient Jon Caviani and millions of other veterans who came under hostile fire and were fortunate enough to get out of there with their lives, a few bucks off. There's something seriously wrong with that and Lowe's should do something about it.

  46. I've never had issues obtaining my 10% discounts at either Lowe's or Home Depot… I think they are both great stores that really help the vets in my town. Sorry to you all that received poor treatment, but don't bash the entire franchise. They are doing great things for those who are and have served.

  47. Stwephen A Talmadge | February 22, 2011 at 1:59 pm |

    I have my dd214.
    How do I obtain the card they mention. I am 80, service years 1954-56.?

  48. Iwas just at Home Depot the other day they stopped the discount and said Lowes was doing the same as of that day

  49. I was paying for items at Home Depot on 3-2-2011 and asked the clerk for my 10% veterans discount. I produced my driver's license that has "vet" on the type of license issued in Georgia. The clerk refused my discount because this proof of being a veteran was no longer valid. Home Depot started this policy was implemented a few weeks ago and now requires a VA issued id card. I left my items at the checkout station and went to Lowe's and purchased the same items. Lowe's gave me the veteran's discount when I showed them my veteran's drivers license. I hope Lowe's does not start the same policy that Home Depot recently started using.

  50. jim darnell | March 15, 2011 at 2:31 pm |

    I agrre with you Bob and have e mailed Lowes

  51. Shame on Lowes, how can they have different policy for different ways of serving.
    20 years behind a desk-gets discount. Four years of getting shot at in Iraq, or other wars-no discount. Lowes should give the discount to all or none.
    Home Depot here I come.

  52. It stinks because lowe’s will not give all veterans 10% discount all year round only to certain ones. They all served in the military and should be treated equal. It is like when the men that served in Vietnam came home and was treated so badly. Get real treat all veterans alike.

  53. John A Kahler | March 30, 2011 at 5:56 pm |

    As veteren and honorable discarge from korea, I did not recieve a photo. ID.How would I go about getting one? Thankyou John A Kahler

  54. I have appreciated Lowe's 10% discount for veterans. It has really helped out in these tough economical times. I have also been informed that in the future I will need to have a picture i.d to receive this discount. I do not qualify for an i.d. card. I hope Lowe's will reconsider and keep their past policy. I would like to thank Lowe's for the past policy of helping out all past and present military who were willing to give their lives to secure a great country so compaines like Lowe's could thrive.

  55. I am absolutely amazed at having just read of all the verbiage regarding Lowes, and their infantile, pendantic, poorly crafted attempt at garnering market share by some insidious veterans discount "program". With soo many service members on deployment .. most active duty servicemen/women are not in-country to take advantage anyway … duhhhh. Active duty only .. special holidays only .. what a crock.

    As to Home Depot, I am told that it is up to the individual store managers as to how their Veterans 10% discount is emplememnted .. my Home Depot (Ukiah), honors ALL vets .. active or not, 7 days a week. Have your county's VSO get your DD-214 recorded, and get your Department of Veterans Affairs ID Card .. and shop with your dollars at Home Depot. Welcome Home …

  56. I tried for a 10% dicount on my son's military card and was told it is only for immediate family,,being spouse, himself and not parents. But, a friend of mine got appliance at 10% off on her step dad's card?

  57. Steve Strickland | May 2, 2011 at 3:55 am |

    So how do you get the discount? Fill out a form from Lowes? Really, I can't just walk in there and show them my VA Medical Card and DD214 and say "hey, where's my 10% off??" I'm sure the cashier will have no idea what I'm even talking about (including the store manager). So, is there a form or something?

  58. R.STRIEWSKI | May 14, 2011 at 8:54 am |

    My husband served his time in ithe military ,and can't even get a 10% discount
    at Home Depot or Lowes . How sad is this country to ONLY give discount to
    retired or disabled .Why even say they have beifits if you won't even honor them . all military should be treated EQUALLY .


  59. I keep going to my Home Depot and they still continue to give me the 10% with my ID and they are glad to meet a Viet Nam vet. I have no problem at all and this is not the only HD I use.

  60. Kate – You keep posting about these discounts while ignoring the posts from service members that are being refused the discounts by various stores.

    I myself was turned down the discount from my local Home Depot even after showing my VIC with "service connected". The manager wanted me to explain to him what "service connected" meant and even then said I should come back on a holiday.

    When I called their corporate customer care, the woman on the phone ignored that I was calling to complain about the store manager not honoring the policy on their website and instead required me to explain to her exactly what my VIC looks like. She refused to address the reason why I was calling – the managers refusal to honor the discount, and simply continued to repeat the policy on their website and ask me if there was anything else she could help me with.

    The discount is trivial and even if I spent $1000 bucks at Home Depot, the savings are nowhere near the humiliating and frustrating experience I've gone through talking to everyone from the Store Manager to the robot-like corporate customer care woman. It seems to me that Home Depot is going to a lot of trouble to say they offer a discount and then refuse it.

    Word of advice military folk: stay away from The Home Depot.

    Thats my two cents.

  61. Ron Merriman | May 30, 2011 at 11:13 am |

    I too thank you for caring for the men and womon who have and are serving in the defense of our freedom. Korean War 40th Division NG

  62. wayne digrazia | June 11, 2011 at 11:17 pm |

    just shopped at home depot they do not honor veterans at all i will shop at ur store all the time

  63. I am very disappointed, as a mother of an active military son and wife of a veteran. Lowe’s in Ontario, CA gave me a hard time trying to get a military discount using my husband military status. I had to fight for it….not sure if I will be shopping at Lowe’s. I definitely will not shop at the Ontario, CA store. Sad veterans are treated this way by this Lowe’s.

  64. HomeDepotCashier | July 4, 2011 at 7:23 pm |

    I have been a cashier at The Home Depot for several years, and in all honesty, I have always believed an "All or none" policy. I do not think either Lowe's or Home Depot should pick and choose which veterans recieve the discount or not, it should be all vets, or none.

    I can say that in my store (4148), we do enforce the "Active/Retired/Disabled" policy where the 10% military discount is only for Active (must have an up to date identification card), Retired after 20 years of service, or disabled from service. The forms of ID we accept are the up-to-date active military ID, a VA card that says "Service Connected" or a United States Uniformed Services card that has either INDEF or an unexpired date on the card.

  65. HomeDepotCashier | July 4, 2011 at 7:24 pm |

    At our store, we started to give the discount to all veterans, but unknown to most, the discount program that we give is partnered with the VA, who will reimburse a certain percentage of the discounts we give out. Our district was contacted by the VA and were told that "we were giving away too much of their money". As a result, our store had to reinforce our original policy.

    As a cashier, I must say, I have multiple veterans who I must turn down since they do not meet the qualifications of our stores polices. Many of them get in my face and give me a hard time, but please let me remind you… I am not the one who makes the policy, I am paid to enforce our stores rules. I am sorry, but I do not intend to break our policy and lose my job. I am sure none of you reading this will disagree with that statement.

  66. James Lapp | July 14, 2011 at 2:15 pm |

    Veteran's discount year around seems to be only at certain stores. Two that I know of only require a DD214 and one of those also takes your word for it. I was also told by one store that the year around veterans discount was nationwidel, but yesterday found out otherwise at a different store.

  67. In Oklahoma, 10% discount is given to every veteran, disabled or not, every day at Lowe's. My sister works there and told me they had a memo released recently that specifically stated any veteran regardless of disability. I personally went to Lowe's yesterday and used my husband's expired Military ID from 2004 and was given the 10% discount. I haven't tried at Home Depot.

  68. just wasted 1 1/2hrs at local VA center attempting to apply for my ID card., website neglected to state the VA ID card is only a medical ID card and that there is an income cap. There isn't any ID card available for Vets who are still working, etc.. . Thanks!!!!

  69. Lowes Military Discount Discontinued. A fellow veteran called me and said effective 9am today (6 Sept 11) a corporate communication discontinued the military discount due to contractor abuse. They honored his discount for a previously started window order but would not honor the discount at checkout for items purchased today. This after HD has started honoring the 10% military discount year around.

  70. I am a wife to a marine who is stationed right now in afganistan. I have walked into our local Lowes before and asked for the discount because they say they honor actives member and their families and haven't had a problem until today. when the employee told me he could not give me a discount i asked for a manager , and he said he would honor this time but from now on I need a id with a photo. So my husband will email me a photocopy of his id ..lets see how that works! They made me feel like I was lying, lol, 10 percent is nothing, but when your purchasing material for your home it really adds up! Very disrespectful.

  71. I was told today ….. September 20, 2011….Lowes will no longer offer the 10% to retirees….except for 3 Holidays. I promptly told the cashier I was headed off to Home Depot…..which I did……and got my 10%

  72. I purchased a new dryer on August 23, 2011 from Lowes of Newberry and was told that military retirees could only receive the 10% discount 4 times a year and I have a retired military ID Card so I don't understand what their requirements are. I do a lot of shopping for my major appliances at Lowes and if I am suppose to get the discount, why am I told otherwise. It sounds like Lowes needs to have a uniform policy for all of their stores.

  73. what about soldies that are 100% TOTALLY DISABLED mr. lowe'

  74. Wonder how Lowe's or Home Depot would feel if we had only wanted to fight on those chosen holidays? As a Vietnam Veteran that actually served in country I feel quite insulted by both of their policy on veterans discounts. Either treat every Vet the same or don't do it at all.

  75. Chas.
    Lowe's "veteran discount" is actually a misnomer. It should be renamed "veteran entitlement discount". I served a year in Vietnam with the marines but don't qualify for the Lowe's veteran discount because I receive no entitlements/veterans healthcare from the federal government.

  76. I have been an active customer at Lowe's and until recently they accepted my DD214 as proof of my "military status". I served in the US Army from 1970 to 1972 and received an honorable discharge. I do not have a service related disability , fortunately, and my income, fortunately, does not satisfy the means test for VA medical benefits. When Lowe's cashier advises me this week, in a rather unpleasant manner, that I could no longer receive the military discount without a VA picture id, I was unpleasantly surprised. I have since spoken with the VA and with Lowe's customer care and it is clear that the Lowe's military disount is a misnomer. It is really an active duty military, or reserve, or service related disability discount. This policy leaves out in the cold a significant number of vererans who served honorably for little pay and under harsh, or worse, conditions. Lowe's policy must be: "God Bless some of the troops! " Hello Home Depot.

  77. My previous comment was incorrect in stating that Vietnam veterans could not get the 10% discount at Lowe's. Turns out, all Vietnam veterans are eligible to obtain a VIC which I believe qualifies for the 10% discount at Lowes.

  78. I have been going to the Lowes's store for the last three years on any day of the week and get a 10% discount, by showing my military ID retirement card.

  79. Well, all of you count yourselves lucky, because the Lowes here in Enterprise, AL does not honor the Military Discount. This seems to be the standard in military towns. Gas is $.10/Gal more expensive for 10 miles around the post. You have to love the local economy preying on the Soldiers.

  80. Loew's is now telling me I need a photo on my Veterrans ID card to get the discount. I called the VA office and they said they didn't issue photos. Anyone having problems with this?

  81. David Freeman | November 1, 2011 at 4:45 pm |

    I was told by a head cashier that to get a VA discount Lowe's only would accept the photo ID from getting VA medical benefits or to be a active or retired Veteran OR to have the new drivers license (FL) with the V on it, I went and got the new license costing me $32 since I thought the head cashier would know what the policy was at the Lowe's store but when I went to use the new V type license at the store it was refused. Maybe all cashiers or store workers should give out the CORRECT information. I guess Home Depot isn't that far to go.
    This store was in Bradenton at Rt.70 and 52nd Street.

  82. Here are the facts…Lowes only advertises military discounts on certain holidays. On those holidays, they will accept active duty and dependant I.D's, retireree's military I.D's, and DD214's stating an honorable discharge. Those days they honor all honorably discharged vets. The rest of the year, discounts can be given on most items by request and are only for active duty troops, dependants, and retireree's. You must have a valid military I.D and they will except V.A. cards for those who are retired. Those discounts are met for the retired and active personnal, plus their I.D carrying dependants.

  83. However, remember this…Two yrs ago Home Depot shut many stores and laid off lots of employees. Yes they still gave a discount while doing so! Next time you wonder why stores aren't staffed, take a moment to think about where the money for that discount is comming from….Staffing, Pay! Maybe some of us should look at those companies nationwide performances before complaining. We may be eligable for those discounts but what good is it if the store ends up closing! Most of those employees make less than an E1 and are trying to support a family on it. Then they hear customers complain about staffing, the discount being too small, and not for everyone. I know cities where 75% of that town has military ties. Thats a lot of money for any company!

  84. You have never been able to get a discount on an already discounted at the register!

  85. Calvin R Williams | November 29, 2011 at 8:32 am |

    Lowe's here in Humble, Texas honors its vets…I purchase there all the time and have no problems..You are the greatest Lowe's…Thanks!

  86. Here in the Lake Norman area (Charlotte, NC) Lowe's, and Home Depot, always honor a 10% military discount, and have for years.

  87. Whatever the promo price is, Lowes and Home Depot here in the Charlotte area always offer the military discount on top. They may be tightening up though. The last time I went to Lowes the cashier had to get a supervisor to approve the discount. That was a first.

  88. I have been getting the discount for over a year – but certain cashiers claim it's only for disabled vets (home depot) Lowes doesnt give me a hassle. Some of these cashiers act like they own the damn store "lighten up"

  89. 12/12/11 I was at Lowes today purchased 1,523.45 and was told that, disabled veterans with ID"s no longer get the 10%. They stated only active duty and retired military recieve the discount year round. Disabled veterans will recieve the discount 3 times a year, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and the 4th of July.

  90. Veterans, Stop Whining and appreciate the fact that Lowe’s is providing a great service for so many of our fellow airmen, soldiers, sailors, etc. Just because you fall into a particular Veteran category that may not get the 10% discount think of all the military members who are able to take advantage of this discount. Let’s praise Lowe’s for what they are doing and stop whining about the small stuff.


  92. If Lowes was sincere about veteran discount they would offer credit card with Auto-VA discount. They already have 5% for all so whats the big deal.


  94. Last evening at the Broken Arrow, Ok store I had a very rude clerk inform me that I was not qualified for a discount if I did not retire with the military. I showed her my picture ID proving to have served from 1960 – 1966 active duty in the Marine Corps. I also explained that I had spent two tours overseas. I have been receiving a 10% at Lowe's for some time now – what happened? Neil

  95. daniel zikowski | May 17, 2012 at 5:07 pm |

    was turn down i had va hospital id i am 78 honerable discharge served 2 years korean war danny zikowski 257 church st apt 21 kingston pa 18704

  96. The main point to all of this is to just ask. This does prove however that “civilians” dont know much about what a veteran is. If they want to specify it then they shouldnt use the word veteran. I served from 94-07 on active duty, reserves and a couple of years as a DOD civilian. I have a vfw card and a VA card cause of a service connected disability. I get a discount some places and dont get it in others. Just ask and yo may get it.

  97. June 16, 2012 Hi, I just heard about the military discount at Lowe's yesterday. Today I took my discharge papers to Lowe's and was refused any military discount. The Lady at the store in Akron Ohio told me Lowe's changed their policy and the military discount was now only available to active duty or disabled veterans. Bummer!




  99. You cannot get a photo ID from the VA unless you qualify financially, and are receiving their medical benefits, so I cannot get an ID because of that rule. Why can't Lowe's have their own cards for military discounts, and then ALL of us who have served our country can qualify for the discounts?

  100. I’ve shopped at Lowe's for years. One day in the checkout line, the cashier noticed my US Army Vietnam Veterans hat. She asked if I had military ID card. I said no, I’m not active or retired military or receiving VA assistance. She stated, that doesn’t matter-You just have to be a veteran. I asked where I could get one. She stated a Lowe's customer/veteran told her that the county office was issuing military ID cards, which Lowe's would honor all year around. This would provide a 10% discount on purchases. I’m always ready to save 10%! So, I checked into the matter. Yes, the county provided a military service ID card. A DD214 was required and valid drivers license or ID. The county office also provided a list of local businesses giving veterans discounts. Home Depot and Lowe's was identified, along with Applebee’s and others. Our local paper even had an article as a major interest story for veterans, with the county offering military ID cards. Unfortunately, today I discovered my ID card is good on certain holidays, but not all year around. At 1st, it seemed like a slap in the face. But, I recovered and made my Lowe's purchase. It seems there’s lots of confusion between Corporate Lowe's and what the local store employees know. The employees probably feel all veterans deserve the same treatment, even though that’s not the way it works. Anyway, I think it’s great that Lowe's offers a discount program of some type to all Veterans. A life long friend mine went to Nam before I did. He was a Marine, wounded several times and is 100% disabled from 2 tours in Vietnam. He has a Veteran ID card issued by the VA. Guess I’d rather pay an extra 10% for my Lowe's purchases than be 100% disabled!My thanks goes out to all veterans who served our country!

  101. Alfred Smelley | February 12, 2013 at 10:05 am |

    I purchased rigid generator $1000.00 Home Depot in Huntsville Texas and manager could not give me the 10% discount because I am just ordinary Viet Nam vet. I had my va card but I was not disabled or retired from service. I am very happy that they do extend the discount policy to the guys and girls that qualifly. Thanks , Al Smelley

  102. 4/17/13 Went to Lowe's today and at the checkout I displayed my drivers license with a veterans endorsement, and I was told that they didn't take the license form of military ID. the ID had to be in the form of red white and blue card with a picture on it. Customer service told me that the discount was only available to certain veterans, but when I asked what kind of veterans she could not give a definitive answer. I did 8 years of military service, WHAT THE HELL MORE DOES LOWE'S WANT. They just lost a veterans business!!!

  103. 5/18/13 I went to my local Lowes, Waterloo Iowa, to make a purchase. I showed my County ID Military Honorable Discharge card as required to obtain my military discount and was given a 10% discount just as I have always been so graciously offered. Not only was I offered a discount but the register cashiers quite often thanked me for my service. On 5/19/13 I returned to the same Lowes to make an additional purchase and was denied the 10% discount , as per the assistant store manager, because I do not have a photo military ID. I served 4 years in the USN , am a Vietnam Vet and 8 years in the USNR. I am a Veteran, and as promoted by Lowes will receive a 10% discount. I guess now the corporate mentality is to take away and to say no thank you for your service to our great country. I wonder how the founder of Lowes would feel about this as he also was a veteran who promoted service to our country?

    Thanks to Lowes, I'll take my business elsewhere.

  104. The Lowe's in Palm Beach, South Florida, is no longer excepting DD-214's and that you have to have an ID card. (VA or Military) The only exception is curtain holidays.

  105. I think it sux lowes want give discount unless ur active or disabled I guess we will go to Home Depot They Give It To All Vetrens

  106. Lowes Has always given me a retired military member the 10% discount. Now as for Home Depot they went to a e-mail only coupon to get a discount and nothing in the store without it. I believe in Maine it might have been a pilot program.

  107. I just tried to use my military ID that states I have a service related disability. This is the card that I use when I go to the VA for medical treatment. They informed me that that card was not sufficient for the discount. I would need the new type of card. I asked what the new type was and they could only tell me that it's the new type and not what I have. Hmmmm, guess Home Depot will get my business for the remodel projects I have planned.

  108. Ike Earnhardt | July 14, 2013 at 9:58 am |
  109. Lowes has an inconsistent policy. Bottom line, vets should patronize the stores and business that honor our service. Home Depot is a good company that honors vets, so take your business to HD….their prices and return policies are better.

  110. Try going to your DMV. In Texas, for $11.00 you can have "veteran" added to your drivers license. I brought along my DD214 for proof.

  111. John Alafonso | November 1, 2013 at 9:43 am |

    Lowe's your veterans discount has saved my wife and I over $1,000. combined purchases for the past three years. I use my VA Patient Card for the discount. Because of your generosity we have been able to improve our home.

    Thank you,

  112. Harold Eichman | December 11, 2013 at 7:00 am |

    Now that lowes requires a picture ID I will have to do my shopping elsewhere. They have also turned there back on past military service.

  113. Just got word that Lowes is now offering discounts ONLY to retired and active duty to the military, but to say that Lowes and Home Depot's policy stated that they would give discounts to all veterans and active that have a VA card or show that you are active or retired, WRONG, they only give to active, retired and if your VA card says "connected service" under your picture, which means your have disabilities, not all veterans have disabilities and they do not state this.

  114. Lowes evidently doesn't want to extend its 10% discount to veterans who served and were lucky enough to come home safely.
    We will go back to Home Depot now as they will honor a veteran's discharge card. Not all veterans can go through the VA.

  115. im a homebound veteran. i do have a wheelchair but it takes over an hour to travel and cause immense pain to travel. the local LOWES at dover delaware. refuse to honor their military discount when i send my brother with my valid veterans id that is on thier list to get supply's for my home. he has been laughed at and called a liar, got some of them on cell phone doing it when he shows them my id and asks for it! they have the gall to ask for a donation but refuse to give a 100% disabled veteran one of their military discounts. to remind you i am homebound i have been at the local lowes 2 times in the past year in my wheelchair and they never offered the discount !

  116. Well another one bites the dust. I have been shopping my local lowes using my DD214 and have just been notified that it is no longer acceptable and that i have to fall into 1 of 2 categories unless it one of the 3 holidays so lowes will be losing my business because i neither retired though i served for over 5 years nor did i leave due to medical reason in other words a VA recipient so lowes no longer have any benefits for me as far as i am concerned and that is really a shame.

  117. Dear Lowes and Home Depot, I think it is great that you honor veterans but I think it a shame that you place them in categories. I served in the Air Force for 15 years and also retired as a DOD federal employee with over 30 years service. Yet I am only authorized the 10% discount on specific days which makes my service seem less important than others. I have less privileges at your stores then certain family member which really places my service as unimportant to you I am proud of my military service and proudly acknowledge the fact I served any chance I get Please don't make my service any less important than the proud and honorable veterans who you extend privlese to.

  118. walt jacobs | June 7, 2014 at 9:29 pm |

    Their military discount policy is NOT a good one.. Never been denied til tonight.. Lady said picture ID only. DD214 does NOT work.Then proceeds to tell me only on Holiday weeks also.. Told her wont be back. Their are to many other retailers in this area. LOWE'S doesnt want anymore of my business then thats fine by me..

  119. Lona Boulay | July 24, 2014 at 11:38 pm |

    I usually use the lowes in Fenton,mo. I have my husbands veterans I'd. It depends on who is checking u out. Now it has to be a picture I'd which I don't have. My husband is deceased. There is one manager who is very cranky and didn't want to give it to me. When I asked to speak to the store manager she said well I will give it to u this time! What a shame do those people realize we wouldn't be standing here if not for our veterans! I don't even ask anymore. Makes me sick to think of the things family's have to go through that are military. Lowes can't give 10 percent!

  120. I am a Viet Nam era veteran that serves 13 months on the DMZ in Korea. I have a veterans ID issued by Oakland County in Michigan. The Lowes store would not honor my ID for a discount. The fact that they promote discounts for all veterans is a farce.. Home Depot here I come.

  121. I have just ran in to the fact that here in Sothern California the Lowes gives a veterans discount to all vets and Home Depot limits their discount to "service connected" vets except for 4 weekends a year. I am happy to see the vets honored by both but guess where I am shopping from now on.

  122. I wish every young man or women served our country, REINSTATE THE SELECTIVE SERVICE ACT, the DRAFT. I hate when some one says "thank you for your service'',When I got !@#$% in the Army. and their daddy paid some doctor or politician to get them out of the DRAFT. America was born out of war , American Revolution, civil war, world war I,II, EVERYBODY suffered or served. Now we get 10% off over priced products made in china, and our youth play violent video games while Americans fighting military fight for their freedom. I would gladly pay lowes, home depot an extra 10% if they and their employees served as I did, God Bless America and our American fighting men and women.

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