2010 Military Pay Dates

Looking for the 2011 Military Pay Dates?

I have quite a few questions in my email box, and some of them are tough and it is taking me a little while to find out the answers.  Fortunately, this one is easy!

“Where can I find the military pay dates for 2010?”

Well, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a list of pay dates (other than in my calendar).  Military members are paid on the fifteenth and the first of the month, unless that day falls on a holiday or weekend.  In the event the fifteenth or first falls on the weekend, then military members are paid on the previous business day (usually Friday.)  Military pay is paid at the end of the pay period, so January’s pay is paid on January 15th and February 1st (or the corresponding business day.)  For example, if February 15th is a Monday holiday, you will be paid on Friday, February 12th.

Some banking institutions actually allow access to the funds on the day prior to the payday, but that does not have anything to do with the military but rather is based upon that banks policy and is usually done as a courtesy to their customers.

Since there isn’t really a list, and a reader is looking for one, I’ll post the dates here:

To those of you waiting for other email questions, I am working on them!  I have gotten some very interesting and very complicated questions this last month or so.  I appreciate your emails and I will keep looking for answer.  Thank you!

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • Mike Burns
  • Robert Deyo

    I was wondering what day we will get paid for the memorial day weekend? Will it be the friday before on the 28th?

  • Hi Robert,

    Technically, payday is on Tuesday, June 1st. It is possible that some banking institutions will release the funds earlier, but that is a lot earlier and I would be a little surprised.

  • josh

    OK considering USAA typically gets paid the business day before…June 1 is not a holiday, but May 31 is. So if you bank with USAA, you would get paid on Friday…right?

  • Levi


    This should clear up any questions.

  • I need to point out, that the links above don’t list the active duty military paydays. As best as I can tell, one is the Department of Defense civilian personnel payday list, and one is the VA civilian personnel payday list. I appreciate the effort but I don’t want people to be any more confused.

  • david

    I think the whole 1st and 15th pay date is absurd. It should be every two weeks. When I was active duty I would have prefered a paycheck every two weeks over a raise regardless of the pay grade I was at. Sometimes the gap between checks was just plain unfair. Those serving sometimes cannot enjoy the hollida, but those getting paid every two weeks do. Not to mention, there are certain months of the year if your getting paid twice a week in which you’ll get three checks for the month.

    I really think it is absurd that veterans or millitary persons do not get paid before a holiday that is about them(memorial day. It lets you know that they really do not care about your service. This is just my take as a veteran. If your new to the military just be prepared because it will happen every Holiday.

  • Danni

    Isnt Flag day a federal holiday? Doesnt that mean banks are closed? Doesnt that mean payday that is technically midnight june 14th gets moved to the friday before the Monday holiday (just like memorial day pay)?

  • lenny

    im wondering the same thing danni

  • The next payday is Tuesday, June 15th. Flag Day is not a federal holiday or a bank holiday.

  • al

    what about monday the 14th being flag day. so wouldn’t we get paid today?

  • Eileen

    David…you do not get an hourly wage, you get a monthly salary. How would you go about breaking up your monthly salary into an every two week payday? If you want to enjoy a holiday then plan for it…write a budget that accounts for holidays. And, no kids…flag day is not a bank holiday.

  • candace

    why do we get paid once in august!? i know we get paid 3 times july but still!

  • taby

    we got my husbands pay stub in the mail today but we have not recieved any money at all for his basic pay should his paystub say the date that the money is supposed to be deposited in the bank

  • Taby, we can better answer your question with more information. Is your husband at basic training? When did he start? What branch of service?

    You may find more helpful information in this post: https://paycheck-chronicles.military.com/2010/03/0

    Good luck to you and let us know so we can help!

  • Johnny
  • Anthony

    Candance we get paid 3 times in july because the 1st falls on a sunday ;p so it takes it back to the first buisness day prior which would be that friday. it’s your 1st of august pay that you are getting early? clear now lol



  • Christie

    I don’t know why we have to be snooty to each other. Aren’t we all pretty much in a similar boat? David makes a valid point – one that I’ve argued for years. We are a single income family. I have to stay home because I have an autistic son who has a seizure disorder and gets sick quite often. There is no job in the world that would be understanding enough to let me stay home 2 weeks at a clip. When paychecks come 17 – 18 days after the last pay, it can be a real struggle. Getting paid every two weeks would be a load off a lot of families’ shoulders. And I don’t care how much you plan, life doesn’t always go by what’s in your day planner. The unexpected can sometimes wreak havoc on a tight bank account.

  • Ryan

    Actually military members are paid on the 15th and the last day of each month. This is why your LES uses the term EOM pay (end of month). There is an official pay calendar for each fiscal year. Most people think of pay day as the first but this is incorrect.

  • Erin

    Thanks, Ryan… I too was wondering when somebody was going to put that out there! Military payday is the last day of the month, not the 1st.

  • Christie

    First day, last day – either way there are too many days in between paychecks some months for families who are really struggling.

  • I hate to contradict my readers, as they often know more than I do, but the End of Month pay is technically paid on the first day of the following month. You can see the DFAS pay schedule here: http://www.dfas.mil/militarypay/militarypaytables… The only exceptions are when the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday.

    Of course, there are several major banks and credit unions who release those fund to their customers a day early as a courtesy.

    If you can find somewhere that says it is on the last day of the month, I would love to see it.

  • I remember when I was in the Navy, regular, direct deposited pay was something I loved to depend on. I remember they paid on the Friday before if the first or 15th was ever on the weekend or a holiday. Thanks for sharing this useful information with everybody though.

  • Lisa

    Katie, I was wondering. I received a paycheck on the 8th of september which was small,it said it was for the two weeks in August,that is when he shipped out to bct, August 22.Then I received another one on the 15th of this month, which I assume it was the normal amount I am supposed to get twice a month. My question is, will I be getting another one this month or will It be on the 1st of October?

  • Kate Kashman

    Lisa, I would imagine that the 15th pay was the regularly scheduled pay and you are now on the 1st and 15th schedule.

    Welcome to the military!

  • If mypay says payday is the 30th and I have USAA do I get paid on the 29th?

  • Sam Silverstein

    Do you know how I can review my leave earning Statement. I am not receiving one.


  • jasmine

    Does anyone know about this coming pay day? another website i use sometimes but is a bit confusing sometimes has 1st, 15th and 29th circled for this month. And the first is on monday, which would mean sunday night, so i know its earlier, but does 29th mean that it will be there friday morning, or that it will come midnight on friday night and be there sat morning? trying to budget halloween activities!

  • Jasmine, it is going to depend on your bank. Some banks might pay on Friday morning, some on Friday night, and some on Monday. You might try calling customer service and see if they know.

  • diana carroll

    since nov first fqlls on a monday and the day before is a sunday, does that mean payday is thursdqy night at midnight going into friday? like it was for october 15th?

  • Brittany

    Sam, you can go to mypay.gov and see your LES. If you want it sent to you every month, then there is an option on the main screen to turn on/off the hard copy of your LES. Hope this helps! :)

    Btw, I would also like to know when we get paid. Why can’t the 15th fall on a normal day?

  • Brendan

    I’m pretty sure we will get paid this Thursday night. I think this is how it’s worked in the past when the 1st fell on a Monday.

  • cassie

    Does any one know when armed forces bank will post friday or monday..i always thought it would post the day before..can some one help

  • timpson

    A/D DFAS: http://www.dfas.mil/militarypay/militarypaytables

    RET DFAS: http://www.military.com/benefits/military-pay/ret

    Individual banks differ as to when pay is deposited/posted. You have to check with your own bank.

  • Mandi

    It seems bank of america customers are NOT getting paid midnight thursday night… as it is 3am Friday and we did not get paid.

  • Sam

    6:10 AM and has yet to post to my BOA account.

  • Mandi

    Sam, seems BOA customers are waiting until tomorrow or Monday for pay. Last to get paid, as usual. I’m considering switching banks.

  • Melissa S.

    My husband is Air Force. I’ve noticed a trend of military people that really need their money a day early at least. That makes me think that maybe the government is not paying us enough, you think? I know I’m beating a dead horse.

    We have Chase bank, and it did not post. I’ve never seen that we’ve been paid on a Saturday as some people have said. I’m hoping though.

  • August

    USAA’s hit at 12:30am HST or 6:30 EST .. Just wanted to give a heads up.

  • david

    Ok, so I am stationed in Korea right now. Typically, like this past EOM payday, I got paid on Friday at 10pm Korean time, which is normal for me (Friday 8am ET USA when DFAS opens). The 1st was on a monday, due to DFAS not working on weekends (Monday would be Sunday in states)…

    So my big question is, with the mid month pay coming, the 15th falls on a Monday. But Veterans day is on the 11th, so everybody typically (myself included) gets a 4 day weekend. The 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th off. So, when does that mean I will get paid? Im pretty sure DFAS will be off those days as well, correct?

    • David, Friday is not a bank holiday, so I imagine that you will get paid as you usually would for a Monday payday.

  • amanda

    with usaa the funds is normally deposited in the account the day before payday. With boa it’s normally deposited in the account on the day of payday.

  • amanda

    I did call USAA bank and was inform that our pay check will be deposit in our account on friday the 12th of November.

  • Allison

    Thursday, November 11th is the actual bank holiday.
    I know that Wells Fargo Bank also posts before the actual payday. Mondy, November 15th is payday and it will post to your Wells Fargo account and funds will be available on Saturday morning.
    BOA is strictly on the payday, therefore you will get paid on Monday, November 15.
    Here is the website to let you know what your actual payday is. http://www.dfas.mil/militarypay/militarypaytables

  • jennifer

    it’s frustrating when it’s on a monday.. Last time, we got it on friday… so im hoping it will be the same this time. but alot of other people with NFCU did NOT get paid till friday night at midnight/sat morning .. so I have no clue what will happen this time.. crossing fingers for Friday, but it’s just a wait and see type thing

  • marilynn

    just curious if my husband leaves for basic (for airforce) nov 16th does that mean he will be paid dec 1st or does just depend on paperwork?

  • Jeff

    Well I called USAA today to ask about the 15th pay check, the 1st time the guy said they didn’t have an answer but he assumed it would be wednesday, now I called later on in the day aswell and got the same answer but saying friday would be it, so I dunno

  • Anna

    Do we get payed this friday the 26th?

  • Anna

    Why are we being paid December 30th? & not on the 31st since the 1st is the holiday?

  • Anna, I’m thinking that since the 1st is on a Saturday, the federal holiday is on Friday.

  • Lizzie Gutierrez

    Why are people complaining about not getting paid every two weeks. When people sign up for the military they know they are getting paid either once a month or the 1st and 15th depending on what they signed up for. Getting paid every two weeks would be nice but that is not the contract they signed. Is it a burden sometimes yes it is.
    As for being paid I now a lot of it depends on the banks. We bank with USAA so usually the funds are in their a day prior. We had banked with another bank that waited until late in the actual pay day to deposit the money in our account it was crazy. With the 1st being the holiday we should see the money the 31st but with USAA we should see it the 30th.

  • rfreedman

    when is pay date for retired AF military:
    is it 31 december or 2 january 2011, thanks.


  • Jamal

    For all you people wondering when you get paid on the 15th or 1st; there is a easy solution to your problem! Call your bank and ask them the date money will be posted, that is what I do!

  • Kate

    RJF – retirees will be paid on Monday, 3 January, 2011…for some reason retirees get paid the day after the holiday/weekend while active duty gets paid the day before the holiday/weekend.

    Thank you for your service.

  • sharmin

    Just and FYI. My husband has been retired 10 years and his pay (which is direct deposited) has never hit the bank after the paydate. It was always midnight the night before. With that being the case, it would seem to be that if retired pay is listing it as the 30th, that it would be available on the 30th, at the latest the 31st.

  • Vladimir

    So, if it’s expected to be on the 30th, does anyone know if it will be available today for usaa bankers? Thanks.

  • steven

    So do we get pay on the 30th?

    If so woohoo

    Birthday + Payday =]

  • Carole

    My husband is retired Navy. We always receive his direct deposit a day or two early if the 1st falls on Sat or Sunday. Nothing today so I am thinking probably tomorrow. Did active receive theirs today? Or any retired today. Just curious. Thanks for any replies. I use US Bank, but my last two others banks worked the same way. They were two independents banks in Arizona and Nevada.

  • Aaron

    Im retired and didnt get paid on the 30th or 31st. I really could use a pay calendar. This nearly makes me have a heart attack when I dont see my money. DFAS is horrendous.

  • Aaron

    I bank at Wells Fargo BTW.

  • Sherrie

    Im retiree ……..Its not in my bank yet and i bank with Compass…….anyone else see their check yet?

  • Sorry, guys, payday for the retired folks isn’t scheduled until Monday, January 3rd, 2011. You can see my list for next year here: https://paycheck-chronicles.military.com/2010/12/2

    There may be retirees who have already been paid, if their bank chose to release the funds early, but the official payday isn’t until Monday.

    Don’t worry, Aaron. It should be there Monday.

  • Aaron

    Thank you so much for posting that, Kate.

  • Carole

    Well, this is a first for us. My husband is retired and there was no direct deposit today. I am hoping against hope it will show up tomorrow. I did call my bank US Bank and of course she said it wasn’t there.She also said they never hold onto government direct deposits. They are always posted immediately. Maybe a call to your bank would help. But as Kate has said and Dfas posts Monday is the day. Usually when Dfas says one date, my bank has it early anyway. But not today for some reason. Heh, but at least I am not overdrawn today, that in itself is a blessing. We live paycheck to paycheck. Not a good feeling. I guess call your bank and then wait it out. A Blessed New Year to all and we have lots in this country to be thankful for. A lot is due to our Military….Agreed?!

  • Aaron

    My family lives paycheck to paycheck as well. I don’t know that I’d thank the military. It ruined me for life. Can’t get a job, I have no skills, except for killing people. I just have a lousy paycheck on the first (hopefully) every month. I’m 25 years old and Im stuck with this for life. I’m not thankful. I feel like Oliver Twist.

  • Alice

    My husband is active duty army we have USAA bank his paycheck did not hit on the 30th or today has anyone else active duty had this problem does anyone know if it should hit Monday we called the bank but there showing nothing hitting any info will be a big help thanks

  • Kate

    Alice, please check your husband’s LES and see what is going on. There is no reason that active duty pay should not have gotten paid. Please be sure that the correct bank is listed, as well.

    Let us know what happens. Good luck!

  • Tarik

    Aaron if you have a problem with the military then get out. If you live paycheck to paycheck do something about. Take classes and prepare yourself for your future. The job you chose is because that is what you qualify for or you wanted to do. You and your family could have no paycheck. Your comment is self serving. Do something

  • Alice

    Katie thank You for the advice I will keep You posted being a young couple and fairly new to the military checking his LES did not cross our minds thanks agian

  • Aaron

    I was in the military. Im medically disabled. Go fuck yourself Tarik. You’re damned right Im self serving. Yeah I chose to do it, but I didn’t want to be disabled. Not my fault I got fucked up.

  • Lauren

    to those of you who have USAA do we get paid this friday (Jan 28) or on monday (Jan 31)? confused on this

  • Amie

    I just looked back in my statements in June 2010 where payday was on a Tuesday and it was deposited on the friday so fingers crossed.

  • ashley

    we use usaa and havent been paid for 2/1/2011..when will that go threw?

    • KateKashman

      Ashley, I imagine you will get paid on Monday. Since payday is Tuesday, one day early would be Monday. I never got an actual answer from USAA, but that would be my educated guess.

    • Bianca

      We have USAA as well….should get paid on the 31st.

  • chris

    Hi ashley…I have bank of america and I haven’t received my pay either kinda frustrating….I know a lot of my buddies who have navy federal credit union got payed on thursday. And here I am still waiting??

  • chris

    Thanks Kate for the info. I’m not too worried now seeing that usaa members haven’t been payed yet.

  • ashley

    well im glad im not the only one who hasent been paid…my friends are telling me usaa will get it monday…really frustrating!!!

  • Jason

    amen, DFAS is horrible!

  • brittany

    does geovista get paid the 31 or 1

  • Sean

    USAA is my bank and i still haven’t received it today, the 31st. anyone else still waiting?

  • ashley

    i am! im getting so pissed off

  • Ashley

    Im in california

  • lawrence dillon

    no schedule for what dates our retired military get paid?????
    would like to get this infor for my own infor

  • B.L.

    Does anyone know when usaa members will be paid for this upcoming holiday? (Veterans Day weekend) We all have a 4 day weekend this weekend and was wondering when we will get paid for this.

    • KateKashman

      B.L., USAA customers should see their deposits released on Monday, 14 November 2011. This is the business day prior to payday.

      Enjoy your long weekend!

  • Trevor

    Does anyone know the pay period cut off times for the military? I had drill on 11 &12 feb 12, and wondering if I’ll get paid on the 15th or the 1st?

  • Jerome Frasier

    I was wondering if their is a possibility of getting a statement of the increase for my Military disability payment?

    • KateKashman

      Jerome, you could probably contact the VA. I am not familiar with if/how they do account statements. If you are just looking to substantiate that there was an increase, it has been publicly reported in all sorts of news media.