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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • April

    Thank you for talking about this. I have had issues with the My CAA system as well, although I think I’ve had more problems than you’ve had. Last semester they wouldn’t approve me, this semester they have. Classes have already begun but they have not paid a dime. I do appreciate getting my tuition paid for, but it’s been such a hassle. They drastically need to improve the system.

  • Sally

    I found that the only problems I had were questions I had about what they will and will not pay for. I have paid out of pocket for all extra charges and fees, except for tuition (like it states on their website). However, this semester, my labs were a part of my class, and they’re not very detailed about which “fees” are not covered, so I called. Everything was sorted out wonderfully, and when in doubt: call at least three different times, so you talk to someone different every time, and just reassure yourself. I love the MyCAA; it’s been a blessing to my husband and I, both.