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2013 Military Spouse Symposium

Do you live in the Seattle-Tacoma area?  Are you looking for a job, or do you ever expect to be looking for a job in…

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Required Family Support

In my time wandering around the internet, I come across lots of discussion and questions regarding the amount of support that a military member is…

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Military Counseling Benefits

I’ve read quite a few questions from military dependents who are wondering about their mental health counseling benefits.  From what I have seen, the military…

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Base Pay is Base Pay. Period.

I’m a little surprised that I have to write this, but it seems that I do. The military does not pay people more money because…

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23 October 2010 Saturday Roundup

I love the internet! It has nearly everything I’ve ever wanted to know and I can usually find it pretty quickly. Now if I could…

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Family Life Insurance

Lots of people have questions about life insurance, especially for stay-at-home parents and children.  In general, parents need life insurance but children don’t need life…

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Quotable: Martha Washington

“The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not our circumstances.” via Army Wife Network

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June on Money and Marriage

The Army has this nifty media section at the Army.mil website, and you can find all sorts of interesting things there.  In this video clip,…

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Timeless Pre-Deployment Financial Planning

This piece isn't new, but it is still great.  Jeff Rose at Good Financial Sense wrote about his experiences with money and deployment in Managing…