Portrait Pictures Shouldn't Be Pricey

September 13, 2009 | Kate Horrell

Now that the school year is underway, we've been spending money on all sorts of extras:  instruments, field trips, and yesterday my kids gave me the forms for school pictures.  What a … [Read more...]

Quotable: Daniel Quinn

September 11, 2009 | Kate Horrell

"Many of the biggest and most far-reaching investments we make in our lives are investments that have little or nothing to do with money." … [Read more...]

Breaking Up is Expensive to Do

September 10, 2009 | Kate Horrell

While getting into my email this morning, a great article popped up:  Don't Get Caught Carrying Your Relationship's Financial Baggage.  Being part of a couple often involves … [Read more...]

Kid's Instruments: Rent or Buy?

September 09, 2009 | Kate Horrell

Ah, autumn is in the air...football games, falling leaves, and the furious frenzy at the music store as families obtain instruments for their students.  With four kids, we have gone through our … [Read more...]

Energy Efficient for the Apartment Crowd

September 08, 2009 | Kate Horrell

Sometimes it seems that energy efficient advice is all directed to homeowners:  get new windows, buy a more efficient hot water heater, you know the advice.  Fortunately, there are lots of … [Read more...]

Cash for Cartridges

September 07, 2009 | Kate Horrell

Ok, so it isn't going to make you as much money as the Cash for Clunkers plan, but it is a lot easier.  What, you ask?  Making cash recycling your old ink and toner cartridges at your … [Read more...]

Pump Up The Savings

September 04, 2009 | Kate Horrell

Sometimes it seems that body wash, shampoo and conditioner just disappear in this house.  I'm sure that the children are using huge amounts, and I find the occasional open bottle on its … [Read more...]

Museum Day 2009

September 04, 2009 | Kate Horrell

Looking for something different to do now that summer is winding down?  On Saturday, September 26th, obtain free general admission to hundreds of museums and cultural venues nationwide as part … [Read more...]

Quotable: Bob Proctor

September 04, 2009 | Kate Horrell

"Money will make you more of what you already are. If you're not a nice person, money's going to make you a despicable individual. If you're a good person, money's going to make you a … [Read more...]

Watching Carefully at the Big Warehouse Clubs

September 03, 2009 | Kate Horrell

I made a run over the my local BJ's warehouse club store today.  I don't shop their often but I do have a membership because their gasoline is significantly less expensive than anywhere … [Read more...]

September: Tracking My Spending

September 01, 2009 | Kate Horrell

I keep saying that I'm going to write down every single cent that I spend.  And I need to, because I clearly don't have a very good idea where all my money is going.  For some … [Read more...]

Three Steps to Moving Past Financial Mistakes

August 31, 2009 | Kate Horrell

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes (see my post yesterday), and mistakes will happen in your financial life.  It is unpleasant, often expensive, and most of all, utterly inevitable.  … [Read more...]

Old Navy Military Appreciation Days

August 30, 2009 | Kate Horrell

Don't forget, today, August 30th through September 2nd are Military Appreciation Days at Old Navy (stores only.)   Active duty, reserve and military members and their families will … [Read more...]

Sorting Out Charitable Giving

August 29, 2009 | Kate Horrell

Charitable contributions are a challenging issue for many people.  Sure, we all want to be generous and help others, but sometimes we don't know how much to give, who should get our money, … [Read more...]