$1000 May Challenge

May 01, 2010 | Kate Horrell

Well, it is time to try something different over here at the Kashman household.  We have too much stuff for our upcoming move, plus I would like to beef up our bank account and/or make payments … [Read more...]

First Tee Golf Program For Kids

April 30, 2010 | Kate Horrell

Have you heard of the kids' golf program called The First Tee? It is a program designed to help kids learn about golf and also includes values and life lessons along the way. The program is … [Read more...]

Quotable: JD Rockefeller, Sr.

April 30, 2010 | Kate Horrell

"The person who starts out simply with the idea of getting rich won't succeed; you must have a larger ambition." … [Read more...]

Old Navy Deals This Weekend

April 29, 2010 | Kate Horrell

Been thinking of some new summer clothes, or just discovered that your kids grew four inches over the winter?  Per an announcement on their Facebook page, Old Navy is offering 30% off everything in … [Read more...]

DOD Reports Pay is Competitive

April 29, 2010 | Kate Horrell

In a recently presented report to Congress, the Department of Defense presented information that supports the position that current military compensation is fairly comparable to similar civilian … [Read more...]

Tonight Only: 31 cent Scoops at Baskin-Robbins

April 28, 2010 | Kate Horrell

This evening, Wednesday, April 28, 2010, Baskin-Robbins ice cream stores are offering 31 cent scoops.  What a deal!  More details can be found at the Baskin-Robbins website.  Yum! … [Read more...]

The Car Buying Blues, Part Five: Let’s Just Be Done With It

April 28, 2010 | Kate Horrell

Remember way back at the end of March, when I was eagerly anticipating a quick and painless end to the Car Buying Blues?  I've been procrastinating in writing the post because I wanted to feel like … [Read more...]

26 April 2010 Military Report

April 27, 2010 | Kate Horrell

From the  26 April 2010 Military Report at Military.com, lots of good news that deals with financial stuff: … [Read more...]

Moving & Stuck in Your Mortgage? There May Be Help For You

April 26, 2010 | Kate Horrell

There are many families across the country who have purchased homes, and obtained mortgages, only to find that the home values have declined and they now owe more than their house is worth.  There … [Read more...]

Free YMCA for Certain Groups

April 25, 2010 | Kate Horrell

I've reported on this before, but the program is still going on and I want to make sure that everyone knows. The DOD has contracted with YMCAs to offer free memberships to certain military families … [Read more...]

Comparing Pizza Prices

April 24, 2010 | Kate Horrell

It should not be so hard to compare pizza prices. My family has pizza on Friday nights - it is a tradition, and it prevents us from ordering desperation pizza on random other nights. Being cheap … [Read more...]

Quotable: Zig Ziglar

April 23, 2010 | Kate Horrell

"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days." … [Read more...]

Timeless Financial Smarts

April 22, 2010 | Kate Horrell

I've been cleaning out papers and such, and I've found quite a few notes about good articles around the internet.  Most of them would make the basis for a nice post here, but that isn't going to … [Read more...]

Office Depot Offer: Free Personalized Cards for Upcoming Holidays

April 21, 2010 | Kate Horrell

Looking for a free way to do something different for Mother's Day and/or Father's Day?  If you are near an Office Depot, you can put together a free photo card. From the press release: … [Read more...]