Military mover packing.

How To Establish Residency In A New State

Active duty military members, and their spouses, have some special protections when it comes to changing their domicile (state of legal residence) each time they move….

Tax prep.

Retrieving Old Tax Statements

Sometimes, you need to get a copy of an old W-2 or 1099R tax statement.  The best way to get these documents depends on the…

Identity theft.

Set Up IRS Account to Foil Fraud

A new type of fraud has been common this year, where a thief files an income tax return for an unsuspecting individual and then receives…

Tax prep.

How To File For A Tax Extension

More than 10 million people file for an automatic extension of the time to prepare their federal tax return each year.  Are you going to…

House in hands.

Homestead Exemption Warnings

In the ongoing conversation about domicile and residence, one important issue can not be emphasized enough:  taking a homestead exemption on your real property taxes…