Should You Put Items Into Long-Term Storage?

Should You Put Things In Long-Term Storage?

We had our last storage shipment delivered today. It had only been in long-term storage for four years, since we moved between overseas locations, and…

Should You Buy A House?

Wondering If You Should You Buy A House?

Active duty families often ask me about buying a house.  This is a highly controversial subject, and there are no right answers.  There are a…

How to Pay For A Security Deposit

How Can I Pay For A Security Deposit?

As the military travel allowance system evolves, including the use of the Government Travel Credit Card, some families are finding it difficult to pay for…

Should You Tip Military Movers?

Should You Tip Military Movers?

Since our household goods are being delivered today, I am once again dealing with the “should we tip?” question.  I hate it.  There’s no good answer, and…

down payment

Reason 323 You Should Buy A Used Car

Ah, military.  Being in the military brings lots of special challenges, and I was reminded today of yet another reason why military members should usually…

PCS Savings Account

5 Reasons For A PCS Savings Account

If you’re in the military, you’re going to get Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders.  While the military provides an extraordinary array of allowances and…

Moving Pets Is Expensive

Moving Pets Is Expensive

It’s high Permanent Change of Station (PCS)  season, and military families are busy packing up and moving out.  As always, the more complex the family,…

Using SCRA to break a vehicle lease.

Using SCRA To Break A Vehicle Lease

The Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA) is a great law that provides protections so that military members do not suffer extraordinary financial hardship as a…

The Military May Reimburse You For Some of Your Pet Quarantine Costs...learn more here.

Reimbursement for Pet Quarantine Costs

While the military does a really admirable job of providing a wide variety of reimbursements and allowances for Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves, there…

Five Things To Know About DITY Moves

Five Things To Know About DITY Moves

The Permanent Change of Station (PCS) season is here, and lots of people are thinking about whether a Do It Yourself (DITY) move is right…

Navy Federal Drops Foreign Transaction Fees

Navy Federal Drops Foreign Transaction Fees

In a long-overdue move, Navy Federal Credit Union removed foreign transaction fees from their credit card accounts in January.  This is super news for the…

Marines To Use Government Travel Card

PCSing Marines To Use Government Travel Card

Effective 1 January 2016, new guidance requires Marines to use a Government Travel Card (GTC) for expenses incurred in conjunction with a Permanent Change of…

Military mover packing.

How To Establish Residency In A New State

Active duty military members, and their spouses, have some special protections when it comes to changing their domicile (state of legal residence) each time they move….


About Personally Procured Moves

With Permanent Change of Station (PCS) season in full swing, the internet is full of families talking about their moving experiences and their moving plans….

Military movers.

Don’t Get Stuck By Problems With Movers

As the 2015 Permanent Change of Station season moves on, reports of problems with the movers are starting to grow.  Unfortunately, moving problems can result…