Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Recent catastrophic flooding in the south may have you wondering, “Do I need flood insurance?”  It’s a great question!  Even if you don’t live in…

This Is A Great Time To Check Your Insurance Coverages

Getting Back In The Insurance Groove

The excitement and spontaneity of summer is fading in our collective rearview mirror.  Families around the country (and world!) are getting back into the groove…

How to Pay For A Security Deposit

How Can I Pay For A Security Deposit?

As the military travel allowance system evolves, including the use of the Government Travel Credit Card, some families are finding it difficult to pay for…

Special Price on Military Housing

Special Prices on Military Housing

Every Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move, military families need to decide whether to live on base or rent or buy in the civilian community….

Your Rental Property Needs To Do More Than "Cover The Mortgage"

More Than Just “Cover The Mortgage”

I am a part of several military-related social groups, and I have over 20 years experience as a long-distance landlord.  When the conversation turns to…

What Are Your Rights When The AC Is Out?

Your Rights When Your AC Is Out

Summer seems to finally arrived across the country, and with it there are  more people trying to use their air conditioning.  Sometimes, you turn on…

Do You Have The Right Insurance Deductibles?

Do You Have The Right Insurance Deductibles?

Insurance is an important part of your overall financial well-being.  Auto insurance, life insurance, renter’s insurance, homeowners insurance…they’re all important.  Most types of insurance policies…

Keep Your House Cooler

Ten Ways To Keep Your House Cooler

Summer is here, and my friends are either complaining that their air conditioning doesn’t work as well as they would like, or that their electric…

No Picture

Get To Know Your House

One of the simplest, and potentially money-saving things you can do is to know certain crucial details about your house’s major systems. A small problem…

Great Things About VA Loans

Call It VA Loan Envy

I was telling a friend about the great deal I got when I refinanced my VA-guaranteed home loan, and he was flabbergasted. “What a sweet…


Occupancy Requirements for VA Home Loans

One common concern about obtaining a home loan guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is the occupancy requirement.  In general, the VA home…