Do Your Valuables Have Value?

Putting Value on Valuables

I’ve talked with a couple of people lately about the worth of their personal property, particularly items that are considered “valuable.”  It’s not a conversation that…

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Giving Thanks

First, thank you to all the readers of The Paycheck Chronicles.  I am thankful that you read what I write, and that you allow me…

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Overwhelmed By Budgeting? Try This

A lot of budgeting advice makes it seem like a huge task:  gather your bank records and credit card statements for the last twelve months,…

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Is Your Marriage Messing With Your Money?

Money and marriage…there are two big, important words that often don’t play well together.  If you’re not doing too well in the money department, it…

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On-Base Financial Education: Can’t Do Enough

The latest issue of the Financial Planning newsletter has two thought-provoking articles about financial education, financial planning, and financial products as they relate tothe military. The…

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Military Pay For New Recruits

I get a lot of questions about military pay for new recruits.  A very plan-ahead type Delayed Entry Program (DEP) reader recently wrote to, asking…