Transferring The GI Bill To A Spouse

April 09, 2014 | Kate Horrell

Transferrability of benefits is one of the most amazing things about the Post 9/11 GI Bill.  If you are a long-time Paycheck Chronicles reader, you know that I believe that Congress will act to … [Read more...]

ThanksUSA Scholarship Apps Open

April 01, 2014 | Kate Horrell

The 2014 application period for the ThanksUSA scholarship program has opened. Applications are accepted from 1 April 2014 to 15 May 2014. Thanks USA scholarships are available to dependent children … [Read more...]

Student Loan Repayment Resources

March 05, 2014 | Kate Horrell

Student loans can be a blessing when you need them to pay for education, but they can be a burden when you are in repayment.  And, sometimes, it is hard to know the best way to deal with student … [Read more...]

Tillman Military Scholarships Applications

February 11, 2014 | Kate Horrell

The Pat Tillman Foundation Military Scholars program application period has opened and is accepting applications until 6 March 2014.  While only six years old, the Tillman Military Scholars Program … [Read more...]

Virginia Military Scholarships

January 14, 2014 | Kate Horrell

It is definitely the time of year for scholarships.  It feels like I can not open my email without finding another new scholarship, and that is great for those of you who are trying to figure out how … [Read more...]

Military Scholarship from VFW and Sport Clips

January 10, 2014 | Kate Horrell

I stumbled across a new-to-me military scholarship opportunity, and I love this one because it is specifically for active duty and veterans!  Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), with the generous support … [Read more...]

Commissary Scholarship Apps Opens

December 03, 2013 | Kate Horrell

The 2014 Scholarships for Military Children program is now open for applications.  This program, sponsored by the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), awards at least one scholarship at each commissary … [Read more...]

NMFA Spouse Scholarship App Open

December 01, 2013 | Kate Horrell

Looking for a way to fund your college education?  Apply for the National Military Family Association (NMFA) Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship!  The application process has opened … [Read more...]

Is Tuition Assistance Safe?

October 26, 2013 | Kate Horrell

Sequestration, budget, and debt ceiling issues have created a lot of questions.  One military benefit that has seemed ripe for curtailment is Tuition Assistance (TA).  Recently, Department of … [Read more...]

Military Scholarship Opportunity

October 03, 2013 | Kate Horrell

I really hate to be a cut-and-paste blogger, but this military scholarship information received by SpouseBUZZ is so well written that there is no sense in trying to change it: At the Liljegren Law … [Read more...]

Five Government Shutdown Questions

September 26, 2013 | Kate Horrell

Well, we still don't know if a government shutdown will happen, but you know that I like to be prepared.  Several questions keep coming up over and over again, so I thought that would address them … [Read more...]

Share Your Education and Employment Experiences In New Survey

September 22, 2013 | Kate Horrell

Are you, or have you ever been, a military spouse?   If so, please consider filling out The Military Spouse Employment Survey on military spouse life, education, and employment.  It's a hugely … [Read more...]

Army Wife Network Field Exercise at Fort Carson

September 15, 2013 | Kate Horrell
army wife network field exercise

Do you live near Fort Carson?  Then join the Army Wife Network for a full day of fun, education, and free stuff  at their Field Exercises held on both Wednesday, 18 September 2013 and Thursday, 19 … [Read more...]

14 July 2013 Weekend Roundup

July 14, 2013 | Kate Horrell

When I spend any amount of time on the internet, I end up with tons of open tabs, all containing things that I think might be interesting to you.  Here are some interesting bits that I have been … [Read more...]