2016 Navy Federal Pay Deposit Dates

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Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) customers often ask when their military pay will be deposited. NFCU is a little more confusing than other financial institutions, because they have two different military pay deposit dates. Which day your pay will be deposited depends on the type of checking account that you use.  Let me explain more about the Navy Federal pay deposit situation:

NFCU Account Types

NFCU offers five different types of checking accounts: Everyday Checking, Campus Checking, Flagship Checking, e-Checking, and Active Duty Checking. Active Duty Checking is only available to those who have a qualifying military direct deposit into their account. While the Active Duty Checking account has many benefits, you don’t necessarily have Active Duty Checking just because you have a checking account with NFCU and you are on active duty. You may have chosen another account type.

If you’re not sure what type of account you use for your military pay deposits, you can log into your online account access, telephone NFCU, or stop by a branch to ask. It’s important to know what type of account you have so you know what benefits come with your account.

Early Direct Deposit

NFCU offers early direct deposit of active duty military pay only to those members who use an Active Duty Checking account for their eligible pay deposit.

The 2016 military pay deposit dates for customers who use Active Duty checking for their pay deposit are:


Regular Pay Deposit Dates

NFCU members who use an Everyday Checking, Campus Checking, Flagship Checking or e-Checking account for their military pay deposit do not have early direct deposit of their pay.  Their pay is deposited on the regular military payday.

The 2016 military pay deposit dates for customers who use Everyday Checking, Campus Checking, Flagship Checking or e-Checking accounts for their pay deposit are:

2016 NFCU Regular Deposit Dates

Pending vs. Posted

One thing about NFCU deposits can be very confusing:  the difference between a pending deposit and a posted deposit.  NFCU often shows that your deposit is pending a day or two before it is posted.  NFCU customers will often see a little note in the right hand side of their online account access page, describing the pending deposit.   A pending deposit just means that NFCU has received the deposit information, and has uploaded it into their program.  On the night before a deposit is supposed to be posted, NFCU pushes all those deposits through their computer system, resulting in postings throughout the night, designed to be available for use on the day of the deposit.  A pending deposit should not be spent until it has posted.

On the other hand, not all deposits ever show up as pending.  If NFCU does not receive the deposit information in advance, then the deposit will be posted immediately without any pending status shown.  This means that you should not be worried if your expected deposit doesn’t show as pending.

Hopefully, I’ve covered everything you want to know about the 2016 Navy Federal Pay Deposit Dates.  If I’ve forgotten something, or you have a question, let me know in the comments and I’ll find answers for you.

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