2016 USAA Military Pay Deposit Dates

USAA Military Pay Days


Use this link for the 2017 USAA Military Pay Deposit Dates.

One of the many benefits of banking with USAA Federal Savings Bank is that they offer early direct deposit of active duty military pay, guaranteed.  USAA bank customers have their military pay deposited one business day prior to the actual military payday, which can be up to three days early if there is a weekend involved.

The regular military paydays are the first and fifteenth of the month, with the payday falling on the business day prior if the 1st or the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday.

Here are the 2016 USAA Military Pay Deposit Dates:

2016 USAA Paydays

Every year comes with a couple of long pay periods, and which pay periods are long varies if your bank or credit union offers early direct deposit.  In 2016, USAA customers will have long pay periods during the following times:

11 February 2016 to 29 February 2016:  18 days

12 May 2016 to 31 May 2016:  19 days

12 August 2016 to 31 August 2016:  19 days

13 October 2016 to 31 October 2016:  18 days

Preparing for long pay periods will make them a lot less painful.

Please remember that your pay deposit can come at any time during the day.  While it is usual for USAA to post deposits early in the day, it doesn’t always happen that way.  Any number of variables can impact the time that your pay is deposited, but it will always be deposited by the end of the day before the actual payday.  I get a lot of emails and comments from customers who are worried because their pay wasn’t posted by 3 a.m., or 6 a.m., or 9 a.m.  In very nearly all of these situations, the “problem” is resolved with a few hours of patience.

USAA pay deposit dates is the most frequently searched term here at The Paycheck Chronicles, so I know that y’all are looking for this information.  I love being able to answer readers’ questions!  What other questions do you have?

Use this link for the 2017 USAA Military Pay Deposit Dates.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • Debra

    That’s great! However they put a 10 day hold on my college age son”s pay check every 2 weeks when he is paid. I’m not talking a lot of money either it’s only around $300-$400 and he only has a debit card. So I guess my point is always read the small print..

    • Kate

      Debra, that isn’t standard practice so I am thinking there must be a reason for this. Has he had issues with checks being returned for non-payment, or any sort of fraud that happened with his account?

  • David

    Fidelity and other banks do this for non-military folk. Its great! One thing about USAA is if you have a personal loan and get behind in payments they will disable most of your online checking features as punishment.

  • Brian

    David, it’s not a punishment. It’s the bank ensuring they will get their money eyes back.

  • nicole

    If you have a low account balance they will hold larger checks. But if he gets those large amount checks and from the same source they should stop the hold after awhile, they told me when my gma sent me a $5000 check the reason they were holding it was because i generally have a low balance and I’ve never had a deposit that big…. Its automated hold as well, so a computer decides that hold! & they’ll tell you they cant over step it, which sucks, 10 days is long for a hold, I had to reschedule all my appointments… More or less penalizing us, since we dont have money, THATS WHY WE NEED IT IN OUR ACCOUNT LOL. It should only be a 3 day hold. Since youre depositing it into an account thats yours… And from a known source. Shouldnt matter about our balance. Ive been on the phone with usaa. For hours disputing the deposit of the check… I needed it for food and dr bills…. I was crying because I needed the money so bad, I’ve. Been with them for almost 6 years now and never had that problem and now lately I’m getting tons of weird fees from them. NSF fees, charging me for not having money in my account but they didn’t cover the charge, nor deny it… So now because some weird auto payment i never authorized went through, i have to pay $29… I don’t get the point of that fee. Here lets take out 29$ even though you don’t have any money, but yet they couldn’t cover the $9 that wss being tsken out, if they denied it why are they theb charging me? Doesnt make sense to me. :/ I’ve never had problems before until the last few months…

  • john watson jr

    I’ve been with USAA since 2009 and they are the BOMB!!!! Yes, they have issues as do all banking institutions. I’ve had portions of checks held. However, they do not have the stupid fees as other banks have. You get your money a day early and sometimes 3-5 days early if a weekend and holiday fall in between. I’ve had many overdraft fees waived. I’ve been involved in an accident and three hit-and-runs. They paid each time, no questions asked. By the way, they are also my auto insurance carrier. No other bank does auto insurance. They don’t ask how many ppl drive my car or how many ppl live in my home as does Progressive and others. If I drive your car, it is insured through me. If you drive my car, it is insured with you. I recently had a car stolen. They were going to pay it off if not found within two weeks or if badly damaged when found. And no other bank or auto insurance company understands the military like USAA does.