1 October 2015 Military Pay

It’s been a long pay period for many people, judging from the number of enquiries I’ve had about when the next military paycheck will be coming.  Unfortunately for those who are concerned, we’ve still got over a week to wait.  The next regular, active duty military payday is Thursday, 1 October 2015.  When will your pay be deposited into your account and available for use?  As always, that depends.  Individual banks and credit unions have different deposit policies, and sometimes your particular bank account might have special provisions, as well.  Let’s break it down.

Don’t forget:  If you don’t have any reasons to believe that your pay will be deposited early, then it will be deposited some time on Thursday, 1 October 2015.

Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) members fall into two categories when it comes to the deposit of military pay:  those who use an Active Duty checking account, and those who use any other type of account.  (You can learn more about the account types at:  NFCU Account Types:  Active Duty vs. Others.)

NFCU members who use an Active Duty checking account will have their deposit posted overnight to be available for use one business day early, on Wednesday, 30 September 2015.

NFCU members who use any other type of account will have their deposit posted overnight to be available for use on Thursday, 1 October 2015.

If you are reading this and thinking, “Hey, I’d rather get paid a day early,” it is simple to change account types and the Active Duty account has great benefits if you are eligible.  You might not get the switch done in time for an early pay this payday, but I suspect it will happen pretty quickly.  You can make the change online, on the telephone, or in person at your local NFCU branch.


USAA guarantees that members will receive their active duty military pay one business day early.  For this pay period, that means Wednesday, 30 September 2015.

Pacific Marine Credit Union

Pacific Marine Credit Union (PMCU) deposits active duty military pay one business day early.  For this pay period, that means pay will be deposited on Wednesday, 30 September 2015.

Service Credit Union

Service Credit Union strives to deposit active duty military pay two business days early, pending the receipt of information from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS.)  For this payday, two business days early will be Tuesday, 29 September 2015.

What should you do if payday has come and gone and you still haven’t been paid?  See What If I Don’t Get Paid? for directions on how to track down the problem.

About the Author

Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • G COLE

    So, DOD personnel WILL be receiving the 10/01/15 pay, including retired members?

    • Kate

      Are you asking about a potential government shutdown? The 1 October pay should not be affected by a government shutdown, as it is the end-of-month pay for September which is still in Fiscal Year 15. The earliest payday of concern is 15 October. The 15 day delay between the first day of the fiscal year and the first military payday is one reason that military pay hasn’t often been affected in shutdowns; they are usually resolved during that time period. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this year##

      • G COLE

        Thank you very much for the information, really appreciate it! So tired of these “government shutdowns” or threats thereof.

  • Jessica

    When does Service Credit Union perform daily updates?

  • What time on Thursday Oct 1, 2015
    Should the U.S.Army pay checks hit soldiers accounts?

    • Kate

      Pay can be desposited at any time. In most instances, it is prior to the opening of the business day, but there are occasionally delays.

  • Tanner

    I have been receiving a medical retirement check every first of the month for the past five years. For some reason this I have yet to receive the money today (it is past 9 pm est), I checked mypay and I don’t have an eRAS for September. Can someone enlighten me as to what might have happened?