15 June 2015 Military Pay

The next regular, active duty military pay day is Monday, 15 June 2015.  Monday paydays always create a lot of questions, especially if you’re used to getting paid early.  So, when should you expect to see your military pay?  The depends on your bank or credit union, and sometimes even what sort of account you use for your direct deposit.

Service Credit Union

Service Credit Union offers early direct deposit active duty military pay two business days prior to the official payday, pending the receipt of the pay information from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service. Assuming no surprises, service members who bank with Service Credit Union will have their military pay deposited into their account on Thursday, 11 June 2015.  However, Service Credit Union does guarantee these early deposits, so be sure not to spend the money before you see it in your account (this is good advice for everyone!)

USAA, PMCU, and other “one business day” early banks

Amongst the many early direct deposit offers, “one business day early” is the most common.  For this pay period, one business day early will be Friday, 12 June 2015.  Banks and credit unions that offer this benefit include USAA and PMCU.

Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union makes things a little bit more confusing, because they only offer early direct deposit for one type of checking account.

If you have an Active Duty checking account with Navy Federal, your pay will post during the night between Thursday, 11 June and Friday, 12 June and available for use on Friday, 12 June 2015.

If you have any other type of checking account with Navy Federal, your pay will post during the night Friday, 12 June and Saturday, 13 June and available for use on Saturday, 13 June 2015.

For Everyone

Keep in mind that there is no specific time that your pay will be deposited, even if there seems to be a typical time that your pay is deposited. See What Time Will I Get Paid? for more information.

Pay errors do happen all the time.  If payday has come and gone, and your haven’t been paid, see Why Hasn’t My Pay Been Deposited? to figure out where to start.


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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • Jess

    has anyone else mid month pay updated or reflected for June 15th pay on there LES yet? on the DFAS website calendar it shows it should have been updated June 5th. just curious

  • Keseanna Gray

    Hi. So my husband has been in BMT since May 4th and the messed up his account info BUT he got it fixed i know this because they gave him a little of his money to be sure and now its the 15th of june and nada.. not a thing. Our bank is bank of america and i was just wondering could you give me some infromation. Thanks!