2015 Military Pay Raise Likely 1%

With the House of Representatives passing the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), we are one step closer to having some clarity on what the next year or so is going to look like. The bill will go to the Senate this week, where it is expected to pass easily, and then go on to the President for his signature.

The 2015 NDAA contains a 1% pay increase for military personnel, which will mean an additional $15 to $123 for servicemembers, depending on rank and length of service. You can see the complete 1% increase pay charts here.

A lot of service members are disappointed in the small pay increase, and that is understandable.  On the other hand, lots of private sector folks aren’t seeing any raise this year.  I’m going to focus on being thankful for a small pay raise, and the other benefits of military service.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • Walter Horn

    What about the pay raises Congress and the Senate get? It’s time to cut their pay an allowances for getting the country in the mess it is!!!!!!!

    • James

      Congress and the Senate has not had a raise since 2009.

      • Iceman

        They still make too much for doing nothing!!

      • VNVET

        They sure as hell have. We the taxpayers are paying a large portion of their Obamacare. VNVET

      • John

        That is not TRUE!

    • NRO

      Social Security recipients will receive a 1.7% raise.

  • 1CAVInfantry

    I’m sick and tired of the government. They cut pay and benefits for the hardest working people and have given more sacrifices then most people will do in their entire lives! There is a lot of fat in the this 2015 NDAA budget bill. I’m a retired U.S. Army Infantry NCO. I was was wounded twice in Iraq in 2004 being shot by hostile fire and taking shrapnel to my face and jaw from an RPG that exploded less then 3 feet from my Humvee turret. I can no longer work and have to depend on a VA check. With all the sacrifices all combat soldiers have made does it seems fair to keep their pay raises below the Cost of Living Adjustment. The pay is already bad. Oh and top of it they want to raise copays and charge a percentage of on post housing. This is a good way to lose morale if your a soldier. Imagine being in a combat zone getting shot and losing brothers and doing it all for peanuts. They shouldn’t be lowering debt on soldiers backs. Especially with all the turmoil in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

    • Walter. Horn

      They serve one term and receive pay every month + medical + insider info. Someone has to pay for it!!

      • Kate

        Mr. Horn, respectfully, this is not accurate. Congress belongs to the same retirement system as all other non-military federal employees.

        • Adam

          Does congress also have to pay their ex spouse 50% of their retirement retainer? I think not. They are In a whole different class of taking everything from us. We need to kill that damn program too.

          • Kate

            Sir, Congress has to pay their ex-spouse whatever is specified in their settlement agreement or divorce decree. The military, as a class, is not required to pay their ex-spouse anything…that is an individual determination made by the two parties and/or the judge. The only law regarding payments to military ex-spouses says that the parties or the courts MAY chose to divide retired pay, and there is no specified amount. I am very sorry if you feel that you received an unfair settlement in your particular divorce, but please be aware that it is not the fault of the military or Congress.

        • Hooksdown

          I’m afraid that Mr. Horn’s comment agrees with with other info that I’ve read, lately. I sleep easier just knowing that. And, don’t discount the “insider info” thing. I suspect that investing, for instance, is a lot more rewarding to those who know what legislation is “coming down the pike.”

    • John

      Amen, and thank you.

    • eric d

      Maybe consider filing for Social Sec Disability SSD as well, I am 100% through VA for combat injuries and I make 3282.00 from va and 896 from SSD if we cant live off that than something is wrong, all I know is im not complaining about my pay… I have to say if you are legitimately injured in OIF / OEF they do pay you.

  • NRO

    As a reminder, Social Security recipients will receive a 1.7% raise.

  • ken

    To do this upon our military while they are fighting two wars is the poorest symbol our government can do to our warriors.

    • Hooksdown


  • Mary Baker

    My husband served 23 years in the Navy and unfortunately passed away 2 years ago… I’m Collecting his Navy pension and want to know if that raise will be on January check

    • Kate

      Mrs. Baker, if you are receiving Survivor Benefit Plan and/or Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, you will receive the 1.7% cost of living adjustment (COLA) awarded to federal annuitants. This 1% increase applies only to actively serving troops.

  • Jim

    ” I’m going to focus on being thankful for a small pay raise, and the other benefits of military service.” That’s an interesting statement from someone not in the military…I notice that nothing is said about the increases in co-pays, reductions in BAH, and the lack of concern about the cuts being made in pay for those going forward at an even faster rate. The military as a whole is shrinking further, a much larger war is waiting for us, with the façade of getting out of the middle east and as a whole we are deploying more. Thank you very little.

  • JSB

    As a retired military member my comments relate more on emphasizing that the world doesn’t automatically owe you anything. Our military is a volunteer force, and I (and most) did not join because of the huge wealth it promised. There are a multitude of jobs in the civilian sector that are receiving no raise, and what we pay annually for our medical care in many cases is what folks are paying monthly. Sorry life has not seemed to treat you fairly but in most cases you are the result of your choices.

  • DMG

    Increase in co-pays, increase in daycare prices and reduction in BAH. This pay raise is nothing. Yes I did volunteer but it comes to a point where I do have to provide for my family, my kids do have eat. OH yeah did I mention im stationed in WA where everything is going up property tax, sales tax and in Seattle they get paid $15 an hour. This is why a huge chuck of military uses food stamps and are on WIC.