1 December 2014 Military Pay

Monday paydays always cause a lot of drama, and I know from years past that people get worked up about the November end-of-month payday.  So, buckle your seat belts and hang on while I lay out what is going to happen.  Keep in mind, nothing is set in stone.  I don’t want to hear stories of people standing in Black Friday checkout lines, checking their phones for pay deposits.  If this is your reality, you should not be Black Friday shopping.

The next regular, active duty military payday is Monday, 1 December 2014.  Most people will see their pay deposited AT SOME TIME on Monday, 1 December 2014.

One Business Day Early

Banks and credit unions that offer their customers the bonus of early direct deposit of military pay often do that deposit one business day early.  This includes USAA, PMCU, and other banks and credit unions.

The business day prior to Monday, 1 December 2014 is Friday, 28 November 2014.  That is when banks and credit unions that deposit one business day early will make their deposits.  It can occur at any time during that day.

I know that there are people reading this and saying, “She’s wrong.  Friday is a holiday.  We should get paid on Wednesday.”  I hear it every year.  Friday may be a day off of work for you, but it is not a banking holiday.

Service Credit Union

Service Credit Union offers to deposit active duty military pay “up to two business days” early, pending receipt of information from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).  In theory, Service Credit Union customers might have their pay deposited as early as Wednesday, 26 November, 2014.  However, Service Credit Union does not guarantee that the deposits will be made early.  Don’t make any plans based upon the idea that you will definitely see your pay on Wednesday.

Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union is tricky with Monday paydays.  First, you have to know what type of checking account you have.  Then, you have to understand how Navy Federal Credit Union process their pay deposits.

There are two different policies for pay deposits, based upon the type of checking account.  Folks who use an Active Duty checking account receive their pay deposits one business day early.  Everyone else, even active duty, who has any other type of checking account, are paid their pay deposits on the actual payday.  Except…

Navy Federal puts pay deposits into the queue the day before the pay is supposed to be in the account.  The deposits post overnight, and are available for use on the next day.  Because the Navy Federal system only posts on the nights of business days, sometimes you get your money a little earlier.

For this payday, Navy Federal Credit Union members with any checking account that is not an Active Duty account will have the Monday, 1 December 2014 pay deposit  put into the posting queue on Friday, 28 November 2014.  It will post overnight and be available for use on Saturday, 29 November 2014.

However, customers with Active Duty checking receive their pay one business day early.  For this crazy payday, one business day early would be Friday, 28 November 2014.  In order to get pay into an account on that day, it has to be queued for posting on Thursday, 27 November 2014, but that is Thanksgiving and a bank holiday.  Therefore, the pay deposits of Active Duty checking account customers will be queued for posting on Wednesday, 26 November 2014, processed overnight, and available for use on Thursday, 27 November 2014.

Did that make sense?

Plan ahead:  the last pay period of 2014, from 15 December to 31 December 2014, may be long depending on your bank or credit union’s pay posting policies.  Be prepared.  No one wants to be short of funds over the Christmas and New Year’s period.


About the Author

Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • jenny

    This is so helpful, thank you.

  • Cindy

    this is my 1st time on here and let me just say Thank You!!! The breakdown was awesome and I understood the madness behind reason.

  • Justin

    This is exactly what I needed to know, was wondering how the Pay Date would work for Thanksgiving this year. Thank you!

  • Robert

    Thank you!

  • Joshua

    What if you get paid on the 30th? My regular payday is the 30th. Will I be paid in Wednesday?

    • Kate

      Joshua, this article is for military folks. If your regular payday is the 30th, then you’re not military and I’m not really in a position to help you.

      You can call your bank and ask them how they plan to handle deposits for the 30th. I would guess that you will be paid on the 28th, which is the business day prior to the 30th.

  • eric d

    My VA disability is scheduled for the first .. does that mean midnight on sunday they will start processing or would they process it on Friday because the Federal reserve is not open sundays??

    • Kate

      Eric, as listed in the post above, it depends on the policies and practices of your bank. This has nothing to do with the Federal Reserve. If your bank offers early direct deposit is a benefit to their customers, then you will be paid early. If your bank does not offer early direct deposit, then you will be paid on Monday.

      If you’re unsure, a good indication is to look at the last Monday payday, which was all the way back in July of 2013. No guarantee that the process will be the same, but it is likely.

      You can also call your bank or credit union and ask.

      • iona

        do they get paid on Dec.15th

  • J. Robinson

    To my Knowledge USAA will he paying us tomorrow due to Fridays Stock Exchange Closing at 12 pm EST How much truth is behind this?

    • Kate

      Mr. Robinson, I don’t believe this is accurate. The Stock Exchange calendar and the banking calendar are unrelated. Friday is a regular banking day. Monday deposits will be posted on Friday for USAA customers.

  • SGT Ernest Watkins

    This is very nerve racking….what time does usaa release funds?

    • Kate

      USAA processes deposits across the day. For this payday, that will be on Friday.

  • will

    the money i receive is from the va, i have a checking account with service credit union here in germany, im told that alot of people got their pay already, why did´nt i get paid already as well

    • Kate

      Will, I am not aware of Service Credit Union offering early direct deposit for VA disability benefits. It is possible that they do offer it but I am not aware of that policy. VA benefits are scheduled to be paid on Monday, 1 December.

  • Bob

    Great info, exactly what I needed to know! Thanks!

  • willam

    Do you know how Andrews federal credit union works as far as getting paid before monday.

  • eric d

    My granny receives civil service bank of America told her Friday and SSD 2-3rd . IM 100% serv connected and have regions bank, I checked Sept 1st payday was a Monday on got paid 8-29 I think was a Friday so im hoping Friday overnight Friday night Sat morn it should be available while posting.

  • Jason Kraus

    Does anyone know what day Bank of America releases the direct deposit for 1 December? Is it Friday the 28th or Saturday the 29th?

  • eric d

    i looked sept 1 was labor day july 1st of last year was a Monday and didn’t post until Monday so I really don’t know the bank says Friday sometimes sat morning and doesn’t post until Monday they have until close of business Monday …sometimes it will come early doesn’t seem to be an exact science ..i hope Friday but ive been disappointed in the past ive been at gas stations until 3 – 4am on paydays and usually balance goes to 0.00 on online banking and that means its coming and i can swipe as credit before i can debit…

  • J Mills

    Does anyone know if TD Bank posts deposits on FridAy when Monday is the first.

  • tom

    Man its really tough on the pockets when they wait to release funds on 1 Dec. I never have any moneyf on Thanksgiving weekend. Definitely can’t take advantage of the retail sales.

    • Kate

      Tom, have you considered saving a little bit each paycheck so that you have money to shop next year? $10 per paycheck would give you $240 to spend in a year.

      • 10 x 12 =120

        • James north

          10×2×12= 240

  • Randy

    Doors anybody know what day bank of America is doing their deposits?

    • Kate

      Randy, to the best of my knowledge, Bank of America deposits pay on payday. For this pay period, payday is Monday, 1 December 2014.

  • nigel edwards

    Do u.know.about direct depisite thru the direct express card for va disabity?

    • Kate

      Nigel, to the best of my knowledge, the Direct Express card receives disability benefits on the day that disability benefits are scheduled to be paid. For this month, it is Monday, 1 December 2014.

  • tyler

    Fort sill federal credit union… anyone know if we’re getting paid tonight or tomorrow?

    • Kate

      tyler, to the best of my knowledge, Fort Sill Credit Union pays active duty pay on the actual payday. For this pay period, that would be Monday, 1 December 2014.

  • Tyler

    Usually I get paid around 8pm the night before pay day. I just figured they might clear it sooner


    This is my 1st time on here and let me just say Thank You!!! The breakdown was awesome and I understood the madness behind reason. his is exactly what I needed to know, was wondering how the Pay Date would work for Thanksgiving this year. Thank you!

  • susan

    anyone help me? my son is at fort sill arried Nov 4th and was wondering if his 1st pay will be today or do we need to wait until dec 15th?

  • Brandon

    Hi I am in the Air Force Reserve and currently attending D&TFs before i ship for basic in March, i already went to the one for the month of November and am going this Saturday for the Month of December. My question is if i Should have received pay for the last D&TF of November because I have not yet and am not quite sure how it is meant to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Kate

      Brandon, I’ll be honest – I have no idea! Readers, can you help?

  • Aaron

    This explains why I got paid so early (even though it was a VA Compensation check, my account was opened when I was on active duty, and VA pays pretty much on the same tempo as DFAS only that it happens one a month).

  • a.killins

    my service connected disability was paid and released on the 24th of november.. i called the 800 # to see what was going on and they said that the va were releasing funds early for the holidays. has anyone else been told this?

    • Kate

      While what they said sort of makes sense, it is not technically accurate. It is not “for the holidays.” It is *because of* the weekend and the holiday. I would not bet on that happening for Christmas. The way Thanksgiving and the weekend fell, a lot of people were paid VERY early for their 1 December pay or benefits. The next payday, 31 December, does not fall on Monday but rather on Wednesday.

      While I guess anything is possible (and the 24th of November is ridiculously early), please don’t make any decisions assuming that the January pay will come that early as well.