2014 USAA Pay Posting Calendar


Looking for the USAA 2015 Pay Posting Calendar?

USAA still has not updated their pay posting calendar to reflect the fact that we’re now in 2014.  Update 30 January 2014:  USAA has their calendar up.  So, I made my own calendar.  This is not an official posting from USAA.  It is my calculation based upon the policies of USAA.


If it is too small for you to read, you can click on the image and it will come up larger on your screen.

Per their policies, you can see that direct deposit of Active Duty military pay occurs one day prior to the actual payday.  It has been reported to me that retiree pay is also deposited one day early.  Don’t forget that pay can be deposited at any time on the day…there is no scheduled time.

If you have USAA, and you use them for retirement pay or VA disability benefits, would you mind commenting about your experiences.  I am always trying to get a better understanding of things that interest my readers, and that is certainly a topic of interest!

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  1. va disability follows the same calendar

    either you fixed the calendar or the above comments aren't reading your calendar right, the pay dates look right to me.

  2. Elaina Reitenour | January 29, 2014 at 8:47 am |

    It looks like it is one day off one some months, like January. The actual pay day is February 1, so funds will be available on the 31st through USAA

  3. Elaina Reitenour | January 30, 2014 at 2:17 am |
  4. So should my DFAS Retirement Pension been posted by this time since it is the 30th or what time does it usually appear ?

  5. USAA post their calendar already guys, if im not mistaken look the same

  6. USAA says the 30th….however still not posted. Too add though, they do have the disclaimer that it posts throughout the course of the business day ….so perhaps this early in the AM is jumping the gun

  7. still nothing..starting to think the 31st makes more sense.

  8. I get retirement benefits through the va and I have usaa, I get paid a day early as well, really convenient.

  9. I’m a phase 2 student at Tech School under Chase bank. Will I get paid tomorrow the 1st?

  10. My husbands pay still has not went into our account and he has been gone since the 5th. What time should his pay go in today

  11. Reggie Wayne | April 11, 2014 at 3:50 am |

    I’m overseas and have usaa, how does the one day pay work for me? Will I have funds on Monday? Or wait until Monday night when it’s the 14th in the states?

  12. FYI- SSI (we get for 2 special needs kiddos) also post according to this schedule

  13. My military retirement and VA payments as well as my civilian paychecks all hit a day early. I once called DFAS and they said that the VA payments usually come in on the last day of the month and retirement on the first but they both hit on the last day of the month unless it's a weekend or holiday.

  14. It's very simple and very easy to understand…if the 1rst falls on the weekend(sat or sun) you will be paid direct dep. the day befor on Friday! If the Monday is the 1rst but it's a federal holiday…you still will be paid on the Friday !!! If the 1rst falls on Monday -Friday with no holidays….you will be paid on the exact first! I've been getting mine for years that way.

  15. How long does it take to get my husbands retirement account set up? He officially was "separated" on 10/29/2013 even though he has over 20 years in, after some back and forth with Ft. Knox they FINALLY got everything they needed and he received his 20 year retirement dated May 2, 2014 with a retired date of 11/1/2013, here is it, June 8th and still NOTHING in MyPay. This is insane, you serve your country for 20 years and then take forever to give the retired vets their pay.

  16. Mary, was your husband active duty, reserves, or National Guard? There is a big difference in the way these different components do the accounting for retirement pay. Reserve (and National Guard, as far as I know) retired pay requires the retiree to submit a request to begin receiving retired pay, and nothing can begin to be processed until that request has been correctly submitted.

    I'm a little confused about how you are using the terms separated and the three different dates you've listed. Readers who are familiar with reserve or Guard retirement, can you help?


  17. I'm not sure about retirement or disability claims, but I go to school on the GI Bill and our housing allowance is paid the same as the beginning of the month active duty pay. If the first is on a weekend or holiday you will get paid the Friday before. For example this year the first of October is on Sat, so you will get paid Fri. If you have USAA you will get paid the day before that, so you would get paid Thurs Oct 30th (With USAA). Most other banks will post it on Fri Oct 31

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