Getting Home Depot Military Discount Online

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It has been reported to me that you can get the Home Depot military discount online as well as in-store.  I haven’t been able to try this, because we are living overseas, but you can certainly try.  Let me know what you discover.

According to my sources, you can do this by putting together a regular order online, and then selecting the option to chat with a representative.  Unfortunately, the “chat with a representative” button isn’t listed on the checkout pages, so you’ll have to do some clicking around.  I found it easiest to click on the Home Depot icon at the top left of the page, then scrolling down and selecting Contact Us on the bottom right.  The “Live Chat” box is right there in the center.  I did see the “chat with a representative” button elsewhere, but I could never find it when I was looking!

The representative can’t apply the discount right then, so the discount won’t show up until you get your final email.  This makes me a little uncomfortable, but it is better than nothing.

Don’t forget to shop through Ebates to get a 2% cash rebate on your purchase.  If you are really organized, you can purchase discounted gift cards through a site like CardSnagger to save more, and use a cash back credit card to purchase your discounted gift cards for even more savings.

Please let me know if this works for you.  Thanks!

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • D.Kinney

    I have not tried Home Depot yet, but as of 01 February 2014, Lowe’s will no longer honor the White VA cards given out for service connected disabilities. I think this is wrong.

    • pat c

      Got one on phone order , no problem.

    • D. Kusluch

      I just shopped Lowe’s this past week and I got the discount using my White VA card. But I also have a disabled vet ID card issued to me as well if they would ever not take it.

    • lad

      I placed an order online with Home Depot April 12, 2014. The online chat person stated “military discount can be applied when you pick up the order.” The manager at Home Depot would not apply the discount because company policy is NOT to give discount to online orders. I have sent several customer service messages to Home Depot and am told by all customer service employees the military discount is NOT available to online orders. I was also told CEO of Home Depot, Frank Blake, “is well aware of our military discount policy”. ID can be verified at time order is picked up and I do not understand why this is so problematic for Home Depot.

      • Alan

        If Home depot will not honor the discount, Lowes will. I had no trouble getting the discount from the Thousand oaks Ca store.

    • Josie

      D. Kinney, the Lowes policy has never allowed for a year-round discount for veterans, just active duty, retired, and 100% disabled. Meaning people with DoD ID cards. If your local store has been giving you the discount with just the White VA card, they were just being nice.

      I don’t know why everyone thinks they are entitled to the discount when the policy clearly states “active duty, retired, or 100% disabled.”

      You still get the veterans discount on the veterans discount weekends.

      • Marvin McConoughey

        Concur. It is a discount limited to specific groups.

    • Richard

      Did you retire? If so in NC I know active/retired/Firemen/Law Enforcement you get 10% off each sale. Did you speak with the store managers DM? Try that.

  • MemphisBelleTN

    I just called Home Depot on 02/01/2014 and the rep at the 800# said that HD will no longer be giving military discounts for online orders beginning 02/04/2014. (I’m guessing it’s because they can’t/don’t request faxed copies of ID to verify military service, for obvious reasons.) My husband was looking to buy a couple of items that are only available online (free shipping to store for these particular items). I just ordered them today 02/03/2014 so as not to miss the military discount for online orders. Here is what I did:
    1. I ALWAYS check to see which sites give the biggest rebate back for online purchases. Although I’m a member of which gives 5%, many reviewers have stated that they had issues with click-thrus, getting their money, or having their accounts cancelled for no reason. I’ve never had an issue with them but preferred to use Mr Rebates (first rebate site I ever joined) since they give 4%.
    2. A phone rep had previously told me that I could place my order online and then call back to ask for my military discount. So I placed my order online for Mr. Rebates to track my purchase. Then I called HD a couple hours later to request my military discount. The rep told me she applied it and it should show up in about 30 mins to 1 hour. It’s been about 2 hours since my request but my order is still being processed (it’s 1950 CST right now), so I’ll check tomorrow morning.
    3. A local HD store employee did tell me that if I didn’t get my discount ahead of time for my online order, that they CAN’T adjust it when I pick up my items. So I’ll keep checking for my discount, which I’m told I should get an email with the discounted prices PLUS it should show the new prices on my online account order.
    I’ll post here to advise if I get my discount and if they are still discontinuing military discounts for online/phone orders.

    • Samantha D.

      I found the same thing. I got told if I went into the store that they could apply the online discount since they were there to verify, but got turned down. No online discount.

    • piper1233

      Ive had an online order discounted at the counter when i picked it up. it seems that it depends on the store and the store rep. you deal with.

    • Richard

      If you order online for item to be ship to store……. will not give military discount request a full refund, then re purchase the item and show military ID to get 10%. Reason: Store did not stock so they are stuck with item shipped or the have to carry on inventory until they can ship back to another store to store POS od distro whs. If inventory does not move the Mgr have to explain ????????? Hope this helps

  • Ted

    Just this week I experienced the fact that Lowes does not give the 10% Military Discount….I live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and was purchasing maybe $10.00 of merchandise at Lowes and presented my veteran ID, they refused to give me the discount as advertised. Needless to say I will NEVER do any business with Lowes again. I have received the discount many times there and even more times at Home Depot and have never had any problems at either until now. Home Depot gets ALL my business from now on. Home Depot is a much better store anyway and the employees are much more knowlegable.

    • LouCam805

      i get the discount all the time. w my Vet ID. 4/20/14 Paso Robles, CA and at Home Depot!

    • B.Howard

      Home Depot WILL NOT honor military discounts online. You cannot even go into the store and have a HD associate order the online-only merchandise for you and receive the discount. I was told just this morning by a customer service representative that the military discount only applies to in-store merchandise.

      • Marvin McConoughey

        That is compatible with my own experience, B. Howard. I wanted an Echo CS355T chainsaw that is an online order only. No discount. However, all shoppers can get free delivery to the shopper’s choice of store or home. Plus the standard Home Depot price is attractive in its own right. Let’s be clear: Home Depot offers a combination of good prices, great selection, and generous military discounts that make it a very fine place to shop. Lest we forget, we military veterans did get paid during our service.


      I do not have a VA card because they have not issued them for two years re: security defect in the previous ones and they just started sending out replacement cards in 02/2014 (lot’s of luck on getting it any time soon).

      I too was refused a military discount at a Lowes in Texas and was told that PER LOWES COMPANY POLICY only a “RETIRED” veteran of 20+ years with a MILITARY ID card can get the discount. JUST HAVING A VA CARD WILL NOT SUFFICE. Bye-Bye Lowes, hello Home Depot.

      • Mark USCG Retired

        It is also Home Depots policy to give the discount to Active and Retired members only. That policy is very clearly stated on both of their websites. Individual cashiers may not check your credentials. In my opinion, knowingly asking for any discount to which you are not entitled is fraud. I served 26 years and if a retailer wants to “honor” that service I do appreciate it. But it is their right to set their policy how ever they want. It is simple, if you are not entitled to have a military ID you are not entitled to the discount. Sorry.

  • John

    Home Depot no longer offers Military Discounts for on line purchases. I purchased a ceiling fan only available online and was told at the store that I would be able to get the discount once the order was placed. When I called I was told this has never been the policy since they can not confirm that the person purchasing the discount qualifies.

  • John

    Just price matched a washer and dryer at Home Depot using their website which had it at a lower price, and would not honor the military discount

    • Rik

      I was told that you can order in the store for something only online, and the discount will be applied.

      • jmc NJ

        not true I just tried and nope. HD and lowes stink. Wha t’sthe point ofoffering the discount if you don’t honor it,Traders

  • stumphawk

    had a bad experince myself. picked up a few things at HD and when I got to the counter they told me my card was no good. I’m a veinam vet and they tell me that they only give it to active, reserved and retired. sounds like dicrimanation to passed vets to me. hey we did our time but it seems that nothing has changed. veitnam vet have been getting the shaft ever since we came home. and we fought for this country why?

    • piper1233

      You’re right. Its nonsense to accept one vet over another, but i don’t think its a vietnam thing. These stores want to highlight their support of veterans, but keep profits high by using these ridiculous qualifiers; no different from The VA itself.

    • maineiac

      Welcome home. RVN 1968

    • Joann

      That person is definitely misinformed, next time ask for the head cashier or the manager. I too am a Vietnam vet, I get my discount at HD every time I shop.

    • Rob

      I sincerely hope you are kidding by even implying this is discrimination. You somehow think that you should get every discount that a corporation offers to those VOLUNTARILY SERVING RIGHT NOW or those that have retired after 20+ years of service? get real. You want the benefits you are entitled to? talk to the VA. As for free corporations, they can do what they wish.

      • byungsa

        I believe Vietnam was a draft? Not voluntary? But I do see your point.

        • Jay

          In the early years of ‘Nam, a lot of soldiers were volunteers. Later the draft provided most of the soldiers but it was never wholly one or the other until the draft ended in ’72.
          Jay 100% DAV
          I was given disabled vet discount before I was rated 100% But that was no right but a store managers choice.

  • Retired Vet

    Fellow Veterans, I am a retiree with over 35 year of service to this once great country. I sympathize with the Vietnam vet above, but its not just Home Depot that skims over the veterans and our service. This country is not the same country we once served where patriotism was valued by both the population and the Government. Today the Government and Homeland Security views a patriot as a security threat to the Government. Home Depot is the least of our problems, but could also be the beginning of a change back to what should be and what we fought for.


      Couldn’t agree more. Wish more people weren’t asleep at the wheel. We have been masterfully deceived , divided and distracted. They did it everywhere else, what makes anybody think they won’t do it here.

      • scott

        How are they going to verify that you are a veteran with no ID? A DD214 doesn’t cut it because anyone can print one of those out if they wanted. Any other paper form a documentation would be the same. Only way is a government issued ID. I know it cuts out some people and I don’t think that is unintentional.

  • Marvin McConoughey

    Home Depot has much to gain financially by making its online ordering system available to retired and active duty military members. I understand Home Depot’s concern about possible fraud. The basis for that concern can be eliminated if Home Depot first requires the customer to receive some kind of authentication from the customer’s nearest Home Depot store. All future online orders by that customer could then be checked with the local Home Depot store. This need take only seconds when done electronically.

    The reason that Home Depot should accept online orders using a military discount is that no single store can hope to stock every item that Home Depot buys for its entire retail system. Another reason is that many of us are not conveniently close to our Home Depot store, and find it easier to shop online. We may buy more from Home Depot, as a result, than if we were actually in the store. Home Depot has very astute senior managers and I recommend that one of them correct this situation so that Home Depot can make more sales and customers can better purchase more great Home Depot products.

  • HD Vet

    I have been told on several occasions that Home Depot will not allow the 10% discount for any items that are on sale in store, the check out system will identify what items are on sale or not and only apply the 10% discount to those items that are not on sale. I’ve seen this consistently done on several occasions shopping at the local HD store with several different cashiers and customers reps in separate departments.

    • Helen

      Depends on the store. Each store is different.

  • Natasha

    we tried to buy a washer/dryer from Home Depot but they wouldn’t allow a military discount. My father served in World War II. He should be able to get one. But they said it was only certain vets who could get one. They don’t consider World War II Vets as active or Veteran’s who SHOULD get a discount. Lowes doesn’t consider this a discount either. Screw Home Depot and Lowes.

  • Steve

    I was told by the cashier at Home Depot in Parker CO that they would no longer give the military discount for lumber. I’ve bought a bunch from them. No More! If they can’t afford 10% discount, then they better shut the doors.

  • Steve

    Home Depot in store would not give me a discount on lumber, stated new policy.

  • Jeff

    I spent seven thousand dollars at HD remodeling a few months ago, and did not know there was a military discount at home depot, until one of the cashiers last week saw my veterans cap and told me about it. Today I was denied my discount because I still have the older “Universal Access Veterans ID”. I can’t get a new one because the system has security issues, at least that is what they tell me at the VA in Detroit. So, HD, What exactly is wrong with our old ID cards anyway???

  • Retired CMSGT

    The discount is for ACTIVE duty military and RETIRED military. Not every veteran.

    • Tom

      Ya, but all veterans should qualify, we served also just because not active today is not a fair thank you for serving. All or none…then..

      • Rosie

        Hi Tom, Sorry you didn’t receive one. All vets receive the discount on certain holidays like Memorial Day and a few others. My husband just bought a stove on July 4 and received 10% off. His service was in the sixties.

    • Nam vet

      Being a veteran is not by how many hours, days or years you served. Many have serverd honorably through out and All deserve the same treatment. No man left behind except when it comes to dividing us on a discount. I for one feel that if you can’t treat All veterans alike then you dishonor all of us. We were there for you why can’t you be there for us.

  • Marvin McConoughey

    That is my understanding as well, CMSGT. And thank you for your service. The CMSGT title is not earned easily.

  • Pinsky

    We’re talking about a discount. Not a God given right or contracted guarantee. We shouldn’t be bashing the companies that actually offer a discount. I respect what you’ve all contributed to our nation, and I’m honored to have been given the opportunity to serve as well. However, Home Depot doesn’t owe us anything. It’s gracious that they have a discount for Active Duty and Retired servicemembers and shouldn’t be taken as a slight if they choose not to extend it to all avenues of their business.

    • zane

      I agree with Pinsky everyone of us that vol. did not do it for discounts I am just happy that will offer some discount.

      • john

        Who vol.? I didn’t back in 1966. But we have a great home depot and lowes. Always get the discount with only 2 years service.

    • Brenda

      If a company offers a discount to Military, it should be active duty, retired or veteran. No, it may not be a God given right to get a discount, but if the company offers it, it should be for all Military, active or not.

      • fluwoebers

        You don’t get to dictate what they “should” do. You are not entitled to anything. If they decide to give discounts to certain persons that is their prerogative. When you start a business, you can give discounts to whoever you want.
        This entitlement mentality disgusts me; especially coming from those who ostensibly served for a higher cause.

        • Josie

          I could not agree more. It is embarrassing to see grown adults complaining because a company offers a discount to some people and they’re not in the group. How whiney and entitled!

      • Rich

        Great point Brenda. If someone is disabled they shouldn’t be left out of the equation, and the vets that think they should be are just as closed minded as the moron that came up with that policy. I think its great that Home depot does give vets a discount, but please leaving the disabled out is embarrassing at best.

  • Lady Leatherneck

    As a Home Depot employee and a retired service member, I concur with Pinsky. Military discounts are not a God given right, however, Home Depot does much more for veterans than just in-store discounts. The Depot has helped thousands of veterans over the years by repairing or remodeling their homes and has pledged to continue to support such efforts (over $80 million dollars during a 5 year time frame) to assist veterans in need. Home Depot’s commitment to veterans is part of its culture and commitment to the military community and I am proud to work for such a company. To clarify HD’s military discount policy (what I’ve been told) – veterans with military IDs get an everyday discount of 10%. Veterans day & Memorial day all vets. I wasn’t aware of the lumber exclusion, however, I do know there is little to no mark up on lumber.

    Another money savings tip for everyone out there —regardless if you are a military member–there is another program offered at the Home Depot’s ProDesk where you have the potential to save money on in-stock and special order materials. The program is called the BID ROOM. The bid room allows orders of $2,500 or more (on materials only, not installations) to be considered for discounts. The key word here is CONSIDERED for discounts. In some cases I have seen more than 10% taken off of some items and in some cases I have seen nothing taken off. The discount usually depends on quantity of the items as well as the margin on the items. This program is great for DIY’ers who are doing remodeling projects such as kitchens, basements, etc. Also, in addition to the discounts, if you are a contractor, I highly recommend talking with a Pro Sales associate to find out what the ProDesk can do to help you get your products as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your job site. By the way, I am not a spokesperson for Home Depot, I am merely an employee who loves what I do and I believe in Home Depot’s values. Thank everyone for their service! Best regards.

  • Retired Veteran

    Did a lot of shopping around for a kitchen full of appliances and had always shopped Home Depot in the past – well not now and not in the future. Was told that HD no longer honors a sales price and the Military discount. Does anyone with your company realize how much business you have acquired in the past just due to the military discount and now that you no longer deem our service and business as important you will be the real loser. Retired with 37 years – do you even care….well I do and that is why I will never shop HD again.

    • harveygreen48

      37 years thats a long time!!!!!!!!!!! My only question is at what point in that 37 year career did you get the memo that deemed you ENTITLED!!!!!!!!!!! It is embarrassing to know that a fellow service member devalues their service, by emplying that the only reason they served was for entitlements.

    • Rob

      Yes, I am sure HD has acquired so much extra business by offering a 10% discount to military members being as those who have served in the military make up about 1% of the U.S. population. I am sure that 1% is just filling every HD store in the country especially since they are the only home improvement store offering said discount…er…maybe not?

      It is a drop in the bucket either way and they are a business operating in a free capitalist society that you fought to defend. They are welcome to offer discounts any way they please. Your whining about what you believe you are entitled to will only result in them pulling this discount all together and screwing those who served with and after you.

  • Laurie

    Was just in Home Depot looking at appliances and was told the max discount for military is $50. Companies get to look good by saying they offer discounts, but to put this low of a limit is rediculous. The discount brought me in there… If it’s gone I’ll go somewhere else.

    • barnabas

      There are 2 HD within 2 miles of me. one store has this cap one doesnt… No idea why the differences… you can guess which one i go to.

    • Rob

      oh boo hoo hoo. I guess you would rather have a $0 discount?

  • Shane

    It seems to me as a Vet myself, that those above that are really upset not getting a discount, is really upset about other things and this is their release. Since when; durring and after we served did we expect better treatment while we served our country, The expectation of it giving back to us has always been the at the minimum. Our pay checks to what our speciality was compared to the civilian world never matched and probably never will. Home Depot and companies alike are here to make money and they are not obligated and we should be thankful for how long the discount lasted, not for what is no more. We are more to this country than any civilian can understand, we protected them so they can have a civilian life, We are part of a small proud community who served with our integrity and are heros to every person who don’t have the capability to understand what our service means. Be humble my friends and just don’t expect an expectation that was never shown in the first place.

  • Marvin McConoughey

    Shane, as a retired vet, I fully agree with your statement. We join voluntarily, remain in service voluntarily, and do so without guarantees of discounts.

  • Phil

    Well, I am a VET. Happen to have a service-connected disability. I always had the white VA card until about a year ago. I got a new (red-white-blue) card with photo and the service connected disability verification on the card.
    Well, I was denied the discount until I got the new card. Both Home Depot and Lowes honor the card for discounts on everything but store special sale items (no “double dipping”). There are so many variations of the discount policy, written here, it makes me wonder what that policy really is.
    I was in a HD store today asking about the possibility of getting the 10% for an on-line only order. Was told it could not be done but that HD was working on a way to do it. Not the end of the world. I fully understand the verification problem.

  • maineiac

    I am also a Vet. I do a lot of DIY stuff, and shop at both Home Depot and Lowe’s. Last year I bought a riding mower at Lowe’s and paid almost $1500 cash. A week later I made another purchase at the same store. The cashier saw my veteran’s cap, and offered me a 10% discount. I said that I wish I had known that last week when I had spent so much money. She called her manager over, and he told me that if I would bring him my receipt he would give me the discount! I had saved the receipt for the warranty, and went home and got it. He gave me back nearly $150 in cash! What more could someone ask! BTW, no one from Home Depot ever even offered a discount.

  • Marvin McConoughey

    My local shopping area has only Home Depot. Congratulations to Lowe’s for taking good care of you.

  • Anthony

    I have a fix to this verification problem…us vets should be able to go into the local depot and place an online order at the store and show our ID for verification …problem solved ..

    I am usually a Lowe’s guy but depot has this glider that my wife loves and they only carry it and I can only get it online …me being on a fixed income and the wife having to stay home and care for me due to being medically retired 40% from the Marine Corp after 12 years of service and being rated 100% from the VA I really need any kind of discount I can get…

    I also disagree with these commenters that say we are not entitled to anything , while I do agree we are not entitled to anything , at the same time I think we as vets and especially the disabled vets could be granted a measly 10% discount no matter the situation or discounted amount, considering the enormous amount of business vets give depot and Lowe’s
    I know personally I love in daily hell due to my injuries. While a discount doesn’t solve my disabilities, is sure does help with moral and feeling appreciated and finances..

    Semper Fi

  • Marvin McConoughey

    I am sorry that you are in pain. I know how discouraging that can be. As a retired vet, I appreciate Home Depot’s generous military discount even though I would like them to adopt your suggestion of online order, in-store verification.

    The ten percent discount, however, is not at all “measly, as you label it. Consider this: The company makes net, after expenses, taxes, etc, maybe 12 or 15 percent profit on its sales. That is likely an overstatement, but even so, taking ten percent off the normal price causes a far greater percentage reduction in Home Depot’s profit on that item. Then, too, Home Depot may take into account the fact that some products it sells with a military discount would still be purchased without the discount. Consider

  • rob frittnor

    This is no surprise to me, hypocrite Langone wants to look good and then does this. The only reason he helps vets in anyway is because it will bring more vets into the store…classic bait and switch corporate bullcrap, make em feel appreciated phoniness to make America think they are good veteran supporters when they aren’t they get 100%WRITE OFF ON THEIR TAXES and ultimately help very few. Really, consider what they do, a few homes a year, they get free materials from their suppliers and they get all the phony patriotic cheers. If Americans really knew how it worked they would bypass their localHD a shop at their mom and pop or local hardware store like we do. They got not ONE DIME from us when we builr out $1,000,000 house…Thomas Builders in Sequim Wa. didi
    . HOME DEPOT the hardware WALMART! Stop giving them your biz Sequim folks, they are greedy corporate hacks. VIET Nam Viet

  • harveygreen48

    The military discount is a privilege, not a right. Organizations that offer the discount do so with the intent of giving back to the men and women who sacrificed. That being said, there are absolutely no organizations that are required to give you a discount. You did not join the military for the discount, ( if you did, you should really reevaluate your priorities), I am retired Navy, I never expect a discount, I never ask for the discount, if someone offers it, fine, but then I still bulk at accepting it. I also work at an organization that offers the discount. The following examples are what I hear everyday from stingey, self absorbed people: 1. I want my military discount i earned it. ( lots of older non retired military veterans say this everyday) 2. I dont care if your company donated 60 million dollars to help veterans, i want my discount. ( a dependent wife said this) 3. Who cares about the veterans i want the discount ( A dependent wife said this) those are just a few examples of what is said daily.
    please remember:
    1. no one has earned a discount, the company offers it
    2. companies set the requirements for the discount, not the military
    3. if based on your veteran status, the government wont let you take advantage of the services on base like the commissary, exchange, package store, or even allow you to get on a base, why would you think you should get a military discount based on serving a few short years.
    4. for spouses, if you didn’t serve, do not embarrass the services by making an ass of yourselves when asking for a discount. if the items you are purchasing are not eligible, please dont make a scene, it is childish and serves no purpose except to make everyone uncomfortable. Dont threaten someones livliehood by saying you are going to call corporate and tell them the store is being rude. corporate made the policy, the store didn’t. they are going to back up the store.

    • Marvin McConoughey

      That is a great post, harveygreen48 with which this retired vet agrees. I take the discounts made available to me, but with a sense of gratitude to the offering businesses. I assume that the discount costs to the offering companies are partially offset by good will and increased sales and store patronage. It is still a good deal and reflects a positive attitude toward veterans by, among others, Home Depot.

  • Ken C

    Lowes takes my veteran card all the time (Salem, OR) Never a problem. On the other hand I was in Home Depot a little over a year ago and was told thar I had to have a service connected injury on my VA card in order to receive a discount. I was kinda ok with that and was going to go ahead with my purchases (about $900.00. That was until the check out girl also informed me that Vietnam was not a real war!!!!!!!!! Excuse me, I just walked out of the store and have never been back! I have since then spent 1,000 of dollars at Lowes. 10% isn’t much, but at Lowes in addition to the discount they always say “Thank You For Serving” that means a lot to any veteran

  • Kevin

    The 10% Military Discount from Home Depot is a myth. What they offer is a selective discount that doesn’t apply to “commodity items.” You won’t know if your purchase is covered or not until you get to the checkout. I’ve been in contact with them asking them to be honest with the public about the limitations on their “discount” but they’re dragging their feet. So here are your choices. You can go to Home Depot where you MIGHT get a 10% discount on your purchase or you can go to Lowes where you know you will receive a 10% discount. To me the choice is simple. I’m fortunate to live close enough to both stores to be able to have a choice. Some people aren’t that fortunate.
    I know that I’m not entitled to a discount from anyone. My problem is when Home Depot leads people to believe that they’re going to get a 10% discount just to get them into the store and then they change the rules on you. It’s a deceptive practice.
    Btw…this applies to people who are still serving. I’m not familiar enough with veteran/retiree discounts to be able to make a comment.

    • Kate

      Kevin, I’d love to hear more about your experiences. I’ve used the Home Depot discount numerous times, and never had them tell me that any item wasn’t covered by the discount.

      • Kevin

        I’ve also used the HD discount many times with no problems. But recently I made a purchase and noticed that the amount didn’t decrease. I was told by the store that some items didn’t qualify for a discount and that they couldn’t tell you what those items were until you went to checkout. I contacted their corporate customer service people and this was in their response.

        “Many items considered as building materials such as lumber and fencing are not eligible to receive the military discount. These are commodity items which have a unique pricing model. Our registers are set up to automatically exclude these items, and unfortunately, we cannot perform overrides.”

        You can go to the Home Depot facebook page and see different people complaining about this same issue. Many places on the internet tell the military that they can receive a 10% discount by shopping at HD. That’s the part that I’m referring to as a myth. Go to the HD website and look for their posted military discount policy. At this time, you won’t find anything. I’m pushing for them to be transparent about the limitations of their military discount but I’m not making much progress.

  • Debra

    I use the discount quite a few times monthly. I have never had a problem!

  • r herd

    I live in a small mid Tennessee town with HD and lowes.Show my VA medical ID card and always get discoune,they have barcode to scan at each register at both stores.Guess it pays to live in the VOLUNTEER STATE..GO VOLS

  • StudentOfHayyel

    I asked about a military discount this past February for an online purchase and was told they no longer offered it online because they could no longer prove Veteran status (apparently people were lying about being Vets so they could get the discount).

    I had been getting the 10% discount on all instore purchases until July 17th. When I mentioned the military discount on the purchase of a kitchen base cabinet, I found out it was not offered for this purchase. Neither the Kitchen Sales rep nor the cashier could tell me what purchases qualified – only that it would not be honored on the cabinet purchase. At this time I can not find Home Depot’s current policy on Military discounts for purchases.

  • Genie

    The white disability card was hard enough to acquire, as well as what my disabled Viet Nam veteran went through to get it. If this is the case every Veteran should be issued a new card immediately saying Service Connected. Obviously the card is service connected when it shows your picture and will admit you to the hospital and Dr. serving the Veterans. I doubt the Veterans Affairs will issue another card just for the wording service connected. Being refused at Home Depo just brought up all the old hurts of the Viet Nam era

    • Blake

      My new VA card says service connected

  • Mazaniac

    Was just in a Home Depot and was all approved for a veteran’s discount on a zero turn lawn mower (I’m not retired, disabled, etc.) but the dang head cashier doubled checked with the store manager who’d been on his lunch break since it was a $250 discount only then to be told the discount doesn’t apply to lawn mowers. Oh well, easy come easy go. I still saved $100 for the price being listed wrong, but I’m not going to bash on them for not offering the discount to me today since its a nice thing they do and I’ve used it before (not just veteran’s day either).

  • Disappointed

    Home Depot no longer gives military discounts online due to the abuse by non military members. Secondly, if ordered and shipped to store, discount will not be applied.

    The new rule is that 10% discount only applies to in-store, on shelf items in Home Depot. No item that is specifically on-line qualifies for the military discount any longer.

    I just tried and was given that info. Unfortunately, items I would like to get are not an in store item so does not qualify no matter if I send it to the store or my home.

  • Disappointed

    Forgot to add that Ebates only has a 1% cash back not 2%

  • JWH

    People, all you have to do is place the online purchase for store pickup. Once you go to the store to pick up your purchase and provide proof of military status, they refund the original purchase then ring it up again with the 10% off. If you really need the item shipped and delivered and can not go to a local store, I guess you are SOL.

  • Disappointed Vet

    I will preface this comment with the fact that I have served the past 10 years in the Marine Corps. You can call me a hater all you want but I am disgusted by the mind set of too many veterans! Complaining about a discount you think you have a right to receive. I thought being in the military was about service to others and to our country. I would be flat out embarrassed to shame someone for not giving me a discount for serving in the military. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL! Truth be told, most veterans did nothing more than the average civilian does on a daily basis. Nothing wrong with that but its the truth. If you did paperwork or managed a supply warehouse in the military I think we all could agree that its not a heroic feat or something we should brag about.

    • maschked

      Thank you for adding a dose of sanity to this thread. I can only hope that this thread represents a small minority of my fellow veterans. I truly appreciate the businesses that extend preference to military members and veterans, but will harbor no ill will if they choose – for whatever reason – to end those favors tomorrow.

  • Happy Retiree

    I’m a retired Amy veteran and I have never had a problem getting 10% discount on ordinary purchases at either Lowes or Home Depot, the only exception being at Lowes I was not allowed to use a percent off a certain amount purchase and the 10% military discount. I see their point and am not bothered by it. Thanks to both stores, I appreciate the discounts.

  • MB Simmons

    At the very least it seems HD would be able to help their account holding customers by tagging their account with a “Verified” military tag so that each time they purchased using their HD credit card the discount would apply. Just saying, seems like a relatively easy partial fix to start with.

  • Carl

    I get my 10% at Home Depot and Lowes on everything I buy including Closeouts and Sales. The last I knew HD only gives you the discount up to $500 in sales but I believe Lowes goes up to $5000. I am a Retiree and yes it is tough seeing a Vet not getting a discount but I didnt serve to expect a discount everywhere I go. I served because I Love this Country, the discounts are Bonus. Another poster said it best if you are not Retired you dont get to go on Base and use those Privileges. Going thru life being pissed off all the time gets you nothing, relax and enjoy life !!!

  • John Flood

    I just got back from Home Depot and asked them about a product they have online, but not in stores. When I asked about them applying my military discount, whether they shipped it to my address or to the store, they informed me that if I bring the receipt and show them my military id they can reimburse the difference.

  • Pat LeRoy

    Home depot and Lowes looks for the words on the new VA ID cards, “service connected and/or purple heart” Years ago the VA put your disability rating on the card, you used to need 100% for the 10% discount.
    Some clerks will give the discount if you have a VA card, some look for “Service connected and/or purple heart”.
    I have never had an issue with the 10% discount, even on a $9600.00 sale.

  • eric d

    ATTN: Service connected veterans, if your id card from the VA says Service connected you are able to go on post, Ft Campbell Ect… goto ID/ DEERS and get a ID card it will look like a dependent card , it will NEVER expire it will say DVPRM exp PERM disabled veterans have on post privelages for life, ive had a lot more luck getting military discounts with this id card rather than my VA id Card .. My Wife was eligible for on post privelages too and they issued her a Military id card at DEERS too. all you need to bring is two id cards (VA card and driver liscense) and call 8008271000 regional va line and have them fax or mail you letter stating you are 100% SC and have on post provaleges

  • Justin

    I went through the chat rep while ordering a new tub and wall kit. I ordered online because HD keeps a very low inventory in the store. He offered me a “one-time” 10% discount that would be applied after I order and give him the order number.

    2 days after I ordered I received a new purchase statement with the discounted price so this method does work.

  • HM Morrill

    Duh guys, HD only offers home remodeling discounts to active duty since most of them rent. Its all PR, they dont give a shit, its all about profits. However, god damn they are knowledgable in there!