2014 BAH Rates Released

Whoohoo!  The 2014 Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rates have been released.  Find out what rates for your area will be, and check out places where you think you might live (or might want to live.)  Please don’t forget that your personal BAH allowance won’t go down even if rates for your area have fallen.  BAH rate protection ensures that servicemembers don’t lose money when rates go down.

BAH rates are up an average of 5% nationwide, with some areas gaining or losing more.  The largest increases are for the Hawaii area, where rates are jumping approximately 15%.  Biggest losers include Bremerton, Washington, and Beale AFB, California.   The Hampton Roads, Virginia, area, home to approximately 150,000 troops, will see an average decline of 3.1%

If you are wondering how BAH rates are calculated, read Understanding The BAH Formula.  It is complicated and a little crazy, but it is very precise and fair.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • Guest

    When will the BAS rates be released?

    • KateKashman

      Even though they are based on outside information, they are included in the National Defense Authorization Act. It is currently sitting in Congress and they claim it will be passed this week. We shall see…

  • Amy

    What sucks is PCS’ing to Washington after buying a home based on the 2013 BAH rates only to have the BAH drop drastically. :-(

    • KateKashman

      Don’t worry, Amy; BAH rate protection means that you will continue to receive the same rate.

      • Amy
    • CT17

      I saw that too! But you know BAH went up quite a lot in DC the past two years. Maybe it will go back up in 2015. It’s not like it has gotten cheaper to live here. It’s kind of crazy how much it has fluctuated.

  • Your link sent me to an error page. Here’s the link I found. http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/bahCalc.cfm

    • KateKashman

      Thanks for letting me know. I managed to put an extra backslash in there. And I was so proud, writing it in HTML on a Kindle during my daughter\’s holiday performance :)

  • Kristina

    Bah stayed the same where I’m at for the past 4 years. Bah is $1194 even though rentals are $1200-$1400 for two bedrooms! Florida. Come on guys, this is pitiful. This is wrong. You get a $3000 raise each year while your military gets sh!t. Can’t even afford rent anymore because it used to be $1150 and now it’s going up to $1250.

  • These housing handouts are absurdly high.

    • guest

      Handout? It’s part of a compensation package, and the only way they can get away with paying such crazy low base pay. My husband who is a CO, in charge of 60 people, and their families, and all their personal drama, has a base pay of 60ishk a year, I manage 10 in my private industry job and make substantially more then that.

      • Guest

        I won’t argue that the responsibility is high, but come on. 60k BASE pay + BAH (tax free) + BAS (tax free) + free dental + free healthcare + free vision + pension is a nice compensation package. Equal to 90K-100K+ (depending on where you live) in civilian compensation.

        Here’s a tissue, waa waa

        • guest

          and I make more then 100k (at 33), managing ten people, working at most 10-11 hour days, don’t have to worry about getting shot at, blown up, exposed to god only knows what chemicals, a hazardous work environment. I get to come home at night and see my family every night, 25 days paid vacation etc etc

          • Just Visiting

            WOW that’s all I have to say about what a Company Commander Spouse just said. Me personally I really don’t care about what you say tell your husband to do something different. Take your job a move on LOL.

          • guest

            Yea, whatever point you were trying to make you didn’t get across at ALL, your post makes zero sense. My husband does what he loves to do, who am I to take that away from him and “hell him to do something different”, he likes the Army, he plans to stay in for 20 years. My point is don’t call BAH a handout…it’s part of an earned compensation package. It’s not excessive when you look at levels of responsibility and management and the hazard level of their jobs. Be realistic, they EARN their money.

        • errol

          put your life on the line and monies become obsolete!

        • USAF

          Who said BAH and BAS were ever Tax free? Do your homework first before insulting our military. Even though I do agree, the DoD is grossly over funded

  • rome

    Cola changes from month to month

  • Jerry

    To Guest, most of the time when I hear individuals complain about military pay and benefits being too high, I have a good laugh at their incompetense. The biggest difference between a civilian career and military service is the opportunity to be deployed away from your loved ones at a given notice and go live in some of the most dismal conditions with the opportunity to get shoot and/or blown up … think about that … or maybe you have no idea what it is like to spend six months to a year in Iraq or Afghanistan or some other underdeveloped waring country … all while the average American sits at home wondering what coffee to drink in the morning …

    • paul
  • Nick

    I am in fact getting out becuase overall I feel we are not compensated enough for what we go through. I will take a little pay cut when I get out but I won’t miss holidays, birthdays, sports practices, etc. I don’t have to deploy or have the threat of a deployment over my head constantly. I’ve done my research and talked with several job placement agencies so my expectations are realistic. The military can never be compensated enough for what they do. Pensions are taking a hit with the latest amendments; base pay raises are lower than the cost of living. The compensation is getting worse.

  • Yoooooo

    Wonder why bah for e-1 – e-5 went up significantly in my area but e-6 takes a cut…

    • KateKashman

      Yoo, it is based upon the rental prices for various sizes and types of housing. It sounds like your area is experiencing high demand for smaller units. This is a common result when the economy contracts in a certain area.

  • steven

    Are they changing the rules for bah in 2014 here they are taking it away?

    • KateKashman

      There are no immediate plans to modify BAH. There has been rumbling of returning to the older system, where BAH was not designed to cover all of your housing costs. It will be interesting to see where this goes in the future.

  • Ian
  • guest

    All of our benefits are not free. IE: Dental. Although it could be worse, I pay $40 per month, and yes I am active duty (married E-5). The point is, “Guest” said all of our benefits are free. (LMAO) I do not have the freedom of going to the doctor of my choice. Matter of fact, the only time in my 14 year career have I ever seen a real doctor (no offense corpsman) was when I had emergency kidney surgery. Imagine this… You take a 40 foot fall on the job, think all is well until you start peeing blood. You have to go through a rigorous security screening just to get into medical. THEN get turned away because you did not hand carry your medical record, all the while wondering why you are peeing blood. Finally, someone in your command says, “yea, you can go to the hospital.” This is when you find out something internal is severed. So while you are sipping your choco-mocha-whatever, think about the liberties you have before writing some uneducated B.S. such as that.

  • ayonna

    How is bah calculated if I’m AD Navy stationed in Fl. and my soon to be spouse is national guard NYC.?

    • KateKashman

      ayonna, the most important question is whether your (soon-to-be) spouse is Active Guard or if he is a typical guardsman. With that information, most of your questions can be answered in this post and it’s comments: https://paycheck-chronicles.military.com/2011/06/1… The most important part is making sure that both of your finance departments know that you are married, and when your spouse goes on and off active duty. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure the finance folks get it right. Congratulations to you!

  • JRome

    why are some SSG getting 1400 stationed in FT Bragg and the new BAH is 1239? So if you made that 1400 your are grandfathered in to keep it?

    • Kate

      JRome, BAH rates are grandfathered for those who are already stationed in the area. This grandfathering can be lost if you have a change in dependency status or you are demoted.