When Will 2014 Military Pay Be Announced?

Update 28 December 2013:  The President has signed the National Defense Authorization Act and it is now law.  The NDAA includes provisions for a 1.0% increase in military pay.  Read more here:  2014 Military Pay Charts.

Military Pay

Military pay rates are set by Congress and the President in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  The 2014 NDAA has been approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate Armed Services Committee.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stated in mid-November that it will be brought to the full Senate before Thanksgiving.  At that time, there was no reason to expect that it will not pass quickly.

Congress sure is good at surprising people, aren’t they?  It is now 7 December, and Congress has been on a recess since Thanksgiving.  They return to session on Monday, 9 December 2013.  The Senate was unable to pass the NDAA before it went on its Thanksgiving break because of arguments over amendments.  These disagreements still exist, though, and there are only two working weeks left in the Congressional calendar for 2013.  Whether the NDAA will be passed during those two weeks is unclear.  Speaker of the House John Boehner is urging the Senate to “get serious” about passing this legislation quickly.

The NDAA contains provisions for a 1% increase in military base pay, but some supporters are still hoping that it will be raised to 1.8%.  What does this amount look like in real money?  Check out the 2014 proposed pay charts or use Military.com’s pay calculator.

Basic Allowance for Housing

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rates are calculated using the results of each year’s annual housing survey.  These results are usually published in mid-December.  Rates can go up or go down, depending on the local rental market near each military installation.

Basic Allowance for Subsistence

Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) rates are calculated using the Department of Agriculture’s annual survey of food prices.  This information is usually published in mid-December.  The 2014 federal budget has estimated that the increase will be approximately 3.4%.

Both BAH and BAS will be announced mid-December, and I’ll have them available immediately.

Please let me know if you have any questions!



About the Author

Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • Thanks, Kate, I was wondering where the legislation was.

    This means that active duty & Reserve/Guard members could be getting a 1% pay raise while retirees are getting a 1.5% COLA. However a 20-year retiree’s pension is half of base pay, so I guess the retiree COLA is still fewer dollars than the pay raise.

    I guess the “good” news with these numbers is that inflation is still low.

    • KateKashman

      If only inflation felt as low as the numbers say it is! I am definitely thankful that the active duty folks are receiving any pay raise at all.

      I hope you use your extra few dollars for some board wax and a shave ice.

    • Check how much car insurance is this year..

      • So far no changes for me, but my USAA policy renews in February.

      • guest

        my insurance went down 100 bucks, and considering I live in one of the most accident prone cities in the US I was kinda surprised

    • HMCS R Pinto Ret.

      Inflation appears low. Calculation is made without food and fuel prices.

    • Dusty

      Please remember that my retirement is 1/2 of my base pay at the time I retired (1979). That means that my COLA will barely pay for a Big Mac and Fries.

    • Mark

      20 year retiree’s pension for some is half their pay but for the rest of us it’s high 3 if u know what that is and I retired in 2006.

  • rudyh60

    House Reps were backing a 1.8 for military…nice try anyway….Barama and his gang were at 1.0 raise

    • doug

      well we now know what the pres thinks of the military

      • uptonogd

        And yet, many soldiers voted for him!

        • Rusty

          NOT THIS ONE- and yet we get to deal with the mistakes of the many…

    • Steve Bracero
  • HDChaz

    That barely covers the increases in my insurance (auto & home). There are also increases scheduled for electric and water. The increases in just these bare necessities are far more than the $314.00 increase in my annual retirement!

    • ealpilot

      Try retiring from a civilian employer! My retirement check is fixed for ever and ever.

      • jennifer
  • Dan P

    Enjoy any pay raise we get this coming year, it will be the last before we start seeing pay and benefit cuts. So how much of a pay cut are our leaders taking?

    • jim

      you better bet its “0” what did our president loose during the shut down “0”,pretty sorry for somthing he caused .

      • jared
        • Chief

          Couple points Jared:
          1- The “shutdown” was limited to only 17% of federal government spending for 2014. That’s not a shutdown like the liberal media and Dems cried about.
          2 – H of R is constitutionally required to appropriate spending. They are trying to balance a budget just like most Americans do.

          Maybe you should watch something else other than MSNBC.

        • pig headed non negotiating Oscama caused the shut down, along with his ass kissing crony, Harry Reid

  • CJ Erickson

    Chuck Hagel has already set the Administration’s military pay (raise) cut agenda . . . STFB.

    • doug

      can’t wait for the next war maybe we can send them sorry reps over there,and they can see what there pay to the military ,is such a joke that is why I got out of the military fear of the government fear or the government 1st to be killed last to be treated fair

    • Chuck Hagel should be called back to active duty, and given a BCD he should be ashamed to call himself a Vet

  • Darrell S. Ramsden

    It doesn’t pay to assume and I apparently assumed wrongly that retirees would receive a 1.5% increase, which I assumed had already been approved. So much for assuming.
    Darrell S. Ramsden

  • gerardgo

    Congress gets an automatic “cost of living” raise that will increase the annual salary of members by $3,400 to a total of $158,103 per year. They’re not doing their job but the guys on the front lines are….their raise 1%

    • Richard Bennison

      Congress only gives a crap about what they can get for themselves. I think it’s high time they take about a 20% cut and then learn to do more with less. They are becoming worthless whiners; all need to be replaced with better, less crooked people in the next 6 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Elizabeth

      Make those positions “voluntary” and see how fast they abandon ship! So tired of politicians lining their own pockets when so many active duty and retirees are doing without :(

  • Dean Buttman

    What happened to free medical and dental
    I was guaranteed and was a reenlistment tool for my service. Remember; old timers.
    What political party takes from veterans?

    • tammy

      hi i just wanted to reply to your post i wish as well that medical and dental were free or even if they included dental in the tricare insurance but no it,s seperate my husband served 20 years in the navy and you would think they would care more about any military people than what they actually do as far as i am concerned military is getting screwed

  • T. C.

    “It is mid-November and we still have no idea what 2014 military pay and allowances will be. Sure does make it hard for a family to plan, especially a family who is PCSing over the holiday season.”

    Any military family should base a move or their family budget on the pay and allowances they are already getting. That will never decrease unless their service member gets fined for doing something punishable by the UCMJ.

    As a former military member, now retired, I did not ever plan a budget on a military pay raise. It was never promised that I would get the raise I hoped for and I was always right. A “pay raise” for a service member is 1% and at least half of that is taken back in taxes. Make sense? Not to me!!

    • KateKashman

      T.C., I was specifically talking about the BAH rates. They can rise or fall by 100s of dollars from year to year. If you are moving to a new duty station in January, you can’t start looking until you know your allowances.

    • A.S.

      I never budget on a proposed pay. I wait until we actually get the pay (if any) and then make adjustments.

    • Dave

      I’m trying to plan a move from San Diego to Corpus Christi in January and it does make it difficult not knowing what BAH rates will be there next year. If I plan my move and sign a lease now (6 months + wait for housing there) at the current BAH rate and the rate goes down by 1 or 2 hundred dollars that will have a significant impact on our family. To say that allowances NEVER decrease unless UCMJ is just not true!

  • Mahogany

    1%, that’s a slap in the face. Our service men and woman FIGHT for this country and they get paid hardly nothing, while we have entertainers and athletes making millions. Something is defiantly wrong with this picture. It needs to CHANGE!!!

    • Mahogany
    • CSM

      First of All, little raise is better than nothing, giving our country debt situation. The tax payers pay our salary, not billionaires. That is the difference between the military pay and the entertainers and pro athletes pay. We are all volunteer military, if we don’t like it we can change our occupation at any given time. Then congress will have to do a draft and their sons and daughter will have to serve. Finally, the pay isn’t all that bad. You tell me, where can a high school grad get job with full benefits (free health and dental ins) college paid in full, a roof over their head, three meals a day, a chance to get a check for the rest of their lives if they do 20 years, and make over $20k as a 18 or 19 year? You do the math.

      • guest

        Be careful CSM…the entitlement monkeys are going to come jump on your head. They usually jump on mine whenever I suggest something logical

      • guest

        What you’re saying is absolutely true BUT the hours and the kind of work military men and women go through is nothing like an average joe would do. $20k “a year” for their lives, is definitely not worth it, BUT it’s the pride and courage to stand up and volunteer cause somebody has to do it….

    • Elizabeth

      I totally agree…… but then again we do get paid and take care of much better than those serving for other countries.

  • R J silversmith

    The only way I se to get a raise worth something is to get some legislation that is worth something. The folks “WE” put in there are the ones we need to get out of there. I think the popular vote should be considered again. UNcadan

  • navy w4

    Boy, 1% that’s great. I’m sure my son, 19 yr, ARMY, His 1st son 1 1/2 yr, NAVY, His
    2nd son 7mo. USMC live good now. OH, I just found out they have to pay $360,00
    a mouth for there meals in the chow hall. THEY BOTH(my grandsons) live on base. Since when did they have to pay for meals. I spent 30 yr. in the navy and
    never had to pay for meals before i got married.

    • William Denny
    • Trooper

      When I was in the USMC in 1962 I did not pay for meals in the chow hall nor in NAM. Feed the men protecting our Country.

    • R. Stone

      They are being paid the daily cost of three meals per day in the DFAC/Galley/Mess Hall. They then have the option to eat wherever they want, DFAC/Snackbar or even off post. And if they have a ‘kitchen’ in their billets they can cook their own food. They are not just paying for their meals. First Line Leaders should know this and explain this to them, it should also be explained on their LES.

    • KateKashman

      Navy @4, your grandsons are receiving Basic Allowance for Subsistence in the amount of $352.27 per month. Most servicemembers have the choice to use that money to eat in the dining facility, or to prepare their own meals, or to dine elsewhere. This change was designed to allow single servicemembers more control over their choices.

    • CSM

      First of all they are not paying for their out of their base pay. They government gives them money(BAS) and deduct it from their pay, if they live in the barracks, dorms etc. They need to read their LES and understand where their money is going.

    • Kst

      If you are an officer on a navy carrier, you have to pay a monthly mess bill that pays for your meals. That bill is different for each ship, because it is determined by the ship- many times the amount is more than the BAS. However, if you are a land based deployed navy officer, you will receive per diem.

    • Drew

      everyone is given money for food or bas and if you live on base they take a meal deduction to cover the chow hall. If they decide to buy food on their own when paying for the chow hall already they too are idiots.

    • Guest

      Having kids is just like any other financial decision. If you can’t afford one, don’t have one.

    • Elizabeth

      I remember when serving in the Navy, 1980-85, we paid a nominal amount in the chow hall, even overseas.

  • Prdarmywfe

    1% pay raise is the same as it has always been. What I don’t understand is why the military don’t get paid shit when they are the ones who go to war and fight for this country. The idiots in congress sure as hell could not do what are military does. And they get paid the big bucks There is to many people trying to run this country. They all need to have a pay cut get rid of the company cars a couple of houses and try living from pay check to pay check. They all need to get fired. !!!!!

    • CSM

      People, we have a choice! We don’t have to serve our country. We Volunteered to defend our country’s way of life. We all can get out and stop serving. Congress do will have to draft people to defend our nation to include their sons and daughters. Besides it is the easiest job in world and the pay isn’t all that bad.

    • Misanthrophe2

      The last time Americans went to war to fight for their country was in 1861 when the CSA patriots took up arms to fight the marauding Yankees. The US has fought every war since then solely for the Rothschilds, the Military-Industrial-Complex and for Israel. Our military does not fight wars for this country. Our military is nothing more than New World Order gang bangers and cannon-fodder. Sady, most military people have no clue that they are merely mercenaries wo are misguided into believing they are performing their patriotic duties.

    • Jason

      We actually make a good chunk of money compared to many civilians. As a 4 yr E5 I was making $20/ hr as a 22 yr old. While we are not getting rich, we don’t pay for healthcare, dental, extra money for clothing annually, we have free access to gyms and several other benefits. I have spend over 3 yrs deployed to the sandbox and while the combat pay should be higher its still a nice raise. Point is, we all should be bitching less and maybe just be thankful we have a job that pays fairly well if you are even only somewhat responsible with the money. Quit trying to live like you are rich. Many people have it worse than us. And if you want to complain about others not leaving home to fight for this country, take a second and remember that you volunteered to do this on the cheap. Nobody said you were gonna get rich. If you don’t like it, go get out and try out the economy.

      • Josh

        I don’t understand why we keep comparing ourselves to our so-called civilian counterparts. Why shouldn’t we make more? We volunteered to do a very dangerous job so that the rest of the population would not be forced to. Many enlisted people are college educated so the “high school diploma” argument is dead. Why shouldn’t we be making what a college graduate would make at, say, Google? Sure, most of them are probably smarter than us but our job is arguably more important. Why shouldn’t an E-5 make $100,000/yr? Because someone said so a long time ago? Times are changing. Let’s get on board.

        • Zach

          Josh, we shouldn’t make what an college graduate at Google makes because the qualities Google needs are rarer. Importance of the job doesn’t really play into it, just how many people are capable and willing to perform it. If the Google folks are smarter than us military (as you claim), then Google is drawing from a smaller pool, and also has more competition (Microsoft, Apple, etc) within that pool, so has to pay higher wages to have an edge. Within the military, slots continue to be filled as required (and there are even issues with over-retention), which seems to indicate that there is no need for increased pay. Supply and demand. Importance of the job doesn’t enter into it. That’s why the 15 people who can accurately throw a football 45 yards downfield make so much more than the multitude of teachers out there.

          • Josh

            The qualities that the government needs are getting rarer and rarer, with the Air Force dropping to record low numbers. Importance will play in when they drop too many people and/or remove most of the benefits of being in the military. They go through these cycles. They drop millions of personnel and then decide they dropped too many. They then waste billions in bonuses to try to get people interested again. People will decide to get out when the cons outweigh the pros. When they try to reinstate the draft people will be protesting to pay us volunteers more. I wasn’t trying to compare us to Google. I was saying why shouldn’t we get paid like someone there? There is over-retention everywhere. Almost every company makes cuts every now and then, just like the military. And the “need” for increased pay is a bad argument. People would continue to work at Google, Microsoft, etc. even if they got paid what we do. People can’t afford to just not work because they think they deserve more. I think we “should” get paid more. And the quarterback analogy brings up a whole new argument.

  • Nomobobo

    Per nObama SOP, 2014 Military Pay will be announced in 2015!

    • Mahogany
    • if you are relying on what Oscama says, it will probably be a lie

  • B.Perez Sr

    Lets not STOP all the funds going to all the countries overseas. They need the money more than our troops in the USA. Great decision making by our president and congress. TOP PRIORITY SEND OUR GREAT TAX MONEY OVERSEAS. LOW PRIORITY TO OUR TROOPS !! THIS STINKS !! AND IT IS UNACCEPTABLE !!! SOMEONE IN GOVERNMENT PLEASE FIX THIS NOW!! OUR TROOPS ARE FIRST !!!!!!

    • Junebug35

      Finally, I am hearing someone bringing up the amount of money we send overseas while we have children in our own country that go hungry. We send rich countries money and they use it in later generations against the USA. You are sooooo right. This is our hard earned tax money that they are throwing away. Making dictators richer and leaving the poor people poorer. It makes no sense. Where did our elected congressman come from and WHY were they ever elected?

  • kem

    Regardless of the numbers, raise or no raise, almost every member of congress (with very few exceptions) and the POTUS should be fired. They are all an embarrassment and disgrace to the offices they hold. They are self serving and do little for the people of this great nation who they continually fail to serve.

  • MR RON


  • Jeff

    I don’t know why we think that they should give us a raise every year. Civil service reservists haven’t received a raise since 2010.
    In the civilian world since 2006 median income for 3rd fifth was $48k and by 2012 it had only increased to $51k. While an E-6 with 10 years service would have made $50k in 2006 and with no promotions his total pay would be $62k in 2012. I think the military is fairly paid now, or even paid more than we should be. If they froze the pay raises for a couple years no one should put up a fuss.

    • JIM


      • Darius

        Guess what champ, your retirement pay was never intended to be your onky income. Think you can do 20 and hang up your hat? If so you are the type of freeloader dragging this nation down!

      • jpc

        How long ago Jim? Did you think about getting a job?

    • Linda P.

      Because the cost of living goes up every year. Because Congress gets a BIG raise every year. Because we served or have served our country, doing things that most other people would never want to do and putting ourselves in harms way. That’s why.

    • amber
      • guest

        aaaaand how much is your BAH since you obviously aren’t including that in your calculation, it’s probably at least 1k so he actually makes a minimum of 37k, which for a 20 year old guy with no education is pretty high in the current market.

        • CSM

          Amen! Most Soldiers work an average of 6 hours a day, four day week ends every major Holiday, 30 days paid leave a year, an hour and half for lunch, free health and dental, all sorts of programs (ASAP, Family and Financial, legal etc.)free of charge and much more. We can’t we appreciate what we have and be thankful that we have an income. Some people wish they had the opportunity we have. Is Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, or BK offer that kind of opportunities? I have deployed Six times in the last 12 years for a total of 64 months. I have no regrets. I volunteered to do this. No one owe me anything. I was never promised a red rose. I had a choices and so do you. We all know what being a Soldier means.

          • jade

            6 hours?! LOL My husband works 12-13hrs a day normal work days. Field ops are 24hr a day for as long as op. Deployments are 24/7 for months sometimes years. During a normal month no field or deployment, his work to pay comes out less than 6/hr. Not going into the rest that comes with it.

          • guest

            and guess what Jade, my husband is in a very “unique” unit. He hasn’t had a day off, including weekends, in 6 months. I still think payment is fair in the current market

          • AR
          • Tracey Pettway

            I don’t know about your soldiers CSM but as a retired SFC who chose to turn down my E-8 when asked to go to school because I was a single parent at the time. I was used to working anywhere from 10 to 16 hour days when in recruiting command and free meals? That was maybe basic training back in the 80’s. Not todays Army. I didn’t retire until 2007 so maybe I should have worked under your command. (6 hours really? ha) you are to funny CSM. I wish you luck on your retirement, you are blessed to come out in one piece. I am 100% disabled now, thanks to my 27 years of service. But guess what? I would not change a thing! I volunteered too and I am happy and proud that I served this country. You are right about them not owing us anything but the congress should keep the promises they started in the soldiers and sailors contracts when they signed up. This CSM is not happening since they keep cutting their benefits as they get out of the service and retire with less and less benefits. You yourself will probably retire with 50% of your base pay. The new kids coming in will be lucky to spend 20 years in and retire with 30% if theirs and not even get full VA benefits like yourself. Since the laws have changes so drastically since you went in compared to now. Just something to think about. I agree that the congress and senate are screwed up but until the citizens of this country understand how to vote and pay attention to how they vote. This country will never come around. They do not deserve to get paid the high dollars they do and I do think our warriors deserve more volunteer or not. I think of what their families give a lot also at the same time, the sacrifices the families make because their son or daughter or husband or wife made the decision to join the military doesn’t that count for something? I think the pay and benefits do suck when we are the ones that lay down our lives for this country and the politicians are the ones that just sit behind their desks making up the laws and the rules. Where is the sacrifice there? seriously CSM I agree but I also disagree with much of what you said. Todays military is not what it was when you first joined it just isn’t. The pay scale, benefits and retirement are not either. Face it a lot has been taken away since either of us first raised our hands.

          • Josh

            What are you talking about? I wish I worked 6 hours a day. Not everyone gets the four day weekends. The free health and dental is mediocre at best. Dental is not free for dependents. I think we do appreciate what we have but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t want something like a promised pay raise. Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, or BK do not offer these opportunities. That is why we joined the military! Walmart employees still complain about there pay and benefits and no one tells them to just be thankful for what they have. We volunteered to take on some of the toughest jobs this country has to offer. It’s about time we get recognized for it.

          • guest

            The healthcare is phenomenal compared to the outside, and as a private company employee I can tell you I would be paying 600 a month right now in family premiums, not including doctors copays, medicine, xrays etc. The dental for dependents is cheaper too.

          • Josh

            The dental for dependents is not cheaper. The healthcare is not phenominal compared to the outside. The only thing better is the price and that will probably change soon. Most of the time we are required to see “military” doctors, who usually aren’t even doctors. They sometimes care about the patients but don’t have to near as much as civilian doctors. Military doctors do not have to worry about malpractice suits or insurance. If they mess up on us, well, goodbye us.

          • Guest

            If you choose health care on post and not through a private doctor it is terrible. The only reason I kept my health care through my Husband is cause I choose to have a private Dr. off post so I could get some real care. Unless you are as healthy as a horse, I would never use on post care. On post vet care is better than what they have for humans.

        • Josh

          Why does he automatically have no education? More and more enlisted personnel are getting a college education or coming in with one. It’s time to put that stereotype to rest.

          • guest

            because he only has 3 years in. If he had the degree prior to joining he would probably be on the officer track. At 3 years, part of which was probably basic training, he doesn’t have enough time in service for a bachelors. Agree with your point for older soldiers though

          • Stephen

            I am active duty and I will have my bachelors soon which I would have completed within 2 years. People do not just become officers because they have a degree. In fact the military is only looking for specific degrees and only the very very lucky get a slot especially if it isnt a technical degree. I have met many first term enlistees with bachelors degrees.

          • guest

            And that right there is why we need to stop hiring contractors, and why TA reforms are a good thing. If you have enough time to get a bachelors degree, without having any prior credits, from an actual school…there isn’t enough Army work getting done or you are doing school work during work hours (or never sleeping). That’s 30 credit hours a semester, so 30 hours a week of class time, plus the estimated 60 hours additional a week in study and work time…

          • Josh

            Well the 2 year bachelor’s degree is a stretch, but that doesn’t mean something is “wrong.” We receive benefits for the job we do. TA happens to be a great one. Just because someone is able to get a degree doesn’t mean work isn’t getting done. That’s ridiculous. And as Stephen said, having a degree does not automatically make you an officer. This is not the military of 20-30 years ago. Times have changed and people need to realize that.

          • Guest

            If someone came in and already had some college but then continued he could have a bachelors degree. You don’t have to go officer if you have a degree either. My first fiancee who was enlisted USMC had a double major BA when he ENLISTED. I agree people need to quit stereotyping.

          • Stephen
      • Darius

        You have a roof over your head, free medical, and you get money for food. I dare ask if YOU are working at least part time, but considering your “gimme gimme” mentality I think we know the answer.

    • MSG Joe

      Jeff how many times have you been deployed? Have you been in combat?

      • Mahogany
      • Jeff
        • CSM

          Jeff, you are right. We all need to take step back and think about the opportunities we have. Our military pay will not make us rich, but we can live better than some. It’s not how much we make, it’s what we do with what we make.

        • Darius

          So basically you are a merc… that’s nice. You should go ahead and getnout champ, your head obviously is not on tight.

    • Bob
      • darius

        Civillian market most military guys would be lucky to be making minimum wage. There are not a whole lot if pay raises going on out there, cut your pity party and be thankful for what you have.

    • Mahogany
    • guest

      See, the entitlement monkeys come out to play. I agree with you Jeff and this is from a prior service married to current active duty member. But I will say I want to see our elected officials take a cut and a pay freeze. If they do that we are more then willing to have a pay freeze for a couple of years if it helps get the national debt under control.

    • CSM

      I amen! I agree. Military pay is better than most civilian pay. Our life style better than a lot of college grads. My sister has been on her job for 28 years. Her annual income is about $50,000. I have been in the military for 30 years and income is about $100,000. Take on consideration she has to pay for her medical and dental out of her pay. She also has to fund her retirement (401K). You do the math.

      • guest

        Im sure she didn’t put her life in danger every time she didn’t deploy either. The differences between civilian life and military life are great to say the least. Yes I agree they volunteered for this, BUT as was stated by someone (sorry forgot who) the military members rely on selfish congress to fight for them as much as the military members are fighting for EVERYONE in the entire UNITED STATES. It would be NICE to feel APPRECIATED for the sacrifices the military make for the greater percentage of US CITIZENS who sit in an office every day instead of being shot at whether overseas or on the seas. The 1% raise surely does NOT show any respect to military who chooses to fight for everyone else.
        What happens when the next generation feels that it isn’t worth it and does not volunteer, then who will fight your battles?

    • CSM

      Jim, today an E6 base pay is over $43,000 per year, with BHA, BAS, and benefits that is almost $65,000 a year. That is not bad for someone with a high school diploma.

      • Josh

        Most enlisted people have more than a high school diploma these days. Many enlisted people have college degrees. I don’t know why you would purposely want to make military personnel look worse than they actually are. Sure, there are some dumb people, but not everyone. Most of us are educated. Many of us work jobs that require some brain power so why shouldn’t we be compensated as such? This isn’t the military of 30 years ago so stop living in the past. The benefits are decent but it is far from a guaranteed job anymore. They are also making strides to ensure less people make rank. Not to mention, they are continuously downsizing. One reason most of us joined was because of the promise of benefits and steady pay. Why shouldn’t we expect what we were promised?

      • guest

        I find it funny that those same UNEDUCATED (whatever) enlisted military are getting out at the end of their enlistment and making 6 figures working as a government contractor! Get with the times, many people can do better than pay in the military. I know of plenty E-4’s getting our and even getting a GS job as GS 9 or higher making more than what they did enlisted, without a degree because they had the experience.

    • elocklar

      I am an active duty military member married to a DoD civilian, and I absolutely agree that the military, when all of our allowances, benefits, and entitlements are taken into consideration make plenty. We pay nothing for health care, no matter how big our families are, which is a huge expense for most civilians. We can utilize child care which is of very high quality and lower cost compared to a similar quality civilian child care center. BAH in every area I have been stationed has been sufficient to cover decent housing. We shop at commissaries that are a good deal cheaper on most grocery items. For those that talk about needing extra money when we are deployed to combat zones: we get our base pay tax free, plus family separation allowance, and HD/IDP; not to mention the nice tax return most of us get following a year in which we were deployed to a tax free zone.
      That’s not counting the thousands of dollars most of us will save over the course of our careers on military discounts, free meals on Veteran’s Days, tuition assistance, a GI bill that can be transferred to our dependents, etc., etc. Let’s stop whining about what we don’t have and thank America’s taxpayers for giving us everything we do. If you don’t like the pay, maybe it’s time to separate and find a job that you think compensates you appropriately.


    Get ready Secretary Hagel has already anounced cutting all pay so this increase is going back so they can have more high tech weapons!

  • Den

    Obama will be capping military active duty/retiree pay raises to fund his failed AHC debacle. This is just the beginning. The military will be decimated in the 3 years he has left. Current aircraft upgrades will be dumped. New aircraft funding will be severe and eliminate many and much needed replacements. Fees for tri-care will be increased, Commissaries/BX’s and other military staples will go the way of the base theaters. Manning will be reduced, but the huge funding contract to continue drug tests for 50-70 year old government contractors will increase. The surge for Hillary as the next president has began as Bill wants his bed back in the White House. As I see it, the Demo’s have screwed the pooch but the Repub’s have no leadership, I mean zero. So HILLARY’s next and she’s considering Harry Reid as the Vice. See anything good here?

    • jim@yahoo.com

      she and her husban were really supporting our troops during Vietnam,he was drafted and wouldn’t report. and I think most amercians know what ‘t happen,I DID NOT HAVE SEX IN THE WHITE HOUSE, can’t believe she didn’t cut his privets off,know my wife would have. and she wants to run for president. O MY GOD, America is in big big trouble

    • Laurie

      nobumma is attempting to run the U.S. as communist country, have we not figured that out by now? I think the next election will be a bit more balanced, educated voters – not just those voting by color or who think they are going to get something for free. So many one time voters thought obumma care was going to be free and are shocked when it’s explained they either pay all year or at tax time. idiots

      • Josh

        That is the hope every election but never seems to be the case. You would think people would try to educate themselves before voting but apparantly not many people do. People will continue to vote for the popular choice. It was black last time, next time it might be woman. Who knows?

  • Suppo

    How much planning does it take to account for $8.00 a month after taxes?

  • Linda P.

    My retired pay increase has been less than the Senate, legislature and most government, federal, state and county, pay increases. How is that right? And it’s way below the REAL cost of living increases.

    Grammar Police:
    “That’s a popular question these days, and fairly enough”.
    … and [it’s] fair enough.

  • theinfidel

    My retired raise always gets eaten up by a higher tax bracket/higher drug co-pay/higher medicare monthly payment!

  • Candy

    Well it has come to this… And they always go for the most vunable people. Disabled veterans and disabled social security people. A lot of people live on this weather they want to or not. There are a lot of people they will be disapoint.
    My husband and I have already planned our future, we won’t be here. It maybe the easy way out- Iam sure we are not the only ones that will do this.I hope the President realizes that blood will be on his hands. What a bunch of children and I am sick and tired listening to all of them. They can’t even balance a budget.

  • Angelo

    Yeah Dean I remember those promises when I enlisted in 71. They didn’t last long. The chumps controlling the purse strings do not care, never have and never will. They have no problem raising their own pay each year and they do not do 1/1000 th of the work an E-3 in any of the services does. They have no respect for us and that goes from potus on down. I wish we could just fire all of them.

  • Antonio Sola

    Every one of us in this business of diplomacy with bullets gave a valid signed check payable to the United States of America for any amount, up to include his life. We were made into heartless and violent killers, to the point that the animal impulses or sex, the maxim from Herr Freud, was indeed a farce, because for combatant in the trenches of Pork Chop Hill, every time our bayonets made its intended purpose, and the enemy bled to death, the pleasure perceived was superior in intensity and essence to the Austrian claim.
    But then, violent and heartless killers, and that’s exactly what we were, can only work with his refined education with employers like Pablo Escobar or Don Corleone.

  • gweezy

    WOW!! Look what you’ve started SMH! So what if we don’t have a date yet. KEEP living within your means like you do EVERY month Geesh!! You act like your going to get a MILLION dollar raise. THink your going to get a few extra dollars and everybody goes in to panic mode. STOP giving these people aNOTHER reason to complain………..

  • ravengotu

    Many complain here about a lousy or maybe zero pay raise. Do you know why? It is because many are serving for 4 years and leaving the service and making a VA claim then getting a disability check for the rest of their lives. My neighbors did 2 tours in Iraq as MP’S now are making close to 8 grand new house, cars going to college. When I first enlisted I made 549 a month, nothing more. Enjoy

    • CSM

      Amen! you are so right. Too many are cheating and stealing from the government, which pay our salary. And we wonder why we can’t get a descent pay raise. I see it everyday.

      • Brian

        You hit the issue right on the head. Example – 50% disability for sleep apnea is insane. Many, a few years before retirement, do everything they can (to include gain weight) to get tested for sleep apnea. When they don’t get the answer they want they go somewhere else. This is just one example. Back injuries (and I don’t mean folks who were injured in combat) are the biggest fake injury there is. Look at how many folks started having back pain within a few years of retirement. Bottom line – The disability process is horrible and costing Billions of tax dollars.

  • Dan

    Why can’t our pay raise match the cost of living.

  • thomas coleman

    congress get a automatic pay raise. we get crumbs. only in America. I pick the wrong profession. I should have ran for congress.

    • CSM

      Congress pay was written in law, maybe that law need to be repealed.

  • michael loveo

    the cost of dental tri care is more then 1 % for the new year.
    stop payung congress for 3 monts and we all can get a 3 % rase.

  • Jim

    Well is everyone done whining and sniveling? If you haven’t used your GOD given right to vote stop your whining, until you use YOUR vote to get rid of the key players in this stupid move of 1% pay raise for the military YOU haven’t done your part, has the whole country been taken STUPID pills or what? WHY do you keep electing the same people who have lied time after time????,

    • Misanthrophe2

      Truth is there’s not a shekel’s worth of difference in any politican that stupid American lemmings ‘vote’ into office. Do you really think your vote matters? Most elections at the national level are rigged and the POTUS is pre-selected years in advance by alien elitists who have owned this country since at least when Woodrow Wilson was President., but the stupid sheeple actually think their votes count. Stalin said it so appropriately “Those who cast the ballot decide nothing – those who count the ballot decide everything”. As the Unitary Executive, the President has the authority to issue executive orders at will, regardless of opposition from Congress or the People. There are no checks and balances in the federal government any longer. When the American people are only given a choice of Bush or Gore, or McCain or Obama, or Romney or Obama, then why waste time voting? We don’t need elections in this country. What we need is a revolution. But it’s too late for revolutions. We are a dead nation caught up in an irreversible headlong slide into oblivion.

  • Peter

    After looking at what the government pays their military members in Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. I just feel like our service members in the US are shortchanged….Do a simple google search and you can see the difference for yourself.

  • john

    What I think is that we all are fed up with congress we should put limits how long they can stay in the job. We put limits on the presidency why not congress, because now they are not there for the common people they are there for the special interest groups. And how much they can put in there own pockets. these individual are not in touch with what really going on. there only concern if they are going to be reelected. these politicians that are in office right now should not be reelected.

  • Jim Wellman

    Once again, our members of Congress put themselves first and the Military last. What a slap in the face to our Active and Retired members! There is no consideration for inflation or the real life price changes that happen every year. Having a 1% increase is, in reality, nothing as the increase will most likely be taken back in taxes!

    I wish that “We the People” will remember this when elections come up next year. I also hope that “We the People” force new amendments to the Bill of Rights which would limit the terms for Congress & Senate to TWO terms (12 years). Why? Because there are too many senior members that appear to be more interested in their office instead of the people they represent.

    The other amendment would be to connect their pay to performance & attendance. I seriously doubt that Congressional members would accept the 1% increase forced upon our military. SO, Congressional members: Remember that We The People will speak next year. You can pack your bags now as you services are no longer desired or required.

  • If you want to see something amazing look at the Funding bill from 2010 where it gives authorization for all Active Duty Servicemembers to have Flexible Spending Accounts which could potentially save us THOUSANDS per year in tax savings on things we already pay for like Child Care and non Covered medical expenses. CALL YOUR CONGRESSPERSON AND DEMAND WE GET ALL BENEFITS THAT WE ARE AUTHORIZED!!!

  • SFC A

    From reading some of the comments above I don’t expect to get any sympathy but thought I might share some info. Are you aware that quite a few Soldiers who were getting special duty pay are probably going lose it or have it reduced? You may not think they deserved the extra pay to begin with but that isn’t the point. The point is some here are complaining about a 1% increase where some of us are getting a pay cut.

  • SFC A
  • jeane

    ASK question.? my friend husband passed away and she get half his retirement and she wants to know if she got a job would she lose her husbands retirement. cause she counts on that to pay for her house.

    • PO1

      No. Those benefits are hers. It will only stop when she passes away.

  • Those who have given so much deserve no less than our best. It is clear: one party is supportive of demonstrating gratitude through practical support and one is not. This should not be. Support of America’s military should transcend political parties.

  • SFC Pettway Retired

    It seems to me that many military and x-military are very angry and with reason I agree. I am a disabled veteran living on social security and my disability pay. We went over 3 years with out a cost of living increase but no one seems to remember that do they? The military was still getting their COL increase but the retirement community and social security was not. Something to remember I think. Yes we all volunteered to serve this country of ours when it was a great country. Now it is not even the great country it once was. Even with all of our “Fighting, dying and energy we all put forth” I think it is about time that we speak up not in here where no one really hears up but each other. But out there in the news, in the communities where our voices can be heard, do Vet to Vet. Write your congress men and women, write your senators and do something that may make a difference. Be an informed voter and vote those people out that are not doing what you wish or don’t have the same belief systems as you do. But stop bitching because it isn’t getting us any where but maybe relieving some blood pressure here and there. (Smile)

  • chad
  • tammy

    to whom it may concern
    i have a question about military pay for 2014 it is coming up so quicky and i need answers also on the pay raise do you know what retirees get my husband served 20 years in the navy and i have heard between 1 percent and 1.8 percent can u help me with both of these please


    What will be the 2014 BAS rate?

  • Wes

    My retired pay went up $28.00/month.
    My mortage went up $40.00/month.
    What freakin’ pay raise???

  • Wes

    Oh, yes- and now that I’m 65, I’m having to pay $104/month to keep my Tricare benefits I was PROMISED for life,.
    Like I said- WHAT freakin’ pay raise??

  • Recruiters Wife

    Does anyone know if the rumors are true about recruiter special pays are being reduced? We are already too far away from a post to get our medical care without having to pay for it and they are closing the commissaries which is still an hour away. We are barely surviving with his recruiter pay never mind lose that big chunk of pay that helps us feed our family!