Military Pay Drama: Prepare For The Worst

If you’ve been reading The Paycheck Chronicles for a few years, you’ll probably know that my motto is, “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”  I’m dragging out that reminder again because the Pentagon has been making quiet plans for the possibility of a government shutdown.  One possible effect of a government shutdown is that military servicemembers might not get paid on time.  There are two separate potential issues here:  the federal budget, and the debt ceiling.  While these two topics are very different, they often get lumped together because they have the same result in your pocketbook:  unsurity of military (and other) paychecks.

The Federal Budget Problem

The federal government’s fiscal year begins on 1 October each year, and ends on 30 September of the following year.  Congress and the President are, in theory, supposed to agree to a new funding plan before the fiscal year ends.  It’s been years since that’s happened on time.  Instead of passing an actual budget, Congress and the President can use one or more continuing resolutions to extend funding until final decisions are made.  This has been a common practice in recent years.

If, however, Congress and the President fail to agree to a budget or a continuing resolution, then the government authority to spend money is severely curtailed.  Expenses that are part of multi-year budget items or things that are part of mandatory spending can still be paid.  Expenses that require yearly appropriations and authorizations can not be paid.  Unfortunately, military pay falls in the yearly appropriations and authorizations category.  Servicemembers would be expected to continue working, but they would not get paid until a budget or continuing resolution was passed.

 The Debt Ceiling Problem

The other key time is sometime in October or November, when the federal government runs out of cash and the ability to borrow more money.  In the past, debt ceiling crises have been averted by last-minute legislation.  Each time, the lawmakers increase the stakes; a debt ceiling compromise brought us sequestration.  While it is likely that some sort of compromise will occur again, it is not a sure thing.  Many legislators are frustrated with the unresolved larger issues in Congress, and the debt ceiling is a visible way of protesting.

If the debt ceiling is not increased, the Treasury has to pay its daily bills out of its daily income.  Unfortunately, our country spends more each day than it makes.  There are a variety of ways this dilemma can be handled, but none are good.  Details are sketchy because this has never actually happened before.  However, it is likely that hitting the debt ceiling would result military pay will be held up in some fashion.  (Note:  lots of comments have asked “when?”  That’s the sketchy part.  There are a variety of ways that the Treasury could prioritize and pay their obligations.  We can’t predict what method would actually be used.)

Obviously, none of these things could happen.  But you need to be prepared in case they do.

Coming tomorrow: What You Can Do Now To Prepare For The Worst.

About the Author

Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • guest

    One important thing to note is that they will be paid next week, the hold up wouldn’t be until the 15th paycheck so everyone should be able to pay their rent etc for the month of October, that gives 30 days to maybe pick up some odd jobs/side jobs to start squirreling away money for the Nov 1st rent check just in case it doesn’t go through (which is something I find highly unlikely personally)

    • Leslie A Chaffin
      • guest

        I wasn’t referring to our husbands finding a second job, they work too much. I was referring to US as spouses finding a first, second, or third job to come up with income…I kind of figured that would be common sense, I guess not.

        • Amy
          • Laura


        • Joanne

          Well here’s the problem with that…I looked at getting a second job but childcare would cost us more than I would make at most jobs and those that would pay more would BARELY pay more. When you have little kids sometimes that’s not possible. And no I can’t do an evening job either – hubby is deployed.

          • guest

            So find something that you can do without paying for child care, like watching other peoples kids, starting an Ebay business etc

          • guest

            I’ve made thousands off of eBay, it’s not my main job but it’s something I do on the weekends. You would be AMAZED at what people sell at yardsales for pennies

          • Hammer

            Have you thought about using eBay as a way of getting additional income. I have a friend who has been doing eBay since 1999. She and her husband quit work and that is all they have been doing it ever since. About 5 hours a week

        • Nicole

          I live in another country and cannot work. I was a nurse in the states which pays plenty and we would not be in much trouble missing my husbands paycheck but that is just not the case right now. I am also due with our first baby in a few weeks and we still need essentials for him :( really puts us in a bad spot but we are still expected to pay OUR bills on time.

        • HLM

          Unfortunately, not all of us spouses who are with our AD member stationed overseas can even get ONE job, let alone a second or third. The one job I was finally able to secure (after being unemployed for the first time in my life) was after 18 months, and it is ALSO a government job. We’re a two-government-paycheck household with no promises of if/when we’ll be paid.

      • guest

        OK and maybe I just don’t understand the mentality, why would your mind automatically jump to your husband finding a second job instead of thinking about what you could do to help the situation? And I honestly don’t mean this as a slight, I’m am seriously just trying to figure out the difference between thinking mentalities, is it an age difference, a time in service difference etc as it might help me to personally break down some barriers.

        • Hazie
          • guest

            Because she said word for word “There is NO way my husband could work a 2nd job..he does not have a desk job, works 12 hours a Aviation,in a VERY mission oriented helo command” and didn’t mention herself seeking a stop gap measure. I’m not trying to make her sound lazy I’m honestly wondering why that is the first thought out of someones mind instead of what can I and the rest of the FAMILY do to help

      • I find that the idea of even having to find another source of income to be very offensive. These people signed an agreement to do a job and defend this country. To have to look for a part time job to make ends meet when they are doing already is indefensible. I know the fat cats that are elected to office will not miss a paycheck. I seems fine that they can be told to risk their lives and time away from family, and then have to worry about being paid. Yes I have been there 20 yrs. in the U.S. Navy
        1961 thru 1980, Retired CPO.

    • guest
      • guest

        Make your own income, write for a blog, sell some stuff on Ebay, upcycle, turn a hobby into short term income through Etsy etc. Is it possible in the short term to come up with a rent payment…yes, will it be easy, probably not but it’s totally doable

        • guest

          really? I mean…REALLY?! As a military spouse dealing with my husband’s deployment and that works full-time PLUS, I find this EXTREMELY offensive. Sorry, but a lemonade stand & some homemade crafting isn’t going to pay the rent, bills or groceries! There is zero chance that I (or MOST military spouses) can work 2-3 jobs and take care of your kids. I’m not talking Duggar-size family, either. But your day only stretches so far. As it is, we are out the door by 7:00 AM and not in for the night until 6:00 PM. Yes, we’ve made our choices, but we work insanely hard and don’t deserve to have the financial rug pulled out from under us. Savings only take you so far-because yes, we do have that as a back-up, but it sure would be nice to use that for purposes that it was meant for. NOT to make up for our defunct system that punishes those serving our country.

          • guest

            that’s why it’s a SHORT term solution. Can you pull some stuff together to scrap together a payment for a month…pretty sure most people have enough stuff they can downsize to get by for a month. As with all government shut downs it’s going to be temporary IF it even happens, this isn’t about creating a steady income stream, it’s about having 5 weeks to come up with a rent payment in case one or two paychecks goes TEMPORARILY missed. Once a budget is funded active duty historically automatically gets back pay

        • Christina

          What is your bright idea for when both husband and wife rely on military pay. In my family we both work hard and neither one of us will receive the paychecks that we earned. I’m pretty sure a weekend yardsale will not cover our expenses.

          • KateKashman

            Christina, thank you both for your service. I have always maintained that two income families should never rely on both incomes. In particular, two income families should have no problem building up an emergency fund that would carry you through these types of situations. I feel pretty strongly about this subject. If you’re dual military and you’re spending every cent you make, something is out of whack in your budget.

          • maybe they take care of parents or have a disabled child you are not to feign honor at their service this condone them for spending habits

        • kbm
          • guest

            Now THAT is impressive! Kudos to you KBM and thank you for letting people know that it CAN be done

          • Jamie

            Definitely no excuses but you forgot to mention, as a teen mom you were also on WIC and/or some other assistance. OR maybe you lived in a state where cost of living is low.

          • so are all the kids your husbands or do you also get child support?

        • Jamie

          Have you forgotten starting any type of business requires start up costs?!

          • guest

            I started selling stuff on ebay for 10 bucks OOP, which I fully re cooped in a week and then some

        • may I just say that this guest is an idiot.

          • guest

            Hey, at least I have a back up plan when my husband isn’t getting paid…it’s idiotic not to. You don’t have to agree with me but calling someone an idiot because they suggest finding a way to make ends meet in a non secure time instead of complaining about why they CAN’T make ends meet shows your level of intellect right there

          • so the spouses are suppose to abandon the children to get second and third jobs……………….NOT. A lot of the children of military service members already miss out on having one parent around most of the time and now you suggest that the parent at home is suppose to get a second and/or third job. Most already work one job to help get by. This is the thanks you give to military families. BTW I have a suggestion to you work hard at a job you expect to get paid for and tell them they can pay you when they get the books done………..when ever that may be. And no I am not married to someone who is currently in the military but now I see why the spouse’s feel abandoned by even fellow spouses and why divorce rate are so great among military personnel. You and no one else you have to suffer that stress. That is what I am saying and it seems to me that you are actually trying to recruit pawns in this pyramid scheme.

          • guest

            Klutzy, first, go back to school and learn proper English so that way people can maybe take your rants seriously.

            Really, why are you so allergic to a little temporary hard work? That is what is wrong with situations like this everyone apparently has an I can’t attitude instead of an I can attitude.

            Selling extra junk you have around the house to make rent does NOT equate to “abandoning the children” or whatever other chicken little, head screaming, the sky is falling OMG!!! tirade you may think up. It’s taking personal responsibility for YOUR household finances in an uncertain situation because you were living paycheck to paycheck with no savings. Honestly, I don’t care WHEN I get paid, so long as I get paid

      • Amanda

        First of all let me say this, I don’t agree with the government stopping military pay for any reason. This is totally wrong.
        Second, I don’t really understand the whole military wife who stays at home and does not work, with or without children. I have been a military wife for 12 years and have always held a job and contributed to the family income. Can it be hard at times, but yes and we always work it out. And we don’t struggle financially because of it. JMO.

        • Ann

          I’ve been a military wife for 10 years and a SAHM for most of them. We have four kids and we don’t struggle financially either. We will be fine with a temporary loss in pay but I hope it doesn’t come to that. I don’t understand why some people feel the only valid way to contribute to their family is with an income. I contribute plenty to my family without one, and *shocker* I actually like staying home with my children and being there for them, and my husband, when they need me. I am thankful I have the opportunity to do that. Maybe it’s just because “tone” is hard to read on the internet, but it sounds as though you think wives who don’t work sit around doing nothing, making no contributions to their families. Maybe some do, but I certainly don’t, and I know many others like me.

          • KateKashman

            Ann, I definitely don’t think that SAHM moms do nothing. I was a SAHM Mom for 10 years, and I made it my business to stretch my husband’s paycheck as far as possible. That included clipping coupons, shopping sales, and making inexpensive, homemade meals. I think a SAHM mom is awesome. I also think that a SAHM is a great asset in times of financial crisis, because they *can* find a way to make some income or get a job if necessary.

          • jeff

            I totally agree with you Ann. I have been active duty for 29 years and my wife worked up until we had our first child. We both discussed it and decided that we did not want a stranger raising our kids so she has stayed at home ever since (our kids are 11 and 9 now). The contributions that she makes to our family are so much than just an income could be. She does everything for us and our kids are wonderful well rounded little girls. Not to mention she does a lot at the school that benefits other kids whose mothers do nothing with the school. Anyway, I have enormouse respect for SAHM and there is no job that they could do that is as important and valuable as being a SAHM!

        • Joanne

          Amanda, I understand why you may not understand that having been a WAHM for so long. I for one am a SAHM. The reason is that we worked out what my pay would be compared to what childcare for our 2 young children would be and it no longer made financial sense for me to work. So by staying at home with the children I am actually contributing to my families income. It allows us to save money on child care, home cooked meals every single night, I coupon, I shop sales. We save much more with me NOT working that we would if I was working. Sometimes that’s just how it works out.

          • Macfad

            For all you spouses blaming this woman who was simply trying to offer suggestions, and all you can do is come up with excuses why you can’t work side jobs, if it’s that bad then simply do without! Geez, for crying out loud, she didn’t deserve all this criticism and backlash. If it’s that difficult for you, then tell your children they can eat every other day and turn off your cell phones, your cable, your electric and sell your car. What a bunch of whiners!

          • guest

            Thank you Macfad :-) I see a lot of poor me, and indignation that I even suggest they find an income stream, even temporary. I don’t get that anger, maybe I was just raised to prepare for the worst and do whatever it takes to pay the bills instead of wasting time complaining why I can’t

          • Mickey

            You really have no place even commenting unless you’ve walked in their shoes. What was easy for you may not work for them. My husband and I have prepared for something like this (enough savings to live off of for six or more months) and we’re both active duty, but I personally know families who could not find time in the day to take on any kind of second job (i.e. they’re taking care of terminally Ill parent while husband is deployed, have a special needs child, are battling a terminal illness themselves). Bottom line is THIS SHOULD NOT EVEN BE HAPPENING!!! We have a dysfunctional Congress unwilling to defund their vote-buying social programs (free cell phone anyone?) on the backs of those who serve. Why don’t you jump on a blog and tell those folks to get even ONE job? Better yet, why don’t you pay it forward and pick up the tab for one of these folks rent for a month since you’re such a savy business woman on eBay? What makes me the most frustrated is all the judging that’s going on here. Stay focused on the real problem….our current congress and their inability to get the job done!

          • guest

            I don’t know what you are reading that you find anything judgmental…You’ve got your ER fund, good for you, if you are a dual income household there is no reason NOT to have one so those people that you are saying can’t take on a second job apparently already are a dual income household and should have ER savings to last a month, no second job needed.

            This is a recommendation for ONE income houses with a stay at home spouse who can step up to the plate and find a way to come up with a rent payment in 5 weeks, this situation has been going on for THREE YEARS, it’s not like we didn’t have prewarning that it was probably going to pop up again or no time to prepare.

            I have no problem stepping up to the plate and helping out a family in need, as long as they are responsible. In fact, it’s something my husband and I do every year whether it be a full Christmas for a family or a get away weekend for a couple that is struggling to reconnect, we are atheists so instead of tithing we do random acts of kindness. So yes, on more then one occasion we have paid someones rent

            Am I going to pay for someone who is voluntarily unemployed with attitudes like some people on here that spend more time complaining and finding reasons WHY they can’t do something instead of finding ways to pull it together, no, I am not.

      • Guest

        Some employers offer child care subsidy assistance or you could check local agencies for programs. Where there is a will…there is a way:)

        • Holly
          • guest

            I’m not the guest you are replying to but I am the OP of this very long thread, and I DO have children. The poster is correct, where there is a will there is a way and in this case you have to remember it’s TEMPORARY…would you rather have your kids be in daycare for 5 weeks or homeless if you can’t pay the rent in 5 weeks. This should NOT be turned into a SAHM vs working mommy war. This is a we as SPOUSES need to stand up and earn something, anything, in 5 weeks time so our husbands, who are already stressed out, don’t get more stressed out or feel responsible for their families becoming homeless

          • so you are the one who was naïve enough to think the government would not have shut down. what about the disabled vets and their benefits being cut off what do you suggest they do. and yes sometime both husband and wife are 100% disabled and veterans should we just send them all to nursing homes?? remember you will one day not be a spouse of a soldier but of a veteran and as age takes a toll or through not fault of his own he may become disabled and you may be the sole caregiver unable to work due to his health problems. I know you would send him to a nursing home … just short term right???

          • guest

            Hey Klutzy, it looks like you don’t read the news, deals been reached, no vets in danger of losing their benefits. I myself am a former vet, I got out when we had kids, so the road goes both ways. The fact of the matter is with age comes health issues, military may have more but everyone gets them. We use this as a learning lesson. Do what we have to now so we don’t have to worry about paying the bills in the event of an emergency or future medical issue. Riddle me this…if both husband and wife are 100% disabled, and you can’t afford in home care, where would one end up other then a nursing home?

          • honeyblue
        • Joanne

          Not all areas have a mass of jobs around. I know ours doesn’t. You’re lucky if you can find a retail job.

      • KCG
    • Linda J
    • DMC

      It might be fine for some to pick up odd jobs, etc., but if you’re deployed there’s no likelihood of that happening now is there, be real! This is unacceptable no matter what the cause. How about the government forego paying themselves for a few months to keep our military solvent or better yet, put all those who sit quite comfortably on their big butts on cushy chairs let our men and women in uniform come home for a few months and take their places in all the hot spots of the world knowing that the only way they get to come home is to resolve this issue now! How about that. I don’t want to hear one more word about our service men and women taking on odd jobs to make this work, that’s UNSAT!

      • jon willard

        well said !!!!

      • Shirley
    • Kim
      • DMC


    • Carla

      This spouse has a job and four kids and a husband currently deployed. So I cannot go get “another’ job i already have too. It would be nice if our government would get their crap together. The weeks we spent on the crap with Syria could have been better spent on the budget.. Maybe Obama and his wife should have stayed home more this past year instead of all the expensive vacations they took at my the tax payers expense.

      • Finally someone with the guts to tell the truth. Obama and his wife have wasted more money for personal reasons than any other Government official in history.

      • NavyVet

        I’m confused with part of what you said. What do you mean by another job you already have also?

    • guesswho

      Because every spouse has free babysitters at their disposal…..

    • Proud Marine Wife

      I find your response offensive. My husband is currently serving in a war zone in Afghanistan. I currently work 50 to 60 hours/week, take grad school courses, raise our two kids, take care of the bills/house/pets/cars, and send money each month to his aging parents. It seems to me that you assume, as a military spouse, I sit at home watching tv and eating bon bons. My husband, children, and I have all sacrificed for our country for the past 18 years. It is wrong of our government to threaten military pay, especially when we are at war.

      • guest

        Marine wife, I am sorry if you found it offensive…frankly I am literally in the exact same position minus the grad school courses and the money goes to my parents not his. With two incomes though I am assuming you are NOT in a position to be homeless in 5 weeks, that you have enough coming in to already have a bit of temporary savings or a means to cut back to get that savings. I do NOT think people sit around eating bon bons (and has been pointed out I’m not sure who knows wtf a bon bon even is). My point is, no this should not happen, but as the article says “plan for the worst and hope for the best”. My point is the worst thing that could happen is no pay, you have FIVE weeks to come up with enough to at least make rent, what can one do with this much pre warning to get one months rent TEMPORARILY in an account until the government sorts itself out and back pay is issued

    • M
    • Leny Mendoza

      What about Social Security ?

    • guest

      Um how are those actually fighting the war! Supposed to pick up extra jobs? Not everyone sits at a desk This is ridiculous???? Hey go fight for us and put your life on the line by the way while your at it, we’re not going to pay you and you can add the stress of having to deal with collectors on top of, ya know, fearing for your life!!!!

    • kathy

      It is a shame when our military men and women have to worry about their paycheck. They should not have to pick up odd/side jobs. It’s Congress and Senate that should not get paid.

    • guest

      Once again we are told to go without. Maybe we the people shold take back the government. The ones who can’t do there jobs are getting paid Thousands if they are in term for a short time really find me a business that gets this deal oh yeah on top of there inside trading where millions were made by these same people who directed contracts (ethics) not with these people. No pay, no work, no patrols nothing the hell with them.

    • Dubber

      Here’s an IDEA, How about all the politicians go without their paychecks so the ones defending our COUNTRY can have theirs!!!!!!! I’ll bet their paychecks are right on time. Bunch of PRICKS..

      • shawn1999

        Good idea: Politicians go without their paychecks instead of our troops defending us

        Better idea: Politicians sent to front lines to defend us so we can get rid of the politicians paychecks, perks, benefits, AND the politicians!

    • Chief

      Disabled veterans are not picking up any odd/side jobs.

    • Chief

      There are plenty of armchair financial advisors on this board. Not all situations are the same and it is best if they don’t comment at all.

  • Gregg

    WOW! I am shocked and impressed! I cannot remember the last time actually posted a clearly written, intelligibly informative article of any type…..

    • R Foster

      Except for one important Item! The budget process wasn’t fully explained to you! The President (your Commander In Chief) is required (by law) to complete a budget each year and submit it to Congress for approval. The President and Congress then work out any problems and complete a bipartisan agreement on a budget and approve it. For the first time in history, the current President decided he didn’t need a budget or the Congress and does as he wishes with the threat of shutting down the government if the Congress doesn’t follow his decision. He should be impeached for not following the Law!

      • MK4524

        Not true. The President presents his budget to Congress in January of each year and at the point, the various Congressional Committees then the authorization committees go through it and each house comes up with their budget which generally does not agree so it goes to committee to work out compromises. The President cannot do what he wants since all funds have to be authorized by the Congress. Sounds like you’re trying to turn this into a political discussion instead of trying to understand the process.

        You do show a profound lack of knowledge of the actual Federal budget process. In most cases in the past, when neither house could agree, on the final budget, they would pass a Continuing Resolution Authority which would allow Federal agencies to spend prudently at the spending level of the prior fiscal year. Generally this would pass without much of a hitch until Newt Gingrich would not allow a CRA to pass and the government was shut down for a few days.

        Impeach in spite of the fact that he did submit the Presidents Budget to the Congress in January? Especially when he did?

    • Roberto

      Well I hope you will be reading more articles to cement your new change of attitude

  • Pondfish82

    Pay-as-you-go : No pay, no defense.

    • Bob

      It HAS happened in the past. About 1979 Congress sat on their asses and didn’t get the budget passed. Military members refused en Masse to work until they were assured of a paycheck.

      • mk4524

        I was around in 1979, I don’t remember that but I do remember the FY79 budget had some huge increases in military pay.

    • Clay

      I would add that if even one person is made to wait for their pay, Congress should not be paid as well as the President, and they all should be asked to leave the premises until they figure it out.

  • :-)

    all i know is they better pay me

    • The Gy

      R what???

      • You go to a Federal Reserve Bank with a withdrawal slip with the amount that you are owed and demand it. It is not theft if it is owed to you.

        • SSgt Thomas

          there wont be anything owed if the LES says $0. when they took half our check two years ago the LES reflected it.

  • Nam vet 66

    We really need to vote the the self serving bum ‘s out and get representative that work for the people.we need to stop sending money to country’s that don’t really need it and don’t like us very much.

    • Joel-B

      So let’s all chant : “OBAMANATION, OBAMANATION, OBAMANATION” !!! I’m also a Nam Vet…67,68,69 and 70 … God Bless…

    • Bill

      I’VE BEEN PREACHING “VOTE THE INCUMBENTS OUT” for nearly ntwo decades. Unfortunately, no very many people get it!

  • Heather

    Pond fish, pay as you go would be lovely, however, I wouldn’t count on some of our lawmakers to see the value in continuing to pay for defense, so while it hurts us military families, I don’t know that it’s a bad thing that it isn’t so easy. Military families unfortunately sign up to be stepped on, and this is sadly no exception.

  • Drea

    I am Pcs’ing Oct 8th and driving clear across the country NY to TX with kids and dog husband is deployed I have $ saved for the trip but I also need all the extra we can get this month for our new place ect… I think it’s pretty crappy the government does not understand how much a paycheck for anyone Military or civilian could effect many things and cause a downward spiral! Some people do live paycheck to paycheck on a tight budget. The crazy thing is this happened at the exact same time about 21/2 years ago when we were Pcs’ing to NY and everyone was freaking out but we all got paid on time so lets hope again they are just in talks and at the last minute some prick will give in!

    • Gary

      Girl I’m a retired TSgt and I have PCS’d alot in my years. Totally understand the paycheck thing but as far as your move your husband should have his GOV spending card that should take care of most expenses, if not there are advances that don’t count or stop if the shut down should occur. And FYI it isn’t just one “prick” its the whole congress and yes we voted them in, solution vote them out get rid of this good ole’ boy club and get some decent representatives in there that can make a difference. Also, Obama wanted 58 milion to update Africa so they can join the 20th century, I mean really? Anyhow do use the GOV travel card talk to his First Seargent or commander I’m sure you’ll be strait. Later Sarge

    • Paula

      Welcome to Texas. I hope your trip is uneventful and everything goes smooth for you!!!

  • Amanda

    This isnt the first time we havent been paid, we will survive… You would be surprised how many companies will work with you, when they find out you arent getting paid! No its not right, an dont make it fair….. But thats the world we live in now…. We the people are the only ones who can change it, an until we all unite an quit fighting each other, this is how it will be!!! Obamacare had got to be the worst idea ever, an for those who find is to be a great idea, have no brain in their head!!!

    • Dave

      Spoken like true Republican

    • Pam

      Have you fought for this country? How about your Dad or Grandpa? How old are you? Do you have a job?

    • Big T


      Why is it the worst idea ever?

  • Suzanne

    Any Senator, Representative, CEO of any company, overpaid sports “stars that accept any pay check before our Military personnel are paid, need to be impeached, fired, or fined. The money people have changed the way we do business and they don’t care about this country.

    • Gary

      Good solution how about Congress taking a pay cut or not getting paid. I bet there wouldn’t be a stoppage then.

      • vramsaran

        How about more people concern themselves on who is really governing this Nation than worrying about what millionaire football player is playing against who on Monday night !!!>????

        The masses are exploited by the wealthy and think that their voices are actually heard in Govt. If you don’t wield hundreds of Billions you’r voice in how you are being governed, taxed , whatever is but a whisper.

        • Mad Conservative

          Yes, the wealthy Unions, wall Street Democrats, Sorose, And both the Democrat and Republican Party. Vote them all out of Office and elect people that will truly represent WE THE PEOPLE.

    • CKK

      unfortunately they never did care, and will continue not caring as long as their own bottom lines are not affected.

  • Rachael

    I’m just REALLY relieved that congress will still get paid!

    • kim

      that should have been a thumbs down…Congress should NOT get paid if the rest of us DO NOT!

      • Pretty sure that was sarcasm…

        • vramsaran

          Who has any control over the Congress ?

          wait for it ???????


  • slh

    Getting a second job in no option for the military spouses that are overseas in an area where there are NO jobs. On post here volunteers run the offices, man the chow halls, and local nationals sit in the paid position slots. I have worked for over 30 years and been the bread winner for much of that time, however, when we were PCS’d overseas, I was under the assumption that jobs would be hard to find, but nothing would be impossible. After a year and a half, find a job has become impossible. Not being paid is something I wished would never happen, again, here we are looking a dead horse in the eyes. Many military families are not as fortunate as us, and live from payday to payday barely making ends meet. However, our bills will be paid, and we will continue to live, but things will be tight. I just wish all military families could say that, however, being real they CANNOT. For those families, I hope there is an agreement made soon.

  • Marie

    If the military isn’t getting paid then they won’t be out in the community spending money. Therefore, businesses won’t be hiring additional employees. Also, with the Affordable Care Act the business owners are already cutting hours and personnel. It’s a domino effect.

    • Monty

      Someone is finally getting it! thanks!

    • Big T

      The companies in the US are just greeding. How many homes and cars a person need? I’m not criticizing those who are making money but they wouldn’t be if it was not for their employees. I believe that most the of the American people want to work and they should be compensated for it by paying a third of their health care. For those who have an issue with the Affordable Care Act, do you have insurance for you and your family? Do your company pay for paritial for you and your family’s health care?

  • Roger

    These are our lives they are playing with.Having served my country proudly for 20 years, it saddens me they our president and elected officials need to play around with people’s lives, but they get paid no matter what!

  • Ray

    We need new wars so our defense companies can make their billions and we can all have jobs (Look into who has money invested in defense) you will ****!

  • JDC

    May I remind everyone that nothing is truly free. Not FREEdom, not our rights, not welfare, and not obamacare.

    • D B Cooper

      So TRUE! But…..if you are going to serve me up a shit pie, at least tell me what is in it first!!!

  • communicationsman1

    Obama is the worst President that has happened to our country in my adult life. And to think he was reelected for a 2nd term just blows my mind. I agree with you NamVet70 our country is being taken apart piece by piece by Obama and his cronies & no one can seem to stop him. He is Anti American, Anti Military, Anti Marriage, Anti Christian, Pro Islamic, Pro Homosexual/Lesbian. He will say and do anything in order to press his own agenda and the country be damn. He is a snake in the grass.

    • Daddyboats

      The problems we face today exist because the people that work for l Irving are outnumbered by those who vote for living! Think about that .

    • Cailey
      • vramsaran

        Yeah, ! This whole financial mess is because of those weapons of mass destruction along with the lust for Oil and tax payer $$$.

        Lets be honest here. Why didn’t anyone call bullshit when there were no wmd’s or going to war with Iraq and spending a zillion dollars to help pump that oil so Big Oil and all their partners benefited ?

        WELL >? anyone ?

        Congress just dropped 40 billion in food stamp funding for poor people. Thats what a month in Iraq ? I guess their is no profit in helping Americans.

    • scott

      oh really…not bush??? the fake war the banking collapse, taking of a surplus and creating debt?? bush didnt happen i guess

    • guest

      waaait so he’s a “snake in the grass” because he supports things like the Constitution and separation of church and state and equal rights and so on….remember government and religion are supposed to be separate so that takes away most of your argument

      • shawn1999

        Bush supported the Constitution? Like the Patriot Act and the creating the NSA Loopholes to allow him to spy on Americans? Yes, he supported equal rights- he spied on everyone equally.

        I blame every politician for this mess- from those whose only concern was to make Obama a 1-term president, even if it screwed the country, to those who are giving more to “the poor” (about half of which aren’t really poor, but are too lazy to get jobs- and before you start attacking me for that statement, I have friends who work in our County’s housing department who regularly works with the local homeless. They have programs to help these people get jobs and housing and yet they only show up when they are told “If you miss the next one, your out”. They walk in with brand new iPods and iPhones, yet they are still looking for free meals and hand outs. There are even those who are “depressed” , so they get govt money, free meds, and free housing, then sit around all day watching TV and reading junk mags. People who DONT belong on welfare programs aren’t being kicked out, and THAT is ONE of the core problems).

        Any politician involved in this is to blame- they and their policies have overtaxed and overworked our Middle class AND our Service Members, and its high time they be called to task and pay the piper.

    • Guest
  • Guest

    Face it people…Repubs have NEVER had any Respect for our President, and has tried to Block anything he has tried to do for the American People. Here we are again, Repubs pulling out all the stops! I am the wife of a Retired officer and I can tell you, this is wrong to ever threaten the pay of a military person/family. They are keeping YOU SAFE, so you can go to work, etc.. just stating facts.

    • Ashley

      Has Obama ever given a shit about our military? The only thing he is interested in is passing out money to the lazy who choose not to work and endorsing illegal immigrants. He doesn’t deserve our respect.

      • vramsaran

        Didn’t the POTUS push that post 911 GI bill ? McCain voted against it and he was a POW ….

        WTF ?

      • Guest227
        • ladybg4

          why are you a guest…just like the demo’s…right????

      • mikeyman

        I’ll drink to that.

    • Donny Brook

      What respect has your president tried to earn. Do you think winning a popularity contest earns a person instant and undying respect. From the beginning of his presidency he has insulted and gone after private citizens. An unemployed plumber< Joe the Plumber, was disrespected several times by this guy and the IRS did an audit on him. Doctors do the procedure that makes them the most money. White cops do stupid things with blacks (even when investigating a reported burglary). the TEA Party, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, yada, yada, yada. The guy cannot control his mouth and I have no respect for him. None.

      • Well put., Donny.

        To me, the whole ‘you didn’t build your business, the gov’t did’ sums up his respect for the American people. That statement speaks volumes and destroys the credibility of any argument from anyone supporting Obama. Of course, those supporting Obama likely don’t work and are on the dole so that statement sits well with them.

    • Pundit13

      Save your liberal posturing and fawning for somebody who really cares! Common Sense has left the building!! The fact of the matter is that this administration has assumed more debt in 5 years than the previous 200+ years! From 6 to 16 TRILLION Dollars, obviously well spent on such electorally useful white elephants as Cash for Clunkers, Solyndra, GM and Chrysler bailouts, etc. If you check your grocery bills, you’ll note that it has almost DOUBLED, along with the cost of fuel during this administration of HOPE and Change! There has not been a budget during the entire administration, and Congress has spent money like drunken sailors on their first liberty in 6 months. THIS COUNTRY DEFINITELY NEEDS CHANGE-BUT NOT THE OBAMA VARIETY. We can’t afford it!!

    • Nick

      How can you respect an empty suite?

    • mikeyman

      Democrats are the reason this country is in debt up to their buttocks. You are right about the respect issue.

    • Betty

      You got it wrong lady!! You said that “Repubs” have tried to block anything
      the President has tried to do for the “American People”?? Keywords here is “American People”!! When are you going to fess up, this President doesn’t care about US, and especially, the military and their families!! I’m retired military and I’ve never seen such a fiasco in the White House!!!

    • Guest

      I believe everyone wants him out of office… But the republicans have left the republic and what they stand for, and the democrats are still pointing fingers. I really pray that they all stop pointing fingers and realize that the only things that’s important and being neglected is the people of America …and I mean the hard working, back breaking, constitution loving American people.

  • Katie

    You are sooo right. Thanks for the common sense, REAL answer.I’m not sure why reality has NOT yet hit some of the American people..they are like sheep,but instead of being led by a shepherd, they are being led by the wolf… Thank you as well, for serving.

  • Stephanie

    Sorry to hurt some of your feelings, but why world a delay in one or he’ll three months psyche is totally ruin your world?
    We’ve ( the country) has been in a funk since at least 2008 and you haven’t saved enough to get through 6 months . Your fault!!!
    Or acquired skills to secure a jobsith health Insurance( again your fault) yeah stuff is jacked up , I know, but my spouse going into deployment number 6 on October 1. Go cry to the other army spouse sitting on her butt.. I don’t want to hear it..

    Sincerely , his wife, Ft Bragg..

    • Facepalm

      Whoa… Take some of that money you have saved up and invest in an education…

      • Cheryl


    • Jay

      Obviously spelling is not your strong suit.

      Here is the thing about not saving up enough money for 6 months. Your husband is heading out for deployment number 6 in x amount of years that is a fairly substantial amount saved due to one less mouth to feed and him not really spending money over there.

      Also you have to remember that for the first 4 enlisted ranks in the military you live below poverty line kinda hard to save money like that. So before you start saying your fault this and that think about others complete situations. Some have children that have special needs that tricare does not cover. Others live in areas where base housing is not an option due to wait lists, horrible conditions, etc. And off base housing is expensive not to mention all the utilities, car maintenance, tolls (in some cases), gas, etc.

      So before you judge military members being pissed that they will be working for free and still have all their bills to worry about think how this will destroy their savings and other things that they were saving towards retirement.

      • MILMAN

        WHOA dipstick, I’ve been there & done that. Put in 38 good yrs. & got through it all. The wife & I each worked extra to put our kids through college. It takes SACRIFICING, means that fixing the old car, no movies, eating out, vacations, etc. If I could make it so can you. Stop whining & get your butt out of the chair & do something. You WILL get paid, only a little late, so quit whining. BTW when I enlisted I managed on $89.00 a MONTH & made do (without whining), you can do without cigarets & beer for a few days. So suck it up GI.

    • Wendy

      I agree with Jay. You really need to know what you are talking about before you open your mouth. You have no idea what each family is going through, nor should you judge. Good for you, keep saving money. You sound young and have nothing to support what you are saying. Most military wives I know are much more supportive to each other than this.

    • vramsaran

      I just take my obese wife to the commissary and let her eat until she is full. Come back the next day and do it again and again and again …

      What the problem is ?

      I had worked with a Major that told me he would do this job ( USMC ) for free, just as long as he was a Marine. I said give me your paycheck and take away your retirement and see how long you put up with the BS. Never heard another word about the ” Go Team” BS again.

    • B!tchS7ap

      Wow, really? First of all your post does not make sense. You’re definitely smart! (Sarcasm) Six months of pay saved up, Im sorry, but in the military with having kids and all that is near IMPOSSIBLE! It is hard enough to save up for college for the kids, yet alone anything else. Especially when we are taking care of two households (since we were not aloud to go with on his last duty station) the extra pay doesn’t even cover additional costs. And complaining about spoises just sitting on our asses…thats what pisse dme off the most about this post. First of all, even with having education, it is impossible to find a job where we are that even covers childcare costs, let alone anything else. Do your damn research before you say shit. Many of us are barely making it, and that is not our fault! Some just have more challenges then others…

      • KateKashman

        We all have challenges, some of us have bigger challenges. However, I strongly disagree with your statement that it is impossible to save money. It is almost always possible to save money. And if you are saving money for your children’s college instead of building an emergency fund or saving for retirement, you are making some poor choices.

        If you choose not to work (and I did, for 10 years), then your job is to find ways to make that paycheck stretch. Clipping coupons, shopping thrift stores, chasing down rebates, making beans and rice from dried beans.

        I absolutely agree that there are different challenges, but c’mon. We can all improve. Being angry isn’t going to make this situation better.

    • jennefer

      Wow FT Bragg Wife, so glad to know that you are so perfect, you were able to save up 6 months of pay. You must’ve been able to work in an area that was NOT affected by the economy or some other natural disaster, or forced to live out in town because there is no available base house housing. Must be nice that while your husband has been deploying, you did not have medical and dental expenses come up that were not were not covered by Tricare, or house repairs, or car repairs….. Maybe you should try thinking before you open your mouth next time, for we cannot all be as perfect as you. Some of us have been unable to work due to the area we were PCSed to and had to spend every penny of extra money made on hubby deployments to getting teeth fixed and buying glasses for kids and spouse who needs them. Get a grip. This is how you treat people? I feel sorry for your command for having to put up with such and uncaring, self righteous person. What do I know though, I only have 10 deployments under my belt and 13 years experience helping other people instead of putting them down…..

    • guest

      well its great that you can save 6 months pay. Try mortgage car payment oil,lights,tax,water,trash bill and day to day must be an officer. Maybe these rats who can do inside trading and direct $ to there friends should go to jail. They work one month and get there pay for rest of there life what company gives these perks and you want to say shame on us. Shame on you for not seeing the money they make. Remember Martha Stewart went to jail for what they all did for years take there ill gained earnings and pay us.

  • The fact is that, yes, we should have planned for this. As a responsible adult you should be prepared for bumps in the road. But we shouldn’t HAVE to. Many people have joined the military because of the steady paycheck and the benefits to support growing families. Nobody should be punished for wanting to provide a good lifestyle for their family while going what they go through every day. My husband and I will be okay if for some reason the next paycheck does not come. We’re lucky enough that he has a job within the military that this won’t affect us. But not everyone I know is so lucky. Especially those military members with children. It’s not fair to take the food out of their mouths because of this.

  • goldie

    THE president is thank u all the men and women of the military who sacrifice their lives everyday defending out country, but mayb u might not get paid, too bad the president isnt included in that, he could afford it.

    • mk4524

      I believe it’s the Tea Party who wants Ted Cruz the filibuster to delay the passing of the CRA. The President wants the CRA to pass but the House wants to go ahead and send a bill up that the Senate will not adopt and the President would certainly veto.

      Blame the Tea Party, not the President. They’re the ones who don’t care if the military sacrifices every day as long as they get their way.

  • Delina

    Well I’m a navy spouse, and have been for going on 17yrs now. I can tell you that we will do fine , but lower enlisted with families wont be. They may get all their bills paid but the problem lies with them not getting food. we have about 30% of our military living at or just below poverty levels. They don’t qualify for assistance, but can not but food either. because they make maybe 10.00 more than they should. Can you afford to feed your family on 10.00 a month. NOT!!!!! Congress and the Senate clear on avg. 186,000 a year. Let them skip a few paychecks and balance the budget. And pay our military. they want the if freedoms they can pay for it.

  • Aunt Fanny

    When I read these posts I am amazed at how many people allow themselves to be distracted by the political rhetoric swarming around us.

    This is not just a military problem, it is an American problem.

    There will be no election this November, therefore no opportunity to replace the incompetent, insensitive, self-serving “non-representatives, so we have to call our representatives in Washington and tell them to stop the politics NOW, and to work together!!! Call them every day, until you hear something on the news that makes sense. Here are links to representative contact info. Share them, pass them on.


    Aunt Fanny

    • Richard Cortell

      Aunt Fanny is right. Contact our Washington Representatives, NOW!




    • mk4524

      But it’s easier to blame the President and that’s what Fox News wants you to believe.

    • Dubber


  • , USA RET

    Don’t join the military. Become a politician. Look at bill “Clinton”, and Hillary, nothing before becoming a politician, then after moving up to president and 2 terms, they are now Multi- millionaires. Usama, sorry, Obama had nothing and now he and his partner are on their way to millions. Remember our representatives vote in laws for and by the rich. Their angst of being rich causes them to send our money to nations that don’t like us, hand outs to ” undocumented aliens”. What ever happened to Illegal Aliens? Oh, yes and we borrow money from China to supplant our largesse to do all of this. This is being done by the very smart Harvard, Yale, and Princeton grads. Wow. An old military supply euphemism, ” I’ve got mine. Do you have yours?” .

    • whatgoeson

      There ya go! Run for public office, develop your personal network of friends, buddies, cousins, and in-laws, profit handsomely off of defense spending in the background, have multiple untraceable offshore accounts, and retain a 6-figure tax attorney. Then, bemoan the hideousness of war, while playing your investment strategies carefully. It’s OK for other people’s kids to get their arms and legs blown off, as long as you see that quarter-point increase in your portfolio…don’t forget to buy oil stocks, this week! :)

    • JustACitizen

      They are multi millionaires because they wrote books and made a lot of money on the books. Not that they “deserved to” but in this country if you are in the public eye (as they are) and write books, people are going to buy those books (whether they should or not is debatable, but they DO buy the books). The other thing they do is go on the speech circuit where they get paid large fees for speaking. Nothing illegal or dishonest about it…..but in this country if you’re famous, you can make money off it. The Palin family comes to mind…they are very wealthy because they became “famous” and wrote books, made TV appearances and speeches, for money. The Kardashians come to mind too….if you’re famous or in the public eye, you can make money off it.

    • Peter Max


    • Yeah somebody explain how Obama’s net worth increased as much as it has since he has been in office. It damn sure wasn’t on what he was paid as POTUS.

  • Jim

    Somebody needs to schedule a full strength military parade down Pennsylvania Ave passed the White House and the Capitol Building on Oct 1, and give them something to think about. They always seem to forget how truly fragile democracy is!

    • mk4524

      uh, how are you going to pay for that parade if there’s no money?

  • -k

    Question that has been nagging at me for a bit, has anyone stopped to consider although I would never normally think this. It occured to me watching a marine having to use food stamps to help with his groceries at the commissary. They don’t get paid a lot for what they do 24/7 some of the younger military families are barely getting by say nothing for retired. How much will be be too much when they just snap? Mom of a marine, wife of a sailor I have been the one who holds the hands of the young wives as their husband leaves her with a new baby. Hard to get formula on promises. I guess we just try to hold each other up until the silly sightless people in congress decide to lead by example and reduce their wasteful habits.

  • Amy

    I’m a little confused, is the military not getting paid on Oct 1 or is it the 15th of Oct? I just wondered in case the government does shut down. The media keeps changing their story so I just don’t know what to believe. The whole thing is just so sad, its a disgrace to the men and women of the military and their families. Wish they could just end all this political nonsense.

    • KateKashman

      Amy, I actually wasn’t talking about a specific date on purpose. Because of the way the debt ceiling issue works, a specific date can not pinned down. However, 1 October paychecks are safe.

  • Teresa

    I have lived in the military for 42 years, and it saddens me to see all these military spouses fighting over that fact of who works, who doesn’t, who have no jobs or those who have 2 to 4 jobs.. We are all a family , don’t you think we all should support each other in these times of difficulty and hardship?? We shouldn’t panic right now.. we should be getting our acts together and help each other out..

  • Guest

    This, although well-written, is merely a “scare-tactic”. What the writer either doesn’t know (which makes for bad reporting) or purposefully left out is the fact that an exception is included in the government shut down that protects military pay. Even if the government shuts off everything else, they are not allowed to stop paying our devoted men and women protecting our great nation.

    • Jay

      Umm what? So I guess the one in 1990 and 1995 never happened in your book? They can and will shut down military pay but will be forced to give back pay when it does finally get settled.

    • KateKashman

      Guest, I wish you were correct. In fact, in 2011, a bill was in presented in Congress that WOULD protect military pay. It was not passed. Military pay is not protected in the event of a government shutdown.

    • Jack

      Partly true. I remember in the 50’s that pay was delayed on a number of occasions. It did not make it easy for budgeting and a lot of business people did not care if the servicemember was not to blame.

  • LuiLui

    Does Obama, JB, the senators and congressmen still get paid?

    • Ann

      Yes Congress still gets paid. The law being referred to is one that protects Congressional pay NOT military pay. Last April the military was issued a half pay check in case the government shut down.

  • Pat

    I’ve known a long time that Americans and our leaders like hearing themselves say they support the military, but they are just words and mean nothing. Promises to the military and Vets are broken every day…not many really care! When will we learn that we are but another resource for the elites and are used and then cast aside! 5000 years of military history ought to have taught us that the ‘foot soldiers’ are expendable. This current crisis is not GOP or DEM issue it is about a country that has lost its way!

  • Its sad to hear that the UNITED STATES has all this money for all these other countries, like kenya, kuwait(who is richer than us), south africa, etc…but doesn’t have the money to pay the people that make it possible for these countries to be protected in someway…if anybody should not get paid it should be all the elected officials who seem to always slack in their 6 digit salary/elected positions and allow this to happen. In fact they should stop getting paid untill the budget shows red 2 years in a row!!!! FIX THE BUDGET NOW!!! or get out of office!

    • Correction…till the budget shows on the positive side for 2 years straight

  • Conrad

    This would not be the first time that pay was withheld.
    President Carter withheld our pay several times when he wanted to create both the notch year policy and the double dipping reduction in retirement payments.
    Those laws were directed towards the young men and women who served in the military and worked in the defense industry during WWII and those who served the nation and its citizens.
    Old trick used by politicians over the years to put pressure on the voters .

  • Old Marine

    As a vet I will always try and help any body when it comes to daily living, we are strong people of all races in combat we became brothers never leave a man behind. USMC.

    • USA Vet

      As an Army Vet to a USMC Vet; Uurahh!!!

    • KateKashman

      Old Marine, I like your attitude!

  • Monika

    how about this, Obummer, the Senate and the House not get paid? It’s no more than fair. The Military is supposed to fight, lose their lives, but no pay check? Wow, that is outrageous. Thank Obummer for this, he doesn’t give a hoot about the Military, he needs to be impeached

  • walter polk


  • LaQuita

    Everybody wants to blame President Obama but this problem occurred way before he was in office. Think about all the years soldiers including myself was deployed and for the long periods of time. That cost the government billions of dollars. President Obama is trying to correct what should have never happened. Soldiers and spouses choose the way they live. If you spend your money on unnecessary things and not save for times like this, you have no one to blame but yourself. But I hope that they start with the people from the top that is making all the money just sitting in a air conditioned building.

  • mk4524

    As an old timer, I remember that the nation came together for World War II and everyone pitched in and we sacrificed. We had to have ration stamps for food, gasoline, etc.

    When we went into Iraq, we were told it wasn’t going to cost us anything, Dick Cheney said that within six months we’d have the oil fields operating and that Iraq would pay for the war once Hussein was gone. Instead of everyone contributing to the war effort, we had tax cuts. We were told that if we went shopping more, the taxes would more than cover the cost of the war. So off we went. George Soros and his Howdy Doodie stooge had NOTHING to do with it. BTW, we ended up staying in Iraq a little more than the six monthsthat Dick Cheney said we would be there and the Iraqui’s haven’t turned on the oil fields to pay us back for liberating them.

    • shawn1999

      True, true, but hey, we had Bush on a carrier declaring Mission Accomplished within 6 months, so its OK!!!

  • melishus

    When are the politicians going to give up one or more of their paychecks? Lower level government employees have had to take a cut in hours (pay) to cut spending. We hear about possibility of military not getting paid and cuts in pay for government employees and at the same time politicians are travelling on expense accounts, getting hundreds to thousands of dollars per day/week to pay for meals and entertainment. These are public SERVANTS…when are they going to be held accountable for the greed and spending of our tax dollars for their OWN benefit?



  • Ronald

    I say if they can’t do the job then fire them and get someone that can.

  • beanie

    I think Senators and Congressmen should be allowed to serve 6 year terms. After 6 years of serving, go home, If the voters in your district like you so much run again, if you win you can go back. After the second term you go home to stay. I promise we will see a change in the way things are done in Washington. After all, our President can only serve a maximum of 10 years. Think about it, if you have a limited amount of time to get a job done, you will be more mindful of the job you do.

  • Lou

    Seems the fact indicates that Bush was doing that , let me rephrase that, Both Bush were doing it. I much rather give them the weapons and let them kill themselves in their land than in ours. This republic is being dismantled by the Republican Party, they care more about their party than the welfare of the people. Some like Mitt, the Koch brothers having made millions investing in China and Iran rather than investing in America. Get your facts straight. First Infantry Division, 1/4 Cavalry. April 68 to October 69.

  • JustACitizen

    A simple lesson on government would reveal that it is the Congress that authorizes all expenditures of federal money. The other, more current issue, is that some members of Congress are so unhappy about the health care legislation that it passed several years ago (and was ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court) that some of them are threatening to hold up the legislation that would fund the government for the next fiscal year if the health care legislation is not “unfunded”…in other words, they won’t pass a budget for next year unless that budget takes all the money away from the health care program. If members of Congress feel that strongly about repealing the health care legislation, they can (and perhaps should) introduce a bill into Congress and then take a vote, not threaten to shut down the government unless they get their way.

    • shawn1999

      Well, they learned from the Civil War that if you just pack your bags and leave, we’ll continue on without them and do exactly what they didn’t want done to begin with. Truthfully, politicians are nothing more than spoiled 2-year old brats that need a couple trips to a fully stocked woodshed out back.

  • JustACitizen

    You are absolutely right…however, one of the unfortunate realities of American politics, when it comes to members of Congress….Americans tend to reelect those representatives and Senators who are already in office. So grumble as we might, as a whole we wind up voting for them anyway…and they know it…..

  • mbscott1971
  • Peter Max

    Why do you suppose the administration waits until the end of the 11th hour before it even tries to resolve the real issues? Could it be for political gains?

  • Spencer

    It’s not the President that is running this country into the ground it’s Congress and their inability to agree on anything… Also It was Bush who started a war in Iraq that cost us BILLIONS of dollars and some of my Marine Brothers… Get the fact straight.

  • Rochelle

    What about retirement pay and VA Disability Pay?

  • The point is that using American soldiers airmen and seamen that are on 24/7 duty. Many on ships and many in Afghanistan, to drive a point is rude and despicable. It sickens me. Many people live paycheck to paycheck. Many young people, our young people that are paid minimally. Enough to get by. Not to mention the fact these brave men and women need to have their mind on flying our jets, repairing our equipment, caring for the sick and wounded AND not be concerned with whether they will be paid or not. It is sickening. No one in the military is rich. They are hard working people. Shame on you our fellow Congressmen for even worrying these people with this.

  • Mike Runels
  • Mike Runels
  • Michael

    My wife and I are both military. We learned that you should have at least one month paycheck saved up. Cut costs where you can and save every bit. Being financially responsible before a crisis prevents it from turning into a crisis. And yes we have children…2 and we pay the second highest rate for daycare at the CDC. Take this as a lesson and start saving now so this doesn’t become an issue next year. I have a member new to the military and they already have 3 months saved up, it’s not hard but dies take discipline

    • guest

      Blah blah blah–Active duty married to active duty are making a killing…complian to someone else…

      • guest

        He’s NOT complaining, he’s saying they have taken initiative and saved up at least one months pay, something that you would think is common sense but apparently is not.

  • Rich

    To hold the service men and women hostage over an issue that has been voted on 41 times (affordable care act) and failed to repeal it is treason. The cowards trying to hold the office of the president hostage should be ran out of town, tar and feathered. If you think the Republican Party has the military’s best interest in mind you are sadly misled. If you are getting your news information from fox you are stupid.

  • Frank

    Does this pay delay includes the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government?

  • john

    things will never change, we have too many idoits putting these idoits in office. its just a matter of time before this country will be in big trouble. we are out numbered by idoits

    • ChiefG

      You mean IDIOT?

  • dickogolfing

    I would like to congratulate you. You hit it right on the head, no President has ever been to out of touch with reality. He has no clue on how to solve problems, just in making them. Take Obamacare. .Pay attention to our nations needs. No more golf, no more trips and help us save our country from destruction from within. All politicians are at fault for not doing their jobs properly.

    • Korea combat vet,

      It would be helpful if the president had a full Congress to help him instead of a republican congress that has openly announced they are totally against anything that he tries o do..

      Affordable Care ACt ensures some 40 million who cannot afford any other health insurance. To me that’s good. It also does many, many other good things, such as handling preexisting conditions, et al. I am not an expert on the AFA, but I would suggest that you study it before condemning it. Each president seems to have more and uglier items on his plate than the one before. That is certainly the case today..

      • PONGUMAN

        Have you even read the affordable health care act. It is a sham and it is too expensive even for the employed poor. Even the cheapest selection (approx $75.00 per pay period requires an annual $10,000 deductible and $200.00 for an emergency room visits. Of course, those on welfare and illegals won’t have to pay, because we will be paying for them and ourselves. It is not affordable or sustainable. It will fail once the US is totally and completely bankrupt, which won’t be long.

  • CarDie1

    Way to go! Very we’ll said. AMEN to that!

  • John

    If obamination gets this “care” bill – then watch out because it also includes many executive privelege and powers to do many things that have nothing to do with HEALTH care. He will actually be empowered with dictatorial power that will affect ALL US citizens. I fear for our wonderful Republic that our forefathers conceived – this so called obamacare is another way for obamination to foist upon our wonderful Republic. Please pray hard and long for him to fail. Thanks for listening. MJ a retired WWII Submariner.

  • Dubber


  • B
  • Dubber


    Read more:
    The Paycheck Chronicles

  • ABO

    I recently read that OBAMA HAS BUDGETED 10 billion dollars for the Homeland Security Army, just wondering where the money is coming from if we have such a large deficit ….
    I read an email that an exec from MOAA indicated this Army actually exist, isn’t it a shame that the news media hasnt picked up on this nor anyone at the Pentagon .
    During the Boston bombing several troops were seen wearing blue uniforms which supposedly are the uniforms for Obamas Army.

  • Nick

    Obama had not better tick of the military. More than one dictator made that mistake.

  • Mikeyman

    I did not see a mention that members of congress or senators or members of the whitehouse will not be paid. I guess that the “Ruling elected officials” are to good for that. Whay a bunch of sorry ass politicians.

  • TiredoftheBS

    I can’t believe that the post the comments are so hypocritical or so darn stupid or just like to spit garbage. Get a life. It is the same no matter who is sitting in the oval office. Some people will actually believe the garbage you are spewing versus researching or remembering. When you speak your mind, speak the true. Not the garbage or hatred. Get a life. Do something constructive. Help for once instead of sitting on you a$$

  • J.C

    Agree.Lets invite all those that has ever served to join in. That would probably get some of those jerks attention.

  • Tom

    It doesn’ matter whether you can afford it or not. What matters is those of us that have served and are serving are nothing more than fodder. The elected officials only care about whose pocket they are in and how much they get and yes they still get paid and yes they get pay raises when the military doesn’t. We are the only ones that really care about this country. Heaven forbid if all that are serving put down thier weapons and tools and paperwork and say NO MORE!!! We respect you, respect us for what we have given and what we give for the freedom that the average US citizen does not give a damn about and yes all the illegals that take from our freedom.

  • Swamp

    Hey!! Good comments and evaluation…I no longer fear Obama…just the folks who elected him !!

  • Chick

    We all must get rid of all those senators,congressman that are suppose to work for us!!People have to vote them out of office. All of them and then we have a chance with a new Government that would not get corrupted so easily.We need all new people in office to serve us.

  • Gizmo

    Stop giving billins to other countries & take care of the u.s.a.

  • USAF Vet

    In fact, Pres. Obama said at the UN he would give an additional $340 million to Syria. The same Syria he just castigated for using CW on its own people and the same Syria he was going to bomb! Obama is doing more damage to America than any outside enemy ever has.



  • MarkF

    You don’t see the low-lifes in DC doing anything that will stop THEIR paychecks do you? Hypocritacal baXXXrds ought to have to live by the rules they impose on everybody else. Also heard that they are gonna get a separate subsidy voted in in case they have to full under this obamacare crap.

  • Bristan

    True, our nation’s leaders are out of control and are running us into the ground. But, until we as the people do something about it, we are part of the problem by not being part of the solution.

  • Kay

    The ones who should go without their pay is the President, Vice President all their staff and all the Congress, and Senate. Why is it always the military and Retiree’s who get the shaft???

  • vet 65

    If you did serve in Nam I pray it was by choice ; otherwise, you were drafted and can understand your hate and anger. But if it was by choice you and all the rhe none drafted vets agreeded to defend this country and its people. All this bull you wrote is not good for health. Educated yourself and find the facts yourself. do not follow the hater”s

  • Another VietVet

    AND don’t forget the “green energy” magnates that rake in megabucks while producing nothing. Then of course there are the bonus payments to IRS, VA and other folks that are, for whatever reason, NOT getting their jobs done. Always lot of Money to buy votes…
    I love the line…” Servicemembers would be expected to continue working, but they would not get paid until a budget or continuing resolution was passed.” “working” includes dying, bleeding, trying to exist in some hell hole that wants us gone. but yep, we took an oath….so did the pols that are screwing us.

  • jono

    As usual the politicians try to use Scare
    Tactics and they always let the Public know if they don’t vote the way they want then the Military will SUFFER.

    You can bet Congres & Senate will get their paychecks on time.

  • Brenda

    I wish that the congress would say we are working for the people so take the cut on us not our miliarty

  • JOHN

    I can not belive what I have just read. I am a 20 year retired disabled vet, and most of you are not looking in the right direction. One said WE THE PEOPLE, and that is the problem. Lots of us vote, and WE THE PEOPLE, Can, if we get together, end this problem. This is not just a military problem, it is a problem that effects everyone ( except our elected reps & congressmen ). Who allowed these so called leaders, to volt pay raises, and to be payed, even if the gov. goes broke ???. That is the problem and it is not going to go away, until WE THE PEOPLE, take action by replaceing all the people that have caused the problem. So let the government know how you feel, and Vote these irresponsible people out.

  • marinewife22
  • Joe

    I’m sure the CIC will still get his paycheck although he has a heck of a lot more bennies than the lowly fighting men and women. Way to go Obama.