Kate Is Clueless: Navy Promotions & Pay

I’ve had a letter , and I can’t answer the question.  With all you smart and wonderful readers out there, I’m sure someone can help.

Hi Kate,
My husband was selected for Master Chief this year and is in the number X spot out of X. That was on May 23, 2013. We have yet to get paid, can you please find some information on this. The last read I could find on this was where it stated 3% per month. We would have gotten paid by now so I am very confused.

Well, I thought I knew the answer, until I started looking for some references.  Then, I realized that I have no idea.  The best stuff I could find is at the Navy Advancement Center Facebook page, in a note:

The CNO provides monthly pay increment quotas. These quotas are uploaded into the Navy Enlisted Advancement System (NEAS) and spread across all ratings by pay grade. Selectees are advanced by Final Multiple Score, not exam Standard Score (SS) for (E4/5/6). Selection Board advancement is by seniority ranking (E7/8/9) by rating. Once your pay date is determined, your Profile Sheet will be updated with the actual date of advancement. If your profile sheet status says SELECTEE, then you are not getting paid that month. Check it again the first week of the next month.

Starting in October 2010, Sailors selected for advancement to E4, E5 and E6 advance at a rate of 3% per month for the first five months of the six-month pay increment. The remaining 85% advance in the final month of the advancement cycle.

The pay increments for each exam cycle are as follows –

JAN (Active) and FEB (SELRES) E7 has 12 pay increments – Sep (current year) through Aug (following year)
FEB (SELRES) and MAR (Active) E4/5/6 has 6 increments – Jul (current year) through Dec (current year)
AUG (SELRES) and SEP (Active) E4/5/6 has 6 increments – Jan (following year) through Jun (following year)
NOV (Active and SELRES) E8/9 has 12 increments – Jul (current year) through Jun (following year)

This didn’t help me much, so I read all 74 comments.  They confused me even more!

So, readers, can you help?  If you could explain this in a clear, easy-to-understand way, I would be very appreciative!  Thanks.


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  • ljsidmt

    Basically, take the total number of promotees and divide it by the number of promotion months in the cycle. This gives you an idea of how many are promoted each month. Then add up your months until you get to the month that includes your promotion number. That will give you a pretty good idea of what month the promotion should happen, but I would add a month before and after. You are dealing with quite a bit of paperwork that has to be processed so it many take a month….

    Example: If there are 1200 promotees for the promotion cycle over a 12 month period, then 100 people are promoted each month (roughly). If your promotion number is 753 then you will likely be promoted in the 7th month of the cycle. If the promotion cycle coincided with the calendar year that would mean July. I would make my window be June – August… Hope this helps…

  • fmayson

    The Top 3% by FMS are advanced in the first “pay increment” (JULY/JAN)
    The next 3% are advanced in the second increment (AUG/FEB)
    ..and so on until you hit december, then EVERYONE gets advanced.

    Take home is that if you are not in the top 15%, you will not be paid early. It literally does PAY to do as well as you can on the exam.

  • Guest

    So this means 99-96 % 95-92% 91-89% 88-85%, Jan,Feb, Mar, Apr, May right or wrong

  • Guest1

    The promotion number on advancement results has nothing to do with doing good on the exam, that number is seniority listing. Literally meaning, the “#1 person” on the results list, has been at that particular rank longer than everyone else who was selected for advancement.