Vets Can Request Some Records Online

The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) and the National Archives have a website designed to help veterans and next-of-kin access military records more easily.  The website address is  At this website, you can request veterans records, including DD Form214 and SF-180.

Here’s a short video talking about the veterans records services offered:


To see how it worked, I tried to request my father’s records. The website warns that it only works in Internet Explorer and it is true!  I was easily able to navigate the system once I switched to Internet Explorer.

I hope that some of you find this useful.  It is frustrating when you need a particular document and you don’t have months to wait for it to arrive.  According to the website, 92% of DD214 request are being filled within two weeks.  That’s a lot of shorter wait!


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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • guest

    Make sure you request your records BEFORE you file a claim with the VA, if that is your intent. Once you file a VA claim, the VA will request your archived record from NPRC or the service department, and it will remain with your claim file until your claim has been adjudicated (perhaps longer if you proceed to the appeals process).

  • tom

    the npprc is worthless, I have ask for certain information several times and they always write back saying they have to have the specific dates to go to, specific information that I want. Heck if i had all that i would not need them. They never answer their phones. I asked for morning reports and told they could not provide them. Asked for enlisted rosters for a time period, still working on that one. Have given them the genersl dates, unit name and locaton but no help yet. Have been told by them that a unit info is stored in a box by month or year if small amount of paperwork. They have a file index system that is supposed to tell them what numbered box a certain item like morning reports would be in. I think it is more being lazy than doing their jobs.

  • Guest

    You need to understand that NPRC means National PERSONNEL Records Center. If you are seeking a hsitorical document that would not normally be found in your PIF, BUPERS file, your 201 file, or your medical records, then you need to look elsewhere. Specifically, you need to explit the Freedom of Information Act and make an appropriate FOIA request with the respective office that would have that record or records. Start with the Service Branch headquarters and work down. Each government office has a FOIA department that handles those requests. Good luck.

  • John Boland

    I’ve had only good experiences with NPRC!

  • Kelvin L. Kerney

    Im really frustrated with NPRC in St. Louiis, MO It took them six months to send me a copy of my retired medical records and when I finally recieved my records it was a total of 6 pages. I call them and asked why they did’nt send me my complete medical records and they informed that they were in Montgomery, AL at the Department of Veterans Affairs becuase I had a disability cliam in. I went to the VA in Montgomery, AL on 8/27/2015 two (2) months after my claim was completed and requested a copy of my retired medical and I have not recieved them yet it will 5 months on 1/27/2016. They will not give you a point of contact number to call and check on the status of your request you just have to wait and recive a letter letting you know they are still proccessing your requst. Im really disappointed in the process it takes to recieve a requested copy of a retired military soldier medical records.