New Commissaries Rewards Card



The registration page is located here:

Do you still have room in your wallet or on your keychain?  You’re in luck – the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) has just rolled out their new Commissary Rewards card program.  In my local commissary today, I was handed a brochure that includes a Commissary Rewards card and instructions for online program registration.

The idea is fairly simple:  you can go online and put electronic coupons on your Commissary Rewards card, and instead of handing paper coupons to the cashier, you’ll just hand the cashier your commissary rewards card.  The cashier will scan the card and the coupons will automatically be deducted from your shopping total.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?

I admit that I have some reservations about how great this program is going to be, but I’m willing to give it a try.  I went to the website and clicked through to the external company who is handling the program.  I registered my card and tried to load some coupons onto it.  There weren’t any coupons that interested me at this time.  However, I understand that this is a new program and that the number of available coupons will increase as the program expands.

One upside is that you can load every coupon on there, do your regular shopping, and scan the card and see if you have any coupons that match the items that you are buying.  Easy-peasy.

Anyone had any savings from the new Commissary Rewards card yet?  Share your frustrations and successes in the comments!

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • George Kays

    Enjoyed and wanted to enlist in the commissary rewards card.
    Understood the benefits.
    But could not find an address for where to actually enroll.

    • KateKashman

      George, they are distributing the cards at the commissary stores. If you aren’t offered one on your next trip, ask. They should have them in stock by now. I hope you find it useful. Please report back to us – I haven’t used mine yet.

    • Frank S.

      You have to go to to register.

    • js in GA

      I have been on this all night and still can’t find out where to register,,, Is there a secret place it is hidden.

  • Brenda
  • Armywife+5

    Got my card registered and like you found nothing, there were literally 6 coupons, mostly air scented items. I’m hoping they will set it up to where we can include the e-coupons from sites that offer them onto this card also.

    • Silas DuBard

      Agree with Armywife+5. Found nothing.

  • MMD

    Can you tell this Grandma HOW you put the coupons on the card please. Do you need a phone. I only use my phone for calling and texting (new yet) so ‘scanning with a phone is worthless for me probably for many years. Thank you. MMD

  • Karletta Hart

    sounds interesting, I do use coupons in the commissary, just last week saved about $20.00, will try the system after it has been set up for a few weeks. Great idea:) Will there ever be a system for “No Label” Items? sometimes, it is cheaper at Wal-Mart for some canned items. Will try it later.

  • mary

    I don’t like that I have to enter the card number everytime I log in. As to coupons I really have not seen much that I use maybe 3 so far. Also, after you scan the card before check out you can not override it and use a paper coupon that has a higher value. I like the concept and hopefully we will see a bigger selection soon.

  • jack

    This method is crazy. If you don’t have a computer, or knowledge of how to go through this lon, involved process, you are screwed. Why not give everyone the coupon you give at check-out. Not ONLY for those with money, a computer. I am 69 yrs old and we did not have computers when I was in school. Why is the commisaryso bias????

    • Barbara

      You can still use the paper coupons Jack and don’t cut yourself short, if my Dad, at 72, learned how to run a computer you can too! Try going to your local library and they will be glad to help you. Keeps the brain cells running. I didn’t have computers when I was in school either but being in the military I learned. Matter of fact, we even had manual typewriters in highschool {;

    • Jim

      I’m a little confused jack. You’re on here reading and writing so you obviously have a computer and can use it too. So what’s the problem again?

    • Larry

      are you kidding give me a break! Give you a computor !!!! you need to get a life!

    • Michael

      I’m 72 and also didn’t have computers in school but I’ve had a long time since I was in school to learn how to use a computer. I guess school wasn’t the only place where I’ve learned how to do things.

    • Ruth

      C’mon, Jack, I am also 69 so know where you’re coming from. Computers are very user friendly now and allow you so many choices for news, keeping in touch, keeping records (addresses, music, books, etc.), finding addresses, reducing paperwork, playing cards or other games, searching the Internet for ANYTHING imaginable, ETC.

      The Commissary system is trying to keep up with current technology by making it easier to redeem coupons. You can still use paper coupons just as you always have. In fact, now, as it is a new program, I haven’t seen any coupons on their website that I’m interested in. Hopefully they will improve SOON.

  • Monty

    One downside is that your purchases can be tracked. Similar to a Safeway savings card (or some other store). And of course once you register, one more company has your information…..

    • RetiredAF72

      Then don’t sign up. You can still use paper coupons.

  • Tutu JG

    I’ve used coupons for years, but lately it’s been a real pain. At our commissary, now, if the coupon won’t scan, they don’t want to have to enter the number by hand. Well, it costs me for the paper, printer ink and the time it takes to search and print. But there’s a terrific savings if only all the coupons would scan. Anyone else have this problem? Maybe the com store needs new scanners??

    • Paul

      My commissary doesn’t even take printed coupons.

      • ReitredAF72

        Wow, you must be going to a really small commissary. I print off coupons and the Randolph and Fort Sam commisaries will take them.

    • webster,j

      H we shop at Ft Campbell once a month having same problem at the exchange store the printed coupons won’t scan and the cashiers won’t key in the numbers. Who can we complain to make it hsppen?

  • Richard CM

    OK, now tell me how in the world you can put the stuff on the card using a computer. My PC computer has no way to do that. It looks like you need some kind of IPHONE or something like that. Am I missing something??

    • Barbara

      Do you have a CVS card? They give you the choice to print their coupons or load to your card. You don’t have to have a smart phone or I phone, I don’t have one either. But it will work on your computer once it is linked with your card.

      • George

        HOW??? do you transfer from computer to card?? article AND everyone is AVOIDING that CRUCIAL INFO —I GUESS nO ONE kNOWS???????????How do you LOAD the Card? no one seems to have a CLUE !!!!

        • Guest

          When you select the coupons you want, those ‘coupon codes’ are put on the internet server that has your card info. When the cashier scans the card, it pulls that information from the coupon server and uses the codes at the register. Your PC, to the internet, to the server, to the register; nothing special needed.

    • Ruth

      You do not need an iPhone. You just use a computer to register at, then click on the coupons you’re interested in. They will be electronically sent to your card number. When you present your card at your commissary they will scan it and see what coupons you have chosen and check to see which of those you have purchased.

  • Theresa

    How I get my New Commissaries Rewards Card

    • John


  • Afia

    Is the reward card available in Fort Hood yet?

    • Ryan

      Yes, it is. I have already received one. I was in the self check-out line and the ID checker handed me one.

  • kim


    • BUD


    • pickles

      what does the name of the card imply?

    • Jennifer

      You can use it any any commissary worldwide!

    • Bill

      Stupid question….Can you use a CVS card at Walmart?

  • James Stanley

    I,d rather see them start accepting the STAR CARD. They use the VISA,M/C etc. Why not the Star Card?

    • Jennifer

      The Star Card is an AAFES funding source run by Army Air Force Exchange Services. The Commissary is run by DeCA (Defense Commissary Agency). Two different agencies (like two different companies in the civilian world). There is a Star Card with a Visa/MC logo on it and that can be used at commissaries. Just the original gold gold colored Star card cannot.

    • Katherine

      You might want to consider getting the Military Star Rewards MasterCard. You can use it anywhere, earn reward points and still have the Star Card benefits as well. You can get info at your Exchange, call 800-524-3883, or go to

      • Margaret

        The interest rate on the Star card is LOWER than the Star MC. That adds up for a family shopping regularly at the commissary. Plus too easy for some to just pay the minimum payment.

  • E-7 Retired

    Why have to go to the commisary to get the card. Why not offer it to retierees via mail.

    • Don HOlt

      If you are not using the commissary, why do you need the card?

  • Greg

    I am retired also. Send me a card in the mail.

  • John

    I am also retired. The closest commissary to me is 80 miles away. I was just there a week ago and did not see anything that indicated the card. I don’t go very often. If I could get the card in the mail I could start loading coupons and be ready to save when I go the next time.

  • Mike

    Registered on the website last week and Can Not load Coupons..
    Besides there was only One coupon I wanted out of @ 60…
    maybe it is Growing pains .. Will try in about 2 weeks when they
    get the Bugs worked out.

  • Remy

    I agree with using the military star card for commissary. I think that would be great. I shop and usually spend over a hundred dollars up to >$500.00 at a time every two to three weeks. The star card can have rewards, too or load the coupons there instead of getting another card that will add more to the cards you have to track.

    • Ruby

      I agree, why not use the star card? I have used the comp. for awhile, but not savvy as yet, and yes I am a senior. I tried to register my info, but did not get it done.

  • Jennifer

    The Rewards Card is in its infancy…brand new and just being introduced. It will be refined, more coupons added, etc. as time goes on. As we all know, the government moves slowly. Give it time. And most of all, be patient. All new programs have glitches in the beginning stages. It will improve. Send your suggestions to DeCA headquarters on the website. I know from personal experience that they do listen.

  • James

    Most published coupons are for items I never buy. I like the occasional shelf tear-off coupons for things I actually want. I have the card, registered it and searched the list for items I wanted. There was nothing, or it wasn’t carried at our local commissary.

  • Chad

    Got multiple coupons for the same item that you want to purchase quantity over multiple purchases? Betting money that this program LIMITS those multi-coupons savings that have been attractive to commissary consumers.. Bean counters way of making it look attractive but limiting your purchasing power..

  • M&L

    I like using coupons and think this would be a good idea if only we can consolidate. The suggestion of using the Military Star Card seems very reasonable to me. After all, the base Exchange and the base Commissary should be joined at the hip instead of being totally separate. If not then the other idea of using a Smart Phone (i.e., iPhone and Android) would be good too. Never understood why everyone has to try and invent something new instead of just trying to improve what already exists. We don’t need more gadgets or more cards we just need more capability on less numbers of gadgets and less cards using what we already have to use. Thanks

    • David

      The BX and Commissary are two different outfits for a reason. The Bx charter says it can charge up to 10% more than cost and is a for profit organization. The Commissary charters states that it will sell at cost. and the surcharge we pay covers the overhead. If you would like to add 10% to you groceries the push to have them combined. I hope they stay seperate.

      • Bill

        David, your explanation is very good however I would also add that a percentage of profits from the BX is returned to the troops through MWR.

        I have my doubts about prices in the commissary being sold at cost. Some items can be bought at local grocery stores for less, and we know the local grocers have their items “marked up”…In essence, the “surcharge” at the commissary is basically the same as the BX marking up items up to 10% for a profit margin…

        Six of one, half dozen of the other.

    • Margaret

      As a retiree wife on budget these fancy phones are a luxury, plus we have better things to do with our time than play games, tweet etc. Again new technology is not wanted, understood, or not affordable.

  • gerry nance

    I’ll get the card and see how it matures. Like anything new, it may take awhile to grow up.

  • Bill

    Registering was easy, but I have no idea how to download a coupon onto my card. All I have been able to do is make a shopping list that I don’t need. I know what I want and don’t need a paper reminder. How do you put coupons on your card?

  • justjeane

    For those wondering how to get coupons on your card. Here is how it happens: When you register your card, the card number belongs to you. When you select the coupons you want to use, they are assigned to your card number in the system. When you present your card at the Commissary, it is scanned. The scanning process recognizes the coupons that have been assigned to your account number in the system. The coupons are not actually added to your card, only to your card number in the system.

  • Mae Hill

    Would like to receive commissary card in the mail. Send answer to E-Mail address and I will mail my address. Let me know where to send my address.

  • Arthur Sell

    After registering your Rewards card, you need to log out, then log back in to see more coupon offers and ten coupons will appear in your “wallet”.

  • joro

    I am almost 80 and using a computer and if I could so can you. I have progressed to using almost 4 fingers to type now. As for the card I have been using the Safeway card and soon will be using the Kroger one too. Also got some literature this week where even Walgreens has come up with something called points. The best part of these pgms is that once you use them a couple of times they become pretty simple. A question was posed about finding a paper coupon for more than the e version and if it could be removed from the card. Not sure but I would wait till your weekly coupon ads come out and then compare waht is offered on the e cards. BTW Safeway even throws in a FREE item periodically in their Just 4 U site. I also have a Mil Star Gold that I use for fuel since it gets you a 5 cent discount and once in a while (not lately however) a 10 cent off offer.

  • Vins

    Star Card belongs to the Exchange system; DeCA is a different company.

  • Jess

    Can the nexcom minimart use this card also.

  • Russ

    Kroger Company, the largest food chain in the US, has been doing this for quite some time. I personally think it works very well. It will take some time for the new program to build up a good selection of coupons that are attractive to everyone.

  • Tammy

    Testing for the new card began Aug. 8 at the Fort Lee, Va., store, kicking off the first of three pilot phases that will culminate in 30 stores worldwide testing the new cards. During this time, only customers at these stores may use the card. Once our stores are finished with testing, the cards will be available for customers to use at all of our 247 commissaries worldwide. When that happens, we will make another announcement

  • Maria

    where do u the the card?

  • Maria

    where do u get the card?

  • Willie D. Horton

    Where do you get this Rewards Card? Please let me know.

    Willie D. Horton US NAVY

    • Teresa

      I’m stationed at Buckley AFB and the cashier had the cards available at the register. It is not activated for you by the cashier, you will need to activate it online.

  • sue

    Ater receiving the email i went to our Commissary and they had not even heard of the program yet. So we do not get to benefit from this program yet.

  • mike

    I wish everyone would see this for what it is…collecting data about you. This will not be like the civilian Reward Card where you don’t even have to complete the form to receive the discount. Instead all everyone wants to look at is the good side.

    The Reward-Card way will require you to provide name and email at a minimum. They will then collect data on which coupons you load to the card and use. The data may include all purchases on the receipt, not just the items coupons applied to. May even require ALL sponsor info to get registered, something similar to AAFES online access.

    The reason there are so few coupons available is the companies do not want to incur extra cost to support this. And the person pushing the initiative will get extremely rich once the program spreads through DECA. Imagine how valuable YOUR information will be to the companies…a database with complete identity and family information verified.

  • Trink

    How can you remember what coupons were scanned once the system is up and running. Sometimes the products in the same category are a better buy without coupons than the coupon product. So the idea of price comparing is lost? Enlighten me. I also like the coupons right infront of the product.



  • Regina Shuey

    I was VERY disappointed when I went online and loaded my coupons It seems that none of the available coupons were items I would buy… still I loaded all the coupons to my card. And when I went to the commissary this week for a full restock I got ONE $0.25 savings. Im still unsure what the savings was on, but I’m happy for even the tiniest savings! Hopefully the coupons will get better!

  • Susita

    Is this available at Ft. Buchanan, Puerto Rico?

  • Susita

    Can i het the reward card at Ft. Buchanan, Puerto Rico commissary

  • Susita

    Does Buchanan commissary offer the reward card

  • Carole

    Shopped at NB San Diego this morn (and do NOT get me started on how awful it was!!) and I now have a card. Haven’t done anything with it yet. Just wanted to post that I wouldn’t have it had I not seen a stack of them by the register and grabbed one. They were not being offered or handed out anywhere in the store. So, they ARE out here and we spouses of retirees who apparently mean nothing to anyone (I have trouble walking, so I get a regular cart and lean on it, but when people walk in front of me and I have to make quick moves, it’s very painful. So, “salutes” to all of you active duty young folks who can shop during working hours who, today, acted as if I was invisible!!!!

    • LMH

      i want ro apologize for those horrible people, before us there were you guys, being a navy wife for 20 years i do not look forward to being retired beneficiary, personally i would have assisted you if I saw you needed assistance…have faith there are kind people out there…just wanted you to know……..

  • windsong

    Just one more way for the gov’t. to track your activities.

  • Marla

    You need a “smartphone” to load the coupons?? What if you don’t have one?
    Why not post a list of the commissaries NOW using this ??–Or is there one that I am not aware of?

    • KateKashman

      Marla, you do not need a smartphone to load the coupons. You load the coupons using a computer and the directions above. Also, I believe that the program has been rolled out at all commissaries. I am corresponding with the DeCA staff and I’ll let you know if I hear differently.

  • Myong Boatwright

    Commissary Reward card system is good way to save some money and easy way to use coupons.

  • Amber Creech

    To see what we eat and buy wow ithought only the civilvan life did that.

  • Harold C. Lamm

    I have the REWARDS CARD…distributed at the Ft. Belvoir, VA Commissary.

    I have attemptexd to register on my computer…NO LUCK..

    What is the secret…what happened to a “friendly computer SIGN_UP

  • Lillisn Turner

    Most companies are having you to print out your coupons, I was told by a cashier at the Navy Commissary in Pensacola,FL that they did not take Printed coupons. I was not pleased since all of the stores off base take these coupons.
    Can anyone tell me why the commissary don’t.

    • KateKashman

      Lillian, according to the Commissary’s coupon policy, they do accept printed coupons. I encourage you to print off a copy of the Commissaries coupon policy and take it with you to the store.

      Hope that helps.

  • Gloria Cady

    Grest idea…. poor enrollment format. Why make it so difficult to enroll ?
    Still haven’t figured out how to enroll !

    • KateKashman

      Gloria, I put the direct link at the beginning and end of the post. I hope that helps!

  • Mary

    Will not let me register the card The page keeps restarting. Need to work out the bugs.

    Good Idea if you can get it to work

  • josephine

    How do I register my new coupon card

  • Offield

    OK , I registered my reward card – now how does one go about locating the coupons?

  • Warren

    Good deal.

  • disappointedokie

    regestered card–can’t get back on without multiple tries. Then would not load coupons.. So far, BIG dud.

  • LMH

    have had the new card for several weeks unable to load coupons, problems logging on at times, what about that large surge charge at the end of your receipt it is a maintenance fee never saw this before, since when did they start this fee….not really impressed ….

  • imartin
  • Hmmm

    I’ve never used this coupon card. Does it limit the number of coupons you can use? If it does, then I don’t like it. I save more with paper coupons. I can’t believe some commissaries are not allowing printable coupons like some people said here…bring the coupon policy with you or contact headquarters.

    • KateKashman

      The coupon card should be unrelated to paper coupons. On the coupon card, each coupon can only be loaded once. It is an addition to paper coupons, not a substitute. Hope that helps.

  • Tom

    How do you replace a lost card?

    • Kate

      Tom, I don’t think the system is set up to replace cards. I can’t find any information about replacement cards, and it just doesn’t seem like something they’d do because of the way the program works.

      The solution? Next time you are in the commissary and pick up a new card. It looks like you can go into your account with the Commissary Rewards card, and change your card number. If that doesn’t work, change your email address in your Commissary Rewards account, then register the new card to your preferred email address and start over. Neither option seems particularly difficult.

      Let us know if that works, and if you run into any unexpected problems. Thanks!