Lowes and Home Depot Revisited

Still confused about Lowes’ and Home Depot’s military and veteran’s discount policies?  I’ll restate the policies again here for anyone who managed to miss all the previous debate.  However, for the most part, the policies aren’t being properly interpreted by the individual stores so your results may vary.

Both stores have basically the same policies, and offer two different, but related, discounts.

  • The military discount is supposed to be for active duty military,current reservists, National Guard members, retirees, disabled veterans and their families.  It gives a 10% discount to eligible patrons every day.
  • The veterans’ discount is for any and all veterans.   It gives a 10% discount to eligible patrons on selected patriotic holiday weekends such as Independence Day, Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day.

A lot of confusion seems to come from the fact that these are two separate discount groups within the same general program.  Also, many stores have generously been offering the military discount to people who are actually only eligible for the veterans’ discount.  As a result, many customers don’t know which discount is which and there is a lot of misunderstanding.

In the last few years, both Lowes and Home Depot have been asking their stores to be careful about only giving the discount to the properly eligible shoppers.  Unfortunately, they’ve done a really poor job of training their store staff in the policy.  Also, there are so many types of valid and invalid military and veterans’ identification that it is a huge job to keep all the store staff up-to-date on the variations.  The result is that many ineligible patrons are still getting discounts, and many eligible customers are being denied a discount.  It isn’t a great situation but it is what it is.  Throw in some frustrated or confused store staff and lots of people are unhappy.

Please, please, please remember that these discounts are a courtesy being extended by these stores.  They are certainly not a right, nor are they guaranteed.  I understand it is frustrating if you truly meet the criteria but are denied a discount, or if you’ve been getting a discount for years and are now told that you are not eligible.  However, making a huge scene is not going to improve this situation.  With as much bad publicity has come from offering these voluntary discounts, I’m quite surprised that the stores continue to offer the discounts.  If you are sure you understand the offered discount, and you are eligible, and you are denied, please make sure that your complaint is polite and appropriate.  If you don’t understand the discount, or you aren’t actually eligible, please don’t make a huge scene.  It makes us all look bad and it makes it harder for the stores to want to help veterans and military folks.

Here are the policies:


From the original press release, Lowes offers:

“an all day, every day 10 percent discount to all military personnel who are active, reserve, retired or disabled veterans and their family members, with a valid, government-issued military ID card.

All other military veterans will receive the discount on the Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day weekends.”

Home Depot

Per my communication with the Home Depot’s customer care department,

“We offer a 10 percent discount, up to a $500 maximum, to all active, reserve, retired or disabled veterans and their family members with a valid military ID. 

All other military veterans qualify for a 10 percent discount during Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Independence Day.”

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About the Author

Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.

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  1. I get veterans 10% discount from H.Depot all the time. Some clerks accept just my 1st Recon cap, others require VA card.

  2. I use Home Depot and Lowes quite often and as a matter of courtesy I show my Military ID card to the clerk. It can be confusing to them if they are not familiar with all the different types of military ID cards. The way I look at this, if you are "qualified" to get the offer of a discount, show them you are qualified to get the discount. Thank you HD and Lowes. I appreciate your support!

  3. I agree it can be confusing for people handing out these discounts for veterans there are so many differant cards the only way is to examine them to make sure they are military issued and that the person is valid we have been lucky my husband has his card for serving in Viet Nam he has served his country in ways most of us will never understand as did other veterans we just want the Home Depot and Lowes stores we appreciate the discount we get when we shop it makes us happy to know that someone still cares.

    Fran Tetreault
    Blackstone,MA 01504

  4. It seems there is company policy and then there is the local store policy. It seems store policy can differ from company policy, and from manager to manager. Both HomeDepot and Lowes in my area were giving the discount to all veterans all year long. Then, just a few days ago, my HomeDepot store stopped doing that and reverted to the company policy.
    My veterans photo identification card was issued by the county in which I live. To get it I had to bring in my DD214 and have it copied and notarized and put in the county database. Along with my ID the county clerk then handed me paper that which listed what businesses gave veterans discounts and the amount of the discount… on the list was Lowes and HomeDepot. This list was provided by the local VA rep. -So as you can see the confusion still lingers and will probably stay that way unless they change their company policy.

  5. John Pierce | March 13, 2012 at 6:16 am |

    Just a comment on Home Depot's NEW military discount policy. I was recently informed that Home Depot no longer offers military discount on Military ID alone. You now have to sign up with customer service and will be issued "coupons" via mail or email and present them for the discount.
    It is certainly within the rights of Home Depot to discontinue any discount but this thinly veiled attempt to discourage and make it difficult for THE CUSTOMER is not worthy of a world class organization.

  6. Dave Marsters | March 14, 2012 at 8:39 am |

    Maybe we should bring back the small local lumber yards. More friendly.

  7. Our local Home Depot initially told us that they no longer honored the military discount year round because so many contractors were coming in and using their military discount to fund their business supplies, when it was initially intended to be used just on a personal basis to help the veteran on his home. So, some ruined it for the rest of us.

  8. I went to lowes and the were very caring. Offered 10% off the SALES price (I'm a disabled vet). Home depot was willing to give 10% off the RETAIL price…I will only shop at lowes!

  9. Question–Lowe's Discount
    I am going to order carpeting and having it installed by Lowe's.
    Will they give the 10% discount just on the materials or on the full bill which includes installation?
    Please advise if anyone has had experience with this. Thank you.

  10. I have received the discount for items and install services.

  11. Lowes and home depot have different policies to a certain class of veterans. There are veterans who are not retired or disabled but served many years in military. Home depot gives the discount with the DD-214 plus a picture id, lowes does not.

  12. We just came from home depot (Dover, de) and we were informed that they will no longer give the military discount to members of the coast guard…what's with that? Isn't this discrimination?? Guess well switch to lowes and hope they don't do the same, we constantly shop at these stores.

  13. retired and disabled vet. never like the hassles. based on this Ill try lowes

  14. I called Home Depot corporate office yesterday. (1-800-553-3199) They will no longer provide the everyday military discount. Those that qualified for it will have to register @ a local retail store to be entered in their database to receive, via email, discounted coupons based on their purchasing patterns. Coupons will begin to go out the first week of April. Looks like the good deal has finally run it's course. I was told this was trial for both the customer and HD cashiers. My feelings during the conversation was that too many unentitled were abusing the generosity of the Home Depot.

  15. honorably discharged | March 31, 2012 at 4:53 pm |

    I wonder if those at corporate level, who determine veterans discount, ever served a day in their life! My guess…probably not.

  16. Dick Brown | April 1, 2012 at 4:00 pm |

    I was just told that effective April 1st 2012, the discount is gone (Oakland Park, FL). She gave it to me anyway, but after 22 years active duty, just another thing that has been taken away from retirees.

  17. This is absolutely out of control. It sounds like Home Depot and Lowe's are required to give a military or veterans discount. It looks like their attempt to do something good is becoming a nightmare. I wonder, is it the same at grocery stores, shopping malls, the gas station, restaurants? who else is withholding a discount from our military personnel on each and everything they purchase? I have three brothers who have served and I asked them if they felt they were owed a discount as a part of their compensation for serving their country. they each laughed in my face and said they were honored and paid for what they did. They like it when they get a discount, who wouldn't? But too disparage a place or stop going there because they don't get a discount would be, in their words, juvenile and entitled.

  18. Dave Evans | May 1, 2012 at 3:55 pm |

    Both Lowes & Home Depot refused me the discount, saying that it's policy has changed. Not being a retired or disable vet, (only served my country 7 yr 4mos 28 days part of which Korea 1950-52) I am only elgible on Veterans Day, July 4 & memorial day. I guess some of us are move veterans than others.
    Commander Dave Evans
    Korean War Veterans/Scottsdale AZ

  19. sonoffar | May 9, 2012 at 5:05 pm |

    I asked at my local Lowes if purchases made on line were also eligible for a 10% discount.
    No one at the registers was sure but the store manager told me to make my online purchases, bring in the receipts and they would do a merchandise return and then resell me the items at the 10% discount. That's a lot of effort on there part and I thank them heartily for their effort and action.

  20. Wow…..as a four year active duty vet, I always get the 10% discount at Lowes. All I say is I'm a vet and is there a discount. They give the discount on the sales price too. I buy all my appliances from Lowes, and as a landlord of a couple properties, I buy a lot of stuff from Lowes. They are great, and I'm very loyal because of this discount. Home Depot wont grant me the discount, and thats fine, but Lowes is getting a lot of business from me.

  21. MINDY DEE | May 13, 2012 at 7:16 pm |

    I purposely shop Lowes for their commitment to the military. My husband has been in 19 years & we do take them up on their offer. But this is not an entitlement, it's their way of showing their appreciation. It's a GIFT! We like gifts, so we continue to shop Lowes! THANKS LOWES :) It really helps us out, & we appreciative all you've contributed to the military families.

  22. red princess | May 15, 2012 at 12:42 am |

    We should thank these stores for their support – they have the most liberal discount policies I know of. Most places who offer the discount is to active duty only – which I appreciate also. Do not give these places a hard time – they are under NO OBLIGATION to offer a discount – and I personally find it very offensive when someone whines about not gettin one. YOU ARE NOT OWED OR ENTITLED TO A DISCOUNT!! You should be thanking these stores and on the occasion when the clerk is unsure – smile and thank them and if the money is that important at that moment in time then ask them if they could PLEASE clarify with the manager. The discount is a luxury – not a right!

  23. Home Depot has stopped offering discounts. Active and veterans must now "register" and receive "special offers" by email. No more on-the-spot discounts.

    I have voiced my displeasure to the store manage and the national customer service desk. Lowe''s gets all my business from now on.

  24. JIMMY DEE | May 17, 2012 at 5:47 pm |

    i have got the 10percent veterans discount at my lowes store and i sure do show my appreciation,i buy all my mowers ,garden supples,hot water heaters washers and dryers at. my local lowes store,even if they would stop it i would still shop there.THANK YOU LOWES JIM OF MUNCIE INDIANA

  25. Lowes has never refused to give my veterans discount, I have spent a lot of money over the years at lowes including back in 1982 when they were still mostly North Carolina based. Home Depot is hurting for business because of the poor attitude of their sales people. They are running their customers off to Lowes. Lowes has always treated me well and I buy my OPE, appliances, some tools and any project supplies from them. I do not always ask for a discount when it comes to lumber and building supplies, but for OPE and other stuff, I do ask and hand them my VA card. Served in the Marines from 1981 to 1989. It has only been in recent years that a vet got anything from anyone other than looked down on. Thanks lowes. Home depot can shove it. They use to be a good place to shop. You would think that the United States of America would have always appreciated the sacrifice and willingness to give your life if needed to provide peace and security to such an awsome Nation. I feel priveledged to have served the people of this Nation and when a person or business treats you well and gives a nice gift, It restores my hope in a Nation that has seemingly become arrogant and un-thankful.

  26. There is a growing trend with companies stating they are only giving military discount to active duty personnel, and when asked why you are normally told because they are serving our country. So the message that is being sent is that since you no longer serve in the military your service is no longer appreciated. All service members whether active duty, reservists, National Guard or a retiree assists in maintaining America’s freedom. This is a mild form of discrimination, but it is still discrimination towards Reservists, National Guard and retired military.

  27. From now on its LOWES for me too. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. All vets should contact the CEO and demand that they start accepting the DD214 again or vow not to shop there. Enough of the discrimination. His email isrobert.a.niblock@lowes.com.

  29. D. M. Butterfield | June 21, 2012 at 5:01 pm |

    All Vets that use a DD214 instead of a retired Military are not retired or on active duty or a disable vet. You are NOT entitled to get the “all the time” discount from the stores that offer it. This is not a government thing its a store thing. Only on special holidays as they say. Be thankful for what you get.. Next thing you'll want to use the PX, commissary & military Hosp. We all told you to stay in and retire.

  30. I use my commissary card every time I ask for discounts at home depot.

  31. Policies are cut and dry for the most part as stated. I always shop at Lowes. I show my va card I get “Thank you for your service” and a 10% discount. I’ve gone to HD and since my va card doesn’t say “Service Connected” I am told “Sorry.” I emailed HD they confirmed it. Stay with Lowes.

  32. Christopher Collins | July 2, 2012 at 9:35 am |

    I have never understood why veterans are never treated the same way as those that are on active duty. I mean, we served our time already. What is the difference?

  33. Recently was shopping at a Home Depot in Connecticut for sheetrock and the only 1/2" sheetrock in 4×8 sheets that they sell is their Ultralight brand. Then found out that this sheetrock is not eligible for the 10% military discount and later found out that there are a number of products excluded from the discount. Went across the street to Lowes and no problem with the discount. Pretty poor on Home Depot's part to pull something like this, where you only have one option in the store and they don't honor the discount. Looks like Lowes is getting more business unless I have a gift card to Home Depot.

  34. What about wal mart. Where in the h is their 10% discount. Them dam cheapskates. I am not a veteran but I support our troops. Where is my frakin 10% discount.

  35. Grateful Veteran | July 15, 2012 at 9:37 pm |

    I find it very disappointing to read the entitlement mentality of many of you on this site. The whole idea of military service is placing the needs of others over those of yourself. I have recently passed 20 years of honorable service to this great nation. The only thing I deserve from anyone is a word of thanks, nothing more. It is with great humility that I gratefully accept any/all discounts offered to me from others' respect for my service. I am not entitled to anything other than life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Many of you would do well to consider this before lashing out in a manner which brings discredit upon yourselves.

  36. they dont give there employes a disount

  37. Listen, these stores are in business because of us Veterans. We sacrificed for them. I do not like to BEG for a discount. Either offer it or don't. Every group in America is splitting veterans against each other. Combat vs. Non-Combat, In-theater vs. Non-deployed, Disabled Vs. Non-Disabled, Service Connected vs Non Service connected. It a shame that we let them get away with it. And give me a break, we should THANK THEM and not call them on it when their policies and service are terrible. Let me tell you, they are making BILLIONS off of their so called "Veteran Discount" when we all rush in to buy something. They are telling the world they support us, when they support SOME of us. As of today, Home Depot has implemented a new plan where you must REGISTER as a veteran fitting their requirements to receive a INSTORE credit offer at some future time via email. I was there this morning and that is their new policy. So Keep BEGGING American Veterans, maybe they will give you some small scraps off their table.

  38. It's A joke what these stores are doing. Of course there going to give active and reserve discounts.disabled vets and retired vets cuz there the smaller group. There going to whipe out the main vet to save millions of dollors It's not fair and is wrong. im disabled my dad is and many others in may classes are and none of us ever heard of a card with a percentage on it. It's wrong a veteran is a veteran. Don't pick and choose. Open your eyes. If your a business person you would know what I mean.

  39. This is just another creative way for these companies to save some money, yet give the appearnace of being patriotic,. They eleminate a large percentage of soilders by implienting this lame policy. Let's call it for what it is!!! You are either for a soilder or you are not.

  40. Donna - VA Employee | August 8, 2012 at 12:32 pm |

    All those upset at Veterans voicing frustration with Home Depot should remember that these companies have contacted the Department of Veteran's Affairs and local/national military news outlets to "let them know" about their discounts. In essence, they are receiving free advertising through these outlets, and making millions in sales. I do understand that some have abused the policy, but please review the NEW policy, as stated above in John Pierce's comment. It is an effort to reduce the benefit, yet still be able to claim they offer a discount to keep being advertised by VA and miltiary news outlets.

  41. Shopped at Home Depot, Salem, NH today and presented my Department of Veterans Affairs picture ID card at the check out…cashier would not accept it because it did not have (service connected disability) under my picture. I am a VN vet w/ a 60% disability but the card is 3 yrs old…..So I went to Lowes, Salem, NH where the were happy to give me the discount….I wrote to the CEO of HD to complain…we'll see what happens….go to Lowes if at al possible.

  42. Lowes & Home Depot give the 10% discount to the veterans & immediate family>and the veteran has photo ID. Well, I was told at the Cape Girardeau Mo Store that the spouse has to have an ID too….or the Vet has to be with you. If one has their spouses Military pic ID & their Drivers license & you have your drivers license & it has the same physical address…the spouse should be allowed>because sometime they don't shop together:-(

  43. Egad man! The original store policy is clear. Those outside the policy will surely ruin it for those that qualify. With things the way they are today, I won't blame the stores for eliminating the discounts. Ten percent is all profit.

  44. In the Pacific Northwest Lowes, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware all honor military discounts (at least the stores I have been to) however, Fred Meyer and Wal Mart do not. I make it a point to shop at stores that offer discounts when I can vs. the "made in china" chains. Stores absolutely have a right to NOT offer a military discount as we have the right to NOT give them our money to thos stores. So my thank you goes out to any store/business that offers a military discount…your appreciation is appreciated!

  45. I don't have the option of going to Home Depot most of the time. The closest HD stores are 35 and 50 miles away. So I can't speak to their policies. Our local Lowes, and several more that I have shopped at, have all been GREAT about honoring the 10% discount everyday (I am a military retiree) on all items, including those that are on sale! Of course, I give Lowes as much business as I can because of this generous policy. I would also point out that we had a Menard's open here about 2 years ago, and I shopped there quite a bit when they first opened. Their military discount policy at that time was less generous because they would not give any discount on sale items, only on regular price merchandise. Several months later, probably sometime early in 2011, Menard's abruptly ended ALL military discounts. This tells me loud and clear that they, like Wal-Mart, do NOT care about military families, veterans, and retirees as customers. That's why I avoid those stores whenever possible!

  46. Shop at loews for the 10%. Home Depot policy to inconsistent. Thanks to all offering any discount.

  47. I have been getting a discount from both Lowes and Home Depot for quite awhile,along with my wife she shows her dependent ID card and gets the same discount.
    Now having said that Lowes in particular are being more careful in distinguishing military retired…vs…. veterans….and have denied veterans this 10% discount because their status as the article stated and….some have abused it by "Loaning" there ID card to non Veterans and Non Military Retires..

    As is typical…a few can screw it up for many…

  48. Thomas Conner | September 7, 2012 at 12:52 pm |

    I volunteered to serve, if I had been drafted, I may feel different, but unless the business has it clearly marked they give Soldiers a discount, I DON’T ask! I get a paycheck that right now is a lot larger than those who chose not to serve, so I’m just glad I can afford to shop with or without a discount!

  49. I will not shop at home depot in Waxahachie Tx because they refuse any military discount. I will shop at lowes they honor it all the time. Cabelas also stopped military discount. Basspro shops honor it

  50. I am a 100% disable vet. I try to only support businesses that are vet owned or offer military discount. Now just because they offer a military discount does not mean that I ask for it. It just means that I appreciate and support those who support me and my fellow patriots. Semper-Fi

  51. I try to only support businesses that are vet owned or offer military discount. Now just because they offer a military discount does not mean that I ask for it. It just means that I appreciate and support those who support me and my fellow patriots. Semper-Fi

  52. I try to only support businesses that are vet owned or offer military discount. Now just because they offer a military discount does not mean that I ask for it. It just means that I appreciate and support those who support me and my fellow patriots.

  53. Folks, listen up!
    Home Depot and Lowe's owe you nothing. They are kind enough to extend a discount based on their rules. If you don't get it, you are missing nothing. You pay the same price everyone else does.
    If you do get it, thank them.

  54. I try to only support businesses that are vet owned or offer military discount. Just because they offer a military discount does not mean that I ask for it. It just means that I appreciate and support those who support our military.

  55. As a vet and a drilling reservist, I appreciate, but don't expect, the discount.

    A note for the Military.com writers, though — these discounts also apply to reservists, per the language of the stores' policies. The article leaves us out of the group who are offered the all-the-time discount.

  56. Was just denied at lowes

  57. Russell Withrow | September 8, 2012 at 11:36 pm |

    I am a totally dedicated Lowes customer, they always honor those with a military ID card and are pleasant to deal with. I recently moved from Florida to Bardstown Ky and the local Lowes store is second to none, they really believe in customer service and respect all their customers.

  58. AKMilitaryFamily | October 15, 2012 at 8:24 pm |

    We went to our neighborhood HOME DEPOT to make a large purchase since we like their product, had been researching for a while, of course appreciated the military discount (both my wife and I are currently active military). The bottom line is that once we go to the cashier it only discounted $50. (purchase was over $2000) We were told this is new policy, $50 maximum as of a week or two ago. Now, while I don't care at all that they limited the discount and I am terribly greatful to get a $1 off let alone $50 or more. I can't stand the thought that a company would go out of their way advertise and offer a discount publicly, but when they retract it so drastically a few weeks after beginning their military tracking system (which is a totally different security issue in and of itself)… Well I am sorry Home Depot, but you have just lost my future business, and that of every military friend I can tell. Thank you for what you have done in the past, but to have planned on a purchase and even thought we would receive an advertised discount only to stand at the cashier and find other wise. LOWES on the other hand THANK YOU!.

  59. How do these businesses define "disabled"? I am in the large group at 20% afflicted with diabetes as a result of agent orange exposure. Am I "disabled" or is that term reserved for 100% only?

  60. do they give the discount at the time of purchase or do the send you a debit card to spend in the store for the amount of the discount to spend in the store.?

  61. Retired Military | January 31, 2013 at 4:33 pm |

    First of all, I’m a retired Army Officer with 27 years of active service, so I believe I know and understand what being in the military is all about.

    Here’s my latest findings between Lowe’s and Home Depot. Both home improvement stores offer military with some exceptions. For example:
    Lowe’s offers a military discount on almost everything except….. “Cull Lumber.” So, for the most part Lowe’s offers a 10% military discount on everything else.
    Home depot on the other hand, “Does Not” offer a military discount on its regular Lumber. There are also other exceptions, so please check with your the Home Depot Management team to clarify what is allowed and what is not allowed.
    I discovered this when I was purchasing pressure treated lumber (4x4s/2x4s/2x6s). When I was checking out I showed the cashier my Military ID card and they (the cashier) attempted to scan the military discount bar code, but without success. Not being able to figure why the scan wouldn’t go through, the cashier called management and the manager on duty (MOD) gave me the discount. The MOD didn’t know why the scan couldn’t give me a discount. A week or so later I was in Home Depot again buying lumber and again ran into the same problem, this time the manager gave me an answer and informed me Home Depot “Does Not” give military discounts on Lumber….. Since then I purchase my lumber from Lowe’s. I get a 10% military discount every time without any issues.
    Home Depot does give a 10% military discount, but with exceptions.

    Anyway, for all you military types out there…. You have Lowe’s and Home Depot out there….both are decent, but you make the choice.

  62. As a 22 year AF retiree, I have yet to be denied at any Lowes or Home Depot in various states.

  63. Home Depot has modified their military discout policy to a maximum of $50. If you purchase $500.01 or more, your discount is capped at $50. They have a card they are handing out with their new policy reading:

    "For this program, the maximum discount allowed will now be limited to a $500 purchase, or up to a $50 discount. The new max discount amount will allow us to continue to offer the lowest prices to our customers, day in and day out."

  64. Butch Brockschmidt | March 21, 2013 at 12:26 pm |

    I'am a military combat wounded vet. The wounds that i received did not disable me thank GOD-.Iserved my time in veit nam ' where i was wounded. TO WHO REALY CARES//// I can;t go on a military base to buy things at a discount ,but my friends that were never in combat can go get all the benifets they have to offer if they are retired, been disabled, or serving duty now. Something is wrong with this picture.And people are complaining about a discount at lowes and home d.

  65. i've always been treated with great respect at both stores and have no complaints–mike estev retired USAF

  66. Proud Wife | April 9, 2013 at 10:15 pm |

    My husband is a disabled Navy vet. Since we learned of the discount program, Lowes has treated us wonderfully. We bought a freezer there on Veteran's Day. When the manager saw my husband's service designation, he stacked several "manager discretion" discounts on our order, then applied the 10% veteran's discount. He walked my husband to the truck, shook his hand and said, "Thank you, sir, for your service." When employees see our truck pull in with DV plates, they go to the truck to assist him. He's never experienced such honor for his service.

  67. FYI, Home Depot is no longer offering Vet/Military discounts. Theynow want you to go out and get an email address and "subscribe" to "weekly on-line discounts" that they give to everyone. Lowe's however still offers Military/Vet discounts to those possessing Military ID or VA card.

  68. RetiredVet | May 29, 2013 at 8:57 am |

    Went to HD over Memorial Day when they advertised the Military Discount and purchased a handheld yard blower/vac was not given military discount, they said item did not qualify. Was told that only certain items qualify for this discount.

  69. Big deal 10 per cent,thats only .10 cents on a dollar.I use to give that to ALL senior ciz. when i was in business. Guess .10 cents isn't worth saving your/a life.Served in Viet Nam for 3 Full Years.

  70. I am a Vietnam "In Country" Veteran and I wear a ball cap stating such! When I enter Lowes in Brockport, all the
    WOW MY comment ods a little bit too long they say BUT there is NO letter or word counter so how ya spoda know when you are close tpo being too long?? I will NOT ever post here again guys. Thanks a lot military .com, glad you don't have anything to do with the REAL GUYS that are in the treal military.. You sound just like ERA Vets, Never was antwhere within harm buit still get the same benfits WE do.

  71. Plase excuse my spelling in the above comment, I was really pissed off that after carefully spending time typing what I felt about this subject, the website decided to censor parts of my comments and didn't like it in its entireity. So I typo'd everything after trying to make it NOT SO LONG!! Have a nice day people..
    SEMPER FI .. :)
    I will NEVER come back to this crummy website..

  72. I just left HD, I had to 'register" as a D.V. showed my VA card as always. corporate visted the store and implemented new policy, no register, no discount! after registering, some personal info, (DOB, address, Discharge date) they told me the system was checking with DOD and I would be e-mailed a question, once answered they had 20 minutes to approve or disapprove………..What is going on here? A lumber supply store with access to DOD data base? Either they are pulling my wounded leg or something is rotten in DHS………..

  73. I have had sevel experiences with LOWES I just bought a new kitchen was given a discount by the maker , by Lowes and also a gift card saved about three grand all total. Also had and experience where they would not do a price match guartentee. Ask for the store manager and customer service counter clerk contacted manager on phone and he authorized the match, also got military discount saved over a hundred dollars so wen the clerk say no ask to see the manager also found out each store is assigned a dollar amount to reach so if you are spending a large amount do what you need to do. Oh the 10% covers the tax and ends up being a 2% saving.

  74. Tom USS Midway | September 8, 2013 at 7:55 pm |

    It is all pretty simple, Home Depot does not want my business, Lowes does. Last time I saw the financials, HD was showing good profits, as was Lowes. I will continue to shop Lowes as they seem to appreciate my business, while HD wants to change policies from store to store.

  75. I have used Lowes Military discount for a number of years – A manager just informed me that it now only applies to active military. One description I read says the program includes retired. Retired is an ambiguous word. I elected not to re-up when my service ended, thus I am retired – granted without a pension, but none the less retired. All Vets are retired military – there are pensioners and non pensioners. Actually the non pensioners need the Lowes discount more then the pensioners – those folk usually get a pretty hefty check.

  76. I work for HD and I've come into this issue alot. My manager explained it like this: "The discount is something we had to partner with the government (i.e. military) and they determined what ID's were acceptable for everyday discount and what was not. This is why we have a printout at every register with pictures of what ID's are elgible for an everyday discount and what ID's would be elgible for the 3 holidays." I know in my store in the past we've been lax with the policy. Our store is no longer being lax with the policy, we are following exactly what it says,Complaining about not getting the discount makes you look juvenile. Go ahead and shop at Lowe's as well because personally as a cashier I'd rather have you over at Lowe's throwing your tantrums and having a fit over something that you feel you're entitled to. That's less of an ear sore for me and for my customers that come into the store. No one should have to endure this type of behavior, employee or customer alike.

  77. jerryleedisney | November 7, 2013 at 12:38 pm |

    When I moved to the DC area last summer, I was surprised when the cashier at Home Depot said that, in order to receive their 10% military discount, I had to register in their "database" at customer service. This is even with a valid Active Duty CAC as a form of ID. I balked at the idea of giving up my personal information, and stopped shopping at the Home Depot in Alexandria and Springfield VA. However, I continued to shop at HDs in DC proper and in NC, and I was able to receive the discount at the register by just showing my CAC. I've seen in some discussion groups that the database may have been a pilot program in just the NoVa area.

    Now that I've bought a house and need some more DIY supplies, I decided to check with HD Customer Care through their website. According to "Corey," it's now company policy to require all eligible military members active/retired/disabled to register with each store to "ensure that the transaction goes through smoothly while checking out
    at the store." I've still seen no official policy on HDs military discount, either in the store or on their website.

    Your thoughts?

  78. Home Depot Sucks. buy elsewhere

  79. Home Depot only gives the discount on selected items. Perhaps this just applies at the HD that I use. Lowes has always give me the 10% on all items I purchase.

  80. HOME DEPOT CHANGED ITS POLICY October 2013. I was unable to get the discount with an active duty military ID. Store was in New Jersey. It used to be a discount across the board and every day. Now there are tons of excluded items, limitations. LOWES IS BETTER!! LOWES GETS ALL BUSINESS FROM NOW ON.

  81. A ''Blue'' Retiree ID card is what they are looking for…they ''know'' it qualifies…but all other ID's confuse them normally. That has been my observation. I've never been denied in 30 years since I retired out.

  82. Complete and utter bull. Home Depot DOES NOT HONOR VETS its all advertising. I took both my VA card and a copy of my DD214 and they would not honor the discount. I refuse to shop at the Vero Beach Florida store (corner of 58th Avenue and State Road 60). I implore all veterns to boycott that Home Depot. There is a Lowes across and a bit east of HD whom actually honor veterns. Also the employee's I encountered (including the manager) at Home Depot were extremely rude. I don't think they care for women in the military I got the impression even after showing 3 ID's and my DD 214 they didn't believe women were in the service. Besides if you can prove you served why wont they honor that? Heck we were lucky to survive

  83. tkdgirl347 | March 3, 2014 at 9:10 pm |

    Lowe's and HD have basically the EXACT same policy. Anyone with a brain would realize that. Yes, you have to have a VALID military ID, either the blue, red, or tan military card that MEPS gives you, or the VA card with the service connected underneath your picture, OR an active duty ID. For those who are complaining, HD made about 18 billion in one QUARTER. I only hear 1 outta 50 customers complain, and that's because Lowe's is always cutting shortcuts to tell people what they wanna hear. Lowe's doesn't care about the customers. Just saying. Oh by the way, my father is Service Connected (he lost his hearing during Vietnam) and he's been working at HD for 10 years, never uses his discount. the discount is a GIFT, not a GIVEN RIGHT. If you want a discount 24/7, they have discounts on base. :)

  84. for those that dont " qualify" for discount, remember the cerk behind counter is just tring to make a living and is only following what corporate office instructed them to do, so if you want to curse at them, throw a tantrum, and think your offending clerk by saying you shop somewhere else, we are actually releived, customers want respect, well they clerks do to, i am a clerk at one of these stores , and have actually had customer throw merchandise at me, really people, and customers discount if qualified would have only been 2 dollars, really people

  85. Dave baker | May 4, 2014 at 5:48 pm |

    If a item is on sale do HD and Lowes also give the veteran the 10 percent as if it was marked 10 percent down then the vet wouldn't be getting a discount. The manager said that they can't give two discounts?

  86. I am a retired Air Force veteran and have used the military discount at Home Depot for years – they have recently changed their policy and now the discount doesn't cover everything and you can't find out until you attempt to pay for the item. I recently bought an air conditioner at Home Depot because I was sure I would get a 10% discount but the air conditioner did not have a military discount. I believe Home Deport is deceptive in advertising military discounts and not giving them on everything – a piss poor business practice to trick military people into buying at their stores.

  87. kelly meadows | July 30, 2014 at 9:14 am |

    I was in a Lowes store in Union City, Tennesse and was advised that they could not accept my retirement card as it was not on their list on accepted cards by the company. My card was issued on January1, 1978 and does not call for update, if discounts are not given to all veterans then do not give to any veteran or give a updated list to the stores on accepting all cards . thank you

  88. I work at Lowe's and the policy is FEDERALLY ISSUED PICTURE ID THAT HAS NOT EXPIRED. Our state now has a veteran's designation on the back of the card which is unacceptable for the MILITARY discount as it is state-issued. It is however acceptable on the veteran's holidays (as stated above) as is a DD214. We are not withholding discounts to be hateful. We are being compliant to keep our jobs. I know it is confusing but it really rattles me to have to call my manager to explain this (our store even has a PRINTOUT of acceptable ID pictures that I show to the customer AND THEY STILL ARGUE. Yesterday a lady left gallons of mixed paint in our store for not giving the discount and all they had was a paper membership card to the American Legion. We ate the cost of that paint to be compliant. I thank you for your service but please don't ask me to put my job on the line so you can save a couple bucks.

  89. And I do tell EVERY person male or female with the proper ID "Thanks for your service" and I am honored to give the discount. For those of you who haven't been to our store lately we are now authorized at the register to give the discount without a manger override for purchases under $100. Knowing this may put more pressure on us cashiers to give unauthorized discounts but I am adamant on compliancy. This is because it makes it easier to serve the ones entitled to the discount, many of whom would apologize for holding up the checkout line.

  90. Let's face it, they advertise that they support veterans in order to bring in more money. considering the minimum,Mark up on each and every item they can well afford the discount. I quit shopping at both lowes and Home Depot they have no respect for veterens – we are just being used in name only to improve their cash flow

  91. I'm curious about benefits for widows of retired military. My father was retired military and LEO. After his death, my mother's card lapsed (since she didn't go to the base to renew it). If she got her spouse card renewed, would she qualify for the discount? (My father was active duty for 2 tours in Viet Nam). And does anyone know how one would go about renewing a lapsed card?

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