Don’t Forget The Other Tax Statements

There are a few special situations where military folks need to get separate tax documentation from the MyPay website.  Many people don’t know that these special documents exist.  I was shocked the first time we got a separate W-2 for a partial DITY move.  Without these documents, you can’t complete an accurate tax return.

If you did a Personally Procured Move (PPM), formerly known as a Do It Yourself (DITY) move last year, be sure to pull up your special W-2 for the money that you received for that move.  The travel/miscellaneous W-2s are not scheduled to be released until 31 January.

Also, if you invested money in the Savings Deposit Program while deployed, you’ll have a 1099-INT  interest statement available on MyPay so that you can document the interest that you earned.  These statements are available now.

Not sure how to get your tax information from MyPay?  If you already have a MyPay account, log on to your account and look on the main screen.  There are selections for Travel/Miscellaneous W-2, Tax Statement W-2, and also for SDP Tax Statement 1099-INT.  By clicking on each one, you will be taken to the form which you can then print.

If you don’t have a MyPay account, you can easily sign up for one.  You will then have instant access to view and modify your pay and tax information, whenever you have an internet connection.  This is a great tool and I encourage everyone to use it.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • Kye

    Would you happen to know how I go about getting my last L.E.S.? I have already been discharged from the Army so i cant accesss my MyPay account. tia

  • Jen Horton

    Thanks for getting the word out… I am an Enrolled Agent with the IRS (a tax return preparer) and I can’t tell you how devastating it is for a taxpayer to think they got a grand refund, only to find they have to pay it back AND with interest and penalties! Mahalo

  • MelissaG.

    My husband and I performed a DITY move last year and there is no form under the W2 travel link. Is there any other way I can get ahold of this form to file our taxes?

  • Irene

    The article I read said Obama is now paying $7.50 a day for a dangerous situation, unless it’s a shooting area, then you get paid by the month. Do you have to put that in your tax statement? It’s getting more complicated then corportaion taxes, which everybody is saying that a corporation contract is attached to the end of a bill for armor for troops and a Shaw’s nuclear plant contract. Everything is way over budget!

    • KateKashman

      Irene, the only thing that has changed is that Imminent Danger pay is being paid on a daily basis instead of a monthly basis. It is non-taxable and does not show up on your W-2.

  • tat

    what if i miss my 1099 for SDP? am i in trouble?

  • hoffman

    Have tried to log on get on to mypay to get 1099 etc and your site and mypay site sorry suck….does not work at all.. have tried for the last 3 days this is so wrong when im the one that does the taxes not my husband.. may want to check the site yourself….

    • KateKashman

      I’m not having any problem with the MyPay system. Readers, are you having trouble? hoffman, there are additional instructions and phone numbers available in Still Need Your Tax Statement?… However, if this is for your husband’s W-2 or 1099R, he is going to have to contact DFAS, or you will have to get a Power of Attorney. Good luck to you.

  • Jack.Webb

    I need to get copies of my 1099 for taxes .For some reason I did’t recive one this year. how do I get get?

  • Rob

    I happened to go TDY a few times this last year and received reimbursement for them. Does anyone know if that would be included on the Travel/Miscellaneous W-2 or am I good to file with just my standard W-2?

  • YvonneBenidict

    How far back can you get your W-2 in the MyPay system. I need to go as far back as 2004. Any idea of the best way to find out this info?

  • yvonnebenidict

    Would my husbands re-enlistment bonus show up on his W-2 even though he was in a combat zone? Retirement contributions since this was paid while in a combat zone as well shouldn’t we get a 1099R? How does the accurel of leave not used get paid out?

  • yvonne benidict

    I need a copy of my husbands LES for December 2004. Can we get this information through MyPay or do we have to the finance department?

    • guest

      Going that far back you will have to go to finance more than likely

    • KateKashman

      Yvonne, you can check on MyPay but I imagine that you would need to go to finance.