About That 2012 Active Duty Pay Raise? You Might Have To Wait

UPDATE:  It appears that things have been worked out.  Check out Terry’s updated report at 2012 Military Pay Raise Appears Safe.

Remember that 1.6% pay raise that we’re thinking that active duty military folks might get come January?  Well, it is likely still coming, it just might not show up in the January paychecks.

This pay raise is clearly included in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, which was passed by the Senate on 1 December 2011 and was expected to easily pass the House and then go on to the President for signing into law.  However, there is a small provision in the Act that has some people upset, and the President’s staff has said that it will be vetoed if presented as currently written.  Terry Howell at the Military Advantage blog explains the problem in his article, 2012 Military Pay Raise Hits A Snag.

The good news?  The 1.6% active duty military pay raise is included in the Act, and it isn’t the part that is controversial.  Any changes to the bill are very unlikely to touch that raise.  The bad news?  It is hard to say how long it will take until all parties can agree on the Act.  While the raise will still be effective on 1 January, it won’t get paid until the Act is signed into law.  You’ll get your pay raise in a lump after it gets approved, so don’t start spending that money yet.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • Char Egizi

    If the government would stop paying all the expenses of the illegals and the expenses of drug addicts there would me money for the military and to help CITIZENS

  • Joseph Cordova

    Blah blah blah blah blah! Why don’t we formerly requests how much the congress guys are currently getting, what increases they are expecting and what percent of increases theyre also expecting!

    Like I said “blah blah blah blah blah!

  • Jay

    Congressional pay has been frozen for three years. Find another argument folks. If you think you’re underpaid, do something about it yourself.

    • Steve Aldea

      My GS pay has been frozen for 3 years as my cost of insurance went up 10 percent last year. I had no Thanksgiving this year because I could not afford it having to pay high rent on a GS-7 Salary. We are really hurting in the lower GS ratings. Average member of congress makes is 170K a year that’s without all the perks… So they want to cut Federal Employee pay and benenfits to balance the budget and gut the Military now!!!

      GS-7 Aldea//

      • Had E nough

        I am right there with you, as a FED Retiree, term limits and stop leaving 105 M1A1 tanks in Iraq and make them pay us for them. Where are we going to shit that many tanks if we need to go to war, because Iran is going to take them back across the border and use them against US

      • Guest

        This president is bent on taking the country to a level where “we the people” have lost all hope, all rights and have become totally dependent on a fiscally broke group of people who have become masters over the people.

    • Chipkinsitka

      When the first Lawyer was elected we were screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathy

    Better yet, the congress should stop giving themselves raises & give up their pay for a month or so in order to get this country back into fiscal responsibility. They aren’t part of the healthcare initiative & they have a great pension plan, that’s the reason so many make congressman work a lifetime career. Take away their personal jets, better yet, instead of getting travel pay to go to WA to get their work done, do video conferencing. Think of all the monies the government could save.

  • pJarhead

    Why does Military.com ty to spread incindiary rhetoric? The “Whitehouse” has already withdrawn the veto threat, and has been reported by all REAL news outlets.

    • carla

      yes. and the house passed it yesterday, the senate is also expected to pass it now.

  • zoltan2K6

    well kathy, thats a great idea but unfortunately nothing more than wishful thinking. it will be a cold day in hell when these “gameshow host” congressmen give up a chunk of their change to get this country’s finances back in line. as an active duty military member, i’m sick and tired of hearing constantly that we’re in the vincinity of another govt shutdown. if i dont deliver on tasker that my leadership assigns me, i dont get the luxury of making a short-term extension to keep things as is for another 4 months. rather i get privately orchestrated ass-chewing, am labeled a failure, and get everything including the book thrown at me. it should be the same across the board: everytime these idiots cannot get a financial ageeement in and its a high priority item with a deadline, ALL lawmaker involved should be fined…and steeply. period! then we’ll see how many temporary extensions they approve.

    • Bob

      Unfortunately my fine friend, that cannot be. The only way that a rule or law could be put into place to “fine” or penalize congress fro not doing their jobs would be for congress to pass a rule within each house and the prez. to sign it. Problem? You’ve got the fox guarding the hen house, so…AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!

      It wouldtake each state to call for a special election to replace each rep. senator with a vote of “no concidence” to oust these bums, and they know it! So, all they have to do is lie their asses off to get into office, and since seniority=power, they’re pretty much set for life after a few terms. Only national term limits could help fix that. But again…fox and henhouse.

      Great scam huh?

  • LTC B

    Unfortunately, attached to the DOD funding is an amendment which is very controversial. It involves what is perceived to allow the president or any one he authorizes to imprison any american, without trial, or rights, for an indefinite period of time, who is thought to be a threat. The problem, there is no definition of the threat so it could be a political rival, belonging to the wrong club, etc. If congress would stop attaching amendments to bills, our pay would be a lot smoother.

  • NavyVet_non pilot

    What gets me are the people who BTW have family generations WHO receive state funded money given to them…There mother/father..grandparents, great grand parents have all received state funded money (welfare and such) and they too will be LAZY and receive the same thing….THEY get more then retirees get who have served 20 or plus years for this country!

    Then they take that money, buy drugs, re-sale them and double what they get in the first place!

    We vote people into office to represent US…Not represent them self’s!!!

    It needs to be changed!! NOW

  • Antonio Fernandez


  • Randy A

    It’s always something.

  • joe

    question…. look back in time… who got paid more, the citizens of a kindom, or the king…. a regular in the kings army or a knight?? do the followers get paid more or the leaders??

    with that being said…. they should NOT have the ability to give themselves a raise…. they should NOT earn a retirement pension for a four year term….

    if they dont pass a budget, it isnt that they arent working… they are doing what they must to get the budget to be more infavor of the party they represent…. HOWEVER, i think for everyday they cannot pass a budget they should lose a months worth pay…. we shall call in incentive……

    we do not vote people in to office to represent us… that is what is believed… they represent the party they are in…. MOST americans do not believe in absolute freedom with gun rights (for example) nor do they want zero guns….

    the parties that supposedly represent us as americans are too extreme within their own party…. one man or 1000 men can NEVER represent others in such a manner that we currently believe politics do….

    the answer to all our problems in politics is as simple as two words…. common sense….

  • Norberto Hernandez

    I was going to write something but the Comrades before me left no room for comments. So Mote it Be !!!


  • joseph

    I believe that there should be a 50% pay cut for all senators and congressmen, since they can’t effectively run america but insist on taking their christmas break, and we should take away their right to vote themselfs a raise that should be for the american people to decide. and why should our leaders be to collect a pension after only a 2 to 4 year term when soldiers who have served multiple tours and have to deal with the after effects whether visible or hidden are required to serve 20 years and have to deal with a lot more crap!!!