2012 BAH Rates Released

December 15, 2011 | Kate Horrell

Wondering how they come up with these rates?  Read The BAH Formula.

Finally, the 2012 Basic Allowance for Housing rates have been released!  You can find them by using the BAH query, and I’ll link to the complete chart here at Military.com just as soon as we get them posted.

I haven’t yet gotten a complete breakdown of how many areas went up and how many areas went down, but I wanted to post this as quickly as possible.  Don’t forget, even if your area has a decrease in BAH rates, rate protection ensures that you are unlikely to lose any money.  I only checked a few locations, and I was surprised to see that they had actually all gone up despite the housing and economic situations.

I’ll have a full story once more information is released.  The industrious Tom Philpott has beat me to it.  You can read his complete analysis at BAH to Increase for Most in 2012.

Wonder how they come up with these rates?  Read The BAH Formula.


  1. someone says:

    Newport News, Virginia is decreasing.

  2. Tara says:

    Ours in San Antonio went up $105! :)

  3. Joe says:

    McGuire/Ft Dix/Lakehurst all went down by over $100 maybe more

  4. Beth says:

    Millington, TN went down!

  5. guest says:

    Barksdale afb went up. 27 dollars

  6. guest says:

    Beale AFB went down by 150

  7. SrA says:

    langley afb went down about $100

  8. scott says:

    I dont understand why the rates are soo low! Im coming out of my pocket about 300 dollars a month for a decent home. I only get about 1100 a month to.

  9. Paula says:

    NYC went up $81. Not too bad for a living allowance of $2,835 for a month while you go to school full time! I am so glad I served my country! :)

  10. Ryan Philbrook says:

    Everyone here is assuming that being an officer is the best way to go, no disrepect to Commissioned Officers, but I have been an NCO for 13 years and I love my job and have no regrets, It takes a certain kind of person to make a great NCO, and we need great NCO's as well as great officers. Props to everyone serving in the military Officer or Enlisted

  11. SailorGirl says:

    Looks like San Diego went down? Or is this the without dependents rate?

  12. chuckle says:

    when do these rates take affect? I just looked and the rate is still last years on my les.

  13. JanethN says:

    Im in Colorado Springs. Not sure if the rates went up or down but my husband gets $1,100 and its really not enough. We pay $1000 for a ONE bedroom and that is without utilities. I lost my job because I had to relocate, but I finally have second interview pending. :) only reason we make it is because both of our cars are paid for completely. Anyways, point is that it would be nice to get at least $200 more.

  14. 03E says:

    it's sad that you expect more when officers accept grater risk due to their position and have higher education and civilian sector earning potential. get educated and pursue a comission!

  15. Rick says:

    It's sad you didn't make the right choices earlier on in life to pursue a commission. Stop bitching, go out and EARN a commission, then enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  16. KateKashman says:

    Gentlemen, please…I am really disappointed to hear y'all speak to each other this way. Everyone in the military contributes and to belittle another for their choices isn't very nice. Please stop or I will have to moderate your comments.

  17. Charles says:

    yu spelt "greater" rong dum ass ! Take that commission and shove it up your pompous ass. I love to see that officers think they are the only people in the military with an education. This is why they get the "yes sir" and then a under the breath "douchebag". Respect is earned through actual work and not from a degree and the bling on your collar. Thank you for your service, beat it nerd !

  18. Rick says:

    You are the dumb ass for taking the easy way out and remaining enlisted. I was enlisted for 10 years. One day i woke up, read the pay chart, kicked myself in the ass and made something of my life. Go ahead and spend 20+ years for a crummy retirement check. I'll take my much LARGER check and put my son through college!

  19. mary says:

    read your post you have a lot of wrong spellings too. like "yu" must be "you", "rong" must be "wrong", "dum" must be "dumb". Check you spellings first before correcting others.

  20. Troll says:

    Some of us enlisted scum didn’t get the oppurtunity to go to college without the GI Bill. I appreciate the magnanimity of your statement, but I feel that your advice is a bit on the ignorant side. How about you go up to the next enlisted person you see and thank them for doing the hard work for you, and risking their lives on IED ridden patrols while you sip on coffees in the rear and order the enlisted scum to their deaths.
    Have a nice day, I’m glad you get paid more :)

  21. mary says:

    i completely agre with you.

  22. mary says:

    misspelled "agre" it must be "agree" my bad

  23. Kimbo says:

    EYE believe that the person was being facetious … if you read the rest of his/her comment the rest of it has correct spelling.