1 December 2011 Military Pay

The holidays always confuse people, and I get even more emails asking when the military will get paid.  The next military payday is Thursday, 1 December 2011.  When you will actually have the money in your account depends on the policies and practices of your bank or credit union.

Most banking institutions release military pay funds sometime early in the day on the actual payday.  However, there is no requirement that it be paid at a specific time.  Many variables may make your deposit be processed at different times on different pay days.

Some banks and credit unions, including USAA and Pacific Marine Credit Union, offer early release of pay funds for some or all of their customers.  If your pay is deposited into an account with a bank that pays early, you should see your deposit posted some time on Wednesday, 30 November 2011.  Again, there is no certain time at which this will happen.

If you bank with Navy Federal Credit Union, you need to know what sort of account you have.  Early direct deposit is offered to customers with an Active Duty Checking Account.  Because of the way that Navy Federal does their processing, the payments will show as pending on or before 29 November 2011 and process overnight, to be available for use on 30 November 2011.  All other customers will see their payments pending on or before 30 November 2011 and process overnight to be available for use on  1 December 2011.

Concerned about your pay?  First, don’t panic until the day is done.  Second, check your Leave and Earnings Statement to be sure that everything looks OK there.  Ensure that there is pay due, and that the bank account information is correct.  If your LES shows pay due, and it doesn’t appear in your account by the end of the business day on the 1st, then contact your bank to see if they have information.  The next stop would be your finance department to figure out what might have happened.  If there has been a pay error, your branch’s relief society would be glad to help you with a loan until the problem is sorted out.

First and the fifteenth, unless that day falls on a weekend or a holiday, and then it is the previous business day.  A simple formula that works every time!


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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.

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  1. Can you look into what the failure of the super committee and automatic 1.2 trillion dollar cuts to defense means to military families? They are talking about smallest numbers serving–ever. DOes this mean that people will be getting "let go"? What about our pay and benefits? thanks

  2. The $1.2 trillion in cuts don't take effect until 1 Jan 13. There is some discussion that the GOP is looking to reverse the military portion of the automatic cuts, but that's not set in stone.

  3. cliff piazza | November 21, 2011 at 1:52 pm |

    How has my retired pay been affected by social security changes. Retired 1967 after 20 yrs usaf. Thank you for your responce. This is a great site.

  4. Earl… freedom of speech is one thing but pure disrespect is another, Bush is the one who got us in this mess in the first place he is the one that got trillions of dollars and dilly dallied with it, so instead of showing how ignorant and rude you are why dont you do this forum a favour and take that crap else where…….. Have a Great NAVY DAY!

  5. i thank in a all of the blaming how did it to us we lost what was being asked here . i would like to know are we geting payed in dec , not geting payed , or hafe pay . this come at a bad time to start this with chistmas right around the corner and land taxes do .

  6. Equally Disgusted | November 26, 2011 at 9:06 am |

    Dear Absolutely Disgusted

    Really? Is that all you can focus on in that comment is language, spelling, and sentence construction? You need to look past those unimportant items and focus on her more important questions. You are obviously one of those people who make themselves feel good by berating others….it a shame!

  7. The American Greed! Don't you intelectuals get it? If you are at the end of the food chain, they are going to eat you. Who cares about us, the working class!

  8. 1st of the focus is on pay here: I must agree the miltary pay and system blows, not to mention them "letting go" of perfectly good Military service members through PTS (perform to serve) and the shit bags stay behind. I feel there should be a better evaluation system. The ones who constently skate and smoke just to hide out in the moke pit several times a day should go. The hard working, most healthy, most ambitious ones should stay! This would save so much money in the military because for ONE the shit bags would be gone, done wasting money on them… and TWO – the productive ones would contribute to more work being done in reasonable amount of time, pay could be adjusted accordingly for the following years pay chart because they can afford to pay them more and THREE moral would boost!!

  9. All I am saying is if the government is having a hard time paying these military they need to weed out the bad ones and find the good ones through a better system. PTS can be skewed because simply doing the paperwork wrong by putting different rates to cross to in order to just stay IN – could still be denied. There are soooo many trying desperately to stay in that they dont care what job they get as long as they secure their career and this country. These are the ones needed for the military. Not the ones lolly gagging around.
    This needs to start from the BOTTOM of the food chain UP in order to be fixed! you all need to quit focusing on the president and super comittees because when it boils down to it, they know their jobs and do it to the best of their ability. Just weed out the shit bags wasting federal money and tax dollars and we would have much more money for the 1% and then some to put through out the defense and their deficit!

  10. These military aren't getting paid enough, nor are they for the most part "Happy" becuase no longer is their pay or career secure. To solve this start from the bottom of the food chain:
    – Get rid of the dirtbags because they are losing money due to low productivity
    – boost pay amongst military who are most productive and deserve it!
    – secure their careers and morale will increase!!

  11. What we need to do is stop paying congressmen and women so much when they don’t do half the s*** we do…..we need a better president who will do right by not just his ppl but all people as a whole.

  12. What have we had in the past 10 years? 3 wars with another looming in the near future I have a suggestion, make all the politician put their sons and daughters on the front lines in a combat role, and see how many politicians vote to go to war.
    On the pay matter, there is no way the gov is going to shut down, or not pay the military, there would be a total disaster.

  13. screaming eagle | November 28, 2011 at 6:04 pm |

    Anytime there is a cut in spending, the very people who have given so much are the ones to get screwed, ii.e., Military, veterans, elderly, defense spending and healthcare. However, programs such as welfare, free education, free health services, SSI, disability payments, free or reduced housing and other programs for those in OUR country ILLEGALLY, (many of whom are convicted criminals with violent history convictions or have sneaked into America to hide from their own country), are getting the "benefits" that the American citizens have worked for, yet the illegals haven't contributed to. I am tired of supporting those who have violated federal and local laws.

  14. My husband paid the Ultimate Sacrifice and fought for our freedom and died on Christmas Day 2004. Be thankful for what you have and stop worrying about civilians and illegal immigrants coming into our country. Our troops are loosing their lives everyday while being deployed, most coming home from war with PTSD and other things. Payday is important to these soldiers, retired, widows, etc. How would you like if you had no money to survive on to raise your family on during the holidays? Military pay is nothing like it use to be and more and more are getting out, instead of retiring after their deployments

  15. I live overseas [Philippines] and I have a direct deposit at the local bank {BPI} ; why is it that it's always two days behind that they posts our deposit?? Is it legal or nobody gives a kaka!!!!!!

  16. If a major reduction in the budget, why not start with "our represenatives in Washington DC." No fee medcare and full pay when retire. (Retirment is active even if they leave [not relected] after term.
    I fell "the powers that be" are reneging on their promise – "Just stay for 20 or more years and we will take care of you for the rest of your life. DAMN looks like that goes down the drain!!! I could have much better spending my 21 years as a civilian!!!!!
    I would fell much better if the "fat cats" took part of the load. Oh well, thats the way the
    mop flops.

  17. JACK J. MCELVEEN III | November 29, 2011 at 9:48 pm |

    I know it is time for term limits,and pay reductions for elected officals in addition to benefit reduction for them. They serve the lobbyist, and not the people who elect them from their districts, the agenda is to get elected at all costs even if their performance is substandard, but I also know it is the fault of an uninformed, apathetic public that continues to allow this situation to e
    perpetuate itself. Navy Mac

  18. Anyone having problems with thier Dec 1st LES?? My husbands isnt showing yet??

  19. You will get paid Thursday, 12/01/11 and again on 1/1/12 has always been that way unless it is a weekend, now they moved it forward to next business day..I think..

  20. Anybody else just separated from the military? I just separated and my final active duty pay is suppose to be tomorrow, 01 Dec 2011. I have my LES, but it normally is showing in my "pending transactions" in my bank account by this point in time. Still there isn't any signs of my final active duty paycheck? I just need that money for my bills.

  21. My husband hasn't been paid his VA disability yet for Dec 2011 and it's almost noon on the first. We usually get paid on the last day of the month. The toll free number isn't answering either except to say high call volume. What is going on? Anyone else not get paid yet?

  22. My Disabity pay was posted at 12:01 on 1 Dec 2011

  23. I still havent received my disability pay from the va for december. Is anyone else experiencing this or should I be worried and look into it?

  24. Every single president in our life times will have people support and people lash out and people (me) who don’t give a ****. It doesn’t matter what their race,religion,experience,sexual preference etc is. Politicians are liars…all of them say things to get elected that never happen. Bush administration did bad and good just like the Obama administration. The president is a front man not the whole damn band. It is unfortunate that adults lash out with stuff like “his ugly wife.” I may not have voted for Obama or agree with his policies or views but nonetheless he is my commander and chief. Hooah.

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