1 November 2011 Pay Date

The questions are coming – it must be nearing payday.  The next regular military pay day is Tuesday, 1 November 2011.  For most servicemembers, that is the day that they should see their pay deposited into their account.  If you have a bank that regularly pays a day early, such as USAA or PMCU, then you will see your pay on Monday, 31 October 2011.  I know, I know, Monday is Halloween.  However, Halloween is not a federal or banking holiday.  I will have no affect on when you receive your pay.

According to Navy Federal Credit Union’s Facebook page, members with regular checking accounts will see their deposits on Monday, 31 October 2011.  Members who have Active Duty Checking will see their deposits post on Friday and be released overnight for availability on Saturday, 29 October 2011.  Not sure which type of account you have?  Check your online access, stop by the branch, or call NFCU at 1-888-842-6328.

If you have any more pay questions, ask them below and I’ll try to find answers.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • rosie

    I just wanted to point out that November 1 is a Monday, not a Tuesday. This may change when we actually get paid. I hope this helps.

    • dryhollow

      My calender says Tuesday

    • bobby

      its 2011 you need a new calendar

    • sugarmama

      actually it’s tuesday nov.1,2011 maybe you need a new calendar

    • Actually, you’re wrong. October 31st is Monday.

    • Emil

      You are looking at year 2010 calendar buddy.

    • tanya

      Holloween is Monday Oct. 31st, 2011

    • andre

      guy you are wrong! thats tuesday! monday is the 31st!

      • ally

        no monday is the 30th!

    • Kerstin

      Those of us AD members that are overseas are a day ahead meaning our Monday is your sunday. Just thought I would point that out to you.

    • Larry

      It is Tuesday, November 01, 2011…Just wanted to point that out.

  • tammy

    Halloween is a monday… i have duty starting that day

  • ArmyWife3553

    My husband left on the 18th for BCT. Would he get paid on the 1st? or the 15th?

    • Jessica

      He will get a pro-rated check on the 1st.. His pay date was effective his first day of training, not the day he left.

      • KateKashman

        ArmyWife 3553, first paychecks can take between two and six weeks. I think it is more likely that his first pay will be deposited on the 15th of November. It would be pretty darn quick for them to organize it by the 1st, but it could possibly happen.

        Welcome to the wacky world of the military!

      • armywife2011

        my husband left for basic october 3rd and has not gotten paid yet.. hoping for november 1st

    • Just Amazed

      I’m just Floored that your guy has been in BASIC TRAINING for a week,

      & you already got a ‘Army Wife’ handle/screenname ..

      Amazing .

      • Nancy

        Military wife is a title earned the moment our husbands enter the service. The only thing you earn over time is experience how to cope with this lifestyle. I applaud ArmyWife for showing her support of her husband’s service… Doesn’t matter if he’s been in 3 days or 30 yrs, we’re all in this together.

        Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine… 28 yrs of experience speaking here (Dad served active duty and my husband is active duty)

    • mle121

      My hubby left for BCT on the 17th and we did not get paid until the 15th of the following month. Don’t expect a check on the 1st. If you get one, great, bonus…but you most likely will not ge one until the 15th of the following month at the earliest.


      trust, first month he’ll pop out around 2-3,000 so dont worry
      plus they dont pay you till after a month uve been in, since the les shows th last months dues, and net pay, so hell collect a good pay check espeically if your enrolled because after a month i believe he should get seperation pay form you, and if u have a child, and your child, send him a box full of menthol cough drops, and ibprofin, we used those as trading good in bct, hell need them, dont send any food, such as candy and stuff, also send him body wash soap, toothpaste, wipes, the cant have any perfume smells, so regular oldspice or irish spring, and detergent, stuff gets expensive on base depending where u are, oh and send photos, thatll be nice for him to hang on his wall locker

  • debra

    i was wondering about the army do they get paid the same as the navy or is it different

    • Jrio

      All military paygrades are the same.

  • ryan

    1st is a tuesday smarty

  • hollie

    I have usaa,would I get paid today since pay day is monday?

    • guest

      Payday is Tuesday so you’ll get paid Monday

  • Beth

    Does USAA always release funds at midnight or does the time vary?

    • funky mcfunkerson

      i think it varies

  • kas

    We have Navy Fed and military pay isn’t showing pending???? Anyone else have NFCU and not seeing military pay pending? NFCU site says that the release date is tomorrow the 29th.

  • SoldersWife

    I read the following on the bottom of the Nov 1st LES. “Multiple states may have authorized bonus’ for soldiers/veterans. Search your state or Veteran’s website for disability.” Does anyone have any more info? We are stationed in Virginia but our home of record is Vermont. I searched the websites but haven’t found any further info. Thanks!

    • Soldier’s Wife

      Sorry, distracted while typing. Supposed to be for eligibility not disability.

  • Soldier’s Wife

    I read the following on the bottom of the Nov 1st LES. “Multiple states may have authorized bonus’ for soldiers/veterans. Search your state or Veteran’s website for eligibility.” Does anyone have any more info? We are stationed in Virginia but our home of record is Vermont. I searched the websites but haven’t found any further info. Thanks!

  • ted

    WHAT time on Nov 1st will Direct Desposit funds be available for retirees?

    • KateKashman

      Ted, there is no specific time that funds will be released. It depends on your bank’s policies and processing procedures.

  • rwl

    any idea what time usaa reflects the new deposits?

    • rwl

      On USAA, sorry

  • armedforces

    i just changed my direct deposit to navy federal last week, (thursday), am i going to get my november 1st pay in my wells fargo account or in navy fed?, i usually get it a day before even though i’ve had wells fargo and not navy fed, today its 31st and i have not seen anything in my wells fargo account or navy fed. i just hope that they sent it to my wells fargo because then that would make sense since it might take longer to get in the navy fed system. anybody have any idea on how that works? thanks

  • Christine

    So since this upcoming week Is a holiday and the 15th is a Tuesday when will usaa get paid??

  • marl

    If we paid 2 days early when will we recieve our 15Nov pay?

  • ellandro

    should be the 10th is when u should get paid

  • Kashawn G
  • Kashawn G
  • Jewelz

    What about Veteran’s?? Will we see our disability payments on Friday, 28 Dec. or Monday, 31 Dec 2012.

    • KateKashman

      Jewelz, that depends on the policies of your bank. You might want to call them to ask.