Military and Veterans Discounts and Identification

It seems there is a lot of confusion about various military and veterans discounts, and the identification that will or will not qualify you for the discounts.  I’m no expert on this subject, but I’ll tell you what I do know.  First, there is no “veterans discount card.”  There are a variety of different forms of ID, including a military identification card for active duty, National Guard, reserve, retiree and family members.  If you are eligible for care from the Department of  Veterans Affairs (VA), you will receive a Veteran Identification Card (VIC).  A VIC may be noted to indicate that the eligibility is service connect, that the bearer has received a Purple Heart, or that the bearer is a former POW.  There are also membership cards issued by various veteran’s groups, including the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Many people use their DD214 for identification.  I’ve even discovered a few shady companies that are selling cards that are designed to look official, but are just the design of that company and a way for them to make a buck off of a veteran.

None of these identifications automatically entitle you to any discounts or privileges.  Each individual business determines its own criteria for offering a discount, and each individual business determines to whom it is going to offer a discount.  Some generous companies offer discounts to all military and veterans, and other require that you fit into a certain category in order to receive a discount.  It never hurts to ask, but remember – these companies do not have to offer a discount, and if everyone complains about it, they’ll probably stop!

If anyone else has other useful information to add in the comments, please do.  We can all learn together.

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Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.

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  1. Does Menards (a mid-west home improvement chain) have a corporate policy about givng a military discount? I have received a dicount at one store but not at others.

  2. Lowes and Home Depot give people with a current military identification card a 10% discount on all purchases.

  3. Movie Lover :) | August 25, 2011 at 5:10 pm |

    Harkins Movie Theaters (Southwest) does offer military discount, however AMC does not.

  4. Foot locker gives 20% discount to military and veterans with id

  5. "Home Depot" stores in the New York City are gives all active duty or
    retired military veterans at ten percent (10%) discount on all purchases.
    I have been there many times (Posted Thursday August 25, 2011)
    Bob Mack.

  6. Retired Navy | August 25, 2011 at 5:30 pm |

    It is all about asking each and every time you visit somewhere or go out to eat, in order to get the discount. I was just in Ryan's Restaurant the other night and the manager gave me 15% off my entire ticket. I probably get some type of military discount at over 85% of the businesses I frequent.

  7. Lowe's gives you a discount everytime you check out, all you have to do is show your ID card.

  8. Lowes and Home Depot both give 10% to any vet or person with an ID (active and reserve). Additionally in Pensacola I got an additional 10% (double dip) from Home Depot on Memorial and Veterans day – but, I did have to ask and used a bit of cajoling to make it happen. Used the sales person to effect one 10% discount and a manager at the checkout desk to get an additional one. Worth a try on large appliances especially.

    Retired USN

  9. Retired USAF | August 25, 2011 at 5:54 pm |

    Lowe's gives me a discount every time. All I do is show my ID card

  10. Paul If you are 100% Permanent and total you can get a ID military


  12. Dale Olmstead | August 25, 2011 at 6:53 pm |

    This past March 2011, VA gave me 100% total-permenant-service connected disability for PTSD from 9 Dec 1963 Sasebo, Japan.
    Where do I get ID Military Card?

  13. COHOON

  14. Lowes said they would rather look at my VA ID card than the USAF Retired ID Card, because, with the nearest base 110 miles away, they are more used to seeing the VA cards.

  15. Lowes in Redding, CA

  16. Did you know you can get a Department of Defense card if you are a 100% disabled veteran?? This is true!! You have MWR, Commissary and Exchange privileges. I found this out after many years of being 100% disabled veteran. This information was in the VA booklet. There are so many benefits that we have, that nobody tells us about!! Check online or ask someone so you can find out what benefits you have!! Also different states offer different benefits, it's worth it to check it out!

  17. In Texas, if you are a Disable Vet and drawing 100% pay, you don’t pay any School and Prop. Tax.

  18. For those of you with kids (and those still young enough to shop there) Aeropostale gives a 10% discount with military ID.

  19. Spencer's gives a 10% military discount, as long as you show ID. My husband is in the Reserves and he's gotten the discount before.

  20. AF Retired-100 total DAV
    Don't forget the senior discount at some stores, including fast food places at some, but not all. You have to ask and show ID. Mickey D's for one will not. Some stores only on softdrinks.
    I've even got the Mil discount on Lowe's 10% sale items, which equals 20% off. You have to talk to the store manager to get the override.
    The key words are-ASK and TELL. They, store will not volunteer the info.

  21. USAF(ret).
    Not just for military, but for Seniors, as young as 50, but mostly for 55+

  22. Thomas Ridley | August 27, 2011 at 6:00 pm |

    Is Help For legal? They offer a non photo ID, which they says is so that you don't have to carry your DD 214. If you want to research it:

    Regional Office: P.O. Box 299 South Station
    Fall River, MA

  23. For Ohio and other Giant Eagle states here is a trick… Use your bank card to buy Giant Eagle gift card, Use the gift card to buy from Home Depot, and wait for things on sale. The Bank Card gets you 1, 2, or 4%- the Giant Eagle gift card get you discounts on gas- Home depot gives us 10% discount- and buy when things are on sale for another 10%!

  24. Bass Pro Shops will give you a 10% discount with your ID card as well.

  25. I have recieved discounts at lowes no problems, I have, so far not used at home depot because lowes is just 5 minutes from home.

  26. I've gotten a 10% military discount at cabela's with ID. In Texas the super combo hunting license is free to active and reserve military, as well as the CHL.

  27. Patricia Williams | August 29, 2011 at 3:20 pm |

    The spouse of a 100% DV is eligible for Tricare Health Insurance, education benefits as well as the children of the Vet. Call or visit your local Veterans affairs office to get all that you are entitiled to.

  28. I can not get an Vet's I D card from the VA Hospital for they say my wife makes to much money. All I wanted was and ID card for Lowes and Home Depot. They tell me they you have to have one with your picture own it.

    PS Can anyone help?

    Thank You

  29. Mike Girdler | August 29, 2011 at 3:51 pm |

    If you live in KY and are over 50%, VA service connected ask for a letter from regional VA office. Submit to KY Fish and Wildlife to acquire a disabled veterans card lets you get a combined yearly hunting and fishing license for only $5.00.

  30. Veterans rated 100% service connected P & T can get a letter from VA and get a MWR military ID card. It is acutally an active military ID card for "100% P & T disabled veterans" and veterans can use it to get discounts on and off post.

  31. Most retail outlets offer active military members and retirees a 10-15% discount off all purchases. Others, such as Sketchers offer a 20% discount. All one needs to show is a valid Active or Retired Military ID Card.

  32. ASK and you will usually receive, that is my motto. I know that IHOP will give a 15% discount for those with a military ID and many other restaurants will also, but you have to ask, they will NOT volunteer the info. I was not aware that Cabela's or Bass Pro Shop offered the discount, but will check the next time I visit one.

  33. Stay away from Targets they do not honor veterans or seniors, will not allow bell ringing at Christmas ,but supports the gay movement

  34. Buddy Grantham | August 29, 2011 at 4:39 pm |

    Effective September 1st, 2011, the State of Texas will put the word "Veteran" on the drivers license of honorably discharged veterans. That way you have a photo ID instead of showing a DD 214 for discounts.

  35. Oklahoma will tag 2 vehicles per year for Veteran for free. You just need to get a form from OKC for tag office to fill out when you get your tags.

  36. moonbeamagain | August 29, 2011 at 4:50 pm |

    DAV offers a 10% discount, except for stuff that is on sale.

  37. To get a military ID, you can go to any military base (call ahead) and bring you DD 214. I get mine in Green Bay Wisconsin at the Navy, Marine Corp reserve center.

  38. As of July 12, 2011 the State of Florida also will put the letter V by your picture on your Florida Drivers License. Just show a copy of your DD214. For veterans

  39. i live near waco, tx., i have a VA status of unemployable and am considered 100% disabled. i have found that retailer in one city will honor, or give you a discount if you ask, but the same retailer or store in another close by city will not, even if you ask. it seems to vary from city to city. as stated in a comment previously posted by someone, "you have to ask". some places will discount you and others won't. it never hurts to ask, all they can say is no. you never know the next time you go there, they may say yes!

  40. If you qualify as "disabled" by the military(any percentage) or by SSDI, you are eligible for a free lifetime pass to ALL National Parks and Federal Lands. It's called an Interagency Pass that is issued by the US Forest Service.

  41. IC Hotel Group, aka Holiday Inn, etc., no longer allows military discount if you are not active duty. check the fine print while making reservations! a few other places still do, but most do not. BEWARE!

  42. Home Depot in PA has recently revoked giving military the 10% discount.
    I will take my business to Lowes from now on

  43. JOSEPH J ELPS | August 29, 2011 at 7:59 pm |

    I don't think Lowe's or Home Depot actively promote the 10% discount,This offering is a patriotic gesture and should be posted at each POS (Point of Sale).
    I make it a point to announce my Veteran Status not only for the discount but because I am proud of my service and also that of my two sons,one of which is in the USMC , presently on his 2nd tour in Afghanistan.

  44. Lowes in Owensboro Ky. gives 10% off when I present my retirement card,so I always use Lowes.

  45. I was once told by a clerk that saw my id and said "is there something you want to ask me?" I was confused until she said I saw you have a military ID is there something you want to ask me. I said, uh do you have a military discount? She said yes 10%, but even if you look like active duty we are not allowed to ask.

  46. Jim in South Philly | August 29, 2011 at 9:56 pm |

    I never knew that Lowe's OR Home Depot offered a military discount at all. As Jennifer said earlier, they do NOT publicize it. I also learned a few years ago that Pep Boys also offers a 10% discount to all active duty and retirees, but what I just learned as recently as last week, they apparently chaged their corporate policy and only offer this discount on tuesday, wednesday, & thursday. I was not happy when they told me this, but as I read in this article, I didn't argue the point, it was only a few dollars and if any of us eligibles compalin, they could discontinue the entire program and we won't get anything from them.

  47. Old Navy gives a 10% discount to active or retired ID holders on Tuesdays.

  48. Arthur Johns | August 29, 2011 at 11:30 pm |

    In South Carolina Lowe's and Home Depot give veterans a 10% discount. Show your military ID card.

  49. Denny’s gives 20% w/military ID everytime just ask…

  50. I make a lot of purchases online and I always email before I buy to see if veterans discounts are available. If they tell me no than I usually don't purchase from them. During some recent firearm purchases I found several companies that off some very substantial discounts to veteran. One such company in Fort Worth offers discounts up to 25%. Guess where I am going to send my money!

  51. sam north of Philly | August 30, 2011 at 1:26 am |

    Not to be a party pooper, but just to clearify, is asking or accepting these options "using official position for personnal gain"? Just asking because Sears did a program years ago for families of deployed service members, and Sears was asked to discontinue the program because of this.
    Not wanting to stir a hornets nest just asking for clearification.

  52. I wrote to Menards corporation and ask why no discount while the Lowes and Home Depots have always given me one. The store was located within 2 miles of Offutrt AFB. The store offer me a comment card and i use that to register a comment about giving discounts and why not. My reply was that they would run it up the flag pole and see what they if they could. My answer was not what I expected because no reason was given. I only go to lowes and home Depot now and I have save alot, the taxes here 7.5%. That discount pays the taxes and leaves me 2.5%.

  53. My husband recently went to our local Tires Plus store in Florida in uniform to get a tire repaired. He came home with a repaired tire, FREE of charge! $23 service – free, oh, & a “Thank you for your service.” to boot.

  54. Enter text right here! T-mobile will give you 20% off of your MONTHLY bill. I've been with them for years and just found that out a little while ago. You have to have an ID and show them–they won't tell you about it.

  55. Here in South Florida:
    Lowes and Home Depot = 10%
    Khol's = 15%
    Chik-Fil-A = about half off of a combo meal
    Aeropostale = 10%
    Jiffy Lube = 10%
    Panda Express = 10%
    But it varies in different cities, some gives discount with uniform on or just the ID. Just ask for it.

  56. sprint also gives anyone with a dod id card 15%discount on every cell plan except basic

  57. william hall | August 30, 2011 at 8:53 am |

    Anyone around the FT. Knox area with a retired or military Id gets a 10% discount at most businesses.

  58. We recently vacationed in Gatlinburg, TN and were astounded at the fabulous military discounts at every corner. We were discounted at Ripley's Aquarium, miniature golf, our cabin, food establishments, every outing. The discounts were quite generous too….for example, we got into the Aquarium for $5 each instead of 23.00 each, miniature golf was half price too! Definitely a place to consider if you want to save money on the outings!

  59. Hey, folks there are several places that give discounts but you have to have active duty or retired ID. I can speak only for the places in Texas, oh yeah and you have to ask because they don’t advertise. i.e. Lowe’s 10%, Home Depot 10%, Autozone 10%, Denny’s (normally 10%), there are others. Just ask everywhere you go.

    Now I am Texas vet 40% disabled, can I get a VAC card folks are talking about?

  60. "Veteran's Advantage" ID cards get you bigger discounts on hotels and Amtrak then a genuine government ID card. It makes me sick and I wish Congress would review their business practices.


  62. Best Buy also gives military discounts. They do not give you discounts on items that are on sale! It never hurts to ask any business if they give discounts to the military, the worst that could happen is that they say "NO"! I bought furniture from a company that offered discounts to the fire dept and police dept advertised in the newspaper. I asked if he could do the same for me? He did and in the next advertisement he added mititary. So it doesn't hurt to ask.

  63. The last comment I wrote should read he added Military not mititary!

  64. Richard Fawkes | August 30, 2011 at 10:47 am |

    Hardys gives 10 % on entire bill if you have family with you with ID. Have not been to Dennys lately, but they used to give 10 % as well. On vets day, all vets eat free at several dining establishments, Applebees, and others.

  65. Lowes and Home Depot here in the DFW, TX area give a 10% discount to active duty, retirees, and veterans with VA ID cards. So someone like myself who left the Navy with disability separation at 9 years of service can get the discount because my VA card shows I'm Service Connected disabled.

  66. sandy griffin | August 30, 2011 at 11:38 am |

    K-mars t in va beach va offers 10% discount on Tuesdays for active and retired vets.

  67. O'Reilly gives one also. Just ask and show ID military card, not VA card from whT i'VE SEEN.

  68. In Oklahona there are many discounts, I ask everywhere I go. As you have seen Lowes and Home Depot are great. Quiznos is hit and miss so is Subway just ask. At out new outlet mall several stores are giving military discounts. Tinsel Town and Harkins movies both give discounts. Don't forget both Denny's and IHOP….yes I like eating out at restaraunts a lot.

  69. IHOP, that is, International House Of Pancakes, gives 20% off, just show your ID.

  70. DirectorRonayne | August 30, 2011 at 4:24 pm |

    Don't forget your local County Veterans Service Agency or your States equivilant. Our County issues a resident Veterans ID Card that is acceptable to participating merchants in our County's Veterans Discount Program. We have learned that alot of vets who have not enrolled at VA can use this card with the same result.

  71. In Ohio, when you renew your driver's license take your DD214. They will put a symbol on your license that shows you are a vet.

  72. Female RN retired | August 30, 2011 at 8:54 pm |

    Wendy's gives everyday 10% discount….

  73. There are a lot of benefites when you are rated 100% total and permanet. The key is total and permanet. Your spouse and children (under 21) can go to college or a trade school and the VA will pay for the school. You do not have to pay property tax on your house. In florida you can renew your driver licenses for free. You can get a fising or hunting license for free. The best site is" military benefites" and your present state where you live. The benefites are a little different from state to state.

  74. Leslies Pools hear in Arizona gives discounts to military and retired personal.

  75. William Barth | August 31, 2011 at 12:25 am |

    Most states offer a DAV license plate if you are 100% service connected. You can get your I.D. Card at any military base or Reserve center that has a full time personnel clerk. You will most likely need a copy of your 214 a copy of your awards letter and a letter from the regional VA Office stating that you are 100% and eligible for an I.D. card. You are then authorized PX/BX and Commisary priviledges and clothing sales, 4 seasons if there are any of those still around and on post vendors. Plus a host of other state level disabled veteran benefits. Check with your state or county service officer,or your nearest DAV, VFW, AL,VVA service officer for more information.

  76. IHOP gives a 20% discount for the Military. You need to present I.D. card.

  77. EVERY STATE IS DIFFERENT–at this page, go to the top under benefits, go to veterans benefits, go to the state list: OKLAHOMA IS THE BEST!!! I am 100% service connected, and don't pay property tax, get cheap car tags (2), pay no excise tax on a new car (once in a 3 year period), and BEST OF ALL–I get a tax exempt card, so pay no state or fed income tax when I make purchases. The state was having a hard time getting little businesses to give that one, so they passed another law that makes it really hard if a business doesn't comply, Some businesses make it easy–you get a card from walmart that you use at the register…it is so easy…
    Your local office will give you the forms for the ID Cards. I have one that gives me the commissary and all, even the hotel discounts….then national chains give me all the discounts active and reservists get.

  78. oops–not income tax above—SALES TAX

  79. Texas offers a free specialty license plate that grants free parking statewide (airports!) to these folks: Disabled Veterans, Medal of Honor, POW, Pearl Harbor survivor, Purple Heart, Legion of Valor (service crosses), & Legion of Merit. I'm not sure what percent is required for the disabled vet plate but I have a Legion of Merit and love free parking at airports. Google VTR-427 for details.

  80. Alaska Railway offers 20% discounts for those holding military ID cards. Check for details.

  81. I live in Colorado…100% service-connected DAV is exempted from 50% school and prpropety tax, $0 auto registration fees, life time hunting & fishing license and more. Also, service-connected vets are eligiable for free national park pass…some states offer free state park pass.
    For DAV state fee exemptions, check your state's web page…google (your state) veterans benefits.

  82. I live in Oregon. I got a Dept of Defense/Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card, DD Form 2765, after I got a certain percentage of disability thru the Dept of Veterans Affairs. My husband got one also, as my spouse. This card entitles us free access to ALL National campgrounds, parks, etc., and gives us discounts at any store, zoo, park, theatre, etc., that wants verification of military service. It has come to a point, within our nation, where most all places WILL give a discount to veterans and military personnel alike.

  83. In Wisconsin your college tuition is paid for 128 hours or 8 semesters whichever works to your advantage. All you have to do is talk to the vet reps they will fill out the paperwork. It is sent to the state to be approved then it is sent to the school. only proof you need is dd214. they will tell you what else you need there are a few other things you have to bring but no other military information.

  84. Both Lowes and Home Depot have a CORPORATE discount policy for military and veterans. It should be 10% EVERY purchase. If you ask for the discount and the clerk knows ‘nothing’ about it, ask to see the store or duty manager. If the duty manager professes to know nothing about it or state ‘we only do that on certain holiday’s make note of the store (on your receipt) and contact coporate via the WWW.

    Also, when shopping your favorite point of sale, ASK if they have a military discount. Many Stores, fast food establishments like Subway, hotels & motels car rental agencies and the like may not advertise them but will award them if you ask.

  85. Home Depots in Pennsylvania only give the 10% discount on certain holidays. They used to give it all the time with your ID card but I've been rebuked at several stores in the Philadelphia area recently as they tell me their policy has changed to certain holidays only.

  86. When I go to Home Depot in Creescent City Ca. I get the 10% plus I show my Trible card and pay no tax.

  87. In Delaware , the DMV provides a Veterans I.D. card with one's drivers' license picture and service branch on it free of charge . I presented discharge papers and Delaware Drivers license and had my card in 10 minutes. The idea is to have a standard card with no SSN's or personal info exposed . I was told at H.D. that its the only Veteran I.D. they'll accept in Delaware . I recently used it for power washer and appliance purchases at H.D. and Lowes . Other states should follow suit because this is a winner . Restraunts such as Lone Star take 20% off on Mon and 10% other times and with the card its so simple to ask and verify one's veteran status .

  88. North Carolina will begin having a veterans and an active duty designation on driver's licenses by July 2012. HOUSE BILL 159 was signed into law in April and you can google it for the specifics.

  89. donald warner | October 15, 2011 at 9:39 am |

    I was in the Navy from feb1969 to dec 1972. was not in war time areas, have no wartime injurys or collecting any health benefits. why can't us type of veterans get a vic?

  90. Yesterday 11/18/2011, I went into my local Homedepot in Overland Park,KS,
    made my purchase and went to pay asking for my military diecount and showing them my Dog Tag ,which has always been accepted in the past..
    The clerk did honor my Dog Tag but told me there is a change which goes into effect next month and the change is on there Web Site.

    The problem I have is I served six years in the Army National Guard, was Honorably discharged in 1966, but can not get an ID card.

  91. concerning eligibility…my husband served and was discharged honorably during the Korean war (1952-1956). He has, thankfully, no service connected injuries. Is he eligible for a Valid Military ID card? Thanks for information and thanks to all who have served and continue to serve this country.

  92. Any good Veterans tax or DMV breaks in NJ?

  93. bigblocksglass | June 18, 2012 at 11:21 pm |

    For those of you living in SE Michigan please note the we offers a 5% discount on installations to any veteran, 365 days a year. Proof of service is required

  94. Mike Scott | July 9, 2012 at 7:44 pm |

    At the V.A.. clinic they told me I could get a 10 percent discount for showing this veteran card that I have. I have done it in the past, but today when I showed it they said it needs to have service related disability on it or no discount. That meant from her 100 percent disability. Being shot doesn't count or being an ex-paratrooper and state trooper. :)

  95. I heard that 100% disabled vets and their beneficiaries are entitled to free city parking, including airport parking. Is this true or does anyone know about this? I am in Houston, TX. Thanks!

  96. New England Home Depots require you to register and then get coupons via email. Why? Are they collecting this information for a reason? Lowes just looks at your ID and you're good to go.

  97. My husband is 100% disabled with PTSD, the problem that I have is that I don't have an military ID, He never goes into any store or very seldom leaves the house. even if I take his ID with me they won't give me the discount they say that he has to be with me, how can I get some form of military ID that will show lthat I am his spouse/

  98. I went to the Delaware DMV and got a Veterans ID card (with picture). Lowes (at least the one in Newark, DE) does not accept this card as valid Vet ID . They had copies at the register of the ID's they would accept but they were photocopies and so small you could not read who issued them.

  99. zammervillle | October 12, 2012 at 1:32 pm |

    need to check alot of places here in oklahoma give discounts to military personal but think they are giving all vets a discount they are a little confussed about military and veterans discounts are .because to get a military id here you have to be 100% so not alot of vets can get a military id they have the va card or copies of there dd214 and company's don't know enough just ask around …and yea go navy go army go marines go airforce and even go coast gaurd ….

  100. I am a Veteran who is currently out of work….close to bieng homeless, with 3 boys and very low on food. I know the basics of where to go for small bags of food, which keeps me hanging on throughout the week.

    I went back at 50, last year and completed my Bachelor's Degree, however, have not found anything in over 5 months. I know there are certain programs out there, however, I cannot seem to locate them. All those years I gave and gave, donated and donated, and now that it's my time in need of assistance, I feel so low and disgraced, and have a hard time putting my hand out….Right now I am in need of Programs……especially any programs that will assist me in presents for my boys, 7, 9 and 14 for this comming Christmas. I am even willing to be Santa for Christmas Eve just to bring in some extra money for them. Please, if anyone knows of any means of assistance, please email me and let me know. I would have put a number down but had to stop payment due to putting the money elsewhere, where it's needed. and thanks

  101. Again, if anyone knows of any assistance programs for toys that I can look intyo for my boys……please email me @

    thanks a million

  102. Are these discounts for veterans rated at 100% disability only? What about those of us stuck at 20% ? Does "disabled" mean disabled to any degree?

    And is there a complied list anywhere?

  103. does any inter net provider give a discount ??

  104. I am totally aggravated by this whole program. A Veteran is a Veteran. If you have a valid discharge papers, why do you have to go through getting veteran's id card. Not all Veterans were disabled. So if you
    back in one piece and were in a war for 4 years, you are not entitled to a 10% discount. It is all about the bonuses that the store manager will lose, that is why some allow the discounts and not others. I know, because I have a relative that works for Lowe's.

  105. My father was in 20 years with the Navy, and has passed away. Can I get an ID ?

  106. So far I have always received a 10% military discount from Lowe's. Recently I have been shopping at Home Depot and have "Not" received a 10% military discount on my lumber purchases.

    I buy quite a bit of lumber throughout the year, so since Lowe's gives me a military for my lumber purchases and Home Depot "Does Not" I'll have to purchase my lumber from Lowe's.

    And yes I qualify for the military discount.

  107. how does a veteran get a Military ID card to use for discounts at some of these places that offer them?
    Wife of a veteran

  108. Jimmie Sisco | June 23, 2013 at 11:50 pm |

    how can I get my veterans I D card?

  109. It appears to be a slight misunderstanding at some stores especially Lowes in Houston. At the checkout there is a book of acceptable identification necessary to receive the discount. The identification that I observed is official active duty ID's. Therefore the cards issued by commercial outlets will not work. Accordingly a DD form 214 will not work in that there is not picture on the document.

  110. Augusto Crespo | August 27, 2013 at 11:31 pm |

    I am a veteran and proudly served in Vietnamese. Thank God I am not connected to the service, and not depend on government aid. And I could overcome the stigma of veteran. It is sad to see how our heroes are divided by Home Depot into two categories: 10% Vets and I'm sorry Vets. Heroes are all, we deserve our respect and dignity exhorted not to sponsor Home Depot.

  111. How can Lowe's or Home Depot offer a veteran discount and then deny it to veterans of past wars. I was told by an employee of Home Depot in Buford, Ga that I had to have a VA issued id card. They don't issue an ID card unless you are in for other services such as medical or disability. If that is the case, they are not giving veteran discounts, they are giving medical or disability discounts for those veterans only. They should make their policy clear.

  112. So we have to carry a full copy of our DD-214 folded in our wallet, instead of getting a credit card size of ID….right?

  113. My husband is 65 and retiring. He is a veteran of the navy. I do we get the the discount vic or vac i heard about.

    Also is there any kind of discount on our real estate taxes due to the fact he is a veteran?

  114. In reference to acquiring a Veterans Identification Card, my local veterans center told me I can get one from any military base. My nearest military base informed me that they only issue a VIC to 100% disabled veterans and 20 year retirees. The lady I spoke with mentioned that I could get a Veterans designation on my New York State Drivers License. I went to NYDMV today with my DD214 and they charged me $12.50 to generate a new drivers license with the veterans designation, which I'll receive in about two weeks. I hope this will help me when I need to show that I'm a veteran of the armed forces of the United States of America.

  115. Veterans should not use their government issued ID just to get a retail discount. Active duty and veterans have the highest rates of fraud and ID theft in the country according to a recent VA study since these id's can easily be mishandled by employees. For example, a smart phone with a scanner can grab the social security number that the VA ID has imbedded in a second. Any company that requires a government ID for their military discounts are just hurting vets. Vets should get the VetRewards Card, the only military ID that protects veterans privacy on Veterans It is rated A+ by BBB and run by veterans. There are top companies that advertise that they accept the card for their military discounts, but lots of other businesses take it if you just show it.

  116. bennie coleman | April 10, 2014 at 4:56 pm |

    Why aren't all vets given the discount–NOT JUST ACTIVE AND RESERVE–we all served and have honorable discharges and have dod cards to prove it.???

  117. chuck wilson | August 19, 2014 at 7:12 pm |

    why can't veterans get a picture ID card? I served in the Korean War and do not need any VA Hospitals services as I pay my own insurance, Kowes will not give you a discount without a picture ID -the DD214 is not good enough

  118. Bill Nightingale | September 14, 2014 at 1:38 pm |

    Check your state drivers license offices – Florida has a program where you take your DD-214 into the office and a "blue V" is added to your drivers license down toward the lower right corner – they make a digital copy of the DD-214 = Lowe's accepts this as a veteran ID card

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