Dual Military BAH

Dual Military BAH Mil-to-Mil Basic Allowance for Housing

When you have two military members married to each other, the rules regarding Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) can get a little confusing.  There is one general rule, but then there are all sorts of variations depending on variables.

In general, dual military couples without dependents each receive their respective BAH.  In dual military families with dependents, the higher ranking service member receives BAH at the with-dependent rate and the lower ranking service member receives BAH at the without-dependent rate.

And then there are the variations.

Not Co-Located

If dual military service members are not stationed together, and they do not have dependents, they will be treated as a single service member for purposes of BAH.  This means that if the other “single” people in their unit, of the same rank, are eligible for BAH, they are eligible for BAH.  If the other “single” people in their unit, of the same rank, are not authorized BAH, they are not automatically authorized BAH.  They can, of course, always request BAH from the command.  The results may vary. If dual military service members are not stationed together, and one service member is residing in the barracks, the other service member will continue to receive BAH at the appropriate rate.

If there are dependents, the with-dependent rate will be given for the location at which the dependents are residing.  In the unlikely event that there are dependents residing at each location, each service member would be authorized BAH at the with-dependents rate.  Be sure to carefully document this situation – it is likely to cause questions and confusion.

Living in Military Housing

When a dual military couple resides in military housing (government-owned or PPV), the BAH of the senior service member should be forfeited as payment for the housing.  The lesser BAH remains for the family’s use.

I’m sure there are some situations that I didn’t think about…let me know and we’ll figure it out!

Note:  All this stuff is listed in the Joint Federal Travel Regulations, Chapter 10:  Housing Allowances, Part C:  Member Married To Member.  There’s a lengthy chart that lays out pretty much every single possible combination.

About the Author

Kate Horrell
Kate Horrell is a military financial coach, mom of four teens, and Navy spouse. She has a background in taxes and mortgage banking, and a trove of experience helping other military families with their money. Follow her on twitter @realKateHorrell.
  • Chuck

    If the married couple shares the same duty station do they both still recieve their respective BAH? Thanks-

    • Elena

      What if the lower ranking spouse is in bct and the higher ranking is back home will the spouse in bct receive the single rate bah ?

      • KateKashman

        Elena, new servicemembers in BCT do not receive BAH unless they have dependents that are not claimed by someone else. f the couple in your question has no other dependents, the servicemember not in BCT will receive BAH at the without dependents rate and the servicemember in BCT will not receive BAH. I If the couple in your question has dependents, other than the two servicemembers who are not dependents, then the servicemember not in BCT will receive BAH at the with dependents rate and the servicemember in BCT will not receive BAH.

        Hope that helps.

    • rico butler

      me and my wife are both in the navy and i just reported to my duty station on the 28th of dec. and i was doing my check in and i am a e-3 and so is my wife. we have been married since september and they are saying that my wife can get bah but shes at a different duty station neither of us have children and they are saying i cant get the bah because of local instruction on a army base and i am in the navy so. what can i do? do i need to route a chit even though big navy is saying am entitled despite what army says? it shouldnt make a difference i follow navy instruction right? not army

    • Christopher McPherson

      I have been in the military 9 years. I have conflicts with many leaders because in my entire BN, I have been cheated out of BAH/BAS, is there a regulation that clearly state that I am entitled to BAH/BAS regardless of were me and my wife (dual-military) are? I been so far put in the barracks ever since July 2012 and I can’t provide for my family. I would appreciate some input.

      • KateKashman

        There is an entire part of the Joint Federal Travel Regulations devoted to BAH for dual military couples. It is Chapter 10 Part C. http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/Docs/perdiem/JFT… Without knowing all your details, I can’t tell you what the answer is for your situation, but you should be able to find it in the JTFR.

      • Joe

        If you’re dual military spouse isn’t with you it’s up to you’re 1SG and CO’s discretion rather or not to allow you BAH. For instance, my wife who is in Hawaii has to stay in the barracks, but myself, who is in Ft. Bliss has to get a place off post or on post. honestly, it’s a post policy though and not a regulation.

      • Joe

        “Geographical bachelor”

  • KateKashman

    Chuck, if a married couple shares the same duty station, and is not overseas, they will both continue to receive BAH. If there are no dependents, they will each receive the “without dependents” rate. If there are dependents, one will receive the “with dependents” rate. By default, the “with dependents” rate goes to the more senior service member unless the couple elects otherwise.

    As always, there are odd exceptions, but basically, yes.

    • Kara Myers

      What if one member is Air Force and the other is Navy assigned to a submarine? We are both El soon to be E4. SSome people tell us we should be able to receive the single rate BAH and others are telling us we will only receive the my Air Force single rate BAH. I would like to know if there are any regulations out there that state what we should receive.

    • stangalang1

      Does this apply to the BAS as well for both members? My fiance and I are both active Army. Thanks!

      • KateKashman

        Hi Stangalang,

        BAS is for the servicemember, and it is not based on dependent status.

        Congratulations to you.

    • RJD

      Kate, what if a dual military couple gets divorced and has two kids…can they each claim one child as a dependent? Is there a regulation you can point me to? No one can seem to find one… Thank you so much for your help.

    • Ryan Rogers

      I’m not sure if this forum is still checked. My question is; I am on active duty married with children. My wife is joining the reserves. While she is in training will she recieve and housing allowance?

      • KateKashman

        Ryan, your wife will not receive a housing allowance while in training because she will be receiving housing at that time. Once she finishes training, she will receive a housing allowance whenever she is activated on active duty orders.

  • Danielle

    What happens if one of the married persons deploy? is their BAH forfeited for the deployed time?

    • KateKashman

      Danielle, good question. In general (again!), a deployed service member continues to receive BAH if they were receiving BAH at their permanent duty station prior to the deployment orders. However, because the word “deployment” does not have any single meaning, there are always individual details that can change the way that BAH is calculated. For a specific set of orders, you would need to check with finance to see, and then double check to make sure they are right.

      For one crazy example, my husband had orders that sent him to months of training, followed by a year deployment. He was entitled to BAH at the rate of his assigned duty station (not where we lived) for the months of training, but when he actually left, he was entitled to BAH for the location of his dependents. It was some wangling to figure that all out, but eventually they got it right.

      I can’t actually think of any situations where BAH would be forfeited entirely, but I’m sure there must be some exceptions. (Maybe when you are actually being given orders to the “deployment” location?)

      • nick

        is there a regulation or something that you are getting these variations about BAH?

  • nick

    is there a regulation or something that you are getting these variations from???????

    • KateKashman

      There are two good references for BAH regulations. One is the BAH Frequently Asked Questions page at http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/faqbah.cfm. The other is the Joint Federal Travel Regulations, Volume I, Chapter 10, Part C: http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/Docs/perdiem/JFT

      Hope this helps.

      • nick

        Please read. AR 420-1 which supersedes any JFTR. It simply states “Dual military assigned to different installations, are housed as single Soldiers. This status does not qualify as a geographical bachelor.”

        • SGT DaveC

          You are wrong. Ar 420-1 doesnt supercede the JFTR. It is, in fact, governed by the JFTR.

      • Dan

        This is the regulation. It appears clear as MUD. Read the last line, I copied this from the reg itself

        C. Member Married to Member. Unless par. U10428-B above applies, an RC member married to another member on active duty, without dependents, not assigned to GOV’T QTRS, is authorized the Reserve rate at the without-dependents rate, when called to active duty for fewer than 30 days. For such an RC member on active duty for more than 30 days, each member is authorized BAH/OHA at the without-dependent rate. If such a member has dependents, BAH/OHA is paid as for an active duty member.

      • alex

        what if me and wife got married while on her tour in korea, i am stationed state side and currently do not live in the barracks , she does live in the barracks she has orders here should i be getting bah ?

        • Kate

          If you are not co-located, you are treated as single for purposes of BAH. Your eligibility for BAH is based upon your command or installation’s rules for BAH for single soldiers. Once your wife arrives, then you will fall under the rules for co-located dual military, and you should each receive BAH at the without dependents rate.

  • Samuel

    I am dual military, my wife is a SSG and an a SPC, we are stationed at different posts in Korea. we dont get FSH and we both stay in the barracks so no BAH per say.
    Now I just got orders to APG while my wife still has until january to know where she will be going although we are in the MACP….Will I be allowed to stay off post at my next duty station even though we have no dependents and at this point do we get FSH?

  • melissa

    someone help me here. I am married to a soldier but I am not military. I have been receiving BAH in NJ while my husband was deployeed. He is now back in the states and stationed in Kentucky. He says I will now lose my BAH and it will only go to him in Kentucky and I have to relocate. My issue is, he only has 11 months in the service remaining. Why should I quit my jon and relocate? But if I do not, I lose my housing money and end up homeless anyway?

    • Summer T.

      Your husband should inquire with his company if he would be able to reside in the barracks until his ETS date. He will only get BAH for Kentucky, not NJ, but if he stays in the barracks then he can still send you the BAH to pay the rent until he gets home. You never now unless you ask and depending on his unit they may be just fine with this. Hubby might not like it too much, but you are right, there’s no sense in quitting your job and moving if he has a short time left.

      • Jaie

        Your husband can request to the Department of the Army to get a BAH exception to Policy. I have seen a couple of requests get approved for folks in your situation such as your job and the fact that you dont want to quit. I am a HR veteran who retired after 24 years of military service in 2009. Now, I am a DOD civilian working as HR in Seoul for the U.S Army.

    • SammyJo

      Melissa you never received BAH your husband did based on your location. His BAH will change to the KY rate. As there is no restrictions you are “expected” to move with him. Don’t move. He should ask for on post barracks and ask that the BAH rate remain in NJ. If he can not get barracks space, he should suck it up and only rent a room to save some money. You may be out of pocket some money. However the tax free income and extra allowances he saved while deployed can be frugally spent to get by. Don’t let him buy that fancy new truck he was planning to by :-)

    • serenity

      you can always call his chain of command. Military states spouse is in titled to 2/3 BAH. Sounds like you have bigger marital problems than BAH anyway tho. good luck

    • Sgt Abner

      The money automatically goes to him but because he is deployed and does not need the money it would go to you. But since he is back in the states it is rightfully his and you fall under him. If you choose not to go for Job reasons and all that it is your choice but you would have to support your own

  • chanel

    my husband is a marine with a dependent and im in the navy with no dependents. he is goin to afghanistan, so does he get seperation pay and BAH, and do i still get full BAH??

    • Summer T.

      He should get sep pay and whatever BAH he’s getting now. You being active duty will also get what you’ve been getting. Typically, allowances remain the same during deployment except for the special duty pay he may be entitled to.

      • Nick

        You will nlt recieve sep pay if you were stationed together before he deployed

        • Nick


  • Nicole

    Okay I have a question. My husband is stationed here in Hawai’i and he is going to deploy in September. I will be leaving to boot camp in October. I wanted to know while I am in boot camp and he is deployed do we both still receive single BAH. I have many friend here that are dual military that they both receive single BAH but they both were already in the Navy when they got married, and no one knows the answer to this question. I hope someone can help me or tell me where to find my answer. Thank you

    • dawn

      I am dual mil as well. I joined first then my husband a few months after me. I went to remove him as a dependent because he was active. they told me they do it automatically(they lied) After a school before going to japan i had found out they never stopped paying me for him and owe the navy. make sure they take you off as a dependent or tell him to go take you off the day you leave so you have no money issues. unless you have a child you should not be receiving bah while in bootcamp or a school you should not receive it until your first real command, and that is if you live off base. he needs to talk to his admin department to ask about his bah because he might not be entitled to it anymore because you are no longer a dependent. you are the reason he is entitled bah for that area while he is deployed. I also suggest you doing more research and going to talk to the psd in hawaii to ask them and get more valid answers. and always ask for the instruction information as well, so you have that to go to and read up on. People will give you wrong information, it has happened to me n my husband more times then i would like.

      • Nichole


        What was the outcome to you and your husband’s BAH situation? My husband and I are kind of going through the same situation. I joined after him, so he was collecting BAH with dependent and we thought after I joined we didn’t have to worry about anything. Apparently his page 2 was never updated to say that I became active duty, so now we have to pay back the difference between the BAH with Dep and w/o Dep, since I am no longer his dependent. Moreover, they are saying that he is only eligible to receive single BAH and I can not receive any BAH because he is currently on shore duty, as an E-5, and I am on sea duty, as an E-4. Apparently we both can not collect single BAH because I am not an E-5, or we are both not on sea duty. This is quite frustrating and I think it stinks that we are losing money, even though we are married. In the instruction it says an E-4 can run a special request chit to the CO in special circumstances, but personnel is telling me this is not considered a special circumstance. Any helpful input? Thanks!

        • KateKashman

          Nichole, are you geographically co-located, or are you stationed in different places? If you are geographically separated, then you are treated as single servicemembers for purposes of BAH. If single E-4s in your command are not authorized BAH, then neither are you. He, of course, would only get single BAH because he doesn’t have any dependents. If you are co-located, then there are a different set of questions. As I understand the rules, co-located servicemembers are authorized to live together, therefore each wold be authorized BAH at the without dependents rate. However, I am not always right.

          I am sorry this is so complicated.

          • christopher

            Kate, i am an newly advanced E-5, i was an E-4 under 4 when i submitted my chits, in the navy and i am on a ship in mayport my wife is stationed on shore duty in mayport she is an E-4. i have been back and forth with my admin about BAH she is getting single rate w/o dependants and i am not getting any. i have been married for 28 months. i have been told that i do not get BAH because she is shore duty E-4 under 4 and has never been to a ship and i am attached to a ship. neither of us have ever lived in government housing of any kind other than “A” school and i was wondering if there was any backing to this reasoning. i gave my admin a copy of my lease, marriage certificate routed a chit through my CO, updated my page 2 i dont really feel like i have any closure on this issue other than admin saying because i said so.

  • feng

    Nicole, you wont while you in government quarters unless you have your own dependant.

  • Kate

    Nicole, you won’t receive BAH while in Boot Camp unless you have a dependent who is not also your husband’s dependent.

    If your husband was authorized BAH prior to the deployment, the general rule is that he remains authorized BAH for the deployment unless he gives up the house. However, I can’t find any regulation about losing his only dependent (once you are on active duty, you are no longer his dependent.) I would ask him to double check with Finance to be sure. It’d be awful if he got a huge bill when he got home!

    • life

      that’s not true. I was in boot camp with a friend and she was receiving bah

      • Kate

        Life, if your friend was part of a dual military couple, the regulations do not authorize her BAH. She will have a debt to the government when they straighten it out.

  • peter lamar

    My wife is in the navy and I am army we both are stationed in virginia, but on different post. How would we go about getting our bah so we could live together

    • KateKashman

      Peter, you are each eligible for BAH at the without dependents rate. How you spend it is up to you – no problems living together!

      Thanks for your question.

      • Nick

        Wrong again, not stationed at the same base equals single quarters ie barracks for the army.

        • KayKay

          No Nick you’re wrong. It’s called “Joint Doimicle” and it allows married service members of different branches to live together, because they obviously won’t always be assigned to the same post.

        • KayKay

          No Nick you’re wrong. It’s called “Joint Doimicle” it allows married SM’s of different branches to live together, because they obviously won’t always be assigned to the same post.

          • DaveC

            No KayKay, you are wrong. Just because they are not at the same duty station doesnt entitle them to BAH. If the duty stations are within so many miles of each other, neither are afforded BAH. I have this exact same situation with one of my soldiers. He is Army and his wife is AF. Not even stationed within the same state, but because the duty stations are within 200 miles of each other neither of them are authorized BAH. Now, if one of them were to relocate further away then and only then would both of them be entitled to BAH at the with-out dependent rate.

  • Jenny

    When does BAH start for dual military? The day of marriage or the day of the lease

    • Summer T.

      Date of marriage. If you have no children, you will both get the BAH without dependent rate for your rank. If you have a child(ren) the higher ranked will get with dependents and the lower rank will get without dependents.

      • Ila

        What if we are both military we both have seprate dependents I own a home and pay a mogage and he is still in a lease does this not matter will one of our bhs be cut reguardless


        • Shawny

          Dakota, I would request mast past your current chain of command if they insist on not giving you back pay. They told you to keep the room despite you telling them that you don’t live there and had moved off base. You kept the room because they ordered you to, not because you needed it or wanted it. Use names, dates, witnesses, and any correspondence supporting this. You will get your back pay. They had no right to tell you to do that and now to try to make you pay for it.

      • Trayel Mobus

        I’m currently fighting for my back pay for BAH for dual military at the moment and the BAH office dated my BAH as effective 11 OCT 2012, which is the date of my wedding. However, my command is saying that they can make my BAH effective as of the first of the month for the month that my chit for single BAH was routed. Can you give me further guidance as to what in structions I need to reference in regards to when I became entitled to BAH vice authorized.

        • KateKashman

          Trayel, I suggest you become very familiar with the Joint Federal Travel Regulations. BAH rules are found in Volume I, Chapter 10. The “Member to Member” regs are found in Part C. http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/Docs/perdiem/JFT… I think your situation is clearly covered here. Good luck to you!

        • Caileigh

          My husband is active duty in the Marine Corps and I am active duty in the Navy. After we got married I had to begin my C school. He is already stationed in Hawaii on MCBH and i am to be stationed there as well, in a week i will arrive. IPAC is telling my husband that because i am in a student status that we are not going to receive back pay from when we got married. Is this true?

          • KateKashman

            Caileigh, what back pay are you asking about? Are you asking about housing allowance? Dual military couples who are not co-located are treated as single servicemembers for BAH determination. Therefore, your individual eligibility for BAH is based upon your command’s rules for BAH for single service members of the same rank. You are not eligible for BAH while you are being provided training in C school. Your husband may, or may not, be eligible for BAH depending on his command’s rules. Once you are co-located, you should both be eligible for single BAH. Does that answer your question?

          • Carla

            Speaking as a married studnt currently in a C school in the navy, that is incorrect, you can receieve BAH while in a student status.

        • Ken

          When did the dual BAH go into effect? Was is available in 2002?

  • Courtney

    My husband and I are both in the military, and being deploying. He is stationed in NC(active duty) and leaves in September, I am National Guard, deploying out of NY. He is living in barracks now and until he leaves, so will he be able to collect full BAH? As well as myself? I have been told he will not be able to because he lives in the barracks, and does not have some sort of lease.

    • Carla

      BAH is technically so he can live somewhere else, if you are maintaining barracks, then you do not receive BAH, although he should be receiving BAS

  • Mary

    i am pcsing from korea and being stationed in kansas. i am married to another service member and he is National Guard. My husband is currently in Texas while i will be going kansas. My husband will not be coming to kansas with me so will i still get BAH?…and do i have to live in the barracks?

    • Summer T.

      First it depends what your orders say. Second, if he isn’t activated, he is a dependent and therefore, unless your orders state otherwise, you should get the BAH with dependents because he is technically a civilian if not activated. If he is activated, you should still get your BAH at the w/o rate and he should get his at the w/o rate for being activated. Check with finance. Dealing with National Guard and Active duty can be a tough one. I’m active and my husband is NG as well. NG does things very backwards! lol

  • Rod

    I am in AIT. My recruiter did my paperwork for my BAH. My wife started bootcamp a month after me. She is not recieving BAH as of now. Now the Army wants to take back my BAH and the money from me because my wife is in AIT can they do that?

    • KateKashman

      Rod, unless you have other dependents, you lost your BAH eligibility when your wife entered boot camp. BAH is authorized for you during your training to support your dependents. Once your wife enlisted, she was no longer your dependent and you were no longer authorized BAH.

      If you have other dependents, then you need to make sure that the military knows this and that all your records are up-to-date. In that case, you might be eligible for BAH for those dependents.

      Good luck to you.

      • West

        In regard to Rod’s question, why would he not receive singles rate BAH once his wife entered boot camp?

  • LaLa

    I have a question about exceptions…. my soon to be husband has dependents and he has been receiving BAH after his divorce, for his kids, I am also active and I have received BAH w/dependents since I have custody of my children, after we get married are we both received BAH w dependents since both our kids are in our deers as dependents? my kids on mine and his kids on his

    • Z in Hawaii

      I have just been told that my husband now has a debt to the govt, for his with dept rate since I am higher ranking. I am here looking for a better answer.

      • KateKashman

        If you are dual military, the military assumes that the higher ranking spouse will get the with dependent rate unless the couple specifically requests that the lower ranking spouse receive the with dependent rate. If you have both been receiving the with dependent rate, your husband has been overpaid. If he was receiving it instead of you, then you were eligible for the with dependent rate during the time that he is now repaying, or they might let you ask to just transfer it to him. If there is more to it, you’ll need to comb through the Joint Regs to see how your specific situation falls into the rules.

    • apple

      i have thaat same question in the same boat

  • CPL

    im a marine planing to get married to a sailor how does BAH works for the two of us?

    • KateKashman

      CPL, your BAH will work just the same as everyone else. You will each get BAH at the without dependents rate (unless you have other dependents.) Congratulations to you!

  • natalie

    My husband is in the Army and stationed in Texas and Im in the Navy stationed in Illinois. we have 2 kids who are currently residing with my Mom right now because I cant get BAH to be able to move off base & have them live with me. My husband is in the field for another 6 weeks and thats why they arent with him. Im trying to get BAH without stopping his, because he has the house still with ALL of our belongings and cars. Its to his understanding that he cant live in the barracks because if something happens to me, he needs to have a place for the kids to stay at with him. How do I go about getting BAH. I think i should be getting more than $7.60 a month!

  • Jacob

    My fiancé and I are stationed separately, and we are both in the Navy with no dependents, and we both live in the barracks. When we get married will we get BAH?

    • Joe

      No not unless you fill out a chit requesting to live off base and have a copy of the lease attached. if that gets approved then you should both get single bah.

      • Jean

        where do find the answer for Jacobs answer. What order states BAH with out dependents and member to member marriages?

        • Kate

          Jean, all housing allowance regulations are compiled in the Joint Federal Travel Regulations, Chapter 10: Housing Allowances. Member married to member regulations are in Part C of Chapter 10. http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/Docs/perdiem/JTR

  • Joshua

    I had to move into the barracks when seperated from my wife. They are taking back pay for BAH from me residing in the barracks. Do I technically still rate BAH. And also, I have a child and i am paying child support. She is receiving BAH w/ dependent and they are telling me i don’t rate bah-diff, is this true?

    • KateKashman

      Wow, Joshua, you have a complex situation. Is your wife also on active duty? If she is receiving BAH with dependents, and you are living in the barracks, you do not rate BAH for yourself. I am not completely sure about the BAH-diff question. This would be a question for legal or finance. I hope you are able to get some good advice from the professionals.

    • Shawny

      You only rate BAH-diff if you have joint and physical custody. You need to have that written into your seperation papers. The main reason I said joint and physical is for when you have to go to school or deploy and you have your seperation pay. If not, you will find yourself paying back seps pay too. They will give you the BAH-diff if you have it legally drawn up that you two share custody. Other than that, you have to wait until you go to court, have court documentation showing what your custody status is to see if you rate diff.

  • Verena

    I have a question as well :-) I am about to go to BMT, have a husband who is active duty and two children. We currently live in government housing and he will live in the same house while i am at basic training and in tech school. Will I be eligable to receive BAH even tho my husband lives on base and does not have to pay rent? Thanks in advance!!!

    • KateKashman

      Verena, you are not eligible for BAH during BMT and tech school because the military will be providing your housing. Once you finish school, and are assigned to your first permanent duty station, you should receive BAH at the without dependents rate. Your husband, who will presumably be senior to you, will continue to receive BAH at the with dependents rate and it will continue to be deducted in return for the provided quarters.

      Good luck to you!

  • Eric

    One question for all: I am dual military and we recently both received orders to different location but my spouse leaves 2 months after me will she be able to stay in government qtrs? I am the ranking member E-7 and she is E-5.

  • Workhorse 8D

    So the issue I’m facing is pretty complicated. Me and my wife are both military and were living together when I deployed to Afghanistan. My wife PCSed 7 months into my deployment and now I am being told that I’m not entitled to BAH at all. We also have a child that is living with her at her new duty station. Any info and a reg to back it would be great!

    • rmc

      who is righer ranking, or longer time in rank (if you both are the same rank)?

  • Steve

    I have a mildly complicated, though not unique situation I’m sure…
    My wife and I are dual military stationed at the same base. She’s the senior ranking. I have children from a prior marriage which I’m paying support for. When we got married i went down to single rate bah as she claims our children with her. Should I still be getting dependent rate bah since I’m paying support for children who live at a different household? i appreciate your response. Thank you.

    • rmc

      BAH is not posted to child support. inorder for you to receive BAH for your child, you must have in your decree that you will have your child for 182 or more days.

  • Dodds

    I am dual military, my wife is stationed in Japan and myself I am in hawai’i! Am I eligible for geo bachelor? Or do I need to move out into an apartment to collect BAH? If I am eligible for gro bachelor do I still get BAH and FSA?

  • Julie

    I am dual military, I’m deployed to Kuwait, he’ll be deploying to Afghanistan (our deploying is about a month apart) No children & we were living under the same household before receiving our orders. I read the regulation regarding BAH- we will both get BAH w/o dependent rate. Now with FSA- we were told on seperate occasions that we will receive FSA. My LES stated otherwise.I went to the finance office here and they said we will not be receiving FSA since we are dual military and both deployed (even though we’re in different areas) Can someone please clarify and point me to the reg and page number?

    • Jenn

      I just went through this. One of you get FSA. Whosevers orders caused the seperation gets the FSA.

  • Kate Kashman

    Julie, you’re the second question about dual military FSA. I have no idea, but I’m going to try to figure it out. It would make sense to me that you would not be eligible, because the way the FSA regs are written, they are sort of part of the housing allowance. That is why it is coded as FSH on the LES. Let me see what I can find for you.

  • Jen35

    Okay question… I am dual military and the higher ranking service member. My husband has dependant children (from a prior marriage) who live with us 50% of the. Since I am the higher ranking service member should he or I be entilited to the BAH at the with dependant rate?




    I’m station at Ft. Jackson I am a senior enlisted NCO, I recieve BAH for my children from a prior marriage. My wife is stationed on McCrady Training Center she is Navy on moblization orders. So before we got married she was recieving BAH with dependents for her son, from a previous relationship. We got married and submitted our paper work through our respect finance offices. Mine stayed the same. Hers dropped, my finance office told us as long as she is not on Ft. Jackson our BAH would not change. So why did her’s change, and should have her’s changed? If not what does she need to do to fix this situation.

  • Help please

    I’m an E-5 in the Navy stationed in Norfolk. My wife is thinking about joining the Air Force in the Summer of 2012. We have no kids as of yet.

    I guess my question is that as an E-4 or below in the AF, will she be forced to live in Barracks or will she be considered a Geo-bachelor and get BAH W/O dependents? Also, we are currently in Govt. Housing in Norfolk. Once she joins, will I still be eligible for Military Housing or will I have to move out?

  • Alexia

    Hello, my question is about PCS orders to Camp Arifjan (a deployment location). My husband is E4 in the Army and I am an E6 in the AF. I receive BAH w/dep while he receives the single rate while we are stationed in DC (separate bases). He leaves early next year but he says Army will probably take his BAH off once he gets to Kuwait since he’ll be living on post(barracks). Is this true? We have 4 children, 2 cars, and a mortgage so any advice on the BAH issue would greatly prepare us on our future finances. Thanks for your time!

  • mike

    I am active duty in the marines and my girl is active duty in the army how would BAH when married work for that ? would we just both receive BAH without dependants at the apprpiate rate ?

    • Joey

      that is correct.

  • Joey


    i am active duty Marine Corps (8 years) My wife is active duty Coast Guard (2 years) we have 1 dependent. we currently reside in base housing. my With Dependent BAH goes to housing. she has been on A-school waitlist for her whole time in service. she will be PCSing to her school in january for 21 weeks. she was told that while she is there she will automatically forfeit her BAH.. is this right? i dont understand this? what would you all suggest? mauybe dropping her as my dependent and adding daughter as wifes dependent? we do not want to lose out on almost 10 thousand dollars while she is at school, that would hurt us financially very badly.

    Thanks in advance

    • KateKashman

      Joey, I am not sure of the exact details but that certainly seems to make sense. While your wife is in A school, she will be receiving housing from the military. You will still be occupying military housing and giving up your BAH for it. I understand that it seems like a cut in income but this is the other side of what is a really generous benefit that you usually get. I suppose you could try to move your daughter to be her dependent but it seems a little sketchy to me. I also imagine that you could appeal the loss of BAH. I have no idea how that would work out.

      Good luck to you both!

  • armyfilchic

    I just got married a week before I got deployed. Now I’m filling my BAH papers, my NCOs told me I needed a copy of apartment lease before I get the BAH.. my husband’s in the military too, and he hasn’t received his BAH yet so he’s still stays in the barracks. What should we do?

    Do I also get backpay?

  • Burney

    Im leaving for the army in a week and my husband is already in the army and we have no children but we live on post what are my entitlements while at basic. His BAH is already going to housing every month

  • Jones

    What if we are at different duty stations and i wanted to stay in gov’t housing with our dependent..would they allow me gov’t housing? would i still receive bah?

    • DMO

      If you are military assigned to the duty station on post, then yes, you get BAH and your spouse will at his/her post. If you are not military and your spouse is living at another base you will not get BAH and must move to your spouse’s new residence. If you are are dual military and you are not assigned to that base but, generally, within 50 miles of your base assignment you can usually stay (is the case in the National Capital Region) and still get BAH for your housing and BAH for your spouse.

  • LMG

    If there is a husband active in the military and a wife that is a reserve in the military that have a child together. Can they both be deployed at the same time, leaving their baby alone with no parents?

    • DMO

      This happened to many people in my husband’s reserve unit. Their spouse was active and they both were deployed. This is why when you are dual military you have a family deployment plan.. in fact, I think there is a legal document you are required to have if you are dual military. If you husband is already gone and then you are activated the military will make you fill out this form when you go AD. You will have to find someone to take temporary legal guardianship while you are gone. That’s how it goes when your signed up to do anything the military wants!

  • stevie

    i am active duty in the navy and my fiance is reservist national guard in another state. how would getting BAH work with us.

    • KateKashman

      Stevie, when your fiance is in a reserve status, you will be like any other service member with a civilian spouse and you will receive BAH at the with dependents rate for your area. However, if she is activated, then things get a little tricky. You will need to work with both your finance offices to make sure that everything is correctly annotated on both of your records. In theory, you should continue to receive BAH, but at the lower, without dependents rate.

      Congratulations to you both.

  • William Jimenez

    Does anybody know exactly where to find the instructions for dual military bah with dependents. My wife and I are currently being told we do not qualify to get bah. If anyone knows the actual instructions we dearly appreciate the help. Thank you

    • DrMicro

      I am going to assume you are both Active Duty and living jointly on base. If you are living on base then only the lower ranking individual gets BAH a the without dependent rate.

      There are other situations but without knowing what they are I am going to reference this site:

      Check out the Army’s Personal Policy Guide, section 8 with an additional BAH update listed in 8-3a. http://www.armyg1.army.mil/militarypersonnel/ppg….

    • ComplexitySquared

      Something I have found useful in my complicated dual-military/ex-husband also military and kids in each household situation is the JFTR Chapter 10. I had a situation arise where I was accused of fraudulently collecting BAH w/dependents, went to JAG and even they didn’t know to check this reg…had to print a copy and bring it in myself. They were like, “yeah, hey, we could use this”…LOL

      Joint Federal Travel Regulation, Chapter 10 (Dual Military)

      • KateKashman

        Wow, I am really surprised. I refer to the JFTR at least once a week and it is an invaluable resource for all sorts of information. I encourage all my readers to use it! I’m glad you knew where to look to find the actual regs. Good for you!

  • Sarah

    I have a question. This is the situation.
    A friend of mine is refusing to get a divorce from her husband and living separately. She has a new boyfriend and now graduated from the NAVY. I know her husband lives off post in Colorado and therefore is receiving BAH at the moment since they are still legally married. She, on the other hand, is having her boyfriend move in with her off post in Florida, had him sign power of attorney so that he can access the BAH that she will receive there. I am not exactly sure how that all works, but I need to make sure that she doesn’t get herself into some legal trouble.

    • TskTsk

      Quit being nosy and worrying about what other people are or are not getting…

      • john

        burn em’ just as bad as collecting welfare. integrity is a part of being service member. youre an idiot. quit being nosy?! stuff like this why TA and other funding gets cut first. quit scamming the military budget your money and quit being a douche. sarah inform your chain of command and bring both of them up on charges for BAH fraud.

  • Lexi9992

    If my husband is a Marine and I am Navy, we are both stationed in different locations how does BAH work? We are both E-3 and live in the barracks, will we get BAH or have to stay in the barrakcs? Also if we go on deployment do we get seperation pay or not since we are not living together? Thank You!!

  • Jessi

    My husband is stationed in CA and I am stationed in VA. He will be an E4 soon and I will be an E2 in january. I was told by PSD that because we are not co-located, I am required to live in the barracks and therefore not getting BAH. Is there a way for me to request to recieve BAH through the command or am I just stuck?

    • KateKashman

      If you are co-located and do not have dependents, you must follow your command’s guidelines on single E-2s. You could try to appeal that decision, but I would be surprised if you are successful. Good luck to you, and I hope you can get co-located soon.

  • Yhadira

    I’m in the army an my husband an i aren’t in the same duty station I was told we couldn’t move out the barracks until either he comes to here I’m at or vice versa.

  • Kat

    I am prior military and I am going to be marrying an active duty guy soon. He currently collects BAH with dependants (not my child) and I have a child that will be coming into the marriage that isn’t his (whom I collect child support on from his father), I am considering re-enlisting as a prior enlisted and do not anticipate being stationed in the same state with him. My questions are these: 1) How will that work as far as BAH and filing tax returns go and 2) if I do not end up being able to re-enlist how does that affect my son and any benefits from the military?

    • KateKashman

      Kat, if you do not re-enlist, then your new husband will continue to receive BAH at the with dependents rate. If you do re-enlist, and if you are co-located, the higher ranking member will receive BAH at the with dependents rate and the lower ranking member will receive BAH at the without dependents rate. If you are not co-located, you should both be able to receive BAH at the with dependents rate for your duty stations, but be prepared to prove to the finance folks that you each have physical custody of your own children and that they are living at the two separate locations.

      As far as taxes, you can choose to file as married filing jointly or married filing separately. Without knowing every little detail of your situation, it is hard to know which is going to be right for you. You probably want to check with a tax professional or your base’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.

      Good luck to you.

  • Mel

    How does BAH work for a dual military couple? I’m an E-4 AD air force and my husband is an E-3 AD navy assigned to a ship. We both live in the same city.

    • AD E7

      He will get “with dependant rate and you will get “single rate”

  • CeCe

    me and fiance is getting married soon…I’m active duty and he’s national guard with dependents, i’m currently stationed here in Korea do i get the BAH or how is it gonna work?! thanks

  • ckw0890

    So my husband and I are both dual military. I am stationed in la, he is currently in Germany. When I reclass in a year they will pcs me, while my husband finishes him term here. Who will get whar bah? Does he have to live in the barracks?

    • KateKashman

      Your ability to collect BAH as a geographically separately dual military couple depends on two issues. One is whether you have any dependents. The second is the individual command’s rules for living in the barracks or being permitted to move out of the barracks. As a geographically separated dual military couple, you are treated like a single soldier/sailor/airman for billeting purposes. Therefore, if your command requires service members of your rank to live in the barracks, you usually have to live in the barracks. You can always request permission to be authorized BAH. Now, if you get co-located, you should automatically be authorized to live together and receive BAH at the appropriate rates.

      Hope that helps.

  • Supply

    Me and my husband both are in the Army we are about to go to korea, do we both lose our bah

  • amanda

    where did you get the regulation for your post? i cant find one for dual military. i am an army reservist E-3 and my husband is active army E-5 . i went to basic/ait training and when i left they docked his BAH to the w/o dependant rate and that i am not eligible for any BAH for while i was gone. i should have received dual bah while at basic. i cant prove it to finance becuase i cant find the regulation for it. can you help me out?

  • Chad

    I was wondering if you could help me out on this one: My wife and I are both in the Navy. I was recently frocked to PO3 with e3 pay and she’s an e2. I’m attached to a ship in San Diego and she is on holds at a training command in San Diego. We have no dependents. We are about to sign a lease to an apt in the area. However, neither of our commands will grant us ANY kind of BAH or BAS under this circumstance. However, I am told and found under instruction OPNAVINST 7220.12 that we BOTH get single rate once we are attached to our ship. Is there anyway we both can get it while she is still ashore? Are we getting screwed here or is there any clear instruction? I have looked all over official sites, and I have found NO kind of instruction about BAH for married junior sailors. If anyone can find the instruction on junior sailors, 1 on shore duty, 1 sea duty, please send me the instruction number and e-mail it to me ASAP. My e-mail is kappersc1@yahoo.com Thank You!

  • Chad

    I AM a PO3. My bad. I have less than 4 though.

  • TVK

    My wife and I are both Navy. We have 1 child together. I am a frocked E-5 and she is a Frocked E-4. I am on a ship in norfolk and she is on shore in norfolk. She recieves dependent bah and i recieve nothing. Am i entitled to single bah?

  • KateKashman

    TVK, as I understand it, you are both eligible to receive BAH. She should be receiving it at the without dependent rate, and you should be receiving it at the with dependent rate. You need to check with your finance folks to find you why you are not receiving BAH. Unless you fall into some odd loophole, I believe you should been receiving BAH at the without dependents rate since the date of your marriage. Then you should have begun receiving it at the with dependents rate when your child was born. Of course, then they will have to get her to repay the difference between with dependents and without dependents for all the time she has been receiving it with dependents.____Good luck and please let me know how it goes.

    • SCandelaria
  • Billy B

    If my fiance has children, and I have children both from previous relationships do we both get full BAH with dep after we get married?

  • Nicole g

    Me and my husband are dual navy E4. I am still training in va and he is in Hawaii. I live in barracks so I know I won’t get bah but he would like to get a place ashore but he told me he would only get partial because I am in student status. This doesn’t seem right why would my status effect his bah?

  • im a dual millitary but my husband is in missouri thi were enrolled in macp army said we cant be together… because they dont have my mos here.. then i put up a paperwork for separation pay and bah they said im not eligible for it… please help

    • ginnuwine

      i’m sorry, that is BS, if you guys are both active duty, married, not living in govt housing you whould both get BAH and one of you gets family sep allowance, I’m dual military too active duty and we are apart soooo much, I’ve been getting Family sep $ so long now! talk to your finance office, branch manager and get familiar with the AR 614-200 that governs MACP, i’m an officer married to enlisted and i still use this regulation for reference. fight for each other, don’t give up

  • sgtg

    I am dual military, My wife is stationed at Ft. Bliss and I am in Germany. We got married after I came to Germany. I live in Barracks and she does also. I understand why I do not get BAH but I don;t understand why I do not get SEP PAY. I am told also that when I deploy I will not recieve BAH because my wife lives in barracks or SEP Pay. How true is this.

    • Vic

      My husband and I were both living in the barracks in Korea and no dependent. He was in Osan and I was in Kunsan and the ranking member got Separation Pay.

  • kiki

    i am active duty married to an active duty member. I have been getting told a lot that even though we are mil to mil the highest ranking member should receive dependent rate. Is this true?

    • vic

      If you have kids together the ranking member will get BAH w/dependent rate. No dependents both get single rate.

    • ginnuwine

      that is right, we thought highest ranking got dependent rank and then I owed $5k back to Army over a year cause they overpaid me. dual military without dependents is single rate for both of you

  • lorena

    hello, im a senior airman in the air force im married to a civilian and im receiving BAH right now but we are getting divorce and i would like to know if ill lose my BAH beneficts after my divorce is over? thanks

    • vic

      Since you already have a lease off base they might not make you move on base (right away) talk to your supervisor and ask if you will be allowed to live off base. Due to issue with dorm space they might not make you move back to base but your BAH will be at single rate once you get divorce.

  • Washington

    I have an ISSUE my husband and i got married this past Dec he is stationed in DC but is currentlt in mobilization and deploying next month. Iam stationed In NC we are both army but iam Active and he is National guard. I was told i cant receive BAH because he is deploying and while hes away im still considered a single soilder unitl he gets back which means i can still live in the barracks, but he still receives full BAH…….can i get BAH too because i just signed the lease for my apt on the 3rd and now I just found out yesterday i cant receive BAH….. ny the way me husband is a Sgt and Im a PFC is there anything i can do?

    • vic

      My husband and I were dual military and we never lost our BAH due to deployments. Only time it went on hold was when we PCSed to Korea because we both lived in the barracks.

  • nick

    Ok here goes, Im an active duty soldier for over 7 years. My wife want to join the nat guard so she can pay off her school loan. Now here is the million dollar question, while my wife is away to train for the army would i be alowed to take care of my 8 year old child. Im at fort bliss and we are in the field allot would i be able to stay out of the field until my wife gets back

  • Vic

    Family Care Plan. This answer is not want you are going to want to hear but you need to have a plan A and plan B. Make sure that you have someone to take care of your kid when you go to the field. Unless your chain of command does a special expection the anwser is you need to have someone be there for your kid while you are in the field.

  • Mrs. BAJA

    do you have to be on sea duty to recieve BAH in the navy? my husband adn i are dual military and both navy and we are both stationed on different bases in the same location though so we want to get an apartment but we need to know when we can start getting BAH

  • jessie

    My husband is active Army and currently deployed. We have been receiving BAH as normal…
    I am in the process of enlisting in the National Guard. What happens to our BAH, and when/how soon will these changes occur?

  • Keke

    My husband & I at the time were both active duty but at separate duty locations. He received partial & I didn’t receive anything. My husband got medically discharged last year(Halloween) so then I started receiving bah with the dependent rate for the first time after being married for 13 months. Am I entitled back pay?

    • KateKashman

      Probably not, depending on your particular situation. Your husband is now your dependent because he is no longer in the military, therefore you are now authorized BAH. When he was still in the military, he was not your dependent and therefore you did not have a dependent (unless you also have children.) Dual military couples who are stationed at separation duty locations are treated as single soldiers/sailors/airmen for purposes of BAH. If you didn’t rate BAH based upon your rank, being married but geographically separated would not make you authorized BAH.

      It doesn’t hurt to check with your finance folks, but I suspect it was correct at the time.

  • Daniel

    My wife is an active duty E8, I am an active duty E7. We live together at the same duty station. She has children who live with us and is receiving full BAH. I have four children who reside with my ex wife, and I pay child support. Am I entitled to BAH own right, or BAH own right plus BAH DIFF?

  • Victoria villa

    We also have been in for the same exact amount of months. We graduated and went too boot camp same day?

  • Victoria villa

    What if my husband and I are both active military and we are stationed across the country? Who goes to who? I was told you have to live within 50 miles.

    • KateKashman

      Victoria, if you are not co-located and do not have dependents (your husband doesn’t count), then you are treated as single service members for housing purposes (usually, unless your command has a different set of guidelines.) If a single service member of your rank is authorized BAH, then you should be authorized BAH. If a single service member of your rank is not authorized BAH, then you are not authorized BAH. I believe that every command has an appeal or application process if you want to request BAH.

      Thank you both for your service.

    • ginnuwine

      If you are in the army, you should enroll in the MACP: Married Army Couples Program in regulation AR 614-200, fill out a 4187 and you will be governed by that program. get familiar with the regulation, that states a 50 milre radius to establish a joint domicile household-don’t let Army keep you guys separated all the time! fight for it!

  • Luke

    My wife and I are both in the Navy and will likely be sent overseas next year. We will be stationed together. Does anyone know the rules in regards to OHA for a dual military couple stationed together with no dependents?

  • Nikki

    My husband and I are dual military. My husband is a SGT and I am a PFC. He is stationed in AZ and I am stationed in Hawaii. We do not have any dependents. Do we both receive single rate BAH without dependents? and If so, when we type a 4187, do we need a lease or some type of documentation?

  • Aprl

    okay my husband is in the army and is stationed in fayetteville NC and we just got married about a month ago and we will start getting our BAH on wed. I’m not yet ready to move there with him! Is there any way he can still live there and i live where i am!

    • KateKashman

      April, you can live wherever you want. However, your husband will receive his BAH based upon his duty location. How your family figures out its housing is up to you. However, he can not reside in the barracks and also receive BAH. If he is receiving BAH, he needs to move out of the barracks and get his own place to live.

  • Tyrell

    Why does JFTR Chapter 10 say “Reserve Components” everywhere. Where is the section for “Active Components” ???

  • Jimmy

    Question: Dual military with one child now divorced, based on our divorce decree, with me residing out of state I have my child saturday to saturday every other week which would total out to about 50% a year. With that figure in mind of me actually having my child residing with me, what would I be entitled to in regards to BAH??

  • jack

    ok, i am army, my wife is joining the coast guard. my kids from a previous marriage are with my ex. how will our bah situation work?

  • Cat

    My husband is in the Army and I am in the Navy. He has a child from a previous marriage and is currently receiving with dependent BAH. The child lives with his ex-spouse, but he pays child support. I am also pregnant. When our baby is born, will he continue to receive his with dependent rate, and I also receive with dependent rate, or will he get w/o dependent? Also, can you confirm, that if we get stationed in the same geographical location and live in government housing, we will forfeit the higher BAH, but continue to receive the lower one?

  • david

    My wife is on orders to korea without dependants. We are dual military. Im pcsing to fort carson. My stepdaughter is with her father in alaska while my wife is in korea. I have my daughter with me. Will we both continue to collect BAH? Im collecting without bah and shes getting the full bah as of right now.

    • KateKashman

      This article has brought up situations I couldn’t even imagine. I believe, though I am not an expert, that your wife will have barracks or receive OHA in Korea, and you will get BAH at the with dependents rate for your duty station. If your wife is paying court-ordered child support, she might be eligible for BAH diff. She would have to talk to her finance folks about that.

  • dan

    I copied this from the regulation itself. It appears clear as MUD.

    C. Member Married to Member. Unless par. U10428-B above applies, an RC member married to another member on active duty, without dependents, not assigned to GOV’T QTRS, is authorized the Reserve rate at the without-dependents rate, when called to active duty for fewer than 30 days. For such an RC member on active duty for more than 30 days, each member is authorized BAH/OHA at the without-dependent rate. If such a member has dependents, BAH/OHA is paid as for an active duty member.

  • Mitch

    Okay, so here is a complicated one. I am an E-5 in the Army, stationed in Germany for the last 4+ years and I will have 13 months time in service remaining when I PCS in August. I tried to extend but I will not be able to make the next deployment so they are sending me back stateside and I intend to return to Germany when I ETS. Here is the tricky part, my wife is in the military but, not the U.S. She is in the German Army. So, she is not able to PCS with me. I am going to Fort Drum and have read their policy about Geo-Bachelors and I’m trying to figure out whether I will receive BAH for Drum with Dependents, which will not be accompanying me or OHA and live in the barracks? So, I’ve read a few regs but it never states that both military members have to be in the U.S. military. Maybe it’s just a technicality but I was wondering if someone has had experience with it.

  • JesseG

    Question.. My wife is a e-6 in the marine corps and im joining the navy. We have a 3 year old daughter together.I know that the higher rank will get the BAH w/dependants and i will receive BAH W/o dependants for where ever im stationed correct? Now will i be able to stary in the barracks still or will i HAVE to find off base housing or will i have to pay fot on base housing?

  • Allison san luis

    What if both my husband and i are marines and the same rank. We are both in the same base however i am in the fleet and he is student status. Both he and i signed the apartment lease however he stays in his barracks on weekdaya for school

  • Dixies_fire

    New question please help. Dual army, husband pcs’d to Colorado I am in Campbell. He did not receive dla or dependent per diem or house hold good shipment when he moved in January. I am ets in July. I have all household goods and children here. Army only wants to pay for me to move to my home of record which is very close, are they required to pay for my move to Colorado as I will be a normal civilian and my husband is authorized his dependents on orders??? HELP

  • NAD

    I am a Sailor married to a marine without dependent. I am stationed in Va and my husband is stationed in NC. I recently put a request chit for single BAH and it got approved by my commanding officer. My admin notified me that me and my husband are neither eligible for BAH because he’s on sea duty which doesn’t make sense because he’s a marine. Is there any way you can help me, or is there any instruction that says we can’t have BAH because of that?

  • charissa

    i have a question.me and my fiance are both in the military and are both stationed at ft carson. my fiance and i were suppose to get married when i came home from deployment this month, but with his orders got pushed up and he is now in country also.. we will be doing marriage via proxy when i return to the states this month, just in case something happens, i am notified.. how will bah or seperation pay work when i get back.. will i be a geo bachelor or have to move out of the barracks

  • Daniel Magill

    Here is one, PLEASE HELP. I’m an E-5 receiving BAH on shore. My wife is an E-3 on sea but not in government qtr’s. Is she eligible for single bah?

    • KateKashman

      There are more variables here, such as whether you are co-located. Married sailors who are not co-located and do not have other dependents are treated as single sailors. Your best bet is for your wife to ask for BAH. Her command should know whether it is authorized, and it might be up to their discretion.

  • Liz

    My husband and I got married one month ago. He already got his BAH approved and started with an effective date being our marriage. We are both active duty and resided in the barracks, one at fort belvoir and the other at fort myer. But I took a while longer than he did to clear our barracks (because of a roomate issue) and just cleared last week. My finance office will not use the effective date of our marriage and instead want to use my termination from barracks date. I understand I was living in government quarters but now I have a leases that started 3 weeks prior that I will not get paid for. Is there a way to request backpay to the date of our lease? And why would his get approved with a different effective date than mine? Again we both had to terminate barracks.

    • KateKashman

      Under nearly all circumstances, you can not draw BAH while also residing in the barracks. Therefore, it seems reasonable that you would not be eligible for BAH until the day that you cleared the barracks. You can certainly put in a request or appeal through your command, but I would be surprised if it were approved.

  • martin

    I got married, got at with dependents rate and my wife joined the army 1 month later.. Im just reading this and it seems like im supposed to be getting at without dependents??

    • KateKashman

      Yes, Martin, that is correct. Once your wife left for basic training, you no longer had a dependent. I would make sure that finance gets that organized before you owe any more money!__Good luck!

  • adbrowne22

    I just got to A school March 31, 2012 on April 13, 2012 me and my now husband got married through a proxy marriage he is still deployed and i am still in A school they arent giving either of us bah I have a depenedent he does not what does he need to do to get non-dependent bah he is still an E-3?

    • KateKashman

      If you have a dependent, you should have been receiving BAH since you entered your basic military training. I don’t know why they would start giving him BAH when you are not together because the guidelines state that dual military couples who are not co-located are treated as single sailors, and obviously a deployed E-3 is not likely to be authorized BAH.

      Congratulations on your marriage!

  • johanna

    i am in the navy and going thru divorce as an E-3…do i lose my bah?? What will happen to my household goods???

    • KateKashman

      johanna, you can ask your command to continue your BAH because of your possessions. it is up to your command whether or not they will allow it. Good luck to you!

  • dwoollum

    I married in Dec 2010, 9 days later my wide deployed to Korea, I’m disabled and that is my only income. I know mt wife is getting extra pay for being married. Within a of being in Korea she months of being married she has decided to stay another year in Korea and make the military her career. She has asked for a divorce. I filed the paperwork in Ca. we never joined income or debt. Her family has all her belonging. will she be required to pay me spousal support, since she is getting extra married pay?.

  • josh

    I am stationed in mcas miramar my wife is stationed in okinawa. we are both active duty Marines. we got married after i had pcs’d to cali. she has a year left in okinawa. do i rate BAH? does anyone know the order on where i can see this information?

    • KateKashman

      Unless you have other dependents, josh, your wife and you are treated as single sailors unless you are co-located. Therefore, the question of whether you rate BAH is the same as for any other Marine in your command. You can always request it, and the worst your command can do is say no. Good luck to you, and congratulations on your marriage.

  • Gloria

    my husband and I are dual military. He deployed right after we got married and I went back to my duty station which is unaccompanied OCONUS, how does BAH work for us? My superiors said i rate BAH but the admin/finance section has no clue. how can we look this up? i don’t think he should not rate BAH just because he’s deployed.

    • KateKashman

      Gloria, unless you have other dependents, you are treated as single service members if you are not co-located. Therefore, if he would rate BAH before your marriage, he should still rate it now. You are not eligible for BAH if you are overseas. You are eligible for OHA if you were eligible for OHA before you are married.

      Congratulations on your marriage.

      • Creedon


        I just did the same thing my wife is in Okinawa and I am I’m San Diego when she gets here I will b deployed and even though in gone our duty stations will be within 50 miles of eachother.. Even though I won’t b present all I have to do for her to start getting bah is a special power of attorney to sign a lease

  • Ginnuwine

    Husband and I are both dual military Army with no dependents and we want to live on post. Is it true that if we live in government housing, the lower ranking will keep their BAH but the higher ranking will loose the BAH? I can’t find the regulation that states this for living on post

  • Angela Santana

    Ok.. I know this is very confusing and difficult, but i am lost.. My husband just left the navy and joined army reserves.. I am currently recieving with dependent bah from the time he got out of the navy..I understand that he is in gov’t quarters and will not recieve bah bc he has no dependents, but what should i do?? his psd at bootcamp told him he is in training, NOT active duty status which woud make him my dependant,correct?? also, once he gets to his job training,what then?? also, once he reports to his station, being only a reservist, not recieving a basic pay or allowance,etc..will he once again be my dependant?????????????

    • KateKashman

      Active duty married to reservists/National Guard have a challenge keeping their BAH situation straight. When your husband is in a training or active duty status, you are eligible for without dependent BAH. When he is not in a training or active duty status, you are eligible for with dependent BAH. It will be your responsibility to keep your PSD aware of your situation as it changes. I would also recommend that you keep excellent records for yourself so that you can show that you are doing your best to keep your entitlements accurate.

      Good luck to you!

  • shanne

    i have a question me and my daughters father are both in the army we are not married but we share a child together, i have my daughter as my dependent but i want to know if hes also able to claim her as his dependent and able to move out the barracks?

  • Sarah

    I am single AD Air Force stationed in Germany. My boyfriend is also single AD stationed in the same squadron as I am. We just had a son together a few months ago. We are both E-3’s and as a single E-3 you are required to live in the dorms. I was able to get out of the dorms when I was 20 weeks pregnant because of an AFI that governs that particular situation. However, I have not been able to find the AFI on his situation. Right now, he has a dorm room, does not receive full COLA, OHA, or BAS because he is supposed to be living on base and eating at the DFAC. He “ghosts” at my house at the moment. I am receiving full allowances at the “with dependents” rate because our son is my dependent and I am higher ranking. How would it work if we broke up? He would not be able to have the baby in the dorms, so would he start receiving allowances so that we could have shared custody, or would it be on his dime? Could anyone point me to the AFI that governs this? Thanks!

    • KateKashman

      Sarah, I am NOT an expert on this. However, as I understand it, your boyfriend needs to establish paternity and you need to get a custody and child support agreement. Without established paternity and a custody and child support agreement, there is no basis for your boyfriend to possibly receive any benefits or allowances based upon having a dependent. In addition, established paternity and a custody and child support agreement protects him, you, and most importantly, your son.

      I can’t point you to the right AFI, but I bet the legal services office can, and they are usually very glad to help.

      Congratulations on your child, and good luck to you!

  • Quoyah

    My finace in stationed in(active) Kentucky and I am a reservist I live North Carolina. My finace lives in the barracks but he wants my son to come to Kentucky on the weekends and during the summer. Why is it he receiving full BAH if he handled all financial responsibilities for our son

    • KateKashman

      I’m not entirely sure I understand the details, but I’ll answer as best as I can. Your fiance is considered a single service member as far as the military is concerned, therefore he falls under the BAH rules for a single service member of his rank in his command.

      If your fiance is the child’s father, then your fiance needs to establish paternity and you need to have a formal custody and child support agreement. Your fiance could then ask for BAH II based upon his child support obligations, or he could request regular BAH. The determination of whether he will receive BAH will depend on the details of the custody agreement and also possibly the willingness of the command to grant him BAH.

      If you marry, he immediately becomes eligible for BAH at the with dependent rate.

  • Kady

    My fiance and I are both Navy, He is e-4 been in 4 years and stationed on a ship NOT getting BAH. I am e-3 shore duty getting single BAH and we are expecting our first child. If the baby gets here before we get married is he entitled to BAH? His ship wont give him BAH for being e-4 and in over 4 years…is he entitled to it?

  • Saint

    I am very curious about this. I got married to my fiance while we were down range. Will we receive BAH while we are out here or will it not start until we get back to our duty station?

  • casey

    My husband is an e5 we have no children I leave for basic in 11weeks by the time I get back from AIT. My husband will have been in afganistan for a month. How will our bah work?

  • Brandon

    I can’t seem to get a straight answer on this from my personnel office or anyone I talk to. I am an E-4 Navy been in 3 1/2 years stationed in San Diego and she is an E-3 Marine been in for 2 years and is stationed in Yuma. I can’t get a straight answer on the BAH policy between Navy and Marine and if we should both be receiving single BAH for our respective locations until we can get our 1306 filed and her transferred over here, or if she only receives it due to her being shore based and me sea. We don’t have any children yet and don’t expect to have any anytime soon. Can anyone answer this question and if possible, provide instructions on this so I can show it to my personnel office.

  • William Pauly

    Unfortunantely, this must no longer be true. My wife is a Sailor aboard NAS North Island but attahced to the USS Carl Vinson. Navy Regs stipulate that married Sailors attached to ships don’t rate BAH until they reach the paygrade of E5. And I am a Marine in 29 Palms and my BAH was denied because of my wife’s and my sperate duty stations regardless of her attahced to the ship or even that her MOS (Nuke/ET) will only allow her to 4 locations in the world.

  • jerrika adams

    Me and my husband are dual military. he’s an e5 and already receives bah in Norfolk. I’m an e4 under 4 in san Diego and my command is telling me that I am not eligible for bah because my husband is stationed in Norfolk. Is this true? Or am I also eligible for bah?

  • kinz

    I was told by many of my shipmates that our MIL to MIL BAH is supposed to start from the date on the Marriage certificate but then the PS’s on my ship told me that it starts from the day that the BAH request chit was routed. When is it supposed to start? and where can i find the instruction?

  • megan

    okay so me and my husband are military. he is a lance in the marine core and i am a E4 in the navy. before marriage neither of us had recieved BAH and both resided in the barracks, him in 29 palms and me in camp pendleton. so my question is… If we goth go geo-bach are we going to be able to get single BAH for our respective locations?

  • Anna

    I am an E-5 on shore duty and my husband is an E-4 on sea, we submitted our marriage license to PSD back in November 2011 but I am the only one receiving BAH–SINGLE BAH. Why is he not receiving BAH? He hits his 4 year mark this month, but that shouldn’t matter right? From what I understood if you’re married you receive BAH.

    • KateKashman

      Anna, there is a bit more to it than that. First of all, are you stationed within 50 miles of each other. If you are not co-located, and you do not have other dependents, then you are considered single sailors for BAH purposes and therefore are subject to your command’s guidelines for BAH for single sailors. Dual military couples without other dependents do not automatically rate BAH if they are not co-located. You may find this post helpful: Dual Military & Not Co-Located: BAH https://paycheck-chronicles.military.com/2012/07/1

      Congratulations on your marriage!

  • LULE


  • billy

    i am active army and my fiance is active air force. i am in Afghanistan right now, but she is pregnant. We have a wedding date set for two months after i get back, so when we get married will we be able to get stationed no matter what since we have a kid?

    • KateKashman

      Billy, congratulations on your upcoming wedding and new baby! What an exciting time for you. Unfortunately, I do not know the exact details of the co-location policies for the Army and Air Force. You will need to talk to your career advisor to learn more about the policies and how to increase your chases of being stationed together.

      Good luck to you!


    where is this in the reg’s because i have gon to finance several times and because my wife isnt stationed with me, the refused to pay me bah and just gave it to her. but now we have a baby and they still dont want to give me bah.

  • Joe

    I am a reserve component E5 in the Navy currently mobilized and deployed to Africa. My wife is a Navy Active duty E-3 stationed on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. What are our entitlements for BAH? Thank You!

  • Kristen Bua

    HELP! I got married and soon after we realized it wasn’t for us, we are dual military but haven’t gotten divorced due to weird WV laws. He is still receiving BAH, but I was kicked out of housing and put in the barracks. Legally we are still married though, should I still be getting BAH?

  • Wendy

    what if we are both E-3s married mil to mil with a child living on different coasts? Me and my son are in Virginia and my husband is in California would he be allowed to receive single BAH?

  • Alexis

    We are dual Military we were receiving BAH without dependants. Both BAH were going to a rent off post. I PCS’d to Kuwait and gave me Barracks. My BAH was taken away and I had to pay half of the rent out of my pocket and now they want to chrge me $6995.00 of BAH they gave me. I doesnt make sense if Im married to take my BAH away while living off post and using both BAH for one rent.

    • KateKashman

      Alexis, dual military couples who do not have other dependents are treated as single service members when not co-located. When you PCS’d to Kuwait, you were no longer co-located with your spouse. Each of you then became “single” service members for purposes of housing. Your eligibility for BAH is based on exactly the same criteria as any other “single” service members at your location and command. In Kuwait, you would either live in the barracks or receive Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) in the amount of your actual rent in Bahrain.

      I’m actually a bit concerned that your spouse might be receiving BAH incorrectly as well, and that you might owe even more back BAH. Are his counterparts (rank and command) authorized BAH, or was he only receiving it because he was married? I’d make sure his finance department knows that you have PCSed IMMEDIATELY in order to prevent bigger problems down the road.

      Good luck to you!

  • jwb

    my scenario is this There are two married MSgts she has her daughter from a previous relationship and hes has dependent which is his son that doesnt live with him but he pays child support for him. Do they both get BAH with dependent rate since they have separate dependents?

  • Judy

    Could you provide a reference to:
    “If dual military service members are not stationed together, they will each receive BAH for their respective location. If there are dependents, the with-dependent rate will be given for the location at which the dependents are residing. In the unlikely event that there are dependents residing at each location, each service member would be authorized BAH at the with-dependents rate. Be sure to carefully document this situation – it is likely to cause questions and confusion”

    I am currently in this situtation and would just hate that finance rejects my application to bah with dependent rate if we are both in different duty stations with one dependent each. Thank you!

  • bryan cyr

    my wife and i are dual military, Im a SGT and she is a SPC. She has her mom and her brother as her dependents, I have our son as my dependent. Im staioned in Alaska and my wife is stationed in Virginia. The Army made me move into the barracks. My question is do i still get BAH for my dependents location and does my wife still get full BAH for her location/.

    • KateKashman

      Bryan, you will not be able to receive BAH if you are living in the barracks. If your son is residing with your wife, then she should be claiming him as her dependent. It would be considered fraud for both you and your wife to be receiving BAH at the with dependents rate if you are living together, or if all your dependents are living with one of you. Please be sure that your finance department has this properly organized as I would hate for you to unintentionally get into trouble for misrepresentation.

  • morgan

    I have a unique situation. I am a e-5 on orders to warrant officer for aviation. My wife’s an e-5 stabalized at fort bliss. We have one dependent currently under me at fort bliss. When I pcs to fort Rucker am I still entitled to bah?, and is there some sort of policy that allows me to keep my bah without having to lease another place to live?

    • KateKashman

      Morgan, you will still be entitled to BAH if you do not occupy government quarters. You are not required to obtain housing with your BAH, but you will need somewhere to live. You certainly can minimize your housing expenses as much as possible to free up that money for other uses. If your dependent will remain with your wife at Fort Bliss, I would recommend that you switch your dependent to your wife. I’m not sure it is absolutely required, but it does seem ethically correct even if it costs you a few $$ each month. (It might not, you’ll have to check your local rates.)

  • david

    My wife and I are both airmen in the Navy. We got married a month ago. What is the procedure to begin receiving BAH? We have both turned in our marriage certificates. As of right now I am living in the barracks and she is deployed. Do I need to move out before getting BAH? We are not Co-located yet, but we are temporarily at the same duty station in Wa. Soon I will be relocated to San Diego. No one in my COC seems to have an answer for me. Also how do I become Co-located since I am an undesignated airmen?

    • KateKashman

      david, congratulations on your marriage! I’m not a co-location expert, but I do know a few things. If you are not co-located, your wife and you will be treated as single service members for the purposes of housing. Therefore, you would be eligible for BAH on the basis of your rank, based upon the policies of your command. Once you are co-located, you should be able to apply for BAH. Each of you will receive it at the “without dependents” rate. I highly recommend that you do not rent or buy something that costs more than one BAH in case one of you is transferred away. You can use the extra BAH to pay off debt or build an emergency fund.

      Hope that helps!

      • david

        thank you much.

  • Ashlynn

    My husband is stationed in Ft. Hood and I’m overseas in Germany. We are both SPC. What are we entitled too?

    • KateKashman

      Ashlynn, if you are not living together, and you do not have any other dependents, then you are treated as single servicemembers for purposes of housing. I imagine that you would both be in the barracks, unless either of your commands authorize BAH/OHA for service members of your rank.

  • PFC Espi

    My husband and I are dual military, both Active Army. We have been collecting BAH since Feb 1, 2011: we recently PCS’d and had our BAH stopped. The post we are now at stops dual military E5 and below until they get a memo from their CDR to take to the housing office to go up to the higher powers for approval to come back to be issued a CNA. Does this make sense? Is there a regulation regarding this??

  • Corey31905

    I am stationed here with my wife in Kuwait we were married in May just before coming here. I was formerly stationed in GA and she in LA. She deployed here a few months before I did and we were both receiving BAH. I was previously married and have child support payments in my divorce decree for around $1056.00 a month. Also the kids by my former spouse that reside with her are on my health and dental insurance. I had them during the summers and also every other weekend before deploying which will continue once I leave Kuwait. My child support was based off all my entitlements before taxes including BAH which now I no longer receive due to my wife being here with me in Kuwait. Am I entitled to receive BAH or am I just out of luck on this?

    • KateKashman

      Corey, where are you living, and are you deployed to Kuwait or stationed in Kuwait? There are a lot of small details that would impact a situation as complicated as yours and I’m reluctant to speculate without knowing all the information.

      If you do tell me, I’m just going to look it up in the Joint Travel Regs. That is something you can do yourself, as well, if you’d rather not explain all your personal details online.

      Good luck to you!

  • Malia

    Hi! I am also dual military. My husband is PCS to Ft. Benning and I am TDY at Ft. Jackson. My husband is receiving BAH at single rate (no dependents) even though we have two kids and he has more time in service than myself. I am receiving a partial BAH at the single rate. I talked to my finance person and they said they can’t help me because I am TDY and not attached to a unit here on post. I am confused! Please help!

  • bridgette

    hi,I’m in the Navy (E5) and my husband is in the USMC (E4). He is stationed in Japan and I’m in the States. We have a house together but he currently lives in the barracks. I currently receive single BAH and he doesnt receive BAH. we got married after his unaccompanied orders were executed so he doesnt get separation either. should i be single BAH and does my husband rate any BAH

    • KateKashman

      Bridgette, it sounds like everything is right, assuming that your command grants BAH to E5s or you have been granted BAH by your command as an exception to policy. As geographically separated service members without other dependents, you are each treated as single servicemembers for purposes of BAH. That is, you are treated just like every other sailor/Marine in your unit who has the same rank. Your husband does not warrant BAH because he lives in the barracks. You get without dependent BAH because you do not have any dependents. If you should become co-located, you would each be eligible for BAH at the without dependents rate.

      Congratulations on your marriage, and good luck to you!

  • Kate

    My Army ex husband transferred all Post 911 GI Bill benefits to me before our divorce, but failed to notify DEERS we are divorced. I just received BAH & book stipend $$, am I required to pay this back or is it mine since he never notified DEERS of our divorce?

    • guest

      The GI Bill is NOT divisible in a divorce, you lost it the day of the divorce…so yes you WILL have to pay it back when they catch it. You too can take the responsibility to call DEERS and inform them of your divorce. It is quite possible that he informed them but that it hasn’t yet been updated in their system.

      • KateKashman

        guest, I’m afraid you are incorrect. From the VA’s GI Bill website, “A subsequent divorce will not affect the transferee’s eligibility to receive educational benefits.” The transferer (the service member) may modify or revoke their transfer after the divorce, or they may leave the transfer as it was that the time it occurred.

  • Williams

    i am dual military and i paying full bah so its like money given to me and taken right back.so does that mean i really get no bah added in my income??and does my husband still get his bah and how much is that he’s and e3..Would it be fair to split it????

  • k will

    I am active duty army. Have 4 dependents: husband, son, daughter, step-daughter( lives with her birth mother) . Husband joins the army next week (Nov 6). He will be dropped as my dependent. Can I drop my step daughter and he add her as his dependent instead? Can we both receive Bah with dependents rate That way?

    • guest

      no because it’s not his step daughter it’s a step sister. Unless someone signs over full legal custody to him (in which case he wouldn’t be allowed into the Army as a single parent) he’s not eligible for BAH until he makes rank or gets married.

    • KateKashman

      K Will, if your husband is paying child support for his daughter, he may be able to receive BAH based upon that child support. I’m honestly not completely sure about the details and it is silly late here. I will try to look it up in the morning.

      • guest

        wow, yea I totally read that one wrong. That is a confusing one regarding coverage’s etc

      • kwill

        He doesn’t pay child support but we do support her. And she stays with us just as much as she does with her birth mother. She just started elementary school though so will send money etc. Except when she comes to this house for holidays

        • KateKashman

          KWill, it would be much, much better to set up a formal support agreement. This will protect the child, your husband, and the birth mother from future disagreements and will establish legal proof of support thus far. There are all sorts of things that can happen without a support agreement. In addition, if he might be eligible for BAH based upon his child, he will absolutely need a support agreement to qualify.

          I suggest starting with your installations legal department to see what they think. I don’t even think it will be complicated (assuming the birth mother doesn’t make it difficult) or expensive.

          Hope that helps!

  • Jay

    My fiance and I are both in the military. Difference is that im Active duty and she is an Active Reservist.

    Would my pay status for having a dependent when she is not activated change?

    • KateKashman

      Jay, your pay status is not dependent on your marital status. Your pay remains the same. After you marry, your housing entitlements will change as she is activated and deactivated. When she is activated, you will not have a dependent and therefore will receive BAH at the without dependents rate. When she is not activated, you will have a dependent and therefore will receive BAH at the with dependents rate. It will be up to you to keep your finance office informed of her activation and deactivation. This is important so that you don’t end up owing the military money for being overpaid BAH.

      Good luck to you both!

  • michelle

    I am dual military, my husband and I are both stationed in korea and we are getting oha, he has children from a previous marriage and so do i. his kids are in va and mine are in si, since we are getting oha already, half to him and half to me, shouldnt we still receive bah with dependents because our separate dependents are in another location from us as well as each other? could you please help me out with this question. I have been told so many different things and I have tried to look it up but have found no regulation on our specific situation.. thanks!ce we a

  • alexandra

    Hi Kate. Me(E-4) and my husband (E-6) are dual military both assigned to sea duty, both in San Diego. My husband is currently reciiving BAH at the dependent rate due to that he is paying child support for my step-daughter. It has been over a year now that I have been talking to personnel and my chain of command about trying to get single BAH. My chit has been up to the XO and they say that I am not entitled to it because the JTFR U10400-E4 only applies if both members are E-5 & below with no other dependents. Please help me out with this issue because no one at my command is that much into it. Thank you for your time.

  • Joey

    I’m in the army, based out of ft. hood, currently in afghanistan, while my wife is in the air force, stationed in MD. She recieves BAH with dependents, for our daughter. Am I supposed to get any sort of FSA, or BAH? I was told by finance that since we did not have an established household before I deployed, I would not get BAH. My leadership seems to think otherwise. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • KateKashman

      Joey and Christopher, I’m doing some research. I will get back to you with answers!

  • christopher

    Kate, i am an newly advanced E-5, i was an E-4 under 4 when i submitted my chits, in the navy and i am on a ship in mayport my wife is stationed on shore duty in mayport she is an E-4. i have been back and forth with my admin about BAH she is getting single rate w/o dependants and i am not getting any. i have been married for 28 months. i have been told that i do not get BAH because she is shore duty E-4 under 4 and has never been to a ship and i am attached to a ship. neither of us have ever lived in government housing of any kind other than “A” school and i was wondering if there was any backing to this reasoning. i gave my admin a copy of my lease, marriage certificate routed a chit through my CO, updated my page 2 i dont really feel like i have any closure on this issue other than admin saying because i said so.

  • Geoff

    I am an O-3E and my wife is an O-3. We have a child, and I have a child from a previous marriage that I pay child support on. I currently get BAH with dep and she gets w/o. This summer, we are moving to California. My wife, a doctor, will be going to an out-service residency in Irvine. I will be at Port Hueneme.

    The question is can we switch my wife to BAH with dep and me to w/o or can we both get with dep.

    Thanks for any insight before I go the timesuck known as PSD.

  • Angelica

    my understanding with living in PPV & married mil to mil is we both get single BAH. & living in PPV they get the higher ranking’s BAH (however much the military gives them) & nothing more. We live in Hawaii & they are telling us that we have to pay more because the spouse is considered a dependent. even though I’m active military they say we have to pay extra, even thought the military isn’t paying my husband BAH w/ dependent. is that right?

  • K. Thomas

    My husband is Active Duty and I’m a reservist. I am going to be on orders for a year. He has dependents from a previous marriage and I too have dependents from a previous marriage. How much BAH do I get because I don’t get child support? I want to claim my own children as my dependents. Will I get BAH at a single rate or dependents rates?

  • Mgc
  • having

    what happens to BAH if you are dual military and you get a divorce but still have a lease?

    • Watchin’ the fun

      A lease is a legal contract – you’ll have to discuss the situation with your landlord/property manager.

  • mjsomera

    Could you help me on my situation? My husband and I joined the military together, but left for bootcamp about 4 months before him. I was receiving BAH untill he joined. One he joined we both did not receive BAH while he was at boot camp and while I was at my A-school. I just arrived to my Permenent duty station, while my husband is still completing A-school. My command is giving me a hard time trying to live off base and giving me BAH. My household goods from my home town will be here in a month or so, am I entitled to my BAH?

    • KateKashman

      mjsomero, dual military couples who do not have other dependents and are NOT co-located are treated as single servicemembers for BAH purposes. What are your command’s rules for single servicemembers of your rank? Those are the same rules for you. You have the option of requesting an exception, and your command has the right to approve or refuse that request. Once your husband is assigned his first PDS, the situation may change. If you are co-located (generally considered to be less than 50 miles between duty stations), then you should be eligible for BAH as a co-located dual service couple. You may want to have your household goods put into storage temporarily until you find out where your husband will be stationed. Good luck to you.

  • Molly

    my husband is a reservist on going to boot (army) and I am active duty (coast guard) I currently receive bah with dependents but was under the impression when he activates and goes to boot camp we will both receive bah without dependents? is this true? What is the ruling? What manual do I find this answer in?

    • KateKashman

      Molly, I am not 100% sure about the Coast Guard, but I *think* you have the same rules. Once your husband activates, you will no longer have a dependent (unless you have other dependents). Therefore, you will begin getting BAH at the without dependents rate. Be sure your finance folks know to make this change, and check your pay statements thoroughly because you will owe a debt if they overpay you. Your husband will not receive BAH during training because he will be housed by the military. From your comment, I can’t tell if he is a reservist who is going to BMT and will remain a reservist, or if he is a reservist who is activating. If he remains a reservist, he will only receive BAH when he is actually activated, and you will switch back and forth from with to without dependents as he activates and deactivates. This will require carefully monitoring on your part. If he is going to active duty, he will begin receiving BAH at the without dependents rate after he leaves training. This is all spelled out very clearly in the Joint Federal Travel Regulations. Hope that helps!

  • Casey

    I was speaking with one of my JO’s and they informed me that there is someone here that was able to claim his spouse (also military with no kids involved) as a dependent. So, one was receiving BAH with dependent and the other single BAH rate. From what I have read on the rules and how I understand it is that both members should receive BAH but at the single rate. Any help that you can give would be great. Thanks.

  • Bridgett

    My husband is an MA2 stationed on San Diego base and I am an MA3 stationed on a ship out of San Diego base. He receives BAH with dependents and my command is telling me I am not eligible for BAH. Am I eligible or not and if I am what instruction would cover this?

    • KateKashman

      Bridgett, you are in luck. According to a recent change in rules, you are absolutely eligible for BAH. Have your command check out NAVADMIN 099-13: http://www.navycs.com/blogs/navadmin-099-13 I hope this helps.

  • bigpete9087

    my wife and i are dual military she is in the navy and station in San Diego ca. and im in the army and station in fort stewart ga. she is only getting partial bah but her command told her that she couldnt stay in the barracks so she has to get an apartment. which in my case im currently deployed and im getting full bah but i have to give her half of the bah for her to stay in a apartment. but i thought we would both get full bah ? and if she is getting partial then she should stay in the barracks?

  • Maria

    My husband is in Active Navy stationed in Norfolk, Virginia and I am not in military living in California, He is now living on the ship while on port. We are trying to buy a house here in California and wondering if housing allowance going to be based in Virginia or California. Thanks

  • frenchie215

    My husband and i will be dual military in different branches once he enters boot camp. He’s army and I’m navy. My husband will be able to live off base because he’s going to be in school for over a year (so he was told). Since he has the option to live in off base housing, will he get partial or full bah? And we also have a house here in Cali that’s in my name, will I keep full or partial BAH? There are no dependents. Sorry if this was confusing.

  • Doug

    Situation: Separated, new assignment, no car, being told cannot live in barracks since still married. Not enough pay for car, rental, and all expenses. Any options on what to do when you are in this situation or others with past experience?

  • Jasmine CM

    okay i have a couple of questions, my husband is a Marine, I’m in the Navy…I currently live on privatized on base housing and am receiving the single rate bah (we recently got married), he lives at a different base. We have no kids…my questions are

    Will we both get single bah? or will I get partial and he will get single? OR how will the bah work if there is another way?

    Will I have to move out of my apartment? and if so will he lose bah?

  • john

    Someone please explain why two military members rate BAH? Service members with Dependents have to consider child care and as a parent I understand how much that costs but saying goes “you were issued a child” you dont receive extra money for every dependent you get. WIth all the budget debates why has no discussion about BAH been brought up. Over 88,000 married couples receive double BAH. I dont understand how a 1 year LCpl married to another 1 year LCpl with no dependents rates more pay than say a 6 year Sergeant. I was under the belief that BAH was money allocated to help support your family not provide enough income to drive brand new cars.

    • KateKashman

      John, each servicemember rates BAH because it is part of the total compensation package for military members, including base pay, BAS, BAH, and any other pays or allowances . If you deny BAH to certain service members simply because their spouse is also in the military, you are decreasing their total compensation solely due to their spouse’s choice of employment. That would be grossly unfair. Imagine if you made a rule that says, “If your spouse works at the library, you can get BAH, but if your spouse works at the grocery store, you can not get BAH.” BAH money is paid to any authorized service member to pay for housing. It is not intended to support a family. If the military paying for housing allows someone to drive a new car, then so be it. Marital status is not relevant there.

  • rmc

    both my husband and i are in the military but we also brought our own individual dependents into the marriage. shouldnt we BOTH receive full BAH? please email me the refferences and documentations @

  • Hollee
  • MSgtK

    Just go to the finance office or call them. It’s not that hard.

  • Ariell

    I am in the airforce and married to someone in the airforce, can one of us claim dependent pay for the other? and is there a reference I can look into?

    • KateKashman

      Ariell, there is no such thing as dependent pay. With regard to other allowances, servicemembers may never be dependents. This is very clearly stated in the Joint Federal Travel Regulations.

  • Moot

    Ok i guess im just beating a dead horse. I am E5 (USMC) and wife is O1 (Army). Im in Cali shes in Louisiana. My BAH rate is higher AS is housing and i am currently residing off base as is she. What is my BAH rate so i can calculate my mortgage.

  • Kelsey
  • nwlyWd

    I am newly married. my husband is in FT drum as a SPC and I am in NC as a PFC neither one of us live out of the barracks but he will be getting out soon and moving here with me to go to school ….how will this work?

  • Concern Member

    im in the air force and my wife is in the army im stationed at randolph afb and she is fort sam houston 15 min apart…we have two kids im the senior service member i get the full rate BAH.. she is only getting a partial… i dont believe that is right..can anyone help???

  • Matt

    I am dual military. She is a reservist not recieving BAH and I am active duty recieving single BAH. Why do i not recieve BAH with dependents when in her weekend warrior status she is ineligible to recieve BAH?

    • KateKashman

      Matt, this is something that will require you to keep in constant contact with your finance office. You will have to let them know each and every time she is activated. As a default, you should be receiving BAH at the with dependent rate. However, you will be responsible for making sure that they make the change whenever she is activated and receiving BAH. Hope that helps!

  • Vicki

    Here’s one: A military dependent, child, joins the reserve. He is single, no kids. Lives with parents. Can he claim BAH while he is going through basic training and tech school?

    • guest

      huh? if he can join the military he’s not a dependent and he’s not a child….why would you be interested in BAH for an ADULT?

    • KateKashman

      Dear Vicki, A military member can never be a dependent for purposes of BAH. Also, a single servicemember, in training, does not rate BAH because housing is being provided by the military. Therefore, the answer to your question is NO regardless of how you try to play it.

      In addition, the servicemember parent can not use that servicemember child as a dependent for BAH purposes while the servicemember child is on active orders. IF the servicemember parent does not have any other dependents, then the servicemember parent needs to let his/her finance department know that he/she no longer has a dependent for purposes of BAH. It will be the responsibility of the active duty, parent servicemember to keep his/her finance office straight to ensure that their BAH entitlements are kept accurate as the servicemember child goes on & off active duty orders.

  • dereck berry
  • NSchmidt

    First off thank you for taking on all the questions, very helpful. My situation is this: Currently married to my wife(SSG) who has been receiving BAH with dependents, that dependent being myself (SGT) since before I deployed and still while I am currently deployed in Afghanistan for 9 months. We are both National Guard but she is full time Guard and I am your standard Guard, one weekend a month. Now that I am deployed am I eligible for BAH without dependents and would my wife still be eligible for BAH with dependents, i.e. me? I hope you can shed some light. I looked at both the JFTR chpt 10 part C and the Defense Travel Management site. I am still unsure.

  • Margret

    I am in the Air Guard and my soon to be husband is active duty, stationed in Florida. After we are married am I allowed to live with him in Florida, under his BAH, and then just travel to Ohio for my UTA weekends? There are no jobs open to relocate…

    • KateKashman

      Congratulations to you both! You absolutely can live with your husband, and you will be considered a dependent for purposes of BAH. However, if you are activated, be sure that your husband informs his finance office so that his allowances can be adjusted appropriately. Thank you for your service!

  • Marvin

    Ok, I just got married. My wife is stationed at Fort Riley, KS and I am stationed at Fort Myer, VA. She has dependents so obviously she will be reviving BAH with the Dependent rate. I however still live in the barracks. We are enrolled in the MACP and as of right now there is no word on if we will get located together. We are both the same rank and same MOS. I am wondering two things; 1. How long on average does it take for couples to come down on orders that puts them in the same area? 2. I heard through Private News Network that even though I am living in the barracks, I am entitled to BAH and FSA without leaving the barracks. How true is that?

    • KateKashman

      Marvin, congratulations on your marriage. I can not predict when you will be located – not my area of expertise. Perhaps a readers has an answer? Regarding BAH for you, probably not. Dual military couples who are not co-located are treated as single servicemembers for BAH eligibility. If you were eligible for BAH before you married, you’re still eligible. If you were not eligible before you married, you are still not eligible. Hope that helps!

  • chris

    Ok here is my situation. I hope someone can help. I am dual military (just got married and she is pregnant) I am Oconus in Italy and she is stateside in ft carson. She just inprocessed us and being married and they are saying she cant live off post. I read the fort carson policy but I am still unclear about it because she is pregnant, and I am oconus away from her. Can anyone help with some answers? I will not be recieving BAH because Im OCONUS, I got that.. but shouldnt she recieve BAH and be able to move off post??

    • KateKashman

      Childless dual military couples who are not co-located are generally treated as single servicemembers for BAH qualification. Therefore, your wife’s eligibility for BAH has not changed due to your marriage. In most commands, pregnant servicemembers become eligible for BAH at some designated point in their pregnancy. I would imagine this will be the case for your wife – she will remain in the barracks until her pregnancy reaches the designated point, and then she will be authorized BAH. I hope that helps.

  • metualzi

    Someone help, my girlfriend and I are having a baby. I’m based overseas in Japan and she is based in San Diego. I will marry her in December, my baby is born in May. Do we both get BAH or how does that work?

    • KateKashman

      Metualzi, dual military couples, without dependents, who are not co-located are generally considered single servicemembers for BAH purposes. Therefore, your girlfriend will retain the same BAH eligibility until her pregnancy reaches the point where her command authorizes her BAH. Because you are OCONUS, you are not eligible for BAH. Your eligibility for Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) remains the same regardless of your marriage.

  • XMo

    I am receiving BAH for my child from a previous relationship.. Will my soon to be wife receive the full BAH since I’m already getting BAH?

    • KateKashman

      XMo, I can’t answer your question without a lot more specifics. Is your future wife on active duty? Is she currently receiving BAH? Are you receiving BAH-Diff? Will you be co-located? What branch of the service are you in? I’d be glad to help, but I need more info.

      • XMo

        We are both active Army, no she isn’t receiving BAH.. I’m receiving BAH-Diff with dependent.. I don’t know if we will be co-located we have another year here at Ft Carson..


    I am military married to another service member no dependents can we move in housing? Do they take both of of single BAH or just the Senior one?

    • KateKashman

      Georgia, the rules for housing are base specific. Some bases do have housing for married couples without children, some do not. If you live in housing, your rent is the amount of the larger BAH. Hope that helps.

  • jessica

    I was dual military, and both of us were in training living in gov’t quarters for the time we were married, I enlisted first and I was receiving full BAH, when I discharged they told me I wasn’t supposed to be getting full rate BAH since I was married to a service, but failed to tell me I was able to receive partial… Just wondering what the partial rate of BAH is that I should’ve received while married to another service and living in government quarters. I’m in the middle of disputing my now 11,000 debt and need all the help I can get.

  • Keith

    I have a situation not so far off from Steve. Dual Military, however Ive had a child prior to our marriage from a non military member, and Ive received BAH DIFF due to a court order. I got married and we had a child my wife claimed my daughter as a dependant., so we both drawed with dependat pay.
    Needless to say I now owe a debt, because we are being told that only one can get it, even though my child is in another state and I still support him.

  • latin sweetie 23

    dual military. im heading on deployment on a meu. we both currently get single BAH bc we have no children. since we are in the same location but with different units and live of base . will i loose BAS only or BAH as well. we do not plan to break our lease , but clearly my husband cant afford everything on his own while i am away…..

  • Chris
  • Haley


    I’ve read a lot of comments on here that almost describe my situation but I’m still a little unsure.

    I am an E-3 in the Navy and my husband is an E-4. Both active duty. We were stationed together in Norfolk for a few months; he was at c-school and I am stationed on a ship. We have both been receiving single BAH. His oders after C school were to a ship in Japan, where he is now currently stationed. Upon arrival he was told that he will not receive any type of BAH. I am still receiving BAH, as an E3. Am I being overpaid? Or is the reason for my being paid bah and him not solely because of the commands that we are stationed in? Also, taking into consideration everything that I’ve read above, should he have not been paid single BAH, like me,while in c school? Is that something we should report?

    Second, and I apologize for this being long-winded, because we are stationed to different ships that are home-ported halfway across the world from eachother shouldn’t one of us receive FSA? What dictates which spouse receives FSA?

    Lastly, because he is stationed overseas will he be paid Overseas Pay? Would it be correct to say he should be getting paid overseas pay, sea duty, bah (no barricks available, only ship) and myself getting paid sea duty and bah, with one of us receiving FSA? I’m trying to get it all sorted out so that we don’t end up owing the Navy.

    Thank-you so much for your time!


    • KateKashman

      Hi Haley, I am sorry this is so late. I didn’t see this comment until now. I don’t actually know the answers to many of your questions – you are in the crazy Navy junior enlisted BAH zone of confusion. I’d ask a supervisor to help you, emphasizing that you want to make sure you are not being overpaid.

      I can answer a few questions for sure:

      1. Overseas, there is no BAH. It is called Overseas Housing Allowance and it is paid for exactly the amount of rent. Since your husband is living on the ship, he is not authorized OHA.

      2. There is no such thing as Overseas Pay. Are you perhaps thinking of another pay?

      3. I don’t think you are authorized FSA, because neither of you has dependents. I am 99% sure about this, but if someone can give me a reference that disagrees with this, I will let y’all know.

      • Bethany

        There are some situations when a dual active duty couple with no dependents can receive FSA. The couple must have been living together until they were separated by orders and only one person can get FSA at a time. See DoDFMR, Volume 7A, Chapter 27, Paragraph 270103, Section D.

        • KateKashman

          Thanks, Bethany. That is helpful!

  • Jackie

    I am active duty Army engage to another active duty Army but he has dependents. I don’t have any. Once we are married, what BAH will receive?

    • KateKashman

      Jackie, you will both receive BAH. The senior spouse will receive it at the with-dependents rate, assuming that you (the two of you) have custody of the children. The junior spouse will receive BAH at the without dependents rate.

  • Mad

    Im in Hawaii and getting married to someone who also lives in Hawaii but on a different zip code and different island. I am in the military and she is a civilian. How will that work?

    She will stay there until she finishes college and family stuff while I stay in Oahu. Will I get dependent rate BAH? or Single rate BAH? or Dual BAH?

    • KateKashman

      Mad, you will be authorized BAH at the with dependents rate for your duty zip code.

  • Harris

    My wife will be stationed 2 hours away. She’s Air force, I’m a Marine. If we Just decide to both live in the barracks on our perspective bases what will the pay be like? Will we only receive separation pay?

  • guest

    I am in the reserves planning on getting married to a reservist as well. He is back home and I am on PCS orders while I am in AIT (it sounds strange, but yes they ARE PCS orders bc my AIT is 11 months long) He deploys right before I graduate from AIT(in July)…. Will I get BAH while he is back home, and will he get BAH while he is deployed? and if so what type of BAH will we be getting?

    • guest

      he is also a higher rank than I am… would that matter considering right now i am on active duty orders?

    • Kate

      This is simple yet complicated at the same time. As a married reservist, you are treated just like an active duty service member when you are activated. Therefore, when one of you is activated, then that person will receive BAH at the with dependents rate (as the non-activated spouses is a dependent.) However, when both of you are activated, you *should* be eligible for BAH at the without dependents rate IF you would be eligible for BAH if you were not married. However, if your unit does not pay BAH to single servicemembers who are activated, then you would not receive BAH while you were both deployed because you don’t have dependents.

      (I am assuming there are no kids involved, because that changes some things.)

      The only time rank would matter is if you had shared dependents and you were both receiving BAH. In that situation, the higher ranking spouse would receive BAH at the with dependents rate unless you both requested that the lower ranking spouse received the with dependents rate.

      I hope that explains it in a way that makes sense to you.

  • Kaitlyn

    I have an interesting situation… My fiance and I are stationed on the same ship. We are planning on having a baby, and then we are able to get married since I won’t be on the same ship. At the moment, he already receives BAH at the with-dependent rate due to paying child support. So, once we get married I will only be receiving the single rate BAH. But, he is transferring in a year and their is a huge that I wouldn’t be co located with him for awhile. In that case, would we both get the with-dependent rate (because I have a baby to take care of on my own and he is still paying his child support)?

  • Alfonso Garcia

    My wife is stationed in San Diego receiving BAH due to the fact she is pregnant. I am stationed in Japan and currently residing in Barracks, but since I am married I was told I have to move out even though I am not receiving BAH since she is receiving it. Is this right? and if its not is there an instruction I can show the PS’? Also how would Family Seperation Allowance work in this case? Thank you.

    • Kate

      I can not speculate on your command’s policy on married folks in the barracks. If you are being forced to move out of the barracks, you will be authorized Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) to pay for your housing. Your wife is authorized BAH due to her pregnancy; this has no effect on your eligibility for OHA.

      I will need to do some research to answer the FSA question.

  • Jared

    What if two service members are about to get married. One is living in the barracks and one is living off post. They are NOT stationed together. If they get married, will both recieve single BAH? Or does the soldier in the barracks have to stay there

    • Kate

      If they are not co-located, they are treated as single service members for purposes of BAH. Therefore, they are subject to their command’s BAH guidelines, which are usually based on rank. I would imagine that the soldier in the barracks will be required to remain in the barracks, but that would be up to the command to decide if they wanted to authorize BAH.

  • Ricky

    My wife and I are both Active duty, we are both about to serve a year at separate locations in Korea. Our kids will move to Florida with family, my question is will we both still receive BAH?

    Our costs to maintain our kids apart from us will outweigh what I make without BAH. Thanks in advance!


  • crussell2010

    My husband is active duty army at ft bragg NC. We are still “legally married” but going through separation. NC law makes you stay married for an entire year after one leaving residence before you can file for divorce. I have a child not biologically his but my daughter and myself are on his deers as dependents. I go this week to sign my contact for active duty army. When doing so will my daughter go under me in deers and be removed from his? He has put in a statement for my packet stating my daughter, his step daughter is to never be placed in his care for any army obligations that make me unavailable, that my daughter is to go to my parents.

    Ive read “With dual military couples in the event they’re separated, the soldier that the dependent resides with receives BAH with dependent pay” but what do they do during basic and AIT? Will I receive that still so I can send money to my parents to help with cost?

    please feel free to email me or comment back if you have any help. And feel free to include anything that you think I should make sure to ask or see that’s in my contract before signing it! Thanks so much!

    • Kate

      When I used the term “separated” in this article, I was referring to being geographically separated, not a marital separation. You are in a tricky place. The military considers you married until you are divorced. Typically, your husband would continue to receive BAH at the with dependents rate and you would not receive BAH. I’m not sure if an exception can be made for your situation. If it were, it would be handled at the local level. I’m not sure how you would proceed with that during basic military training.

      You’ve got a lot of changes happening in your life right now. Good luck to your daughter and to you.

  • Christian

    i am an E3 Air force living in the barracks married to an E3 Navy, who also lives in the barracks. she is located in Florida, i in South Dakota. Do we receive BAH at all? We have no children. We recently applied for joint spouse.

    Can anybody help?

    • Kate

      Christian, geographically separated dual military couples without other dependents are treated as single service members for BAH purposes. Therefore, you would be treated the same as any other single airman in your unit. If your command authorizes BAH for single E3s, then you would be eligible for BAH. Same goes for your wife.

      Since you are both living in the barracks, whether by command rule or by choice, neither of you is eligible for BAH.

  • Tyler

    Chuck. If two military members are married and at different duty stations and one has a dependent (child) residing with his previous spouse, how does it work? Thank you!

    • Kate

      Tyler, if the member with the dependent is paying child support, he or she may apply for BAH-Diff. BAH-Diff is specifically designed for servicemembers who are not receiving BAH but are paying child support. Ask your command finance person for more information.

  • aiza

    I am going to BMT soon and is planning to get married to my airforce boyfriend before i leave. Am I going to get BAH while i’m in BMT and tech school?Any answer will be appreciated.

    • Kate

      Aiza, if your boyfriend/future husband is in the Air Force, he is not eligible to be your dependent. Therefore, you would not qualify for BAH while in BMT or tech school. If I’m misunderstanding your question, please let me know and I’ll try to get you a better answer.

  • Crystal

    I have a question, which I have seen on here a couple times, but has not gotten any replies. I recently married Military-to-Military. We are both paying mass amounts of child support to ex-spouses. I have heard many people say that this is a case where both members can still keep receiving BAH/w dependent rate. I have tried searching for the AFI to either prove or disprove this, but have had no luck and must soon get back to my finance office with either paperwork to change my BAH back to single rate or an AFI disputing the loss of my dependent rate. I was wondering if you had any insight on this.

    • Sunny

      Did you ever get an answer? I am in the same boat.

  • abrowncownow

    Hope someone responds! Recently Married, I’m Army, she is Navy. I’m at Fort Hood, she is in San Antonio. She is currently receiving BAH, I’m attempting to get BAH as well. This distance is roughly 150 miles driving. Will I be considered a Geobachelor and automatically be stuck in the barracks? My unit command is on my side and would like to see me receive BAH, but my command, training room and S1 all seem to think that I will get it without a fight. I’m preparing for the worst, any help?

    • Kate

      Congratulations on your marriage! Dual military couples, without dependents, who are not colocated are treated as single servicemembers for purposes of BAH. Therefore, your command should treat you as they would treat any single soldier at your rank. If a single soldier of your rank is not automatically authorized BAH in your command, you may choose to apply for an exception to policy and your command may choose whether or not to grant that exception. The military does not have an official designation of geobachelor and therefore does not have regulations regarding that situation.

  • Tonia

    I am AGR with a child from a previous relation ship, my husband is AC whom which he has custody of his son, will we both get BAH with dependents? We aren’t on the MAC Program but we are stationed at the same military post.

    • Kate

      Only one member will receive BAH at the with dependents rate UNLESS you are geographically separated, each have the full physical custody of a dependent, and request an exception to policy. I hope that helps!

  • CPT Hines Maurice

    I have a question. My wife and I are dual military. She is in Hawaii and I’m in Georgia. I have children from a previous marriage in which I have joint custody and she has a child as well with her that’s from a prior relationship. She gets BAH with dependent while I’m getting it without dependents. Although we are dual military am I suppose to get BAH with dependents being that I have joint custody of my children from a previous marriage and we are not stationed together?

    • Kate

      CPT Hines, only one member is authorized BAH at the with dependents rate UNLESS they are geographically separated, each have full physical custody of a dependent, and request an exception to the BAH policy to have each service member be paid BAH at the with dependents rate. Depending on the terms of your joint custody, you may have a decent chance of requesting BAH at the with dependents rate, but the office making that authorization would want to see your custody agreement and other proof that you are caring for the child most of the time. (I would guess that would include school records, etc.)

  • Joe schexnayder

    Me and my wife are army dual military. I’m and e-5 she is e-6. I came down on orders to Korea hardship tour for 1 year. She will stay in WA, while I go to Korea. I currently recieve BAH W/out dependent rate she receives bah with dependent. Do I lose my bah when I go to Korea?

    • Kate

      Joe, BAH is not authorized overseas. Depending on your command, you may be authorized Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) or you may be required to live in government quarters.

  • Joe schexnayder

    Me and my wife are army dual military. I’m and e-5 she is e-6. I came down on orders to Korea hardship tour for 1 year. She will stay in WA, while I go to Korea. I currently recieve BAH W/out dependent rate she receives bah with dependent. Do I lose my bah when I go to Korea?

  • Stephanie

    My husband and I are both currently deployed, we do not have dependent children listed. Should we still be receiving BAH?

    • Kate

      Assuming that you are co-located at the location from which you were deployed, then 99% of the time you should continue receiving BAH while deployed. There are always bizarre variables that I can’t even imagine.

  • matt

    my wife is national guard with three dependents, i am active army with no dependents and living in the barracks (she can’t pcs to my location) how does my bah work as in who receives what exactly?

    • Kate

      Matt, the regulations will depend on your wife’s status and what you mean when you say that your wife can’t PCS to your location. I will assume you are not on an unaccompanied tour.

      If she is active guard, then she receives BAH at the with dependents status, and you receive nothing because you are living in the barracks. If she is not in the active guard, then she does not receive BAH, and you will still not receive BAH because you live in the barracks.

      If you are eligible and choose to move out of the barracks, you will receive BAH at the rate for your duty station. If your wife is active and receiving BAH at the with dependents rate, then you would receive BAH at the without dependents rate. If your wife is not active, or receive BAH at the without dependents rate, then you could be eligible for BAH at the with dependents rate.

  • Paul

    My wife and I are both AGR. We are thinking about moving to Ft.Dix, NJ. I was wondering if they would split our BAH for the mortgage or would they just take hers or mine?

    • Kate

      Generally speaking, housing will charge rent at the rate of the higher ranking member’s BAH.

  • CPT R

    For those individuals who are wondering about dual military, co-located, without-dependents BAH rates, this is the email I received from a counterpart at IG, who verified for me with DFAS that my husband and I should both continue to receive full BAH at the single rate: (I asked IG because I also could not find anything in writing, and became worried that since we got married over a year ago, I have contnued to receive my BAH, and that they may take my BAH back. No need to worry, thank goodness. Here is the email from IG, and the reference for anyone wanting to see it in writing:


    I researched the DoD Financial Management Regulation, Vol 7A, Chapter 26,
    Table 26-3, page 26-40 (attached) which indicates at Note 2 that states in
    part “each member is normally authorized BAH at the appropriate rate.”

    I confirmed this information with DFAS.

    As long as you are co-located, off-post, with no dependents (living with you
    or you or your spouse is otherwise supporting) you each receive the
    appropriate single rate BAH.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    • Janice Hatcliff

      If you are a military spouse can you live on base? I am ill and need close to the hospital My daughter is an RNBSN and could care for me if need it at night if she can stay with me. I already have a day care giver who come and goes. I know nothing about even if I can get a house on base at all. Need to if I can, what type o f house (2 bedroom or 3} bedroom ok. Need to also how much I would I would have to pay. My husband died in 2010 I am 73 and could get to things easier on base. If you dont know please direct me where to get these answers. Janice

  • Jason

    Dual Military –

    We are both AD and I am an officer. Wife (PFC) just completed basic and is currently at AIT. We have 2 children.

    1) Is she entitled to BAH w/o Dep while at AIT? If not, when does this start?

    2) Does she receive Fam Sep or do I file for it? And do we get back-pay from Basic?

    3) Is there a standard requirement when filing MACP on the 4187? Or is it unit dependent? And when submitting for it, do each of us have to submit a 4187?
    I have seen different requirements thus far and do not wish to jump through hoops while submitting this 4187.

    • Kate

      Jason, to the best of my knowledge:

      She is not entitled to BAH while at AIT. BAH is only authorized during AIT if you have dependents who are not otherwise covered by BAH. You are presumably receiving BAH at the with dependents rate based upon our children, as your wife is no longer your dependent.

      In general, she should receive Family Separation Allowance Type II, assuming that her AIT is not a PCS move AND her AIT is not located within 50 miles of your home. She will become eligible for FSA after 30 days.

      While I am not an expert in the Married Army Couples Program paperwork, it would seem to me that you would each want to submit the Form 4187 if you are going to be requesting co-location.

  • Paula

    Hi! Question… Me and my husband are both Army dual military. Me e5, him e4. We are both going to Hawaii. I just wanted to know how this works in Hawaii with BAH/COLA/BAS. We have not figured out if we want to live off post or on post. If we do live off post how much housing allowance will we receive? Thanks in advance for any answers!:)

    • Kate

      HI Paula,

      Hawaii works exactly like anywhere else in the US. You will each receive BAH at your respective without dependents rate (unless you have dependents) and you will each receive your respective BAS. You will each receive COLA at the rate for an individual.

      Good luck – we loved Hawaii!

  • Collin

    I am in an active army unit at ft. benning, Kelly hill to be specific. I got married June of this year. My wife is in the active navy stationed in San Diego. Now when I tried to receive bah and bas and move out of the barracks to a home off post, they had told me that I may not be able to do so. I need help of trying to find proof that I should be entitled to bah and to live off post being married and should have dual bah of some sort. Thank you

    • Kate

      Collin, as a dual military couple who is not co-located and does not have dependents, you are treated as a single soldier (sailor) for purposes of BAH. You are subject to the same BAH guidelines as the other single soldiers in your unit. If you were not automatically eligible for BAH before your marriage, based upon your rank and your command’s guidelines, then you are not automatically eligible for BAH now.

      You can always request BAH, but your request can be approved or denied based upon the guidelines, needs, or wants of your command.

  • amandahaffa

    me and my husband just got married and i am at FSH and he is at Fort Hood,do both of us get BAH even thought we are not at the same duty station, his S1 told him he doesnt get BAH. i am a E4 and he is an E5

    • Kate

      Dual military couples who are not co-located and do not have other dependents are considered single service members for purposes of housing allowances. Therefore, you are subject to the same rules for BAH as an single soldier in your units. Whether your units authorize BAH for single E4 and E5s is up to the command.

      Basically, your eligibility for BAH does not change if you get married to another service member who is posted at a base more than 50 miles away.

      You can always request BAH from your command based upon your married status, but it is not automatically authorized and would be an exception to policy.

  • Kjackson225

    Short and simple.

    My wife was already at her command, living in the barracks, when we got married. I was in still in A school. May 2014. Upon graduation I checked in the same base, different command. August 2014. We now both receive BAH for our off base housing. Is she entitled to back paid bah?

    • Bethany

      No. Until you were in the same location and no longer assigned to the barracks neither of you rated BAH. See JFTR Chapter 10 Table U10C-1. Neither of you has a dependent, so you rate either government housing (barracks) or BAH w/o dependents but not both at the same time.

  • Alexis

    my husband is active duty airforce and im national guard. im temporarily on active orders and was wondering if im entitled to BAH. I also received BAH during basic and was told i shouldnt have??? can anyone give me an answer

    • Kate

      Alexis, if you do not have children, or if your husband is receiving BAH at the with dependents rate, then you should not received BAH during basic military training. BAH is authorized during BMT if you have dependents. Your husband is not considered a dependent because he is receiving BAH.

      While you are activated, you should receive BAH at the without dependents rate. During this time, your husband must ensure that his BAH is changed from with dependents to without dependents. (As he should have done while you were in basic military training.)

      Basically, you can not receive two allowances for the same person. You definitely want to make sure you get this right because you can have a large debt to the military. Worst case scenario, you could be brought up on UCMJ charges. (I know someone who is currently facing such charges for not reporting that his marriage had ended.)

  • Maya

    My husband and I are both active duty without dependents. We reside in military housing. They take his (he is the senior) but we still have to pay the difference for the w/dependents rate to the housing office. Is this normal? Everyboy told us that i would be receiving my full BAH and wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket, but everybody also have dependents.

    • Bethany

      That’s what I usually see for dual active duty with no dependents. Read your lease or talk to your housing office if you have questions.

    • Kate

      While I don’t know your specifics, that certainly seems reasonable to me.

  • sabrina

    in dec 2012 i got married making it mil to mil. He was stationed on shore and i was stationed on a ship in different states. He recieved BAH because he was on shore duty, and i lived on the ship (no BAH). in marchish 2013 a new rule came out saying no matter if the person is shore or sea both members should recieve BAH. The instruction also said that if you were not, you would recive back pay from january 2013 to the current date. Im just now receiving this info (a year after leaving the ship) and im being told i could get backpay from that january to the date that i transferred. Even though i was living on a ship. Is this true?

  • Alicia Jiminez

    My soon-to-be husband does not have any children but I have from a previous marriage and get the BAH with Dependent rate. Will he collect BAH with Dependent rate because I will be his dependent? He is not my children’s legal guardian so will not be able to claim them.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    • Bethany

      If you are active duty, then you cannot be anyone’s dependent. If you are both active duty and the children are yours, then usually you would get BAH with dependents and he would be BAH without dependents.

  • Beths

    Alright sooo question:

    My husband is saying he wants a divorce. He just got back from deployment. I have an apartment I thought we were going to move into. I recieve BAH but he does not. His will start NOV15 check…If we separate are they going to take our BAH? I have my lease in personnel file, and he is in the process of turning his in as well…Help please.

    • Kate

      Beths, I am sorry this is hard for you. As far as the military is concerned, you are married until the moment that you are divorced. Therefore, you do not have an immediate concern about losing your BAH.

      If you do divorce, then it will be up to your command how they want to handle the situation. In most cases, single service members’ eligibility for BAH is based upon rank. However, there is always the option to request BAH outside your command’s guidelines, based upon extenuating circumstances. In my opinion, the existance of a lease that was signed while authorized BAH would be a pretty good reason.

      However, a safer course of action would be to finish out your lease, and then see where you are. In most states, a divorce takes a good while. It is entirely possible that your lease will have ended and you can move back into the barracks (if required) before your divorce is over.

      I’m here to help if you have more questions. The email is katekashman@usa.com if you don’t want to splash your questions in the comments :)

  • Brett

    So my wife shipped off to BCT this week, and I don’t ship to BCT myself for nearly two months. I need to confirm with our recruiters next week, or at my first chance to communicate with my wife, but I do believe we are claimed as each others’ dependents, so for this question let’s assume I am listed as her dependent. Now, I have seen that if you have dependents, you are given BAH during BCT for their housing. Since I am already a future soldier, should I expect to see BAH coming in once her direct deposit starts to go through?

    • Kate

      Brett, your wife should receive BAH (and FSA, after 30 days) until the day you leave for BCT. At this point, she needs to ensure that her finance folks understand that she no longer has an eligible dependent so that she is not overpaid. She also needs to keep an eye on her Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) to ensure that BAH stops when you leave for BCT. That is exactly the type of change that is likely to get messed up, and you don’t want to end up with a big bill.

      IF she is overpaid, be sure to keep that money out of your regular spending so that she can repay it immediately.

      Good luck to you both!

      • Brett

        Thank you very much!

  • Heidi

    My boy friend is an E5 in the navy and i am an E4 in the Navy. He just got to his new duty station so we are separated. He already gets BAH for being an E5. We are getting married at the end of the month and we were wondering if we would both get single BAH or just he would keep getting E5 BAH and nothing would change?

    • Kate

      Heidi, sorry for the late reply – sometimes comments don’t get found :( Because you are not co-located, you will be treated as single sailors for BAH. Therefore, he will continue to receive single BAH and you will continue to live in the barracks.

      Congratulations on your marriage!

  • Lisa

    I actually have a question. My daughter is engaged to a gentleman in the MArine Corps but they already have a daughter together. They plan on getting married next year. Is he entitled to BAH since their daughter is his dependent? Will he receive partial or any BAH at all? Thanks for any help!

    • Kate

      Lisa, sorry for the late reply, I just saw this comment. Your daughter’s fiance needs to check with his Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting (DEERS) office to find out what documentation he needs to add his daughter to his paperwork. I believe it requires a paternity test. Then, your daughter and he need to work out a formal child support and custody agreement. If he is required by the support agreement to pay child support in an amount greater than the BAH-Differential rate for his rank, then he will be eligible for BAH-Diff (if he lives in the barracks). If he is eligible to live outside the barracks, and the custody agreement gives him the required custody, he may be eligible for BAH at the with dependents rate. Please have him see the Joint Federal Travel regulations for the exact details.

      • Guest contributor

        What “paternity test” ? The only documentation that an ID card issuing facility needs is the potential recipient’s (child) birth certificate showing the military member as one of the biological parents.

  • Bethany

    It can get a little complicated if they’re not married. The child should certainly be listed in DEERS as his. For BAH, he should to talk to his admin/S-1/IPAC. If he’s living in the barracks and paying child support, he may rate BAH-diff (which is a few hundred dollars a months). If they are already living together, he may have to show that he has at least 51% physical custody to rate BAH w/ dependents.

  • Tony

    I have a question, my gf and i are planning on getting married. We are both E3 Air Force and are at the same base already. Will we both receive our normal single bah W/out dependents? How does this work?

    • Kate

      Yes, Tony. You will each receive BAH at the without dependents rate.

  • ken

    Does anyone know the month and year that dual BAH was available?

    • Kate

      Ken, I will try to find out for sure, but I am 100% positive that I had friends collecting dual BAH in 1994. Does that help?

  • Sean

    What if I am enlisted and my wife is an O-1. How would BAH work then?

    • Kate

      Exactly the way described in the article. The rules are not rank-dependent.

  • Sarita

    If someone could explain how BAH would work in my situation. I am in the Texas National Guard and my Fiance is active and is stationed in Ft. Stewart. We plan to marry soon, and then move in together. He is currently living in the barracks on base, when we marry is it true he can no longer live in the barracks? Also, what Ive been reading and to what I understand is that since we both dont have dependents but will be living under the same roof, we each will get our own BAH? Thanks for your responses!

    • Kate

      Sarita, are you on active duty with the National Guard? That is the key to all your questions. Once you are married, you are eligible to receive BAH when you have been activated (not drilling.)

      In most cases, your husband may remain in the barracks. However, that will make him ineligible for BAH, unless he obtains a waiver from the command. That’s pretty rare, but it never hurts to ask. The other variation is that he can receive BAH and then pay for his barracks room, if that is an option in his command.

      If he is not living in the barracks, your husband will receive BAH. Whether that is at the with or without dependents rate will be based upon your status. He can not receive BAH with dependents when you are receiving BAH for yourself, as an actively service military member is never a dependent for purposes of BAH. Therefore, if you are not active, he will receive BAH at the with dependents rate. If you are active, you will each receive BAH at the without dependents rate. If you switch back and forth, it is HIS responsibility to ensure that he is being paid BAH at the correct rate for the correct dates. Switching back and forth is complicated for the finance folks, and he will need to check his LES monthly to ensure that it is happening properly, and make corrections as necessary to ensure that he is not overpaid.

      • Sarah

        No I am not Active National Guard, another question I have is he eligible for a transfer of duty station?

        • Kate

          Sarah, active duty folks usually transfer on a pre-determined schedule. Your boyfriend has a projected rotation date (PRD) that is the estimate of when he will next move. Prior to that date (how much prior depends on the branch of service and specific field), he will speak with the assignments people to work together to determine his next assignment.

  • ARH

    My daughter is in the Navy, met and quickly married a Marine. They got an apartment filed for BAH, he got a little rowdy and she asked him to go. They had the apt a month or two. He began getting his BAH after leaving she never received anything bc she did not have his social but he got hers. He is still getting BAH she got stiffed with his apartment lease but bc she never received bah and couldn’t keep the apt. Months later he is in Japan still getting bah to our knowledge……..how is he able to continue using her social for BAH when they have not been together. Now he filed a tax return using her social as well and she can’t file bc of not having his to at least file married separate. She is pregnant so this is just a big mess for her.

    • Kate

      As long as they are married, they are both eligible to receive BAH. The military only recognizes married and unmarried statuses, not separated. However, he is not receiving BAH in Japan because BAH is an allowance for use within the US. Overseas locations receive Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA), which has different rules. If she is not physically in Japan with him, which she obviously isn’t because she is stationed elsewhere, then he is not likely to be receiving OHA at the with dependents rate.

      If he filed a joint income tax return, she can request a copy which will provide her with his social security number. I’m a little perplexed how he could file a joint return without having her tax information or her signature. She needs to contact the IRS and let them know that she did not participate in this income tax return.

      Has she talked to anyone in Legal, or the chaplains, or at the Fleet and Family Service Center? Any of these resources should be able to help her.

      At some point in the pregnancy, but I’m not sure the exact time, she will become eligible for BAH based upon the expected child. In the meantime, there is nothing preventing her from receiving BAH based upon the fact that she is married. I think all she needs is their marriage certificate, but I could be wrong.

      Good luck to her!

  • nicole

    So here is my situation, I have a child from a previous marriage who lives with me. My fiancé has 2 children who he pays child support for. So if we were to get married would I continue to receive bah with dependent? Also, right now, isn’t he entitled to BAH diff since he pays for child support? and if we were to get married would he continue to get it?

    • Kate

      If you marry and are co-located, all the children are considered to be one group for purposes of determining housing allowances. One of you, usually the senior person, will receive BAH at the with dependents rate, and the other will receive BAH at the without dependents rate. Your fiance will no longer receive BAH-Diff because he is receiving BAH.

  • Dan

    My girlfriend and I are both in the Navy stationed in Virginia. We’re expecting our first child together and discussing getting married during the summer. She also has one child that lives with her. My question is, financially speaking, would it make more sense for us to stay “single” and each claim one child or get married?

    • Kate

      Dan, there are a couple of issues here. First, the military will not acknowledge the child as your unless you 1) marry or 2) go through the steps to prove that she is your child, including a paternity test. You can do that, but it seems silly if you are planning to marry anyway.

      The second question is more ethical. The regs say that all the children that live together are considered one child “unit” for the purposes of BAH. Trying to each claim one child seems like purposely trying to get around the BAH rules. Sure, you might get away with it and pocket a couple of hundred dollars a month. But 1) that’s wrong, and 2) it is going to suck for both of you when you get caught.

      Good luck to you both.

  • joce

    My spouse lives in the barracks and is stationed overseas, no children/dependents while currently getting BAH for my location. I have 2 children and on my way to join when I graduate college. How would the BAH work in this situation? And I highly doubt we will be stationed together.

    • Kate

      Joce, if I understand correctly: your spouse is overseas, living in the barracks, and receiving BAH for you and your children who are still in the US? And you will be joining the military? I’m a little confused about what you mean by “no children/dependents.”

      When you leave for basic military training, your spouse will continue to receive BAH for your dependents at their location. You will not receive any housing allowance as your housing will be provided.

      Once you are out of school, it depends on your ability to be co-located and where the children live. If you are co-located, then one of you (usually the more senior) will receive it at the with dependents rate, the other will receive it at the without dependents rate.

      If you are not co-located, then you are treated as single servicemembers for purposes of BAH. In that case, the person who has the children with them will receive BAH at the with dependents rate, and the other will be subject to their command or installation’s rules for BAH. If they rate BAH, it will be at the without dependents rate.

  • Molly

    My boyfriend and myself plan on getting married. I am stationed in Texas but he is already deployed in Iraq. Once we get married I know that I will start receiving my BAH entitlement for Texas, but will he receive BAH since we got married after he received his deployment orders?

    • Kate

      Molly, unless you have other dependents, you will still be considered a single servicemember for purposes of BAH because you are not co-located. That means that the rules under which you can receive BAH will not change when you marry. If you are eligible for BAH under your command or installation’s rules, due to rank or whatever other criteria that they are using, then you will continue to receive single BAH after you marry. The same is true for your boyfriend. Unless you are co-located or have dependents, your BAH eligibility does not change due to marriage.

  • AGR

    Me and my husband are dual military. We were both stationed in Japan, living on base. They took both of our BAH. Is this correct, because it’s overseas?

    • Kate

      AGR, no one receives BAH while living overseas. If you were living in town, you would receive Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA). Since you live in government quarters, neither of you receive OHA.

      Yes, it is correct that you do not receive BAH because you are posted overseas.

  • Charlene

    Is it still consider dual military if one spouse is reserve and the other is active duty? And if it is do they still receive BAH for their respective location?

    • Kate

      Charlene, that depends on whether the reservist is in an active status. Reservists in active status are treated as active duty, while reservists in a reserve status are not. While in reserve status, the couple is not considered dual military for purposes of BAH as the reservists does not rate BAH.

      I hope that answers your question.

  • chris

    Married mil to mil with children and will be getting dependent parent do both members get BAH

    • Kate

      Yes, both members will continue to receive BAH. The spouse with the higher rank will receive BAH at the with dependents rate, the other spouse will receive BAH at the without dependents rate.

  • Kelly

    If a Dual Military couple both have kids with other people do both recieve full BAH?

    • Kate

      Maybe. There are other variables involved. Part 10, Section C of the Joint Travel Regulations addresses every possible situation for dual military couples, and you should be able to find the answer to your question there.

  • Guest

    Under a Legal Separation, can both military members receive w Dep rate BAH if the Dep resides with one member and the other member pays child support for another dependent?

    • Kate

      There are a long list of various situations addressed with the Joint Travel Regulations in Chapter 10, Part C. In particular, part 10206 may have the answer to your question. I can not answer it here because it may depend on other variables such as location, the amount of court ordered child support, etc.

  • lauren

    what about active married to reservist? would the reservist count as dependent or would they get BAH as well?

    • Kate

      Reservists in a reserve status, even when training, do not typically receive BAH and therefore they may be counted as a dependent of a military member. However, if the reservist is activated and becomes eligible for BAH, and the full time active member has no other dependents, then the full time active member must ensure that his or her finance office adjusts BAH to the without dependents rate. This can get tricky if the reservist is activated and deactivated several times. Both parties must keep excellent records and read their Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) every month to be positive that the changes are being applied correctly, as any overpayment will result in a debt to the government and could potentially result in punishment if there is any indication that overpayment was intentional.

  • meko

    If I am a soldier who has a child with someone else in the military and we are not married and also stationed at different locations can we both receive BAH so when our child comes visit me?

  • John

    Wife just recently joined the service which makes us dual military. Am I still entitled to dependent rate bah until she finishes basic and ait.

  • Nuke school

    When a dual military couple resides in military housing (government owned or PPV), the BAH of the senior service member should be forfeited as payment for the housing. The lesser BAH remains for the family’s use

    Read more: https://paycheck-chronicles.military.com/2011/06/1
    The Paycheck Chronicles ”

    Is that just a general statement or an actual regulation? When my husband and I were stationed in South Carolina the government housing charged us the married with dependant rate even though we don’t have dependants. We were both E-4’s at the time so they ended up taking all of my BAH and 1/3 of his.

  • Quenton

    I’m dual military and my wife out ranks me. She receives the with dependent rate and I receive without. Here is the twist I have a child that i pay child support in a different state. Am I entitled to something else

    • Guest contributor

      Bring your court order to your finance office and ask them

  • Rezon

    I am in Great Lakes awaiting transfer to go to C-School.. I just graduated A-School. My wife is stationed on San Diego. We are both Navy. We got married after boot camp. There are rumors that she is not allowed to stay in the barracks because she is married. But I am still going through training and schooling. Are we eligible for BAH? Also should my wife be staying in the barracks or off base housing?

    • Guest contributor

      You should ask the Sailor Housing Office @ GL !

    • Kate Kashman

      Until you are co-located, your wife is treated as a single sailor in her command, UNLESS her command has an unusual policy for non-colocated married sailors. If sailors of the same rank in her command are required to live in the barracks, then she should be required to live in the barracks (and thus not be eligible for BAH.) If sailors of the same rank in her command are authorized BAH, then she should be authorized BAH. Does that make sense?